BuffyWorld http://www.buffyworld.com/ Entertainment/Fanfiction BuffyWorld News en-us ReadingRoom 2.0 (Modified) Copyright 2014 to the listed artists. All rights reserved. The Sunnydale Herald November 24th 2014 http://www.buffyworld.com/ lynnylou (24 November 2014)

DRUSILLA: Come back with me.
SPIKE: To Los Angeles? I've done the whole L.A. scene, Dru. Didn't agree with me. Besides, I've got a sweet little setup here in Sunny-D. Decent digs... not to mention all the tasty townies I can eat.
DRUSILLA: Naughty! Shh. You needn't make up stories. I already know why you're not coming. Poor boy. Tin soldiers put funny little knick-knacks in your brain. Can't hunt! Can't hurt! Can't kill! You've got a chip.
SPIKE: Right, so you've heard. Poor Spike's become a cautionary tale for vampires, right? "You better be good, kiddies, or else they might wire you up someday!"
DRUSILLA: I don't believe in science. All those bits and molecules no one's ever seen. I trust eyes and heart alone. And do you know what mine is singing out right now?
DRUSILLA: You're a killer. Born to slash ... and bash ... and... oh, bleed like beautiful poetry. No little tinker-toy could ever stop you from flowing.
SPIKE: (whispers) Yeah.
SPIKE: But the pain ... love, you don't understand, it's ... it's searing. It's, um, blinding. DRUSILLA: All in your head. I can see it. Little bit of ... plastic, spiderwebbing out nasty blue shocks. And every one is a lie. Electricity lies, Spike. It tells you you're not a bad dog, but you are.


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Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0700
The Sunnydale Herald http://www.buffyworld.com/ Waddiwasiwitch (22 November 2014)

Mayor Wilkins: (smiles up at Trick) Do you like Family Circus?
Trick: (seriously) I like Marmaduke.
Mayor Wilkins: (disgusted) Oh! (shivers) Eww! He's always on the furniture. Unsanitary.
Trick: Nobody can tell Marmaduke what to do. (grins) That's my kinda dog.

~~Bad Girls~~

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Sat, 22 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0700
The Sunnydale Herald, Friday November 21 http://www.buffyworld.com/ audela (21 November 2014)

FRED: We should've done this a long time ago. I don't know what I was thinking letting these books be all unorganized.
LORNE: Well, one does tend to let the housekeeping slide during an Apocalyptolite. Hey, honey, all this to-ing and fro-ing is making me edgy...er.
FRED: What's that?
LORNE: Oh, relax. It's just a buzz saw. Nothing to get worked up over. It's Gunn and Wes down in the basement. They're dismembering that armor-plated demon, Skip.
FRED: Oh, right. Well, there's been an awful lot of dismembering going on in that basement lately, if you ask me.
LORNE: Well, it's been a busy month.

~~Shiny Happy People~~

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