Beauty and the Beasts

Written by:  Marti Noxon
Directed by:  James Whitmore, Jr.
Transcribed by:  AleXander Thompson

Copyright  1998 Alexander Thompson

                   ~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to 
the television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". They were created by 
Joss Whedon and belong to him, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui 
Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television and the WB Television Network.

This is not a novelization or a script. It is a straightforward and dry 
transcript of the episode "Beauty and the Beasts". It also includes 
descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where I 
felt they were needed.

I made every effort to accurately transcribe the dialogue from this 
episode. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please 
let me know and I will post an update.                     rev 98.10.27

This episode was originally broadcast on October 20, 1998.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

Night in a wood near Sunnydale. The full moon rises slowly above the 
trees. Cut into the wood. The camera moves among the trees and bushes 
low to the ground in slow motion. Buffy reads from 'Call of the Wild' in 
a voiceover.

Buffy:  'One night after supper, the lead dog turned up a snowshoe 
rabbit. The dog lay down low to the race, his body flashing forward, 
leap by leap.'

Cut to the library. Buffy's voice dissolves into that of Willow, who is 
walking around the area by the cage while reading from the book.

Willow:  'He was sounding the deeps of his nature and the parts of his 
nature that were deeper than he, going back into the wombs of time. The 
rabbit could not...'

Suddenly werewolf Oz leaps up against the cage door and rattles it at 
her. She startles and steps back.

Willow:  Okay. Uh, maybe we should try a less stimulating passage.

She flips through the pages of the book while Oz growls at her and 
settles back down in the cage. Xander walks into the library, carrying a 
thermos and a couple of magazines, looking very tired.

Xander:  Private Harris reporting for Oz watch.

Willow:  (looks up from the book) Xander! Oh, good.

Xander yawns as he walks up to her and takes the book out of her hands.

Xander:  Oh! 'Call of the Wild.' Aren't we reading the Cliff Notes to 
this for English?

Willow:  Some of us are. (takes back the book) Anyway, it'll help you 
stay awake. It's good and, and very wolfy. (looks at Oz) Seems to soothe 
the savage beast.

She takes Xander's arm and leads him away from the cage toward the 
table. As the camera pulls back with them the towels draped across most 
of the cage come into view.

Willow:  (quietly) Except for the parts about... (whispers) rabbits.

Oz hears that, and he jumps against the cage, banging it loudly. Xander 
and Willow both jump and look back at him.

Xander:  (snags the book) Rabbis? (looks it over)

Willow:  (takes the book back again) It... seems to make him a little 
overexcited. (puts it on the table) Okay. Now, he's had his 2:00 
feeding, and, uh, after sunrise, if he forgets where his clothes are, 
they're on top of the file cabinet in his cage. (indicates the cage) I 
put those towels up for privacy.

Xander:  Uh, no worries. I can handle the Oz Full Monty. (smirks) I 
mean, not 'handle' handle, like 'hands to flesh' handle.

Willow:  (nods) Mm, okay. (with lots of nervous gesturing) Well, it's 
not for you. It's for me, 'cause I'm still getting used to half a Monty.

Xander:  Oh. Good. (realizes) Half? You and Oz? Which half?

Willow:  (with a big smile) Wouldn't *you* like to know? Anyway, he's 
more manageable tonight and on the third night. Tomorrow night, the 
total full moon, that's when he's a real wolfer. (reaches across the 
table) But in case there's trouble... there won't be, but if...

She holds up the dart rifle. Xander takes it from her with his right 
hand while still holding his things with his left, and slips his index 
finger into the trigger guard.

Xander:  Sleepy time. Gotcha.

He holds the stock of the weapon against his shoulder.

Willow:  Thanks again for doing this. I wouldn't have asked, but I have 
this test.

Xander:  No big. You can count on me. (looks at his things) I got my 
coffee, magazines. Figured I'd read, maybe (points with the gun) run the 
stairs over there a little bit. (chuckles) I'm good.

Willow isn't thrilled with the way he's handling the rifle, and so takes 
it out of his hand, giving him a nervous smile. She sets it down on the 
table, gives him a little wave goodbye and starts out. On the way past 
the cage she gives werewolf Oz a little wave, too.

Willow:  Bye.

