Buffy Episode #113: "Dead Things" Transcript

Written by Steven S. DeKnight
Original Air Date: February 5, 2002

Transcribed by Joan the English Chick (pisces@englishchick.com).
Transcriber's Notes:

GILES VOICEOVER: Previously...
The Scoobies in "Bargaining."
ANYA: I think we screwed it up.
WILLOW: She's just ... disoriented from being tormented in some hell dimension.
Buffy digging out of her grave.
Spike in the DoubleMeat Palace.
SPIKE: That the kind of demon you are?
BUFFY: I don't know why you can hit me, but I am not a demon.
Buffy and Willow confronting the Geek Trio in "Gone."
BUFFY: So you three have, what, banded together to be pains in my ass?
WARREN: We're your arch-nemesises.
Buffy and Dawn in the kitchen.
BUFFY: Dawn, you need to eat something.
DAWN: Thanks for your concern.
Dawn leaving.
WILLOW: Why is she taking it out on you?
Willow and Tara talking.
TARA: I don't think this is gonna work.
Tara packing her stuff.
WILLOW: Are you saying you're gonna leave me?
Willow and Rack doing magic.
BUFFY: Willow has a problem.
Willow and Buffy in the bedroom.
WILLOW: No more spells. I'm finished.
Spike and Buffy in the abandoned house in "Smashed"
SPIKE: I'm in love with you.
BUFFY: You're in love with pain.
SPIKE: You afraid I'm gonna-
Buffy kissing Spike.
SPIKE: Things have changed.
BUFFY: The only thing that's different is that I'm disgusted with myself.


Open in Spike's crypt. Sound of thumping. Pan across the neatly made bed. Sound of panting, more thumping. Sound of Buffy moaning. Pan across the various furniture in the crypt, candles burning on many surfaces, magazines scattered across the floor. Banging and moaning noises continue, sound of crashing and breaking. Pan across Spike's leather jacket and red duster lying on the floor. Moaning noises trail off to heavy breathing.

Pan more and discover Buffy and Spike lying side-by-side on top of a pile of Oriental rugs, with another rug strategically draped over their bodies.

BUFFY: (panting) Uh ... we missed the bed again.
SPIKE: (looks toward the bed) Lucky for the bed.

Buffy continues panting, lifts herself up on her elbows and looks at the rug covering her body.

BUFFY: Is this a new rug?
SPIKE: Mm...no. Just looks different when you're under it.

Buffy laughs a little, then looks around.

BUFFY: You know, this place is okay for a hole in the ground. You fixed it up.
SPIKE: Well, I ate a decorator once. Maybe something stuck.
BUFFY: I've been thinking about doing something to my room.
SPIKE: (moving closer to her) Yeah?
BUFFY: Yeah, I think the New Kids On The Block posters are starting to date me.
SPIKE: (chuckles) Well, if you want, I can...

Spike stops, looks at Buffy in surprise.

SPIKE: Are we having a conversation?
BUFFY: What? No! No. (pause) Maybe.
BUFFY: What?
SPIKE: Well, isn't this usually the part where you ... kick me in the head and run out, virtue fluttering?
BUFFY: That's the plan ... (embarrassed) ...soon as my legs start working.

Spike grins, leans his forehead against Buffy's arm, then lifts his head and begins running his finger up and down her arm.

SPIKE: (whispers) You were amazing.
BUFFY: (softly) You got the job done yourself.
SPIKE: I was just trying to keep up. The things you do ... (Buffy looks embarrassed. Spike smirks) ...the way you make it hurt in all the wrong places. I've never been with such an animal.

Buffy gives a little gasp, jerks her arm away. Spike looks surprised.

BUFFY: I'm not an animal.
SPIKE: You wanna see the bite marks?
BUFFY: You know, it's late, I-I should ... get home before Dawn goes to sleep.

Buffy starts looking around under the rug. Spike sighs and lies back.

SPIKE: And she's off.

Buffy disappears completely underneath the rug.

BUFFY: (muffled) Have you seen my underwear?
SPIKE: (sighs) What is this to you? This thing we have.
BUFFY: (muffled) We don't have a ... thing, we have ... this. (head reappears) That's all.

She pulls herself up on her elbows again. Spike does the same.

SPIKE: Do you even like me?

Beat. Buffy stares at Spike. He just waits.

BUFFY: (softly) Sometimes. (looks away)
SPIKE: But you like what I do to you.

Buffy still doesn't look at him.

After a moment Spike turns and reaches for something behind him.

Jingling noise. Buffy looks up, and her eyes widen.

Spike holds up a pair of handcuffs.

SPIKE: Do you trust me?
BUFFY: Never.

Cut to a basement somewhere. Jonathan and Andrew stand looking at a bunch of boxes on a table. Jonathan pulls out a record: "Frampton Comes Alive!"

Andrew looks over, grabs the record away from Jonathan.

ANDREW: How can I trust you not to touch my stuff?

We see Warren in the background, sitting at a desk doing something.

ANDREW: Actually living with supervillains was not part of the deal.
JONATHAN: (looking in the boxes) We're on the lam, moron, it's not like we have a choice.
ANDREW: This sucks. Couldn't we have at least gotten a lair with a view?
JONATHAN: (removes his magic bone from a box) Stop whining! Get your sissy crap out of the way.

Jonathan shoves a box onto the floor.

ANDREW: Hey, quit it!

Andrew grabs at Jonathan. Jonathan points his magic bone at Andrew and makes hand-gestures.

ANDREW: Don't you curse me! (grabs for the bone)
JONATHAN: Hey, my bone!

They grapple, hitting each other and grunting.

Warren hears the commotion and rolls his eyes.


The others stop fighting.

WARREN: When you girls are done touching each other, the cerebral dampener's ready to be charged.

Jonathan puts down his bone, and he and Andrew walk over to the desk.

We see a golf-ball-sized silvery ball on the desk. Warren has put on a pair of red-tinted glasses. The other two put on similar glasses.

JONATHAN: Got the thing?
ANDREW: (takes out a plastic baggie) Musk gland of a Homja-Maleev demon.

Andrew opens the bag and they all react to the smell, making faces.

ANDREW: (strained) Fresh.

He coughs, takes it out of the bag and hands it to Jonathan.

JONATHAN: All right. Stand back.

Warren gets up, and the other two move back a bit.

Jonathan holds the musk gland in one hand, holds a vial in the other. He uses his teeth to remove the vial's cap, then spits it at Andrew.

Close on Jonathan's hands as he sprinkles yellow powder from the vial onto the musk gland.

JONATHAN: Doma voluntatem, libera cupidinem, erumpe, ignem, excita.

Light suffuses the musk gland, then transforms it into a stream of light and smoke that shoots down to the silver ball, making it glow briefly.

Jonathan's hand smokes slightly.

JONATHAN: Okay ... ow!

