Buffy Episode #119: "Seeing Red" Transcript

Written by Steven DeKnight
Original Air Date: May 7th, 2002

Transcribed by Joan the English Chick (pisces@englishchick.com).

Transcriber's Notes:

GILES VOICEOVER: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...
Buffy and Spike in the graveyard.
SPIKE: Why won't you sleep with me again?
BUFFY: Because I don't love you.
SPIKE: Like hell.
Buffy and Willow at home.
BUFFY: I thought you were gonna go see Tara.
WILLOW: She's ... seeing someone else.
Willow at school, seeing Tara kiss another girl.
WILLOW: They're probably just friends.
Willow talking to Tara.
WILLOW: We should have some coffee some time.
TARA: I'm free tomorrow.
Spike and Anya having sex at the Magic Box.
Willow seeing Spike and Anya on her computer.
The Geeks seeing it in their lair.
WARREN: Shut it down, shut it all down!
The camera in a skull on a shelf at the shop.
WARREN: Is that the camera in the Magic Box?
JONATHAN: Oh my god.
Buffy and Xander looking at the screen.
XANDER: Oh god. What is she...
BUFFY: That's enough.
Buffy walking out.
Anya and Xander on the street.
ANYA: You left me, Xander. At the altar! I don't owe you anything!
XANDER: So you go out and bang the first body you can find?
SPIKE: It's good enough for Buffy.
XANDER: Shut up and leave her out of-
Xander and Anya staring at Buffy.
Willow in her bedroom.
TARA: You can't just ... have coffee and expect-
WILLOW: I know.
TARA: There's just so much to work through. Trust has to be built again on both sides. Can we just skip it? Can, can you just be kissing me now?
Willow and Tara kissing.


Open in Willow's bedroom, daylight. Overhead shot of the room, various items of clothing strewn across the floor. Pan across the floor. Sound of giggling.

Pan further to reveal Willow and Tara snuggling together on the bed, under red sheets.

WILLOW: When did morning happen?
TARA: After the moon went down.

Willow giggles, leans up and they kiss for a while. Then Willow lies back down with her head on Tara's stomach. Tara caresses her shoulders.

WILLOW: Mmm, I forgot how good this could feel. Us. Together. (pause) Without the magic.
TARA: There was plenty of magic.

Willow smiles, then sighs.

WILLOW: It's getting late.
TARA: (small frown) Wanna get up?
WILLOW: No! (Tara laughing) Oh god, no. (quietly) I was just thinking about Buffy.
TARA: (frowns) Oh. She still isn't back?
WILLOW: I didn't hear her. She wouldn't talk about what happened at the magic shop when she got home last night. She just wanted to know how close I was to tracing the camera signal back to the Empire of the Nerds. And then she left again.
TARA: I'm sure she'll be okay.
WILLOW: Yeah, I'm not really worried about her going up against Warren and the others. I know this is going to sound crazy, but ... I think something might be going on. With Spike and Buffy. (Pause) I mean, she looked so hurt when she saw him with Anya. I think maybe-
TARA: They've been sleeping together.
WILLOW: (laughs) No. I wouldn't go that far.
TARA: No, I mean she told me they've been sleeping together.

Willow sits up to stare at Tara.

WILLOW: Sleeping together? You mean like the naked kind of together?
TARA: (sighs) I'm sorry I didn't say anything, but I, I promised her I wouldn't.
WILLOW: (shocked) Does everybody else know? Am I the only one she didn't-
TARA: God, no. She, she didn't even mean to tell me, it just came out.
WILLOW: (still shocked) How could she hide something like this from me?
TARA: I think she was afraid of the look you'd get on your face. (Willow staring at her) Kinda like the one you're wearing now.
WILLOW: Oh, no, I'm not ... I'm just trying to understand.
TARA: So is she.
WILLOW: Wow, she probably really needs someone to talk to.
TARA: Probably.

Willow continues absorbing the news as Tara strokes her hair.

TARA: We've been kinda busy, maybe we didn't hear her come home.

Willow nods uncertainly.

Cut to the hallway. Willow, wearing a large football shirt, knocks on a closed door.

WILLOW: Buffy?

She opens the door, revealing the neatly made, not-slept-in bed.

Willow frowns, closes the door and starts back toward her room.

Shot of another closed door, starting to open.

DAWN: (OS) She back yet?

Willow stops, turns back. Dawn appears in the doorway.

WILLOW: (nervously) Uh, not yet. I'm sure she'll be home soon. Everything's fine, just go back to bed.
DAWN: It's ten o'clock.
WILLOW: (surprised) Oh. Uh...
DAWN: (comes closer) You don't think she's ... gonna hurt Spike, do you?
WILLOW: She told you about Spike?
DAWN: It was kinda obvious after last night.
WILLOW: (covering) Yeah, I totally knew.
DAWN: It must have hurt so much. To see him and, and, and Anya like that? And poor Xander. Everything is so screwed up.
WILLOW: It's gonna be all right. It's just ... complicated. You know, when, when people have such strong feelings for each other, sometimes-
TARA: Is she back yet?

Tara emerges from the bedroom with the sheet wrapped around her. Dawn's face lights up. Tara sees Dawn and looks mildly alarmed/embarrassed.

TARA: Oh. Hey.
D: (starting to smile, delighted) Oh! You and-
TARA: (smiling) Uh, that's my cue to put some clothes on. (turning back toward the bedroom)
DAWN: No! No no no! I'm totally not here! You guys, you do whatever you want. Um ... I'll go watch TV. (Giggles) Downstairs, really loud! In the basement. Where I can't hear anything. (Squeals) Oh my god!

Dawn rushes off giggling excitedly. Tara and Willow grin at each other, head back toward the bedroom. Dawn reappears almost immediately.

DAWN: I love you guys!

She squeals some more and dashes off again. Willow and Tara smile and continue on.

Cut to: Some door somewhere. It explodes inward (toward the camera) and Buffy appears in the doorway, wearing a red leather jacket.

BUFFY: (calls) All right. Let's make this quick.

Reveal the interior of the Geek Trio's lair, still decorated in cheesy love-pad fashion, but empty of people.

Buffy looks quite displeased. She walks down the stairs into the lair, looks around.

BUFFY: Fine. But I'm not leaving till we have a little chat.

She wanders over to a desk. There's an iMac and a bunch of papers on it. Buffy frowns, picks up some of the papers, looks around more. Pan over a variety of geek-type knick-knacks and such.

BUFFY: Very little, considering the pummeling that needs to occur.

She looks at a shelf where a bunch of action figures are set up -- mostly of women in extremely skimpy outfits. Buffy pokes one of them, makes a face, turns away.

BUFFY: I mean, guys, helloooo. Slayer here. Did you honestly think I wouldn't find you...

She gets distracted by more piles of paper and stuff on a chair. She sifts through them, picks some up. Frowns, continues walking.

She discovers the white-board on which the Nerd Herd had written their evil plans. Buffy turns it on its squeaky axle to reveal the surface. All it says now is: "TOO LATE!"

BUFFY: (frowns) Well, that can't be good.