Oz raises his head and growls as he watches her go. Xander picks the 
book up from the table, inspects the cover and looks up at Oz. He 
decides to make things easy on himself. He climbs onto the table, sets 
the book down at one end and lies on his stomach, using the book as a 
pillow. He smiles as he settles himself for a relaxing nap. In the cage 
Oz lets out a loud growl.

Cut to the cemetery. Faith and Buffy are strolling through on patrol.

Faith:  Nice place. Do you ever catch kids doing the diddy out here?

Buffy:  No. There's a smooch spot up by the woods. That's usually where 
kids go.

Faith:  Yeah? Bet you and Scott have been up there kicking the 
gearshift. (grins)

Buffy:  (gives her a look) Hardly. Only been on a few dates.

Faith:  But you like him. And when you think about him, you get that 
(inhales) good, down-low tickle, right?

Buffy:  (smiles) Yeah, I guess, but... (realizes what she may have 
meant, and gives her the eye) How low?

Faith:  (grins broadly) You tell me.

Buffy:  How about not? (looks around dreamily) But he is... (sighs) 
nice, and he's funny.

Faith:  And quite a muffin.

She gives Buffy a smile. Buffy smiles back.

Buffy:  Blueberry. That crunchy, munchy stuff on top. But my most 
favorite thing so far (sighs) is that he doesn't seem to be any kind of 
Hell Beast.

Faith:  All men are beasts, Buffy.

Buffy:  Okay, I was hoping to not get that cynical till I was at least 

Faith:  It's not cynical. I mean, it's realistic. Every guy from... 
Manimal down to Mr. I-Love-The-English-Patient has beast in him. And I 
don't care how sensitive they act. They're all still just in it for the 

Buffy has to tacitly admit that Faith may have a point.

Cut to the woods. A boy runs through the bushes in a panic. The camera 
chases him, and a creature's growling and heavy breath can be heard. The 
boy looks back to check on his pursuer, and trips over a low branch. He 
rolls onto his back and tries to push himself away with his feet, but 
whatever is chasing him is quickly on top of him and drags him away. The 
boy screams loudly as he disappears from the camera's view.

Opening credits roll. Buffy's theme plays.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

Sunnydale High School. Willow, Oz and Buffy climb the outside stairs 
from the quad up to the balcony.

Willow:  I don't think that's true, that every guy is in it only for the 

Buffy:  I know. It is an awful generalization.

Scott:  Hey Buffy!

She looks along the balcony to see him approaching at a quick pace. 
Willow gives Oz a smile.

Scott:  That's what I stopped you for, basically. Hey.

Buffy:  Okay. (smiles) Hey.

Scott's friends Debbie and Pete approach the group. Oz notices them and 
holds up his hand in greeting. Debbie is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Oz:  How do, Debbie?

Debbie:  Hi, Oz. Hey, you're not doing jazz band this year?

Oz:  Oh, can't take the pressure. It's not the music that's hard, it's 
the marching.

Buffy:  We have a marching jazz band? (looks at Scott inquisitively)

Oz:  Yeah, but, you know, since the best jazz is improvisational, we'd 
be going off in all directions, banging into floats... Scary.

Willow:  (smiles at everyone) He's just being Oz.

Oz:  Pretty much full-time. (smiles at Willow)

Buffy:  (sees Debbie's bouquet) Those are pretty flowers.

Debbie:  Thanks. Pete brought them for me. (smiles at him)

Pete:  (smiles) Yeah. Well, I-I'm sure Scott does that kind of stuff for 
you, too, Buffy.

Scott:  Oh, well, we're not up to flowers. (to Buffy) Are we? Up to 
flowers? Did I miss flowers?

Buffy:  (reassuringly) No. We're pre-posy. Definitely.

Scott nods, relieved.

Buffy:  What time is it? (grabs Scott's watch) Oh, I have to go see Mr. 
Platt today.

Debbie:  Platt? The school counselor?

Buffy:  I get to convince him that I'm Little Miss Stable so I can stay 
in school.

Debbie:  Platt creeps me out. I would totally quit going, but I'm 
flunking senior bio, and my teacher says I have success issues. 

Oz:  Senior bio? I kinda aced that final.

Willow:  (needles Oz) And how did you do that? Oh, right. You showed up.

He takes Willow's jibes good-naturedly.

Oz:  (to Debbie) If you want my notes, they're yours.