Warren reaches over and grabs the silver ball.

WARREN: Gentlemen, the cerebral dampener ... is online. (removes his glasses) And with this baby, we can make any woman we desire our willing sex slave.

The others smile tentatively.

WARREN: (grinning) I know just where to start.

Wolf howl. Opening credits.

Guest starring Danny Strong, Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, Amelinda Embry, and Amber Benson as Tara. Written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by James A. Contner.

Act I

Interior of the DoubleMeat Palace, day. Buffy and coworker Gina are working the counter. Buffy hands a bag of food to a customer.

BUFFY: Double meat is double sweet. Enjoy!
CUSTOMER: Thank you.

The customer takes the food and leaves as Gina gives Buffy a strange look.

BUFFY: (defensive) Just something I'm trying.

Tara comes up to the counter.

TARA: Hey, sorry I'm late.
BUFFY: Oh, time has no meaning here. Gina, I'm taking a break.

Buffy takes her hat off, starts to move off. Tara gives Gina a fake smile and follows Buffy.

Cut to the employee lounge. Close on the wall bearing motivational posters reading "Dedication" and "Productivity."

Pan over to Tara sitting in a chair at a long table. Behind her we see more posters: "Cooperation" and "Motivation."

Buffy comes over with a paper cup.

TARA: I have this sudden urge to dedicate my productive cooperation.

Buffy hands her the cup of soda.

BUFFY: Well, if you close your eyes and repeatedly smash yourself in the head with frozen meat, it'll go away. (sits) Eventually. I'm hoping.

Buffy fiddles with her hands nervously, rubbing her wrists.

BUFFY: Thanks for coming by.
TARA: (worried) Is it bad?
BUFFY: I was sort of hoping you could tell me.
TARA: I knew this was gonna happen. What did Willow do now? Did she ... she hurt anyone?
BUFFY: Wha... uh, no, no, um... Ta-Tara, this isn't about Willow.
TARA: I-I thought that's why you didn't want to meet at the house.
BUFFY: Uh, sorry, it's, um ... Willow's fine, uh, she, she's been doing really well. You'd be proud of her.
TARA: Good, that's ... that's good. (pause) So, so what do you want to talk about?

Buffy continues rubbing her wrists.

BUFFY: I-it's Spike. (Tara looking confused) He can hurt me.

Close shot on Buffy's hands as she continues rubbing her wrists. Suddenly she realizes it, and quickly moves her hands under the table.

BUFFY: Without his head exploding.
TARA: Oh my god. Hi-his chip stopped working?
BUFFY: No, it still works. Just not on me. (nervous) I-I need to know about the spell. The one that ... brought me back. I, I'd ask Willow, but...
TARA: (getting it) You think it's you.
BUFFY: I don't know. I feel ... different. There are things...

She seems about to make a confession. Tara looks at her, waiting. Buffy chickens out.

BUFFY: I-I think ... maybe ... I came back wrong.
TARA: (firmly) No, Buffy, that's n-not ... no. You didn't.
BUFFY: Can you check out the spell? Just see if there's something that ... Could you just check? Please?

Cut to: exterior city street, night. The Geek Trio's van is parked at the edge of an alley.
Cut to inside the van. Close shot on a video monitor showing snow. The snow clears, revealing a bar scene.

JONATHAN: (OS) Right there! That's got it.

We see Jonathan sitting in front of the monitor, wearing a headset.

JONATHAN: Mad Dog Two to Mad Dog One.

We see Andrew sitting beside Jonathan, also wearing a headset.

ANDREW: I thought I was Mad Dog Two.

Jonathan gives him a look, rolls his eyes.

JONATHAN: Mad Dog *Three* to Mad Dog One.

Cut to: interior of the restaurant. Warren stands by the door, wearing a suit and tie.

JONATHAN VOICEOVER: (over earpiece) Signal's coming in strong and clear. Over.
WARREN: (puts a hand to his ear) Roger that. Beginning preliminary sweep.

Warren looks around; we can see the tiny earpiece in his ear. He fiddles with his tie.
Close shot on the tie. In the middle of it we see a tiny camera.

Cut to the van. The monitor shows the view jiggling a little as Warren fiddles with the tie. The other two geeks watch.

Cut back to the restaurant. Warren puts hands in pockets and begins strolling around. The place is full of people, some sitting in booths, some sitting at the bar, talking, drinking, etc.

WARREN: (quietly) Keep your potatoes peeled for the Slayer. I don't want any surprises.

Cut to the van.

ANDREW: We can really have anyone we want.
JONATHAN: It's like candy.
ANDREW: Juicy, pulsating candy.
JONATHAN: Oh! Oh, the one with the neck! Put the whammy on the neck!

The screen shows a variety of women sitting and walking.

ANDREW: No! The redhead! I want the redhead!

Cut back to the restaurant as the redhead walks past Warren.

JONATHAN: (over earpiece) The redhead's too tall.
ANDREW: (over earpiece) So get a step ladder. No, no, ow!

Sounds of scuffling. Warren ignores them, looking around, spotting something.

Long shot of Katrina (Warren's ex-girlfriend from "I Was Made To Love You") sitting at a table, drinking wine.

ANDREW: (over earpiece) Get off of me!
JONATHAN: (over earpiece) Take it back!
WARREN: (smiling) Target acquired.

Cut to the van. Jonathan has Andrew in a head-lock. They both stop and look at the monitor.


Cut to the restaurant.
WARREN: Initiating contact. (begins walking forward)

Cut to the van. The other two look at the monitor and see Katrina as Warren moves toward her.

JONATHAN: The brunette?
ANDREW: Oh, she's kinda cute -- (Jonathan tightens his hold) Ow! (looking up at the screen) Oh, no, go for the leather skirt!

On the monitor, a girl in a leather skirt walks past Warren. We get a very close look at her cleavage.

ANDREW: Oh, bazoombas!

Cut back to the restaurant. Warren checks out the cleavage as the girl walks past him.

ANDREW: (over earpiece) Go for the one with the bazoombas!
JONATHAN: (over earpiece) Yeah, go for the one with the bazoombas.

Warren continues looking at Katrina. In the earpiece, the other two begin chanting "Bazoomba, bazoomba."

Warren resumes walking toward Katrina. As he walks, he removes the earpiece and drops it into a martini glass on another table. It sizzles as it shorts out.

Cut to the van. Andrew and Jonathan scream as their headsets fill with loud feedback. They let go of each other and grab at their ears.

Cut back to the restaurant. Warren slides into the chair beside Katrina, who has her head turned away from him.
WARREN: So how did you get so beautiful?

Katrina laughs sarcastically.

KATRINA: Okay, does that line usually work...?

She turns and sees Warren, stops smiling.

KATRINA: What the hell are you doing here?
WARREN: It's nice to see you again too, Katrina.
KATRINA: Yeah, it's the seeing you part that's throwing me here, Warren, because I thought I was pretty clear with the never wanting that to happen again.
WARREN: Never's a long time, baby.