Suddenly a huge circular buzz-saw cuts through the white-board and comes slicing toward Buffy, cutting through everything in its path. Sawdust and debris flying everywhere. Buffy shields her face with her hands, dives to the floor just in time to avoid being sliced in two.

Several more saws appear, at all angles, moving around the room, some horizontally, some vertically, some on a diagonal. Buffy does a flip to duck under one and over another. She grabs a pile of random papers and stuff, and runs for the door. One saw gets caught in the stairwell just below her feet.

Cut to outside. Buffy bursts out of the house and falls onto the grass, papers flying everywhere. She groans and sits up. We see that she's holding a large, old book.

She looks down at herself. Close shot on her stomach. Her red leather jacket has a big gash in it, just deep enough to cut the fabric but not her flesh.

BUFFY: (annoyed) Okay. That's gonna cost ya.

Wolf howl, opening credits.
Note: Amber Benson (Tara) appears in the opening credits for the first time.
Guest Starring Danny Strong, Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, Amy Hathaway, and Nichole Hiltz. Written by Stephen S. DeKnight, directed by: Michael Gershman.

Act I

Open on exterior shot of the Summers house, day.
Cut to inside. Willow and Tara come down the stairs, dressed, arms around each other, smiling. They go into the living room.

WILLOW: Okay, we're here, ready for action! Uh, bad guy fighting action. (Giggles)

Reveal Buffy sitting on the sofa holding some papers, and Dawn on the floor beside her, eating something.

Willow and Tara exchange affectionate looks.

BUFFY: Guys, you didn't have to ... You know, if you still wanna be alone-
WILLOW: No. No, we're good. (still with the amorous looks)
TARA: We're better than good.

Buffy and Dawn smiling too.

BUFFY: Great.
WILLOW: (softly) Super.

Willow and Tara kiss briefly, then begin kissing more intensely. Buffy and Dawn watch with "aw" faces. Dawn giggles.

BUFFY: Awww.
WILLOW: Okay, all right, we'll stop.
DAWN: Oh, you better not!
TARA: So, um, nerds. How are them? They?
BUFFY: Well, I found their lair, but they obviously knew we were tracing their signal. They left in a hurry. Van was gone, but everything else was still there.
WILLOW: We should go back, uh, Tara and I can Sherlock around-
BUFFY: There's nothing left there now. Giant buzz saw. It was a thing. (indicating papers) This was all that I could save. I, I know it's not much, but we need to go through it and see if we can find anything that might tell us what, what they're doing, where they're going....

Willow and Tara kneel on the floor. We see that the coffee table is covered with the rest of the papers and stuff that Buffy salvaged from the nerds' lair.

Tara picks up a large book. It has a buzz-saw cut right across the middle, and it falls in half as she picks it up.

TARA: Um, (chuckling) this might take a while.
BUFFY: Anything we can do to fast forward? We really need to find Warren and the others before anyone else gets hurt.
WILLOW: Should we call Xander?
BUFFY: (grimaces) I don't think he's really in the Scooby space. We need to give him some time.
DAWN: Maybe they've heard something in the demon bars about those guys. (tentatively, looking at Buffy) Spike-
BUFFY: (quickly) Spike .... Spike's not part of the team.
DAWN: (softly) So he's not ... going to be around anymore? (Willow and Tara looking concerned)
BUFFY: Uh ... I don't know, Dawn. Not, not for a while.

Dawn ponders this.

TARA: What about Anya? She might be able to help with some of the demon texts.
BUFFY: I'm guessing she's not feeling real researchy right now.

Sound of sniffling, crying.

Cut to: a restaurant, day. A blonde woman sits at the bar with a martini glass in front of her. She's crying and has her head down so we can't see her face, but her hair and build and clothing resemble Anya's. But as the camera pulls out we see that Anya is actually sitting next to the crying woman.

ANYA: I know how you feel. Maybe I can help.
CRYING WOMAN: How could Carl do that to me? That bastard!
ANYA: He's a man. Look no further.
CRYING WOMAN: But with my sister? She's not even pretty.
ANYA: (taken aback) Well ... it isn't always about looks. (Crying woman looking skeptical) Or a beating heart. Sometimes intimate sweaty relations with the wrong person just seems like a good idea at the time.
CRYING WOMAN: (angrily) She's fat! He cheated on me with my fat ugly sister! (continues crying)
ANYA: Likes 'em fleshy, huh? Bet you wish he'd bloat up a coupla thousand pounds and pop like a big ol' meat zeppelin, don't you?
CRYING WOMAN: He said he loved me.
ANYA: Oh, gee, then he must have meant it, 'cause hey, guys never say anything they don't really mean, do they?
ANYA: They say, "I love you," and, and you think it's true. (crying woman staring at her) They say, "Oh, Anya, I want to be with you for the rest of my life," and, and you believe them, you believe they feel the same way about you, because that's the way love's supposed to be, right?
ANYA: And then you get all excited with the tingly anticipation, but wait! Not so fast! There's the apocalypse, a-and the back from the grave, and the blah blah blah blah blah, and by the time you're finally standing there in that beautiful expensive white dress you've dreamed about ever since you became human, he's gets all heebie-jeebie and decides, "you know, I'd rather just go steady."

Beat. The other woman has stopped crying. Now she just looks bitter.

CRYING WOMAN: Men suck. I wish Carl's flesh would-
ANYA: And you know, he said it isn't me, but how can I believe him? I mean ... he knew he didn't want to get married! Deep down he knew, but he lied to me every day for months!
ANYA: He lied and lied and then lied some more, 'cause hey , who's gonna notice with all the other lies flying around like little monkeys? And then he thinks he can just sweep the carnage underneath the rug by saying , "oh-"

Cut to: some sort of underground cavern. A looming shapeless shadow moves across the wall.
VOICE: I'm sorry. Sorry.

Pan down and reveal Andrew, sitting on the floor and scooting backwards on his butt as the looming creature pursues him down the tunnel.

ANDREW: Sorry, please! I'll never try to desecrate your chamber again!

We finally get a look at the thing chasing him. It's a huge brown scaly demon with thorny things protruding from its chin, a sort of triangular head, teeth like needles.

ANDREW: Just don't hurt me! Please!

Andrew has backed into a corner. The demon continues advancing.

Then we see Warren and Jonathan behind the demon. Warren zaps it with a cattle prod/taser. Blue electricity sparkles around the demon and it growls in pain.

JONATHAN: Hit him again! Hit him again!

Warren continues zapping the demon until it falls over.

WARREN: Wow. These things are tougher than I thought. (as Andrew gets up and joins them) You know, one jolt from this should have dropped an elephant .

Andrew grabs the prod from Warren.

ANDREW: You want a piece of this? Huh? (zapping the demon repeatedly) Not so tough, are you now, Puff 'N Stuff?!
WARREN: Hey, hey! We need him fresh, all right, not smoke house.
ANDREW: (stops zapping) I'm done being the bait. Next time one of you can wiggle on the hook.

Warren goes over to the demon and squats down to look at it.

WARREN: If this works ... then next time we'll be the thing that everyone's afraid of.
JONATHAN: Okay, so ... what now?

Warren has a switchblade knife in his hand. He flicks open the blade.