Debbie:  Thanks! That'd be great!

The bell rings.

Buffy:  We'd better go. (to Scott) I'll see you.

Scott:  Yep.

They kiss lightly on the lips. Buffy turns and heads into the building. 
Oz gives them a wave, and he and Willow follow her. Scott gives his 
friends a contented look.

Cut to Giles' office. He and Xander look up from reading an article in 
the paper and head out into the main area.

Giles:  We need to recheck every possible exit avenue.

Xander:  I'm telling you, it's a waste of time. I was here all night.

They notice Willow and Oz coming into the library.

Giles:  Right. (smiles stiffly) It's good to see you. Um, no need to 

Oz:  Just a thought: poker: not your game.

Willow:  (worried) What's the deal, Giles?

Giles:  (starts to pace) Now, uh, bear in mind, uh, most likely, there, 
there, there is no deal, (stops and looks at Xander) but um, if, if, if 
there was a deal, then it, um, would concern murder... last night. A 
male student was, was found i-i-in the woods.

Willow:  Which student?

Giles:  Jeff Orkin.

Oz:  Jeff? He was...

He looks over at Xander. Xander looks down at the floor.

Oz:  I knew him.

Giles:  I'm afraid he was, he was, um, terribly mauled. Now, uh, much as 
I hate to think it, i-i-it could be the handiwork of, of...

Oz:  Me.

Willow:  (very concerned) Wolf you, not you you.

Xander:  But it's not. Not wolf you, not you you. The room was secured, 
the gate was locked, (heads into the cage) and the window unbreakable, 
and... (looks up at the window) open!

He points up at it as he comes back out of the cage.

Willow:  (upset) Oh, God.

Giles and Oz both go over to check the window, too.

Xander:  Not to freak. I rested my eyes now and then. That's all.

Willow gives him a betrayed look.

Giles:  (looks down from the window) How long... *exactly* did you... 
rest your eyes for? (glares at him)

Oz just stares into space, turning the implications over in his mind.

Xander:  A little now, uh, a little then. But I never heard Oz leave, 
and he was here in the morning when I, um... (searches for words) when 

Giles:  (angrily) WOKE UP!

Xander:  You could put it that way if you want to, Mr. Technical.

Oz walks over to Willow, looking at her sadly.

Willow:  Oh, God.

She takes his hand to comfort him. He looks at Giles imploringly.

Cut to the school psychologist's office. The door opens, and Buffy 
enters. She closes it behind herself and steps up to the desk. Mr. Platt 
is sitting in his chair facing away, looking out the window while his 
ever-present cigarette smolders in his fingers.

Mr. Platt:  Two o'clock. Miss Summers.

He makes no move to turn around to face her.

Buffy:  (smiles) Buffy Summers, reporting for sanity.

Her smiles fades when she realizes he still isn't going to turn around. 
Instead he just blows out a huge cloud of cigarette smoke.

Buffy:  Look... I know that I have to do this, and I-I'll cooperate, and 
I'll look at your ink blots and everything, but... I don't wanna talk 
about my life or my childhood or... anything, for that matter, actually. 
And, uh... I don't wanna be friends here.

Mr. Platt:  (finally turns) We're not gonna be friends. (smiles at her) 
You have friends already, I hope. (waves his hand at her) Friends are a 
good thing. (takes another drag from his cigarette) Mm-hm. (crushes it 
out) They like you, agree with you, tell you what you wanna hear. 
(reaches into his desk drawer) That's not what you need right now. 
(pulls out a can of deodorizer) What you need is a trained, not... *too* 
crazy professional who will always give you his honest opinion.

He pops the top off of the aerosol can and gives a couple of sprays 
around himself. Buffy just gives him an odd look and says nothing.

Mr. Platt:  Which I offer.

He looks back at her for a moment before gesturing to a chair.

Mr. Platt:  Have a seat.

He caps the can and puts it away as she sits in the chair.

Buffy:  Not too crazy? Those are your credentials?

He stands up and starts to walk around his desk.