Warren holds up a folded bill between his fingers, gesturing to the bartender.

KATRINA: Apparently not long enough.
WARREN: Oh, you're not still sore about that thing, are you?

The bartender tries to refill Katrina's glass from the bottle of wine, but she puts her hand over the glass to stop him.

KATRINA: What *thing* would that be exactly? What, the wind-up slut you tinkered together? Or when Little Miss Nuts and Bolts tried to choke me to death?
WARREN: Okay, so I've made a few mistakes.
KATRINA: No. No, I did. For ever lowering myself to be with a jerk like you.

She gets up. Warren stands too, stopping her.

WARREN: Don't say that.
KATRINA: Well, what did you expect, to just ... waltz in here and sweep me off my feet with your cheesy lines and fancy suit?
WARREN: No, I ju- I just thought ... we could talk. I thought maybe we could work things out.
KATRINA: There's nothing to work out. What you did was sick. And just looking at you makes me want to vomit. (gathering up her purse)
WARREN: (reaching into his jacket pocket) You sure about that? (puts on his red sunglasses)
KATRINA: Yes, god yes, I'm sure.

Warren reaches into another pocket, pulls out the Cerebral Dampener and opens his hand. The device flashes with red and yellow sparkly light, then quickly subsides. Katrina looks at it in surprise.

Warren puts the device back into his pocket. Katrina looks at him with an odd expression.

KATRINA: I love you, Master.

Warren grins, takes off the sunglasses.

WARREN: I love you, too, baby.

Cut to: interior Summers house, night. Angle on the front door from the living room. Soft music. Buffy enters from outside.

BUFFY: (calls) I'm home! Who wants to help scrape the grease off my...

She puts down her jacket and looks into the living room, looks shocked.

BUFFY: (horrified) Is there singing?!

Cut to wider shot. Xander and Dawn are dancing in the middle of the room, while Anya and Willow sit on the sofa watching.

BUFFY: Are we singing again?
XANDER: Nope, just the dancing.
ANYA: We're teaching Dawn perfectly synchronized dance steps for the wedding reception.

Xander whirls Dawn around into a dip. She giggles delightedly.

XANDER: (to Buffy) Wanna go for a spin?
BUFFY: Uh, think I'm heading more towards an ungainly collapse.

Buffy walks over to sit between Anya and Willow.

WILLOW: Aw, rough day?
BUFFY: Kinda.
XANDER: You've been going at it too hard, Buffy. We hardly ever see you, what with slinging the double meat and pounding the big evil.
ANYA: You are looking a little pounded. (Buffy looks insulted) Just around the eyes.
WILLOW: Hey, we're thinking of heading to the Bronze later. Wanna come, get all unwindy?
XANDER: Tall glasses of frosty relaxation on me. Nectar of the working man.
BUFFY: No, thanks. I think I'll stay here with Dawn. (Sound of a car horn honking outside) Curl up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and-

Dawn moves toward the door, picks up her jacket.

BUFFY: ...listen to the cars honk? (to Dawn) Where are you going?
DAWN: I'm ... sleeping over at Janice's?
BUFFY: And I'm falling for that again because of the surprise lobotomy?
WILLOW: It's okay, I checked it out. Janice's mom is picking her up.
DAWN: I didn't think you'd care. You're never home, so...

Buffy looks contrite, gets up and goes over to Dawn.

BUFFY: I know. I'm sorry. You know, but I, I'm here now. All visible and everything. Couldn't you just stay at Janice's another night?
DAWN: Her mom's cooking Mexican. She's gonna teach me how to make real tortillas. (softly) Not like I knew you'd be around.

The horn honks again. Dawn grabs her stuff and leaves as Buffy stands there looking unhappy.

The door closes, and Buffy turns to her friends, giving a small brave smile.

BUFFY: Frosty nectar. Now please.

Sound of a champagne cork popping.

Cut to: close shot on Warren in the new geek lair. He holds up a glass that is being filled.

WARREN: Thank you, baby.

We see Katrina, now wearing a black-and-white french-maid outfit, filling Andrew's glass from the bottle of champagne. Warren sits nearby as the others are standing.

KATRINA: My pleasure, Master.
ANDREW: That is so cool.

Katrina finishes filling Andrew's glass and steps back, staring ahead of her with a blank expression.

We see Jonathan holding his own glass, toying with the Cerebral Dampener.

JONATHAN: I really could've used one of these in high school.
WARREN: Gentlemen? To crime.

Warren holds up his glass. The others hold theirs up too. Katrina continues staring blankly.


They all drink. Andrew coughs and makes a face.

ANDREW: Crime tastes funny.
JONATHAN: Wow. (circling around Katrina, checking her out) I still think I would have gone with the bazoombas, but...

Shot of Warren watching. Jonathan goes around behind Katrina and comes around the other side, next to Andrew.

JONATHAN: ...wow.
ANDREW: Yeah, she's ... really cute.
WARREN: (offended) Cute?

Warren jumps up, goes to Katrina's other side, staring at her.

WARREN: Look at her, man! The (pointing) the shape of her lips. The smooth, silky skin. The way her nose- (goofy laugh) the way her nose crinkles when she laughs... (softly) She's perfect.

Andrew and Jonathan look at each other and giggle nervously.

ANDREW: She's totally hot.
KATRINA: (still staring ahead blankly) So are you, Master.
ANDREW: (surprised) You think so?
KATRINA: Oh yes, Master.

Andrew looks taken aback, but excited. Jonathan smiles nervously.

JONATHAN: Okay ... so ... how do we ... you know.
ANDREW: Who gets to...

Warren walks around to the side of Katrina closer the other two, and drapes an arm over her shoulders.

ANDREW: That's not fair.
JONATHAN: Dude, you didn't call it.
WARREN: Oh, I don't have to call it, Sparky. She's mine. But don't worry. (takes the champagne bottle from Katrina and gives it to Jonathan) You can play with her all you want ... after I'm done with her.

The other two look uncomfortable as Warren and Katrina walk off. Jonathan and Andrew lift their glasses simultaneously and take another sip. Sound of a door closing. Andrew coughs from the champagne.

Cut to another room. It's very red: red sheets on the bed, red lava lamp, red wall-coverings.

Katrina shoves Warren across the room and pushes him up against the wall hard, begins kissing him passionately. He kisses her back.

WARREN: I missed you so much. You never should have left me. (kiss) Say it.
KATRINA: (mechanically) I never should have left you, Master. (more kissing)
WARREN: Tell me you love me.
KATRINA: I love you, Master.

More kissing. Katrina keeps her eyes open and her same blank expression while kissing.

WARREN: Again.
KATRINA: I love you, Master. (more kissing)
WARREN: I love you too, baby. (shrugs) Get on your knees.
KATRINA: Yes, Warren.