WARREN: Well, now it's your turn, Sparky.

Warren reverses the knife so he's holding it by the blade, then tosses it to Jonathan, who catches it. He looks at it uncertainly, then makes a disgusted face.

Cut to: Spike's crypt, night. Spike holds a glass of blood in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other. He pours liquor into the blood, puts the bottle down, takes a slow sip.

DAWN: (OS) Does it help?

Spike looks over his shoulder. Behind him, Dawn is standing in the doorway with a white bag over her shoulder. Spike looks back at his glass.

SPIKE: Doesn't hurt.

He looks over at Dawn again. She fidgets a little.

SPIKE: Not planning a camp-out, are we?
DAWN: No. I'm sleeping over at Janice's. Figured Willow and Tara might want some time to, uh...
SPIKE: (smiles slightly, staring into his glass) Oh, so the birds are flying again, eh? (bitterly) Ain't love grand.

He turns to sit in his armchair, not looking at Dawn.

DAWN: I wanted to stop by on my way and, you know. (beat) Everybody's pretty mad at you.
SPIKE: Yeah. Kinda picked up on that.
DAWN: (softly) You're not going to be coming aroundanymore. Are you?
SPIKE: (staring into the distance) It's complicated, Nibblet.
DAWN: (small laugh) Everybody's been saying that.
SPIKE: Must be true then. (drinking)
DAWN: Was it worth it? What you did with Anya?

Spike looks over at her in surprise.

SPIKE: Buffy told you?
DAWN: (shrugs) Kinda caught the show. There was a camera somewhere in the Magic Box. (Spike looking shocked) Warren and Jonathan and that other guy have been watching Buffy.
SPIKE: (sighing angrily) Wankers!

Dawn walks down the steps and a few feet into the room.

DAWN: (pained) Do you love her?
SPIKE: Oh, no. No. It was just a ... It was a bad day. For both of us. And we just had a few drinks and, things just-
DAWN: No. Not Anya. Buffy.

Close on Spike staring at his glass.
DAWN: (OS) Do you really love her?

Spike doesn't answer, just looks pained.

DAWN: Then how could you do that to her?
SPIKE: (still not looking at her) Oh, right , 'cause Big Sis was treating me so well up until that point. (Dawn sighing in exasperation) Must still be a bit of the evil left in me after all.
DAWN: I don't know what happened betweenyou two. But what you did last night ... If you wanted to hurt Buffy, congratulations. (quietly) It worked.

Dawn turns to leave. Close on Spike staring sadly into his drink as the door closes.

Cut to: a different part of the underground tunnel. It's lit with candles. Across the tunnel at one point there's a shimmery magical barrier.

A demon like the one that the Nerds stunned earlier comes walking down the tunnel. When it gets to the barrier it simply keeps walking. The barrier flashes with orange light and makes sizzling noises as the demon walks through it.

As the demon continues on, Warren and Andrew emerge from a nook in the tunnel and go over to the barrier.

WARREN: This is it. We found it.
ANDREW: You sure it's in there?

Andrew starts to go over to the barrier but Warren stops him.

WARREN: Careful! Only Nezzla demons can pass through the barrier.

Warren picks up a rock from the ground and tosses it at the barrier. It sizzles and burns to nothing in an instant.

WARREN: Everything else gets curly-fried.
JONATHAN: (OS) This sucks.

Jonathan comes walking out of the nook. He is wearing the other demon's skin like a suit, covering his whole body. It's much bigger than him so it hangs loosely around him. The head-skin is hanging like a hood so that Jonathan's head is free.

WARREN: Just make sure all your skin's covered.
JONATHAN: (whining) Why can't I just use a glamor?
ANDREW: You can't Siegfried and Roy the barrier. It's gotta be the real deal.

Warren reaches behind Jonathan and pulls the head-hood over Jonathan's head. Jonathan yells in dismay. The other two laugh.

JONATHAN: Ahh! (muffled, disgusted) It's still wet. (The head is also too big and Jonathan's eyes barely show through the eye-holes)
WARREN: Good. Then it should still be fresh enough.
JONATHAN: (muffled) Should be? Wait a minute, what do you mean, what do you mean, should be?

Still laughing, Warren grabs Jonathan and shoves him into the barrier. Jonathan screams. The barrier sizzles and flashes, and lets him through. He falls to the ground on the other side.

WARREN: (chuckling, to Andrew) Huh. Wasn't sure that would work.

Andrew looks surprised and a little uncertain. On the other side of the barrier, Jonathan gets up and composes himself.

JONATHAN: (muttering, muffled) Jackass.

He shuffles off down the corridor.

ANDREW: You think he knows?
WARREN: Well, if he did, why would he be here?
ANDREW: Why is he? Our mojo's tight, bro. We could've pulled this ourselves.
WARREN: Well, somebody had to guinea pig the meat suit. Were, were you gonna volunteer?

Andrew frowns, then laughs nervously and shakes his head.

ANDREW: No. (looks nervously toward the barrier) I don't trust the leprechaun.
WARREN: Okay, just stay frosty. This works the way we planned it, by the end of the evening Jonathan won't be a problem.

As Warren is saying this, Jonathan reappears, holding something. He walks through the barrier to rejoin the others.

WARREN: You got it?
JONATHAN: (muffled) Yeah, I got it.

He gives Warren a small wooden box.

ANDREW: That's it?
JONATHAN: (muffled) It better be.

Jonathan pulls the hood off his head. His face and hair are covered with demon slime.

JONATHAN: No way I'm going back through there. Thing stings like a mother.
ANDREW: Dude, unholy hair gel. (reaching out to touch Jonathan's slimy hair)
JONATHAN: Get off.
ANDREW: Make me, skin job.
WARREN: Shut up.

Warren takes out a small electrical device and runs it over the surface of the wooden box. The device has a bunch of little lights that flash randomly. Warren puts it back in his pocket and opens the box.


The box is divided into two equal compartments. Each one holds a small glass orb, red with white or gold symbols drawn on it.

WARREN: Gentlemen...

Warren puts the box on Andrew's outstretched hands and removes the orbs, holding one in each hand.

WARREN: ...the Orbs of Nezzla'khan. (gazing at them) Strength. Invulnerability. The deluxe package.
ANDREW: They're everything I've ever dreamed of.
JONATHAN: You know, those things have been down here for like a zillion years. How do we know they still work?

Suddenly a bright purple light explodes from each orb, surrounding Warren. The light begins to pulse rhythmically from each globe and through Warren's body. He gasps and his eyes glow purple. He starts to laugh.

WARREN: Ohh, they work.

Act II

Open on the underground tunnel. The Geek Trio are walking down the tunnel as Warren puts the glowing orbs into a small leather bag attached to his belt.

ANDREW: You don't look any different. I thought they were supposed to make us all huge and veiny. Are you sure they're working right?

Sound of growling. Warren looks around as another demon comes around a corner, growling.

WARREN: Let's find out.

Warren rushes at the demon. It hits him and he flies against a wall, turns back and grabs the demon's arm and kicks it in the back of the legs. The demon falls to its knees. Warren wraps his arms around its head and twists, breaking the demon's neck. It falls down dead.