Mr. Platt:  Look, Buffy, any person -- grownup, shrink, (sits on his 
desk) pope -- any person who claims to be *totally* sane is either lying 
or not very bright. I mean, everyone has problems. Everybody has demons, 

Buffy:  (averts her eyes) Gotta say I'm with you on that. (looks down at 
her hands)

Mr. Platt:  Excellent. So, the hope I bring you is: demons can be 
fought. (Buffy looks up at him in surprise) People can change. *You* can 
change. Now. Your turn. (crosses his arms) Let's start with why you ran 

She looks up for a moment, then begins to fidget and lean back in her 

Buffy:  (smiles weakly) That's a long story.

Mr. Platt:  Mm. (shrugs) Bore me.

Buffy:  You know, I'm, I'm really over it. I-I'm moving on, I feel good, 
I'm, I'm even dating someone new.

Mr. Platt:  All good things. (gestures widely with his arms) But still, 
you're (inhales and leans back) you're bringing me in at the end of the 

Buffy:  (awkwardly) I was dating someone. Uh, it-it ended badly. My mom 
and I were fighting, and I... kinda freaked.

Mr. Platt:  Well, tell me more about this guy. The Bad Ending Guy.

She looks up at him for a long moment before letting out a breath and 
looking down at her hands again.

Buffy:  He was my first... I loved him, and then he...

Mr. Platt:  ...changed.

She looks up at him, surprised again.

Buffy:  Yeah.

Mr. Platt:  He got mean.

Buffy:  Yes.

Mr. Platt:  And you didn't stop loving him.

Buffy doesn't know what to add or how to respond.

Mr. Platt:  Look, lots of people lose themselves in love. It's, it's no 
shame. They write songs about it. The hitch is, you can't stay lost. 
Sooner or later, you... you have to get back to yourself.

Buffy:  (considers) And if you can't?

Mr. Platt:  If you can't... (inhales) Well, love becomes your master, 
and you're just its dog.

She didn't expect to hear it put quite that way.

Cut to the library. Buffy comes in and finds Giles pacing and everyone 
else sitting on the steps and looking gloomy. She sets her bag on the 

Buffy:  I'm afraid to ask. (crosses her arms)

Cordelia:  Oz ate someone last night.

Willow:  (glares) He did not!

Xander:  (annoyed) Oz does not eat people. (Cordelia rolls her eyes) 
It's more werewolf play. (Buffy looks at Giles inquiringly) You know, I 
bat you around a little bit, like a cat toy. I have harmless, wolf fun. 
Is it Oz's fault that, (Oz lowers his head) you know, side effect, 
people get cut to ribbons, and maybe then he'll take a little nibble 
and... (Willow gives him a hurt look) I'm not helping, am I?

Giles:  No. Oz may have got out of his cage last night.

Oz:  Or maybe there's a, another werewolf roaming the woods.

Giles:  Perhaps. Perhaps it's something else entirely.

Buffy:  It's okay. We'll work together, and we'll figure this out.

Giles:  Yes. Um... (thinks) Buffy. Uh, you, uh, you patrol the woods. 
Uh, the others, um, check out the morgue.

Willow:  (hopeful) Right! We can see if it's a werewolf kill or not. 
(glances at Oz next to her) But what about Oz?

Giles:  Um... Well, I have some research materials at home I need to 
look up. Uh... W-w-we could ask Faith to watch over him.

Buffy nods and looks at Oz. Oz looks up at Giles.

Oz:  What, you're having a Slayer watch me? Oh, good, we're not 

He gets up to leave, not willing to listen to any more of this. Willow 
gives Buffy a concerned look and gets up to go after him. She reaches 
out and touches him on the shoulder. He stops and turns to face her. She 
tries to give him a reassuring smile.

Oz:  Okay. Uh, you know that thing where you bail in the middle of an 
upsetting conversation? (inhales) I have to do that. (exhales) It's 
kinda dramatic, I know, but... sometimes, it's a necessary guy thing.

Willow:  And I want you to... do the guy thing, but...

She glances and gestures at the clock on the wall and sighs. Oz looks 
over at it, too. 5:34pm. Almost sunset. He looks back at her and the 
others, realizing this isn't the time to do the guy thing, and lets out 
a heavy sigh. He looks over at the cage, and reluctantly goes to lock 
himself up. Willow follows him. The door squeaks when he pulls it open 
and again as he pulls it closed. It locks shut with a clang.

Willow:  Oz?

Oz:  (unwilling to look at her) Get away from the cage.

Willow:  (confused by his tone of voice) What?