She kneels down, out of shot. Warren looks excited for a moment, then pauses.

WARREN: Wait, what'd you just say?

Shot of Katrina kneeling, looking up at him. Warren's hand is on the back of her head.

KATRINA: I said yes, War-

She pauses in mid-word, looks confused. Warren looks alarmed.

Katrina looks at Warren's hand on her head, shoves it away, looks down at her outfit, looks outraged.

KATRINA: What the f-

Cut to the other room. Jonathan and Andrew are sparring with plastic light-up Star Wars lightsabers. In background, Warren flies into shot, falling to the floor as if pushed. Katrina comes up behind him, throwing her french-maid hat at him. The others stop and stare.

KATRINA: (furious) What did you do to me?!
WARREN: Get the Dampener!

Jonathan and Andrew quickly drop their toys and rush around looking for the Dampener.

KATRINA: Who the hell are you?
ANDREW: Um, your masters?
KATRINA: My what?!
JONATHAN: Where'd you put it?!
ANDREW: You had it last!

Sound of the other two arguing continues as Warren stands up and Katrina confronts him.

KATRINA: Are you kidding me?!
WARREN: Get the Dampener!
KATRINA: You were gonna share me with these two dorks?! (Warren putting on his red sunglasses)
ANDREW: Hey! We're supervillains!

Andrew and Jonathan rush over. Andrew wears his sunglasses and holds the Dampener.

ANDREW: Call us "Master!"

Andrew thrusts his hand out with the Dampener on his palm. Jonathan isn't wearing his sunglasses - he puts his hands quickly over his eyes.


The Dampener flashes briefly, weakly, and nothing. Katrina just stares at it.

ANDREW: Aw, crap.
JONATHAN: It's out of juice!
KATRINA: (to Warren) Is that what you used on me?! Oh my god! First the skankbot and now this?! What is wrong with you!

She shoves Warren in the chest.

WARREN: I just, I wanted us to be together!
KATRINA: There is no us, Warren! Get that through your big meaty head! I am not your girlfriend anymore!
JONATHAN: She's your ex?
ANDREW: Dude, that is messed up.
KATRINA: Oh, you think? (walking toward the other two) You bunch of little boys, playing at being men. (yelling) Well, this is not some fantasy, it's not a game, you freaks! It's rape!
JONATHAN: (stunned) What?
ANDREW: No ... we didn't-
KATRINA: (crying, and still angry) You're all sick. (points at Warren) And I'm going to make sure you get locked up for this. And then we'll see how you like getting raped.

She turns to walk off.

WARREN: Stop her!

Andrew and Jonathan each grab an arm. Katrina fights back.

KATRINA: Get off me!

She elbows Andrew in the face, knees Jonathan in the groin. They both go down.

Warren rushes over as Katrina starts up the stairs. He grabs her shoulder but she pushes him off. He grabs her again. She rakes her fingernails down his face, drawing blood.

Warren yells in pain, but knocks Katrina down, grabs the champagne bottle and hits her over the head with it. She falls down on the stairs and stops moving.

Warren steps back down onto the floor.

WARREN: Charge the Cerebral Dampener.

Jonathan comes over to look. Shot of Katrina's unmoving body lying across the stairs. Andrew comes up behind Jonathan and they both stare.

JONATHAN: (shaking his head) Warren...
WARREN: Charge the Dampener! Andrew ... get her up.

Andrew goes past Warren and up the stairs to look at Katrina.

WARREN: We'll give her another dose. (wiping his mouth with his sleeve) A strong one.

Jonathan hasn't moved, still staring.

WARREN: Everything's all right. Everything's ... gonna be all right.

Close on Katrina's head as Andrew touches it and brings his hand away, covered in blood.

ANDREW: I don't think so.

He turns to look at the others.

ANDREW: She's dead.

Jonathan looks horrified.

Close on Warren as it sinks in.

Act II

Open on the same scene. Andrew sits on the stairs holding a Kleenex to his mouth.

ANDREW: Oh god, oh god, oh god.

We see Warren bending over Katrina, examining her.

WARREN: Her neck. It just... (looks back at Jonathan)
JONATHAN: (shaking his head) No, that's ... not...

Warren stands, goes down the stairs to where Jonathan is.

JONATHAN: This isn't happening.
WARREN: I just, I gotta ... I gotta, lemme think.

Andrew continues whimpering softly and saying "oh god."

JONATHAN: (tearful) What did you do? What the hell did you do?!

Jonathan grabs Warren by his shirt, but Warren grabs Jonathan back and shoves him up against the wall.

WARREN: *We* did this. Me, and Andrew, and you. It's on all of us.
ANDREW: ...oh god oh god oh god...
WARREN: Shut up!

Andrew stops talking but begins to cry quietly.

WARREN: (lets go of Jonathan) We, uh, we have to get ... we have to get r-rid of it.
WARREN: Uh, uh, may-maybe a spell. Can you teleport it out of here?
JONATHAN: (looking at the body) No, she's ... (upset) It's too big.
WARREN: Andrew.

Andrew doesn't respond, still staring at the body.

WARREN: Andrew!
WARREN: Is there any ... thing that you can, uh, summon, something that... (winces, wipes his mouth) something that can devour that much?
ANDREW: Maybe a Jarvlen Flesh Eater, but ... they're hard to control. It'd go for us, too.
JONATHAN: (upset) Oh, well that's it, man. We're screwed.
WARREN: No, we just have to stay calm.
JONATHAN: Tell that to your girlfriend!
WARREN: Ex-girlfriend!
JONATHAN: It doesn't matter! There's a link. You knew her, so there's a link. You don't think Buffy'll be able to put that together? That's what she does, she'll figure it out!
ANDREW: It was an accident. Maybe if we turn ourselves in-
JONATHAN: He's right. If we go to the police now-
WARREN: I'm not going to jail.
JONATHAN: We can't hide this! Sooner or later, the Slayer's gonna find out she's dead.
WARREN: (rubbing his chin, thoughtfully) Well, then maybe it should be sooner.
JONATHAN: Are you insane?
WARREN: Listen to me.
WARREN: Listen! (more quietly) We have two problems. The body, and the Slayer. Well, what if there was a way that we could take care of them both ... with one big stone.

Andrew stares at Warren, not getting it. Jonathan stares at Katrina. Warren nods, looks from one to the other.
WILLOW VOICEOVER: What are they doing?

Cut to the Bronze. Willow sits beside Buffy, staring in horror.

Shot of Xander and Anya on the dance floor, swing-dancing. The music is retro swing-style. Xander and Anya are really into it, having fun.