The other two stare in amazement.

JONATHAN: Mahatma!
WARREN: Welcome to the show, boys.
ANDREW: That was so hot! (Warren nodding)
JONATHAN: Lemme try 'em!

Jonathan runs over and grabs for the bag holding the orbs. Warren grabs Jonathan's wrist.

WARREN: Watch the paws, little man. (lets go)
JONATHAN: Ow. (cradling his wrist) We're supposed to share.
WARREN: Oh, relax. All right, you'll each get a whirl. (nodding) As soon as I'm done playing with 'em.

Warren smirks evilly.

Cut to: exterior shot of Xander's apartment building, day. Sound of knocking.
Cut to the hallway outside Xander's apartment. Buffy stands in front of the door. It opens to reveal Xander. He doesn't look thrilled to see Buffy.


Xander turns away, leaving the door open. We see that he has a beer can in his hand. He walks back into the apartment. Buffy follows him in, closing the door behind her.

XANDER: I think there's still a cold one in the fridge.
BUFFY: Thanks, but, uh, I think it's still a little early for me.

Xander just looks at her, then sits on a sofa. Buffy sits on a chair opposite.

BUFFY: (softly) She loves you. You know that. Anya was just ... She was hurting. She was ... hurting and, and she did this really stupid thing.
XANDER: With your boyfriend.
BUFFY: He's not my boyfriend.
XANDER: I know why Anya ... I understand, I do. (shaking his head) But you...

Buffy looks down at her feet.

XANDER: (still shaking head) All those times I told Spike to get lost ... that he didn't have a chance with a girl like you. (laughs bitterly)
BUFFY: You don't know how hard it's been.
XANDER: What, lying to me?
BUFFY: (angrily) Being here. After I was brought back.

Xander looks chastised. Buffy sighs, calms down.

BUFFY: You have no idea how hard it is just being here.
XANDER: You could have told me.
BUFFY: You didn't want to know.
XANDER: So you went to him instead?
BUFFY: Xander, what I do with my personal life is none of your business.
XANDER: (softly) It used to be.

Buffy fidgets like she doesn't know how to answer that.

BUFFY: It just happened, okay?
XANDER: (chuckles bitterly) Oh, like, uh, "Say, you're evil. Get on me"?
BUFFY: You fought side by side with him when I was gone. You let him take care of Dawn.
XANDER: But I never forgot what he really is. (Buffy looking hurt) God, what were you thinking?
BUFFY: (laughs) You're asking me that? Oh, 'cause your decision making skills have really sparkled lately.
XANDER: I'm not saying I didn't make any mistakes. But last time I checked, slaughtering half of Europe wasn't one of them. He doesn't have a soul, Buffy. Just some leash they jammed in his head. You think he'd still be all snuggles if that chip ever stopped working? Would you still trust him with Dawn then?
BUFFY: (resigned) It doesn't matter. I'm not seeing him anymore. It's over.
XANDER: Yeah. There's a lot of that going around.

Xander crumples up the beer can in his hand, tosses it aside, gets up and walks off. Close on Buffy looking upset as we hear the apartment door opening. The door slams and Buffy winces.

Fade to: Sunnydale street, night. People walking around. Sad music. Xander walks down the street looking sad.
Fade to: Magic shop, night. Anya wanders around dusting things at random.

Cut to the street. Xander still walking.

Cut back to inside. Anya dusting items on a shelf.

Cut to the street. Xander walks up to a window and peers in through the blinds.

Shot of Xander's face from inside.

Shot from Xander's point of view, Anya dusting inside the shop while Xander's face is reflected in the window. Anya doesn't notice him.

Xander walks on.

Cut to: Willow and Tara's bedroom. The floor and bed are strewn with papers. Willow lies on the bed on her stomach, working on her computer. Tara reclines on the bed propped up by pillows, reading papers. Both are covered by blankets (naked underneath?).

WILLOW: It's all a mess.
TARA: These things take time. We'll figure it out.
WILLOW: Sure. We'll decipher codes, foil evil schemes...
TARA: Finally get out of bed...
WILLOW: I was with you up until there. (Tara laughing) Whoa.
TARA: (sitting up) What is it?
WILLOW: Uh, one of their data CDs. It's filled with encrypted blueprints, schematics...

Shot of the computer screen with various blueprints flashing by.

TARA: To what?
WILLOW: I'm not sure. The designations have been stripped.
TARA: Maybe we can cross-reference them with the county clerk's office.
WILLOW: (makes a face) Would that involve getting up?
TARA: (smiling) Eventually.
WILLOW: Then I'm coming out firmly against it.
TARA: (mock-frowning) What about the Trio's evil scheme?
WILLOW: (grinning) Well, I'm kinda busy working on my own.

Willow turns away from the computer and toward Tara. Sound of giggling. Tara leans back against her pillows with a smile.

Cut to the Bronze. Several people are sitting/standing by the bar as the bartender pours drinks. Xander is sitting at the end of the bar. The bartender pours into Xander's glass.

Close shot on Xander's hand holding the shot glass as the liquor pours. Some of it misses the glass and splashes on Xander's hand.

Pan up to the woman next to Xander, looking over at him.

WOMAN: You're all wet.

She pushes a cocktail napkin toward him.

XANDER: It's a good thing I'm part fish. (wiping his hand with the napkin)
WOMAN: (smiling) Which part?
XANDER: The part with the hook in it.
WOMAN: Careful. Someone might reel you in.
XANDER: Yeah, but then there'd be the flopping and the ... gasping, and ... sure, maybe it'd work out, but chances are I'd up and leave you at the helm in your white dress. Then find you spawning with another fish who turns out to be spawning my very good friend night and day behind my back. (woman looking confused) Then comes the fighting and again with the flopping and the gasping, 'cause hey , Chicken of the Sea here's not doing too good with the women these days.
XANDER: Sorry, I'm just looking to curl up with the quiet alone tonight.

Wide shot of the two of them. The woman looks disappointed, turns away. Xander concentrates on his drink.

Cut to the entrance. The Geeks enter, look around. Jonathan looks at his watch.

JONATHAN: (irritated) We don't have time for this.
ANDREW: Ease up, twitchy.

Warren looks around, spots something.

WARREN: All right.

Long shot of a tall guy and a pretty girl smiling into each other's eyes, holding hands.

WARREN: Let's make some noise.

Warren walks forward. The others watch, Andrew excited, Jonathan nervous.

Cut to: close on a vampire face. Someone punches him and he grunts.

Cut to wider shot: the cemetery. Buffy fighting the vamp. He throws a punch which she blocks. Then he spins around, blocks her punch, kicks her in the chest. She does a spin-kick that sends him sprawling.

BUFFY: Not bad. How hard you gonna hit when you're blowin' in the wind?

She reaches into her back pocket for a stake. The vamp gets up and attacks her again. She stakes him just as he's leaping into the air for a kick. He dusts, but the kick lands anyway. Buffy gives a cry and goes flying backward. She flies into a headstone, shattering it and landing on the ground behind it.

Buffy lies on the ground groaning in pain.

BUFFY: (pouty) That was rhetorical.