Oz:  (still not looking at her) It's gonna happen soon.

Willow still won't go.

Oz:  Get away from me.

He turns his back to her. Willow is hurt and confused by his behavior.

Cut to the woods later that night. Buffy patrols through them by 
herself, looking around and listening carefully. The camera watches her 
from behind some branches. A figure quickly and silently slips in front 
of the camera. Buffy thinks she heard something and raises her stake. 
Again a figure dashes by, and this time Buffy sees it. She runs after it 
through the bushes. Suddenly she stops in her tracks when she sees it 
come straight for her. She stares in disbelief as the man rushes her and 
knocks her down as he runs by. Buffy steadies herself on the ground and 
looks up as he goes. He stops and looks back at her. It's Angel, and he 
growls and snarls at her. There is blood around his mouth, but he has on 
his human face, not his vampire's. She can only stare at him in complete 

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

In the woods. Angel continues to growl at Buffy. He charges her as she 
gets up. She grabs him and throws him to the ground, but also falls 
under his weight. Angel rolls to a stop and crawls quickly back to her 
before she can get back up. He lunges at her, and she uses his momentum 
to flip him over herself and onto his back. She rises to one knee and 
punches him as he tries to regain his footing. He takes the blow in the 
head, but just spins around and delivers a solid backhand punch to her 
face, making her fall onto her back. Angel jumps on her again, but she 
uses her leverage to send him onto his back once again. He twists his 
body, reaches over and punches her in the gut. She quickly rolls away 
and gets to a standing position. She does a full spinning low hook kick, 
hitting him in the head as he tries to stand. He slumps down on all 
fours, and as he looks up at her she punches him solidly in the face, 
making him slump to the ground, badly beaten. After a few breaths he 
loses consciousness, and his body relaxes. Buffy breathes hard as she 
looks down at him, still not believing what she sees.

Cut to the morgue. A flashlight shines into a room where several bodies 
are lying on gurneys. Cut to an adjacent room. Willow comes in and 
shines her flashlight on the closed body drawers along a wall. She finds 
the one she wants and opens it. She pulls out the drawer and lifts the 
plastic sheet away from Jeff Orkin's face. She sets her metal Scooby-Doo 
lunch box on his chest and opens it. Behind her Xander approaches. She 
pulls out a plastic bag and a pair of tweezers. When Xander reaches her 
he takes one look at the body and nearly vomits.

Xander:  Oh, God.

He bends over, holding his mouth, trying to hold it back. Willow just 
hands him the flashlight.

Willow:  Here. Hold this.

He doesn't hold it very steadily, and Willow tries to adjust his arm as 
she would an unruly desk lamp. She takes Jeff's hand and tries to get a 
look at his fingers. Suddenly Xander spins around and shines the 
flashlight into Cordelia's face.

Xander:  Aah!

Cordelia:  God!

Willow just reaches for Xander's hand again and pulls it around to shine 
the light where she needs it. It's not working out very well.

Xander:  (to Cordelia) We're doing crime here. You don't sneak up during 

He finally gives Willow his attention again and holds the light steady.

Cordelia:  God, have a... (gets a look at Jeff's mauled body) Okay! 
(covers her face) Scarred for life! Oh, God!

Willow just calmly goes about getting some samples from under Jeff's 

Cordelia:  Willow, how can you stand it?

Xander:  Yeah, Will. I mean, this guy *is* pretty barf-worthy. Can't we 
be elsewhere? Like, you know, is Oz cleared or what, huh?

She's finished with Jeff's hand and puts it back under the plastic. She 
moves the flashlight in Xander's hand around and inspects the rest of 
the body.

Willow:  I'm not sure. I mean, there are a lot of incised wounds, but 
they could be from anything.

Cordelia:  Anything with big, sharp teeth and vicious...

Xander:  (interrupts) Do you wanna go back to the car and wait?

Willow starts to pick at Jeff's chest with the tweezers.

Cordelia:  (stares, taken aback) No. God. I'm just saying...

Willow:  Almost done. Lemme just get a few stray hairs from the body. 
They could be from the attacker.

Cordelia holds her nose against the stench.

Xander:  Great. So we got everything we need?

Willow:  Yep. That's it.

She drops the tweezers and faints dead away, falling back into Xander. 
He quickly gets an arm under her as she goes down, and they all sink to 
the floor.

