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Drusilla: I brought something for you. (brings out the whining puppy) Poor thing. She's an orphan. (reaches Spike) Her owner died... (smiles at him) without a fight. Do you like her? (he looks at her) Hmm? (reaches her hand into his jacket and rubs his chest) I brought her especially for you... (pulls at his jacket) to cheer you up. (raises the puppy) And I've named her... (sweetly) Sunshine! (offers the puppy to Spike) Open wide. (he looks away) Come on, love. You need to eat something to keep your strength up. Now, (waves the puppy around) rrrrr, open up for mummy.
Spike: I won't have you feeding me like a child, Dru. (wheels around the table)
Angelus: (comes in) Why not? She already bathes you, carries you around and changes you like a child.


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