She goes to get up and winces.


Cut to: exterior shot of the Summers house, night.

Cut to the bathroom. Buffy enters, wearing a grey bathrobe and moving slowly, sighing. She goes over to the tub and starts the water running, leans over to check the temperature, putting one hand on her back as she bends over. She sighs loudly as she straightens up.

SPIKE: (OS) You hurt? You're not moving so well.

Buffy sighs and walks toward the sink.

Reveal Spike standing in the doorway, wearing black shirt and jeans, no jacket.

BUFFY: (standing by the sink, not looking at him) Get out.
SPIKE: We have to talk. (closing the door)
BUFFY: (turns to look at him) I really don't.
SPIKE: Well, this isn't just about you... (pushes the door the rest of the way shut) as much you'd like it to be.

Overhead shot of the two of them. Spike stands by the door and Buffy by the sink, with about four feet separating them. Buffy crosses her arms over her chest.

BUFFY: You spoke. I listened. Now leave.

Close on Spike. He sighs a little.

SPIKE: (softly) I'm sorry. Not that it matters any more, but I needed you to know that.
SPIKE: Because I care about you.
BUFFY: Then you might want to try the not sleeping with my friends.
SPIKE: I didn't go to Anya for that. I was looking for a spell.
BUFFY: (outraged) You were going to use a spell on me?
SPIKE: (sighs, exasperated) It wasn't for you! I wanted something . (puts hand on his chest) Anything to make these feelings stop. (angrier) I just wanted it to stop!

Buffy looks taken aback. Spike sighs, calms down.

SPIKE: (softly) You should have let him kill me.
BUFFY: (softly) I couldn't do that.
BUFFY: (moving back toward the tub) You know why.
SPIKE: Because you love me.

Buffy bends over the tub, again with one hand on her back.

BUFFY: (annoyed) No. I don't.
SPIKE: Why do you keep lying to yourself?
BUFFY: (whirls around to face him again) How many times-

She pauses, composes herself.

BUFFY: (calmer) I have feelings for you. I do. But it's not love. I could never trust you enough for it to be love.
SPIKE: (laughing) Trust is for old marrieds, Buffy. (Buffy rolling her eyes) Great love is wild ... and passionate and dangerous. It burns and consumes.
BUFFY: Until there's nothing left. Love like that doesn't last.
SPIKE: (pacing) I know you feel like I do. You don't have to hide it anymore.
BUFFY: (rolling her eyes) Spike, please stop this.
SPIKE: (whispers) Let yourself feel it.

He moves forward, puts his hands on her waist, pulls her toward him. She resists.

BUFFY: No....
SPIKE: You love me.
BUFFY: Ow, no, stop it.

They struggle, Spike trying to kiss and grope Buffy, Buffy trying to push him away. Sound of fabric ripping. Spike's hand is inside Buffy's robe.

BUFFY: Spike, no - ow - what are you do-

She loses her balance and falls backward toward the tub. Her hand grabs the shower curtain for balance, but it rips off the shower rod and Buffy falls down, hitting her back against the side of the tub.

BUFFY: (yelling) Ow!

She falls to the floor beside the tub, groaning in pain. Spike gets on top of her, holding her down. He grabs her face and tries to kiss her as she continues trying to fight him off.

SPIKE: Let it go. Let yourself love me.

He continues saying similar things as Buffy continues saying "no" and "stop" and "ow." Spike pulls at her clothing.

Buffy gets onto her stomach and tries to pull herself toward the door, but Spike is on top of her, holding her down, pulling her arms away from the door as she continues yelling and protesting.

Close on Spike wearing a determined and wild expression.


Open on the same scene, overhead shot of Spike straddling Buffy on the bathroom floor. Buffy continues struggling.

BUFFY: (yelling) No, stop it!
SPIKE: I know you felt it ... when I was inside you...

Close on his hands trying to open her robe. Sound of fabric ripping.

Buffy breaks partly free and starts crawling toward the door again. Spike grabs her ankle and pulls her back toward him, flips her over, pins her hands to the floor.

BUFFY: No, ow, ow! (sobbing) Please, please, Spike, please...
SPIKE: You'll feel it again, Buffy...
BUFFY: Please don't do this...
SPIKE: I'm gonna make you feel it.

He rips the front of her robe open. Buffy screams and struggles against him as he tries to get her robe off.

BUFFY: Stop!!!

She gives him one last shove with her Slayer-strength and Spike goes flying backward, crashing into the sink and the wall. Buffy gets to her feet, holding her robe closed with one hand. It's torn so that one of her shoulders is exposed.

Spike gets up, panting and staring at her.

BUFFY Ask me again why I could never love you.

Spike looks like he's just realizing what he was doing.

SPIKE: Buffy, my god, I didn't-
BUFFY: (angrily) Because I stopped you. (quieter) Something I should have done a long time ago.

A tear runs down Buffy's face. Spike stares at her looking horrified.

Cut to exterior shot of the house.
Cut to aerial shot of Sunnydale, houses lit up in the dark of night.
Cut to exterior shot of the Bronze.

Cut to inside. Andrew and Jonathan walk beside the bar. Jonathan looks nervous. Andrew holds a glass of something involving fruit and a little paper umbrella.

JONATHAN: (looks around nervously) What are we doing here? Somebody might recognize us. (spotting something, sighing in exasperation) Oh, oh, that's just great.

Shot of Warren talking to the woman we saw with another guy before.

JONATHAN We're risking everything so that Charles Atlas can get a date? He's going to end up getting us thrown into jail. Or worse. (urgently) Maybe you and I should think about-
ANDREW: Warren's the boss. He's Picard, you're Deanna Troi. Get used to the feeling, Betazoid.

Andrew walks off. Jonathan stares after him in dismay.

Cut to Warren talking with the girl.

WARREN: ...the clothes, the cars, and the money ... see, it's all just window dressing.

He strokes the side of the girl's face. She doesn't look too thrilled with that.

WARREN: Baby, this is what's really important. (holding her hand) Two souls, coming together ...
FRANK: (OS) Hey!

The girl's boyfriend returns. He gets in Warren's face. He is much larger than Warren.

FRANK: She only comes together with me. So get lost, shrimp. (girlfriend looking amused)
WARREN: Frankie? Oh my god, is that you? How long has it been?

Frank stares down at Warren in confusion.

WARREN It's Warren! Remember, Warren, gym class, fifth period? (smiling) You and your jock buddies used to give me such a hard time. (Frank starting to smile) That thing with the underwear? (laughing) God, I thought I'd never stop crying.
FRANK: (grinning) That was you?
WARREN: (big fake grin) Yeah, that was me! (quieter) But hey, no hard feelings. I mean, I know you were just fooling around. (Frank nodding) Like I'm gonna be with your girl in about five minutes.
FRANK: (threateningly) What'd you say?
WARREN: You heard me, meathead. Take a walk.
FRANK: Oh, you're dead, you little-

Frank grabs Warren by the shoulders to shove him away, but can't budge him. Frank frowns, tries several times to push Warren away, but he can't.

WARREN: This ain't high school.