Cordelia:  Oh!

Xander:  Okay. Uh... little too much excitement for the Wilster here.

He steadies Willow's head against his chest so it doesn't flop around.

Xander:  Doesn't look good for Oz, does it?

Cordelia:  It really doesn't. (they look up at Jeff) This guy was ripped 
apart by a big wild animal.

Cut to the mansion. Buffy finds Drusilla's trunk and knocks Miss Edith 
and the other dolls from it. She throws open the lid and dumps the 
contents out onto the floor. There she finds a heavy chain and shackles. 
Back in the main room she throws one end over an iron bracket holding up 
the high marble fireplace mantel and locks the shackles on Angel's 
wrists. She steps back as he lies unconscious on the floor, with one arm 
held high by the chain. He wakes up and gets to his knees. Suddenly he 
lashes out at her, but she jumps back in time and he misses. He leans 
against his bonds and growls at Buffy, then crouches down and cowers 
like a trapped animal. She walks around him in a wide arc and stops when 
she notices the place where he fell from the dimensional portal. There 
is a silhouette of him on the floor surrounded by scorch marks from the 
intense light. Angel continues to growl and struggle with the chain. 
Buffy cringes to see him like this. She kneels down by the silhouette 
for a closer look. Angel makes another attempt to grab her, and she 
jerks back, but he's too far away to do any harm. She looks back down at 
the scorch marks and winces at the sound of Angel struggling behind her. 
He soon stops and slumps to the floor with one arm raised high by the 

Cut to the library. Werewolf Oz growls in his cage. Faith is oblivious 
as she moves around to the sounds of Mark Ferrari on her portable CD 
player. Buffy comes in behind her and taps her on the shoulder. 
Instinctively Faith spins around and lands a swinging backhand punch to 
Buffy's face.

Buffy:  Oh!

She stumbles backward and steadies herself against the portable card 

Faith:  Oh! Uh, Buffy! Are you okay? What are you doing here?

Buffy:  (holds her jaw) Uh, bleeding internally, but I'll live.

Faith:  God, I'm sorry. (shrugs with the CD player) I guess I didn't 
hear you.

Buffy:  Figured as much. Ow. Again. (takes a breath and arches her back) 
Uh... Actually, I-I-I came to give you the rest of the night off.

Faith:  Get out of jail free, huh? How come?

Buffy:  (shrugs) Couldn't sleep. (takes off her jacket) Figured I'd, uh, 
cram for my French test.

Faith:  That's cool. I was going kinda crazy in here, but I can get in a 
few stakings before sunrise.

She heads for the door, handing Buffy the keys to the cage on the way. 
Buffy follows her with her gaze.

Buffy:  Knock yourself out. Not literally, though.

Faith:  Yeah. Later.

The door can be heard closing behind her. Buffy looks at Oz for a 
moment, then turns her attention to the card catalog. She sets the keys 
on it, pulls out the first drawer and begins to search through them.

Cut to morning. Sunlight pours in through the cage window and down on Oz 
lying there naked. The camera pans up to Giles arriving with a cup of 
coffee in his hand. He looks down at Oz to make sure he's not a wolf, 
unlocks the door and pulls it slightly open. He takes a sip from his cup 
and heads over to where he sees Buffy in the stacks curled up and asleep 
in a chair with a book on her lap and a drawer from the card catalog 
next to her on a stepstool. Other books are lying on the floor around 
her. He quietly takes the steps to the upper level and reaches down for 
one of the books. As he does so Buffy stirs from her slumber and looks 
up at him.

Buffy:  Hey.

Giles:  Hmm. Hello. (sips his coffee)

Buffy quickly realizes what it must look like, her surrounded by all 
these books, and tries to play it off.

Buffy:  Oh. Boy. (stands up) Faith and her nutty books.

Giles:  (reads some book titles) 'Exploring Demon Dimensions' and 
'Mystery of Acathla'.

Buffy:  Yeah! And she still listens to heavy metal. (walks toward the 
stairs) Freaky deaky.

Giles:  Buffy...

She realizes that he hasn't bought it and leans against the railing. He 
gives her his attention and slowly comes over to her as she speaks.

Buffy:  What if... I told you that... I had a dream about Angel... and, 
um... it brought up some questions?