WILLOW: We're not going to have to do that at the wedding, are we? 'Cause there's this last thread of dignity I've been desperately clinging to.
BUFFY: You're still doing okay, right?
WILLOW: Yeah. You know. Some days are harder than the really hard days. It's easier like this, though, when I'm not alone.
BUFFY: (contrite) I'm sorry I haven't been around that much.
WILLOW: No, that's not -- it's okay. We know you've been all tied up.

Buffy startles at this, looking guilty.

BUFFY: What?
WILLOW: With your job, and the slaying.

Buffy nods, relieved.
Xander and Anya come over.

XANDER: Hey, I see sitting where there should be dancing.
ANYA: Come share in the joy of our groove thang.
WILLOW: And despite that, I succumb to the beat. (getting up)
BUFFY: I think I'll catch the next Soul Train out.
XANDER: You sure?
BUFFY: Oh, yeah, you know, (holding up her empty plastic cup) glass all the way empty. More nectar required.
XANDER: Cool, well, shimmy on out when you're done lubricating.

Buffy smiles widely and watches the others go out onto the dance floor. They begin to dance, having lots of fun.

Buffy's smile slowly fades and she looks pensive.

Cut to Buffy walking over to the bar. She puts her empty cup on the bar and waits for the bartender a moment, then changes her mind, turns and walks away, leaving the cup behind. By the way, she is wearing a white sleeveless blouse and a short lacy black skirt.

Buffy goes to the stairs and begins climbing toward the balcony. The swing music fades away to a slower, sad piece.

The balcony is basically deserted. Buffy leans on the railing and looks down. Shot of the dance floor full of happy dancing people, including the Scoobies.

Buffy watches them, with a sad smile.

SPIKE: (O.S.) You see ... you try to be with them...

Spike walks up behind Buffy.
SPIKE: ...but you always end up in the dark ... (whispering in her ear) ...with me.

He moves up right behind Buffy, looks where she's looking. Shot of the Scoobies from Buffy's POV.

SPIKE: What would they think of you ... if they found out ... all the things you've done?

He puts his hand on her bare shoulder and strokes slowly down her arm.

SPIKE: If they knew ... who you really were?

His hand moves down to her elbow and then farther down, out of shot.

Close on Buffy's face.
BUFFY: (whispers) Don't.
SPIKE: Stop me.

Close on Spike's hand as it travels down Buffy's thigh.
Close on Buffy's face as she closes her eyes.
Close on Spike's hand pulling her skirt up.
Close on Buffy's face as she breathes heavily in pleasure.
Close on Spike's face making a similar expression of pleasure and looking at Buffy's face.
Close on Buffy's face still with her eyes closed.

Wider shot of the two of them from the waist up. Spike gives a strong thrust and they both gasp slightly. Buffy still has her eyes closed. Spike leans in to look at her face.

SPIKE: No ... don't close your eyes.

She opens her eyes.

SPIKE: Look at them.

Shot of the Scoobies dancing on, oblivious.

SPIKE: That's not your world. You belong in the shadows... with me.

Close shot on Spike's face as he continues moving slowly and talking into Buffy's ear.
SPIKE: Look at your friends ... and tell me ... you don't love getting away with this... (Buffy still watching her friends) ...right under their noses.

Close on Buffy's face as she looks down at her friends.

Cut to: street scene, day. Xander and Willow walking past the coffee-shop and toward the Magic Box. Xander groans and limps.

XANDER: Oh! I think I pulled a jive muscle last night.
WILLOW: (chuckles) The Funky Monkey claims another victim.

They reach the door to the magic shop just as Tara comes out, holding a large magical book.
WILLOW: (surprised) Tara. What are you doing here? I mean ... uh, it's okay for you to be here if you have things that ... you have to be here for.
XANDER: Yeah, I'm gonna go bring Anya up to speed on that monkey situation.

Xander gives Tara a friendly smile as he passes her. She smiles back briefly. Xander goes into the store.

TARA: (to Willow) There's a monkey problem?
WILLOW: Only if you don't stretch first. (looking at Tara's book) The Brekenkrieg Grimoire? Light reading?
TARA: Uh, yeah, I was just...
WILLOW: No, it's okay. I, I didn't expect you to stop doing magic just because ... You don't have to hide it. I'm not - I'm, I'm doing better. No spells for thirty-two days. (Tara smiles) I can even go to the magic shop now. As long as someone's with me at all times. But, uh, but it's better now, it really is. You know, if you were checking on me.
TARA: No, I wouldn't ... I was just looking for Buffy.
WILLOW: Oh. Well, I-I haven't seen her since last night. She's not around much these days. We kinda miss her.
TARA: I'm sure she feels the same way. If you see her, c-can you tell her that I need to talk to her? It's important.
WILLOW: Yeah. Of course I will.
TARA: Thanks.

Tara starts to walk off, pauses, turns back.

TARA: Will? I'm ... I'm glad you're doing better.

They look at each other. Tara gives a little smile, turns and walks away. Willow stands there looking sad.

Cue slow sad music ("Out Of This World" by Bush).

Cut to: graveyard, night. Buffy walks along, holding a stake. She wears a brown turtleneck sweater, a black jacket, and black leather gloves.

When we die
we go into the arms of those
that remember us

Cut to Spike's crypt. Spike stands with his shirt unbuttoned, smoking a cigarette and pouring a glass of blood. He takes a pinch of some herb from a jar and sprinkles it in the blood, picks up the glass.

We are home now

Spike pauses as if hearing, or sensing, something. He looks toward the door, smiles.

Out of our heads

Cut to exterior shot of the crypt. Buffy walks up.

Out of our minds
Out of this world

Cut to inside. Spike walks over to the door, puts his hands on it and presses his body against it.

Out of our time

Cut to outside. Buffy stands right up next to the door, lifting her gloved hand to it.

Are you drowning or waving
I just want you to save me

Cut to inside. Spike runs his hand up the door as if caressing it.

Cut to outside. Buffy has her hand on the door in the same spot as Spike's.

Should we try to get along
Just try to get along

Cut to inside. Spike is still pressed up against the door, eyes closed, and breathing faster with excitement.

So we move

Spike pulls the door open and walks out.

We change by the speed of the choices that we make

No sign of Buffy. Spike frowns, looks around. Pan across the assortment of gravestones.

And the barriers are all self-made

Spike frowns, sighs.

That's so retrograde...

Cut to another part of the graveyard. Buffy walks along, under trees. The music fades out.

BUFFY: (to herself) Don't think about the evil bloodsucking fiend. Focus on anything but the evil bloodsucking fiend.

Sound of a woman screaming. Buffy looks upward.

BUFFY: Thank you!

She breaks into a run.

Cut to a nearby part of the forest. Long shot of a woman running, with two figures chasing. One appears to be wearing a robe, the other dressed in regular clothes.

Buffy flies into the scene and tackles the figure in the robe. She falls to the ground and the other person is gone. Not escaped, just gone. Buffy looks around, stands up. She appears to be alone in the forest.


Buffy looks around. No one in evidence.