Warren shoves Frank in the chest with one hand, and Frank flies backward, crashing into some people. The girlfriend looks alarmed.

GUY: Frankie!

Another large guy moves toward Warren. Warren turns to face him. As the guy throws a punch, Warren grabs his wrist, immobilizing it, then jerks it to the side, breaking the arm. The guy falls to the floor.

Warren turns to find the girl, just as she starts running away. Warren sighs in annoyance.

Another guy hits Warren in the back with a chair. The chair shatters. The guy stares at the pieces in surprise as Warren turns around to face him. Warren backhands the guy and he flies across the bar-top and off the other side. Andrew watches this casually, sipping his fruity drink.

WARREN Let's party.

In the background a couple of people go to help the injured guys. Warren strolls forward, clasps Andrew's arm briefly, walks right past Jonathan without even acknowledging him. He goes over to the bar where a bunch of pretty women are sitting, watching him.

WARREN: Oh, don't worry about the tab, now, ladies. It's on daddy tonight.

He slams his fist down on the cash register, causing the drawer to open. Warren reaches across to take out some money.

Angle on the door of the men's restroom as Xander emerges, pauses when he catches sight of Warren.

Warren turns away from the cash register with a handful of money.

WARREN: Don't worry, babies. (moves toward the women) Daddy's gonna give you some too.
XANDER: (walking up) See now, I think it's the daddy thing that's throwing her. (Jonathan hiding his face) 'Cause incest , not that sexy.

Xander and Warren get in each other's faces as Andrew watches and Jonathan covers his face with his hand.

JONATHAN: Aw, crap.
XANDER: So, uh, why don't we leave the ladies to their impending nausea and move the freakshow outside, whaddaya say?
WARREN: (nodding) Okay. But lemme ask you something first. (quietly) You think maybe you could put in a word for me with that Anya chick? 'Cause if she's taking it from a vamp ... (smirking) I think I might have a chance .

Xander punches Warren square in the face. Warren barely even moves. Xander clutches his hand in pain.

WARREN: No wonder she's screwing a dead guy. You hit like a girl.
XANDER: (painfully) Well, at least I know how to get one.

Warren scowls angrily, punches Xander. Xander flies backward across the room, lands on the floor on his back. People exclaiming, gasping, etc.

Xander lies on the floor groaning in pain. Warren walks quickly toward him, shoving a pool table out of the way as if it were nothing. Xander is bleeding from the nose, blood running down his face.

WARREN: Let's see how popular you are without a face.

Jonathan hurries over andgrabs Warren's arm.

JONATHAN: Warren, we have to go.
WARREN: We go when I'm ready.
JONATHAN: (very nervous) Hey, it's your call, but ... (showing Warren his watch) we're gonna miss that thing you wanted to do tonight (Warren sighing, exasperated) if we don't leave right now. That's all I'm saying.

Warren sighs and nods reluctantly. He bends over a little to address Xander.

WARREN: It's your lucky night, Shemp.
ANDREW: We're just gonna leave him there? What if he sics the Slayer on us?
WARREN: Bring her on.

Warren turns and walks off. Andrew follows casually. Jonathan makes a little apologetic hand-gesture at Xander, and follows the others.

Cut to: Summers house, foyer. The door opens and Xander enters, his face still bloody.

XANDER: (calls) Buffy? I found Warren.

He glances around.

XANDER Actually, my face kinda found him-

He stops as he sees Spike's leather jacket hanging on the banister. Xander strides over to it, picks it up. His expression is grim as he starts up the stairs.

Cut to the bathroom. Xander bursts in holding the jacket.

XANDER: This what you call not seeing Spike anymore-

He pauses as he sees Buffy. She's sitting on the floor looking very upset.

XANDER: What did he do?

Close on Buffy's legs. Her robe hangs loosely and one thigh is exposed, with a big ugly bruise on the inside of the thigh.

XANDER: Did he hurt you?
BUFFY: (sighing, shaking her head) He tried. He didn't...
XANDER: Son of a bitch. (turns to storm out)
BUFFY: (softly) Don't.

Xander stops in the doorway.

BUFFY: (tearfully) Please, just ... don't.

Xander stares at her in concern. A loud door-slamming noise from downstairs makes them both jump.

Willow rushes in, smiling.

WILLOW: Hey, I think we finally have something-

She pauses, seeing Xander's bloody face and Buffy's bruised condition. Buffy quickly pulls her robe down to hide the bruise on her leg.

WILLOW: What happened?
BUFFY: Nothing.

Xander looks down at Buffy as she composes herself.

BUFFY: What'd you find out?

Cut to the dining room, a little later. Buffy, now dressed, sits at the table with Willow and Tara. Xander stands nearby holding an ice pack against his face. The table is covered with the papers and books from the Geek lair, plus Willow's computer.

WILLOW: We were able to decipher pretty much everything except these.

Willow holds a set of papers with weird symbols on them.

TARA: It isn't written in any ancient language we could identify.
XANDER: (chuckling) It's Klingon. They're love poems. (catching himself, embarrassed) Which has nothing to do with the insidious scheme you're about to describe.
BUFFY: What do you got for me that doesn't rhyme?
TARA: Um, this. (holding up a CD-ROM)
WILLOW: It was filled with encoded blueprints and schematics. (handing Buffy a pile of papers)
BUFFY: To what?
TARA: Um, banks, armored car routes, corporate vaults ... This is big.
WILLOW: They're looking to score some serious dinero. We don't think they're planning just one job.
XANDER: Spree, anyone?
BUFFY: I, I can't cover all of these at once.
WILLOW: You don't have to. We think there's one they may hit tonight.
TARA: It's time sensitive.
XANDER: Be careful. Warren's gone all Mighty Mouse. Emphasis on the might.
BUFFY: Good. Then I won't have to hold back.

Cut to Spike's crypt. The door bursts open and Spike rushes in, still without his leather coat.

Flash to the earlier scene of Buffy protesting and struggling.

Flash back to now. Spike closes his eyes and clenches his jaw, looking pained. The sound of Buffy crying and begging continues.

Flash to the bathroom again. Buffy struggling and crying.

Flash back to now. Spike strides across the room and picks up a bottle of alcohol and a glass. He pours, puts the bottle down, drinks.

Flash to the bathroom. Spike on top of Buffy, pinning her down.
SPIKE: I'm gonna make you feel it.

Flash to now. The glass shatters in Spike's hand. He stares at it, lowers his hand slowly.

CLEM (OS): Uh ... knock knock?

Reveal Clem standing in the doorway holding a paper bucket of fast-food. He waves tentatively.

CLEM: I was just in the neighborhood so I thought, you know...

Clem walks into the room. Spike stares at the floor sullenly.

CLEM: ...there's a Nightrider marathon on the TV, so, uh... (holding up bucket) I got hot wings!
SPIKE: (shakily) What have I done?

Beat. Spike frowns, looks bemused.