Giles:  I'd say it was to be expected. Must have been some dream. I 
didn't think you knew what a card index was for. (sips his coffee)

Buffy:  I dreamt that he came back.

She sits down on the steps. Giles comes down to sit with her.

Giles:  Of course. After Jenny was killed, (sets the cup aside) I had 
dreams that she was s-still alive, that I saved her.

Buffy:  This was vivid. Really vivid. Three-dimensional, sensurround, 
the hills are alive...

She stops when she realizes her use of Jenny's metaphor. Giles takes off 
his glasses and considers for a moment.

Giles:  Do you believe it was a prophecy?

Buffy:  No. I-I don't know. I... (inhales deeply) I guess it just... it 
made me wonder.

Giles looks away in thought.

Buffy:  Is there a chance even? Could it happen?

Giles:  Well, there's no record of anyone returning from a demon 
dimension once the... gate was closed. I-I-I can't imagine how it could 
happen or-or why.

Buffy:  Let's just pretend for a second that... Angel somehow found his 
way back to Sunnydale. What would he be like?

Giles:  I really can't say. From what is known about that dimension, i-
it would suggest a world of... brutal torment. And time moves quite 
differently there, so...

Buffy:  I remember. So he would've been down there for hundreds of 

Giles:  Yes. (looks up at her)

Buffy:  Of torture.

Giles:  It would take someone of extraordinary... will and character to 
survive that and, uh, retain any semblance of self. (swallows hard) Most 
likely, he'd be, be a monster.

Buffy:  (hopelessly) A lost cause.

Giles:  Maybe. Maybe not. In my experience, there are... two types of 
monster. The first, uh, can be redeemed, or more importantly, wants to 
be redeemed.

Buffy:  And the second type?

Giles:  The second is void of humanity, cannot respond to reason... or 

Willow shows up unexpectedly, bringing a box of donuts with her.

Willow:  I thought Faith was on duty.

Buffy:  Oh, hey. Change of plans. (comes down to her)

Willow:  Glazed or cake? (smiles) It's fun to watch them make them. 
(gestures) They use this spritzy thing, and they drop the batter into 

Buffy:  Couldn't sleep, huh?

Willow:  (sighs) I've been at Mister Donut since the TV did that snowy 

Behind her Oz has dressed and comes out of the cage.

Willow:  How come *you're* the Wakey Girl? I mean, this time, it's not 
your boyfriend who's the cold-blooded...

She notices Buffy look behind her with wide eyes. Oz slips on his outer 
shirt and comes up next to her.

Willow:  Jelly doughnut? (offers the box)

Oz:  (ignores the donuts) Everything all right?

Buffy:  Yeah. Uh, what happened with the inspection of the body?

Willow:  (smiles, avoiding the issue) Anyone? They're yummy delicious!

Buffy:  Willow, come on. Was it werewolf?

Willow sets the box down on the table. Her expression shows that she's 
not overly anxious to say.

Buffy:  Was it a vampire?

Willow:  I-it wasn't conclusive.

Buffy:  How could it not be conclusive? What did it look like? Was he 

Giles:  Let her finish, Buffy.

Buffy:  (looks back at him) No, it's just...

She realizes the sensitivity of the issue with Oz standing right there.

Buffy:  I'm sorry.

She sits down. Giles just calmly waits for Willow to finish her report.

Cut to the cafeteria. Buffy has a plate of various flavors of Jell-O, 
and looks for a place to sit. Scott waves to her.

Scott:  Buffy. Over here.

She comes over to him sitting with Debbie and Pete, and sets down her 

Buffy:  Hey.

Scott sees what's on her plate.

Scott:  Hey. Uh... I can't, I can't back you on that lunch. Nutritional 

Buffy:  Oh. My stomach doesn't want hard food today. (points at the 
green Jell-O) But there's fruit in it.

Scott:  (whispers) Those are marshmallows.

Buffy:  (looks at it) Oh.

Debbie and Pete give her curious looks. Buffy sighs.

Buffy:  I'm... I'm really out of it today. I didn't sleep well last 

Debbie:  Just don't tell Mr. Platt you have insomnia. He'll make you 
start a dream journal.

Pete:  Oh, what's that, like, a Barbie thing? Dear Dream Journal, how 
come Ken hasn't come around since he got that earring?

Debbie:  (giggles) I never did it. He's a quack.