Whooshing noise, sound of whimpering. Buffy whirls around. A few yards away she sees Katrina lying on the ground, crying, hands over her ears. Her back is to Buffy. Buffy takes a few steps closer.

BUFFY: It's okay. I'm going to get you out of here. Can, can you walk? Are you hurt?

Whooshing noise. Buffy looks around. Katrina is gone.

Sound of weird voices whispering.

CREEPY VOICES: What did you do? What did you do? Buffy... Buffy...

Buffy puts her hands over her ears, looking around anxiously.

Whooshing noise. Suddenly Spike is lying on the ground in front of Buffy, his lip bleeding.

SPIKE: Bloody hell, what'd you do that for?
BUFFY: (confused) Spike?

Whooshing noise. Buffy looks to her right just in time to see a demon in a blue robe attacking her. He hits her in the face.

Cut to wider shot and we see that there are three demons. Two are attacking Buffy as the third is fighting with Spike right next to her. In foreground we see Katrina lying on the ground.

Spike ducks a swing and grabs his demon around the waist.

Buffy hits a demon in the face, then kicks him.

Spike has his demon by the head and twists, breaking its neck. We see that Spike is in vamp-face.

SPIKE: Buffy!

Buffy turns from one demon to see the other behind her. He hits her in the face. Everything goes blurry. Whooshing noise.

Scene change. Buffy looks around. She's standing in an empty clearing. Spike approaches, with no bloody lip.

BUFFY: Spike. What's happening?
SPIKE: So you thought you could just slip away, then? Vampire, remember?

He walks up close to her as she frowns in confusion.

SPIKE: I could feel you.

Whooshing noise. Scene change: we're back in the demon fight again. Buffy blocks a punch, punches a demon and continues fighting him.

Cut to wider shot. The second demon is on the ground near Katrina, but now gets up to attack Buffy.

Buffy turns to punch the second demon. Whooshing noise. The scene changes again mid-punch and Buffy ends up punching Spike instead. We see Katrina running past. Spike lands on his butt in front of Buffy, his lip bleeding again.

SPIKE: Ow! Bloody hell, what'd you do that for?

Katrina goes past them, crying. She stops a few feet away and lies down on the ground still crying. Buffy stares in confusion.

A patch of empty air begins to shimmer and the three demons appear, charging forward. Buffy turns and begins fighting two of them as Spike takes the third.

Buffy punches one demon and he goes down next to Katrina, as Buffy continues fighting the other. The second demon gets up and Buffy swings at him.

Whooshing noise. The scene changes again and Buffy ends up swinging at empty air. She looks around.

Whooshing noise. Something hits Buffy in the face.

Whooshing noise. Buffy holds an unconscious or dead demon in her arms.

Whooshing noise. Close shot on a demon's face as he punches Buffy.

Buffy's head goes back, blurry. Another scene change. There's a dead demon on the ground behind her. In front of her, Spike is fighting the third demon.

SPIKE: Buffy!

Buffy whirls around, takes a punch to the face, kicks and punches the second demon until he goes down.

A hand grabs Buffy's shoulder and she whirls, still in fight mode, backhanding Katrina.

We see Katrina go flying back and over the edge of a hill, falling to the ground and rolling down the hill. Buffy watches this in horror. Behind her Spike is still fighting the third demon.

Buffy runs down the hill after Katrina.

Spike is straddling the third demon and gives it what looks like a final punch. He starts to get up.

SPIKE: Buffy!

The demon grabs Spike's jacket and pulls him back down. Now the demon is straddling Spike and trying to punch him.

SPIKE: Do you mind?

Spike punches the demon so hard his fist goes through its chest and is visible underneath the back of its robe. The demon makes a face of extreme pain. Spike shoves it off him, gets up and rushes down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill Buffy is kneeling beside Katrina, staring at her. Spike reaches the bottom and goes over to them.

SPIKE: Buffy?
BUFFY: She's dead.

Shot of Katrina's lifeless body.

BUFFY: I killed her.

Spike frowns.

Long shot of the three of them in tableau, seen through some tree branches.

Shot of Katrina standing beside a tree, peering through its branches at the tableau.


Open on the same scene. Buffy stares in shock at Katrina's corpse. Spike looks around nervously.

SPIKE: We have to go.
BUFFY: (to herself) What happened? (Shot of Katrina's dead body)
SPIKE: There's nothing you can do now. We have to go before someone sees you.
BUFFY: (whispering in horror) What did I do?
SPIKE: We have to go, now!

Spike grabs Buffy by the arms and drags her to her feet and away.

Cut to another part of the forest. Spike is pulling Buffy by one arm. She is still in shock. They go around a tree and stop.

SPIKE: All right. Listen to me. Buffy. (shakes her) Buffy!
BUFFY: She's dead.
SPIKE: It was an accident.
BUFFY: I killed her.
SPIKE: I'm gonna get you home.
SPIKE: (firmly) I'm gonna get you home, and you're gonna crawl in your warm comfy bed and stay there! (softer) We're gonna sort this out. Trust me.

Buffy stares at him in anguish.

Cut to a view of this scene on a monitor. It beeps and zooms in closer, clearly showing the upset look on Buffy's face.

WARREN: (O.S.) Two problems...

Cut to a shot of Warren and Andrew as they sit side-by-side in the van looking at the monitors. The scratch marks on Warren's face are still evident. Warren makes a triumphant gesture.

WARREN: ...one stone.

The door opens. They both turn to look as Katrina climbs in and leans against the counter. There's a bruise on her cheek from where Buffy hit her, and her mascara is running down her face.

WARREN: Nice job. She totally bought it.
KATRINA: (sarcastic) Yeah.

Katrina shimmers and transforms into Jonathan.

JONATHAN: (sarcastic) Some of my best work.
ANDREW: What happens now?

We see that Jonathan has the mascara streaks and the bruise.

JONATHAN: (bitterly) Well, the night's young. Gotta be some more girls we could kill.
WARREN: We stick to the plan! Buffy thinks she killed Katrina. Well, it's her problem now.

Cut to Buffy's bedroom. Buffy lies in bed, asleep but tossing and turning.

CREEPY VOICES: (whispering) What did you do... Buffy... What did you do...

Buffy turns over restlessly, lying on her side facing the edge of the bed.

SPIKE: (O.S.) It's all right, luv.

Spike appears behind her, sliding under the covers, naked. He moves up behind her. Buffy opens her eyes, frowns.

SPIKE: Shh, it's all right. It'll be our little secret.

Spike kisses her bare shoulder. Buffy turns to face him, grabs his head and kisses him passionately. She rolls him over so that she's on top of him.

Cut to: Spike's crypt. Shot of Buffy's head and bare shoulders, sitting up, eyes closed in pleasure, moving rhythmically. She opens her eyes and looks down.