SPIKE: Why *didn't* I do it? (looks up at the ceiling, sighs) What has she done to me?
CLEM: She done who? (Spike waves his hand dismissively) Ohh. The Slayer, huh? Gosh. (shaking head) She break up with you again?
SPIKE: We were never together. Not really. She'd never lower herself that far.
CLEM: She's a sweet girl, Spike, but hey. Whew. Issues. (Spike giving a sarcastic grin) And no wonder, with the whole coming back from the grave and whatnot. Hey, I had this cousin, who got resurrected by some kooky shaman... (chuckles) Whoo-boy! Was that a mess.
SPIKE: (desperate) Why do I feel this way?
CLEM: (shrugs) Love's a funny thing.
SPIKE: Is that what this is? (Clem looking uncertain) I can feel it. Squirming in my head. (puts hand to his head)
CLEM: Love?
SPIKE: The chip. Gnawing bits and chunks.

Spike puts his fingers against his head as if he's trying to dig his way into his skull.

CLEM: Uhh ... maybe a wet cloth?
SPIKE: You know, everything used to be so clear. Slayer. Vampire. Vampire kills Slayer, sucks her dry, picks his teeth with her bones. It's always been that way. I've tasted the life of two Slayers. But with Buffy... (grimacing in anguish) It isn't supposed to be this way!

He grabs a piece of furniture and shoves it over, with accompanying crashing noises.

SPIKE: (angrily) It's the chip! Steel and wires and silicon. (sighs) It won't let me be a monster. (quietly) And I can't be a man. I'm nothing.
CLEM: Hey. Come on now, Mr. Negative. You never know what's just around the corner. Things change.
SPIKE: Yeah, they do.

Spike gives a bitter sarcastic laugh. Clem looks at him, kind of helpless.

Then something occurs to Spike. His grin turns nasty.

SPIKE: If you make them.

Cut to: an amusement park, shut down for the night. A banner reads "Opening Weekend!" Pan across closed concession stands, to a large stone gate with lettering over the archway reading "WILD RIVER ADVENTURE."

Pan further to reveal two men standing beside an armored truck. One man wears a security uniform, the other a dark suit. They check something on a clipboard, and then the security guard puts two bags into the back of the truck. A second guard comes around from the other side of the truck.

GUARD #1: All right, that's the last one.

Guard #1 takes the clipboard from the guy in the suit, and signs it. Guard #2 is closing the truck.

GUARD #1 Quite a haul, huh? (gives back the clipboard)
SUIT: Always the biggest gate of the year.
GUARD #1: Yeah.
SUIT: Don't lose any.
GUARD #1: Yeah.

The suit guy takes the clipboard and walks off.

Cut to the front of the truck. Guard #2 is at the wheel as Guard #1 climbs into the passenger seat and shuts the door.

GUARD #2: Wanna grab a bite after? (Guard #1 nodding) I think Ruby's is still open.

Guard #2 puts his foot on the gas pedal, but nothing happens.

Close on Warren at the back of the truck.

Wider shot of Warren lifting one rear corner of the truck off the ground.
Close shot on the right rear wheel, spinning in the air.
Cut back to the cab.

GUARD #2: What the hell?

Another shot of the spinning wheel.

Reveal Andrew and Jonathan, both wearing black turtlenecks with black zipper jackets over them.

In the cab, the guards slide toward the side of the truck as Warren tilts it further.

GUARD #1: There's something back there!

Warren continues lifting.

ANDREW: Man, I can't wait to get my hands on his orbs.

Warren shoves the truck over onto its side.

JONATHAN: (sarcastic) Yeah, I'm sure he'll be giving 'em up any second now.

Warren rips the rear door off the truck.

BUFFY: (OS) Hey.

Reveal Buffy standing on top of the overturned truck.

BUFFY: Is this your bank?

Warren stares up at her.

BUFFY: 'Cause if not, there's gonna be a fee for that.

She starts to leap down at Warren. He reacts, puts up his arms and catches her as she falls toward him. He throws her backward over his head. She lands on the ground several yards away, and gets up again.

WARREN: (striding toward her) I was wondering when Super Bitch would show up.
BUFFY: You really got a problem with strong women, don't you?
WARREN: Nothing I can't handle.

Buffy ducks his first swing, the second catches her in the face. Warren blocks her punch, holds her arm and hits her with his other hand. They exchange a few blows and Buffy goes down.

WARREN You seem a little off. This a bad day?
BUFFY: (gets up) It's getting better.

She lands several strong kicks in a row, grabs Warren and flips over him, kicks him from behind. He goes down and immediately rolls back to his feet.

Buffy grabs the large metal door that Warren ripped off the truck, and hits him with it. He stumbles into the stone gate, hard. Bits of plaster dust fall on his head.

WARREN: That all you got?

He looks up a moment too late as the stone gate collapses, a pile of stone and rubble falling right on Warren's head, engulfing him.

ANDREW: (screams) No!

Jonathan stares in dismay. Buffy looks over at the other two geeks.

BUFFY: There's two ways this can end. And right now? I'm thinking they're both gonna hurt.

Andrew suddenly starts to smile.

ANDREW: I think you're right.

Buffy turns around to see Warren emerging from the rubble.

WARREN: What's the matter baby? You never fight a real man before?

Act IV

Same scene. Warren lands two strong punches on Buffy before she ducks the third and kicks him. He blocks her swing, lands several more punches. Buffy grabs his hand and twists around, holding Warren's arm behind him and kicking him in the stomach. She ducks another punch and kicks him. He falls against the overturned armored truck.

Buffy watches as Warren pulls himself upright again.

WARREN: Wow. That almost hurt, kitten.

Buffy kicks him and punches him several times, with little effect. Warren grabs her and slams down on her arm. Buffy makes an expression of pain. Warren kicks her backward, grabs her again.

ANDREW: Kill her! Kill her!

Jonathan stares from the fight to Andrew and back, looking alarmed.

Warren continues beating on Buffy. He gets her legs out from under her and she goes down.

WARREN: You know who I am? Huh, Slayer?
BUFFY: You're a murderer. (getting up)
WARREN: Well, that too, but more to the point-

Buffy swings at him, he blocks the punch and backhands her.

WARREN I'm the guy that beat you.

Again she swings, again he blocks and hits her. Buffy reels backward, looking shocked.

WARREN: And it's not the muscles, baby.

He kicks her backward.

WARREN: It's the brains.
BUFFY: I'll remember that when I knock 'em clean out of your-

Suddenly Jonathan leaps onto Buffy from behind, grabbing her around the neck. Buffy grunts and stumbles forward, trying to pry him off.

WARREN: (amused) Whoa! Sparky, I didn't think you had it in you.

Close on Jonathan and Buffy struggling. Jonathan mutters into Buffy's ear through gritted teeth.

JONATHAN: (quietly to Buffy) The orbs! Smash his orbs.

Buffy throws him off. He lands on the ground and rolls away as Warren attacks again. Buffy blocks a couple of punches, but then Warren lands one that sends her falling against a park bench. The bench breaks into pieces. Warren strides over as Buffy is still lying in the wreckage of the bench.

WARREN: Say good night, bitch.

Warren pulls his fist back for a final punch. This pulls his jacket back, revealing the pouch on his belt. Buffy sees it. Before Warren can move, she lunges forward, grabs the pouch, and slams it against the ground. Blue light flashes, suffusing Warren, then leaving him and shooting toward the smashed orbs. Warren looks dazed. Buffy stands up.

