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TARA: I'm just ... not used to that. They-they were really looking at me?
WILLOW: (fondly) And you can't imagine what they see in you.
TARA: I know exactly what they see in me. You.
TARA: I lived my life in shadow Never the sun on my face. It didn't seem so sad, though I figured that was my place Now I'm bathed in light Something just isn't right I'm under your spell How else could it be Anyone would notice me? It's magic, I can tell How you set me free Brought me out so easily.

~~Once More With Feeling~~

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The Sunnydale Herald, Friday May 22 http://www.buffyworld.com/ audela (22 May 2015)

SENATOR BRUCKNER: And this is Ernesto. My personal--
ANGEL: Vampire.
SENATOR: Aide. I always forget your kind can sense each other. Well, I believe in diversity on my staff. It was a big part of my campaign.
GUNN: How commendable.
ANGEL: Harmony, you mind getting us some coffee?
HARMONY: Coming up.
SENATOR: Oh, thank you, no. No coffee. But if it isn't any trouble, I think Ernesto might like some blood.
ERNESTO: Virgin, if you have it. Room temperature's fine.
HARMONY: Sorry. We have a no human blood policy. I can offer you something in a rodent. We have some fruity, unassuming vole--

~~Power Play~~

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