Shot of Spike lying underneath her, on the bed, looking up at her with an expression of pleasure, with his hands stretched up above him. We can see Buffy's hands resting on his chest.

Buffy continues to move on top of him, leans forward.

She runs her hands up Spike's arms and we see that his wrists are handcuffed together above his head. Buffy slides her hands up to just below where the cuffs are.

Shot of Buffy's face as she throws her head back in pleasure.

Flash-cut to Buffy in the forest throwing a punch.

Cut to Buffy in the forest straddling Katrina, holding Katrina's hands which are cuffed together. Buffy throws Katrina's hands down onto the ground above Katrina's head. Katrina lies underneath Buffy, looking up at her.

BUFFY: Do you trust me?

Katrina suddenly smiles. Then she makes an expression of pleasure and moans, but in Buffy's voice.

Cut to Buffy and Spike in his crypt, lying on the floor under the rugs, moving fast, with Spike on top. Buffy moans in pleasure.

Cut to Buffy in the graveyard punching Katrina.

Cut to the head-shot of Buffy straddling Spike on his bed. She lifts her hand, holding a stake. Shot of Spike lying underneath her, his eyes closed as if sleeping.

Buffy thrusts down with the stake.

Cut to the forest. Buffy is straddling Katrina who lies with her eyes closed and the stake protruding from her stomach.

Katrina's eyes pop open. But they are the bright blue color of Spike's eyes.

Cut to Buffy in her own bed as she wakes up from this nightmare. She is still wearing the turtleneck and is lying on top of the bed-covers. She sits up, panting and looking around.

Cut to Dawn's bedroom. Dawn lies in bed sleeping, with a teddy bear beside her.

Buffy walks in, wearing a brown leather jacket over her turtleneck. She stands and looks at Dawn. Then sits on the bed beside her, puts a hand on Dawn's arm.

Dawn slowly wakes up.

DAWN: (sleepy) What time is it?
BUFFY: It's late. I just wanted...

Beat. Dawn frowns sleepily.

BUFFY: I love you. You know that, right?

Dawn looks alarmed, sits up.

DAWN: What's wrong?
BUFFY: I know I haven't been everything I should be ... everything Mom was... (Dawn still looking scared) ...but I love you. (tearful) I always will.
DAWN: Why are you talking like this? Buffy?
BUFFY: There was an accident. In the woods. A girl ... she was hurt. I hurt someone.
DAWN: Oh my god. Is she all right?
BUFFY: (almost crying) No.

Dawn looks shocked.

BUFFY: I'm sorry.

Dawn hugs her.

BUFFY: There's something I have to do. I have to tell what I did. I have to go to the police.
DAWN: (pulls back from the hug) The police?
BUFFY: Dawnie, I have to.
DAWN: But ... what's going to happen?
BUFFY: I don't know.
DAWN: (upset) They'll take you away. Won't they.
BUFFY: I'm sorry. (looks down)
DAWN: No, you're not. (Buffy looking surprised) You're never here. You can't even stand to be around me.
BUFFY: That is not true.
DAWN: (almost crying) You don't want to be here with me. You didn't want to come back. I know that. You were happier where you were. (crying) You want to go away again.
BUFFY: Dawn...
DAWN: Then go! You're not really here anyway.

Dawn gets out of bed and runs out. Buffy sits looking upset.

Cut to: exterior police station, night. Cop cars parked out front, various officers going in and out.

Pan across the building to an alley beside it. Buffy appears in the alley mouth, walking slowly.

SPIKE: (O.S.) What do you think you're doing?
BUFFY: (keeps walking) The right thing. For once.

Spike hurries up behind her, grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her back into the alley. Buffy struggles. He spins her around and throws her to the ground.

SPIKE: Sorry, luv. (Buffy getting up) Can't let you do that.
BUFFY: I have to tell them what happened.
SPIKE: Nothing happened.
BUFFY: (surprised) I killed that girl.
SPIKE: Demons in the woods? Time going wonky? They won't believe you.
BUFFY: I'll show them.
SPIKE: (coolly) Show them what?

Buffy's expression turns to anger as she realizes what he's saying.

BUFFY: What did you do?
SPIKE: I took care of it.
BUFFY: (very angry) What ... did you do?!
SPIKE: (firmly) What I had to. I went back and I took care of it. It doesn't matter now. No one will ever find her.
COP #1: (O.S.) Where'd they find her?

Cut back to front of the police station. Two cops emerge and rush toward a car.

COP #2: The river. She washed up half a mile from the cemetery.

Cut back to the alley. Spike and Buffy have heard this. Spike rolls his eyes in disgust.

SPIKE: Oh ... balls.

Act IV

Open on the same scene. The police car zooms past the alley mouth, lights flashing, siren wailing.

Both Buffy and Spike speak with urgency.

SPIKE: There still isn't anything to connect this to you.
BUFFY: It doesn't matter.
SPIKE: It wasn't your fault!
BUFFY: I killed her!
SPIKE: It was an accident. It just happened.
BUFFY: Nothing just happens.

Buffy starts to walk toward the alley mouth. Spike grabs her arm.

SPIKE: You're not going in there.
BUFFY: I have to do this. Just let me go.
SPIKE: I can't. I love you.
BUFFY: (upset) No, you don't.
SPIKE: (harshly) You think I haven't tried not to?

Buffy hauls off and punches him in the face. Spike goes flying back into a couple of garbage cans, against the wall of the next building.

BUFFY: Try harder.

She starts to leave again but Spike is suddenly behind her, in vamp-face. He grabs her and again throws her to the ground farther up the alley.

SPIKE: You are not throwing your life away over this.
BUFFY: It's not your choice.
SPIKE: Why are you doing this to yourself?
BUFFY: (tearful) A girl is dead because of me.
SPIKE: And how many people are alive because of you? How many have you saved? One dead girl doesn't tip the scale.
BUFFY: That's all it is to you, isn't it? Just another body!
SPIKE: (sighing) Buffy-

She attacks him. He blocks a couple of punches but then she gets in and hits him in the stomach.

BUFFY: You can't understand why this is killing me, can you?
SPIKE: Why don't you explain it?

She hits him a few more times. He takes it, not fighting back.

SPIKE: Come on, that's it, put it on me. Put it all on me. (She kicks him) That's my girl.
BUFFY: (yelling) I am not your girl!

She hits him hard. He falls back onto his butt.

Buffy gets on top of him and begins hitting him over and over.

BUFFY: You don't ... have a soul! There is nothing good or clean in you. You are dead inside! You can't feel anything real! I could never ... be your girl!

She continues hitting him throughout this. Now Spike goes back to human face. He's looking very bruised and bloody, but he doesn't fight back, just takes it. Buffy hits him again and again, looking angry and desperate.

Finally she stops and looks at him in horror.

SPIKE: (slurred) You always hurt ... the one you love, pet.