BUFFY: Good night, bitch.

She does a serious spin-kick that sends Warren flying back and tumbling to the ground near his comrades. He climbs slowly to his feet, looking scared.

BUFFY: (advancing) You're nothing but a sad little boy, Warren. But it's time you grow up, and pay for what you've done.
WARREN: (panting) Get away from me!

He pulls off his jacket, revealing an apparatus strapped to his body, including a pair of silvery tanks on his back.

WARREN I swear to god I'm gonna take you down. You piece of...

Buffy stares in disbelief as Warren pulls a switch and the jet-pack activates, lifting him straight up into the air.

BUFFY: (sighing, almost whining) Oh, come *on.*

Shot of Warren still shooting up into the sky.

Shot of the other two nerds. Jonathan is watching Warren go, shocked. Andrew stares calmly at Buffy.

ANDREW: Well played, Slayer!

Andrew pulls off his jacket, revealing an identical jet-pack. Buffy can't believe it.

JONATHAN: (whines) Why didn't I get one of those?!
ANDREW: (to Buffy) This round to you. But the game is far from over.

Andrew activates his jet-pack and lifts off as Buffy and Jonathan stare.

But Andrew was standing underneath a roof overhang. He hits it with his head, hard, and falls to the ground unconscious.

Jonathan stares apprehensively at Buffy. Sound of police sirens.

Cut to: exterior police station. A car with its siren wailing and lights flashing pulls up and stops. The driver and his partner get out, open the rear doors and take out Andrew and Jonathan, both handcuffed. The cops begin leading them inside.

JONATHAN: (furious) Jet packs. You jerks were setting me up to take the fall.
ANDREW: (upset) He left me. He flew away and left me.

They enter the police station, go down some steps and into a lobby area. Various cops and handcuffed prisoners are moving about, etc. Andrew and Jonathan pause and stand there looking around. Andrew is crying.

JONATHAN: Oh god. The Big House.
AUDREW: (crying) How could he do this to me? He promised we'd be together, but ... he was just using me. He never really loved- (catching himself) ...hanging out with us.

The cops lead them over to a bench and sit them down.

ANDREW: You think he'll come back for us? I mean ... he wouldn't just take off, would he?

Jonathan gives him a look of contempt.

Cut to: a highway somewhere, night. The lights of Sunnydale are visible in the distance. Spike rides up on his motorcycle, cigarette in his mouth. He stops and looks over at the city.

SPIKE: Get nice and comfy, Slayer. I'll be back. And when I do ... things are gonna change.

He tosses his cigarette onto the ground and rides off.

Cut to: exterior shot of the Summers house, day.
Cut to Willow and Tara's bedroom. They are standing by the mirror as Willow finishes buttoning up her blouse. It's white and frilly. Tara is also fully dressed.

WILLOW: Hey. Clothes.
TARA: Better not get used to 'em.
WILLOW: Hmm, yes ma'am.

Willow grabs Tara's belt loop and pulls her in for a kiss. Then they hug. Tara smiles happily. Then spots something over Willow's shoulder.

TARA: Mmmm... Xander!
WILLOW: (pulling out of the hug) Okay, not quite the response I was fishing for.
TARA: No, he's here.

Tara goes to look out the window. We can see Buffy below in the backyard, and Xander walking up behind her.

WILLOW: (opening a dresser drawer) Think they're making up?
TARA: (turning from the window, smiling at her) I hope so, that's the best part.

Cut to the backyard. Buffy has a stick and is using it to poke at the bushes and weeds. Xander comes up behind her, looking awkward. It's a beautiful sunny day.

XANDER: Time for the Spring Poking already?
BUFFY: (turns to see him) Just making sure there are no more Evil Trio cameras. Or Evil Uno.
XANDER: The sinister yet addictive card game?
BUFFY: Warren. Jonathan and Andrew got clinked, but ... Warren pulled a Rocket Man.
XANDER: You'll find him. He won't be much good without his friends.
BUFFY: (softly) No, he won't.

They both move to sit side-by-side on a wooden bench. Xander fidgets uncomfortably, then takes a deep breath.

XANDER: How did we get here?
BUFFY: Scenic route. Long drive.
XANDER: The past few weeks...
BUFFY: I know.
XANDER: I thought I hit bottom, but ... it hurt. That you didn't trust me enough to tell me about Spike. (pauses, softly) It hurt.
BUFFY: I'm sorry. I should have told you.
XANDER: (small smile) Maybe you would have, if I hadn't given you so many reasons to think I'd be an ass about it.
BUFFY: Guess we've all done a lot of things lately we're not proud of.
XANDER: (slightly larger smile) I think I've got you beat.
BUFFY: Wanna compare?
XANDER: Not so much.

Beat. They smile tentatively at each other.

XANDER I don't know what I'd do ... without you and Will.
BUFFY: (teary) Let's not find out.

Xander nods. They hug.

BUFFY I love you. You know that, right?

Xander spots something over Buffy's shoulder and his eyes widen in alarm.

XANDER: Buffy!

Reveal a very angry Warren striding toward them, fast. He still wears the all-black outfit from last night. Buffy and Xander jump up, turn to face him.

WARREN: You think you can just do that to me? You think I'd let you get away with that? (laughs crazily) Think again.

Suddenly he raises a gun and fires wildly at them. Buffy frantically shoves Xander down. He tumbles to the ground.

Warren runs off, firing wildly into the air over his shoulder as he goes.

Closeup of one bullet shattering a window.

Shot of Willow still standing by the dresser, smiling. Suddenly, redness splatters across her white blouse. She looks surprised.

Shot of Tara still standing with her back to the window, looking surprised. There's a large red spot on Tara's chest, right over her heart.

TARA: (frowning) Your shirt.

Tara falls forward.

WILLOW: (shocked, rushing forward) Tara?

Cut to the backyard. Xander gets up, brushes himself off.

XANDER: Sweet fancy Moses! Where the hell did he-

Xander stops, looking to his left. Pan quickly over to Buffy, lying on the ground on her back, staring upward.

XANDER: Oh god!

Cut to the bedroom. Tara lies on the floor. Willow grabs her shoulders.

WILLOW: (desperate) Tara?! Baby?

Willow rolls Tara over, pulling her onto her lap. Tara lies limp in Willow's arms.

WILLOW: (sobbing) Baby, come on! Get up!

Cut to the backyard. Buffy has a red spot in almost the same place as Tara's. Xander kneels over her, holding her shoulders. Her eyes close, then slowly open again.

XANDER: (desperate) Oh god. Buffy? Buffy! Buffy!

Xander presses his hands against the wound, making more blood well out.

Cut to the bedroom. Willow cries harder as Tara continues not responding. Willow rocks back and forth holding Tara in her lap.

WILLOW: No... no.... (crying)

Shot of Buffy lying on the ground staring blankly at the sky as Xander continues trying to stop the bleeding.

Close shot on Tara's face and the bullet hole in her chest.

Willow lifts her head and bares her teeth. Her face is wet with tears and her eyes are completely black ... then they go completely red.

Executive Producers: Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon.

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