Buffy gets up, stares at him, looking dismayed.

SPIKE: Buffy?

She looks around, then her expression turns to determination. She starts to walk toward the mouth of the alley.

Close on Spike lying on the ground as Buffy's legs move past him. He tries to reach for her but can't.

SPIKE: Buffy...

Cut to: interior police station. Buffy walks in, looks around. Various officers and other people walking around, sitting, etc. Buffy pauses, sees the front desk, walks toward it. We see the desk sergeant talking on the phone.

DESK SERGEANT: (into phone) No, no statements. Not until I get confirmation.
BUFFY: (timidly) Excuse me. I-I need to...
DESK SERGEANT: Uh, I'll be with you in a sec.

He pushes a button for another phone line.

DESK SERGEANT: (into phone) Sunnydale PD. Yeah, the phone's ringing off the hook here.

Buffy turns away, uncertain. She takes a few steps away, as we can still see the desk sergeant in the background.

DESK SERGEANT: Listen, you got an ID on that body yet? (Buffy closes her eyes in pain) Yeah? Okay, shoot.

Close on the cop as he grabs a pen and writes.

DESK SERGEANT: Katrina ... Silber. S-i-l-b-e-r.

Back to Buffy whose expression changes to a frown as the name triggers recognition.
KATRINA VOICEOVER: Warren, just tell her to go away.

Flashback to "I was Made to Love You." Katrina and Warren stand in the doorway of the apartment while Buffy stands on the front step.

KATRINA: You're keeping secrets from me. Other girls, and who knows what else!
WARREN: Trina ... shut up.

Flash to present.

BUFFY: (to herself) Warren.

Close on the desk sergeant.

DESK SERGEANT: (into phone) Thanks. (hangs up) Now what's the problem, Miss...

He trails off in confusion. Long shot of Buffy's back as she disappears through the door. The cop shrugs.

Cut to: magic shop, day. Close on an open book showing a drawing of one of the demons from the forest.
ANYA: (OS) Is this what you saw?

We see Buffy sitting at the table. In background, we see Dawn sitting on the stairs that lead to the loft.

BUFFY: Yeah, that's it.

We see Xander and Willow sitting at the table as well, and Anya standing beside it.

ANYA: Mm. The Rwasundi. Very rare. Um, its presence in our dimension causes a sort of ... localized temporal disturbance.
BUFFY: So that's why time went all David Lynch?
ANYA: Right. Uh, human perception is based on a linear chronology. Being exposed to the Rwasundi for more than a few seconds can cause, uh, vivid hallucinations. And a slight tingly scalp. (sits)
WILLOW: So that's it. These things just made you think you killed her.
XANDER: She was probably dead long before you stumbled across her.
BUFFY: It wasn't the demons. It was Warren. He knew Katrina. He had something to do with it, I know it.
WILLOW: How can you be sure?
BUFFY: You always hurt the one you love.

Buffy pauses, contemplating this.

DAWN: (sullen, not looking at Buffy) Does this mean you're not going away?

Buffy gets up and walks toward Dawn.

BUFFY: Yeah. I'm not going anywhere.

Dawn quickly gets to her feet and exits before Buffy can reach her. Buffy looks upset. She turns back to the Scoobies as the door to the back room closes behind Dawn.

BUFFY: We need to find Warren, and the others. Whatever they've done, they're not gonna get away with it.

Cut to the Geeks' new lair. They are gathered around a computer with Warren in the middle, working the keyboard.

WARREN: We're gonna get away with it. (pointing at screen) "Injuries consistent with a fall."

Close on the screen. It reads in part:

Coroners Summary Report
Coroner: Willard Batts

February 01, 2002 @ 0127 hrs.

Victim sustained injuries consistent with a fall.
Twenty-one year old Katrina Silber's death appears
to have been caused by an accidental drowning or

Cut back to shot of the three geeks looking at the screen.

WARREN: The coroner's ruling it a suicide.
JONATHAN: What about Buffy?
WARREN: Well, it wasn't that hard messing her game up. If she figures it out ... we'll take care of her.
ANDREW: We really got away with murder.

Warren looks at Andrew, smirking. We see that the scratches on Warren's face are healing.

ANDREW: That's ... kinda cool.

Andrew grins a little.

Jonathan looks at the other two, looks uncomfortable.

Warren turns his smirk to Jonathan.

JONATHAN: (weakly) Yeah. Cool.
BUFFY VOICEOVER: Are you sure?

Cut to Buffy's house, living room. Buffy sits on the coffee-table facing Tara, who sits on the sofa.

TARA: I-I've double checked everything. (smiling) There's nothing wrong with you.
BUFFY: Then why can Spike hurt me?
TARA: Well, I said that there was nothing wrong with you, but ... you are different. Shifting you out of ... f-f-from where you were ... funneling your essence back into your body ... i-it, it altered you on a basic molecular level. Probably just enough to confuse the sensors or whatever in Spike's chip. But it's all just surfacey physical stuff. It wouldn't have any more effect than ... a bad sunburn.

Buffy looks close to tears as she contemplates this.

BUFFY: I didn't come back wrong?
TARA: No, you're the same Buffy. (lightly) With a deep tropical cellular tan.
BUFFY: You must have missed something. Will you check again?
TARA: (concerned) Buffy, I-I promise, there's nothing wrong with you.
BUFFY: There has to be! This just can't be me, it isn't me. (starting to cry) Why do I feel like this? Why do I let Spike do those things to me?
TARA: You mean hit you.

Buffy meets Tara's eyes, but only for a moment, then looks away. Tara frowns as she begins to get it.


Longer shot of the two of them. Tara rubs her knees nervously.

TARA: Oh, huh. Really.
BUFFY: He's everything I hate. He's everything that ... I'm supposed to be against. But the only time that I ever feel anything is when ... Don't tell anyone, please.
TARA: I won't.
BUFFY: (crying) The way they would look at me ... I just couldn't...
TARA: I won't tell anyone. I wouldn't do that.
BUFFY: (whispers) Why can't I stop? Why do I keep letting him in?
TARA: (concerned) Do you love him?

Buffy just stares at her tearfully.

TARA: I-It's okay if you do. He's done a lot of good, and, and he does love you. A-and Buffy, it's okay if you don't. You're going through a really hard time, and you're...
BUFFY: (still tearful) What? Using him? What's okay about that?
TARA: It's not that simple.
BUFFY: It is! It's wrong. I'm wrong. Tell me that I'm wrong, please...

Buffy starts to cry for real now.

BUFFY: Please don't forgive me, please... (sobbing) Please don't...

She slides off the table onto the floor, kneeling, putting her head in Tara's lap. Tara looks uncertain, puts her hands comfortingly on Buffy's head.

BUFFY: (sobbing, muffled) Please don't forgive me...

Tara strokes her hair gently as she continues crying.
Executive Producers: Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon.

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