Buffy:  I kinda liked him.

Debbie:  Really? I guess, I guess he's kinda funny and stuff. It's 
just... sometimes I just don't like the things he says.

Buffy:  Oh, he definitely... marches to the beat of his own drummer. A-
actually, I think he makes his own drums.

Scott:  Well, my mom says that therapy can be completely helpful.

Pete:  Yeah, but your mom has the wattage of a Zippo lighter, Scott.

Debbie can't resist a giggle.

Scott:  (to Buffy) I hope you realize I don't actually know these 
people. I just... I thought you would like me better if I had friends, 
so I hired them.

Buffy gives him a weak smile. He turns to face her completely.

Scott:  So... I, uh, I wanted to tell you that you look great today. But 
now I wanna raise that to amazing because you didn't sleep well.

Buffy:  Uh... (smiles) That's really sweet. Um... And I-I wish I didn't 
have to, (stands up) but I just remembered that I do, so, uh, I'll see 
you later.

She pats him on the shoulder as she walks around him on the way out, 
leaving her Jell-O behind.

Scott:  Uh, yeah.

Debbie and Pete follow her briefly with their gazes.

Pete:  Check out Scotty liking the manic-depressive chick.

Scott isn't too pleased with that comment.

Cut to the hall. Buffy comes out of the cafeteria and pauses for a 
moment to reflect on Pete's comment before continuing down the hall.

Cut to the mansion. Buffy comes in through the heavy drapes hanging 
across the side entrance. Angel crouches against the wall, whimpering. 
Buffy stops at the wall opposite him and looks at him suffering. Slowly 
she comes toward him. Angel just remains hunched over in his crouch, not 
looking up or giving any indication that he knows she's there.

Buffy:  Angel?

He doesn't seem to hear her.

Buffy:  Do you understand me?

Still nothing from him. She comes even closer. The tattoo on his back 
beckons to her. Slowly she reaches out and touches him lightly on the 
shoulder. He suddenly and very violently lashes out at her and roars. 
She instantly takes several steps backward away from him. He goes back 
to his pathetic whimpering. Buffy looks at him, terribly hurt, and 
rushes from the mansion. Angel growls deeply at her. Above him the 
mantel bracket begins to loosen. Dust falls from the stone as he pulls 
against the chain.

Cut to the school. Cut to Pete and Debbie walking along a back hall.

Pete:  Debbie, come on. Just for a minute.

He takes both of her hands and tries to nudge her against the wall, but 
she evades him and pulls away.

Debbie:  No, I can't. I have to meet a friend.

He pulls her back to him by both wrists.

Pete:  So you'll be late but happy.

He kisses her and reaches behind him with one hand to open a door. He 
backs into the dark supply room pulling her in with him. Debbie giggles, 
and once inside he pulls her close and they embrace and kiss 
passionately. Pete breaks off the kiss and backs away toward a shelf.

Debbie:  No, no. Let's stay here.

Pete:  Relax, Debbie. What's wrong with you today?

He takes her in his arms again and kisses her some more. After a moment 
he notices an empty jar on the shelf. All that's left in it is the last 
few drops of a green fluorescent fluid.

Pete:  What is that?

She turns his face to hers and tries to kiss him again.

Debbie:  (giggles) Nothing. Kiss me. (kisses him)

Pete:  No. Debbie, you did not drink that, did you?

Debbie:  (looks at the jar) Drink it? (giggles) You know I didn't.

Pete:  (looks intensely at her) Debbie, what's going on?

Her giddiness fades, and she looks back nervously.

Cut to Mr. Platt's office. Buffy opens the door, comes in and closes it 
behind her. She finds him turned away again, looking out of the window, 
his signature cigarette smoldering between his fingers.

Buffy:  Two o'clock. Buffy Summers, right?

She fears he'll turn around again and, although he can't see her, she 
extends her arm in a gesture to stop him.

Buffy:  Wait. Don't turn around. (realizes her useless gesture) Okay? 
And don't say anything. (clutches her jacket) Just listen. (begins to 
pace and breathe nervously) I mean, that's, that's your thing, right? 

She stops pacing and stands behind a chair, shifting her weight from leg 
to leg and fidgeting with her jacket against the chair's backrest.

Buffy:  There's something going on. (her voice shakes) I mean, th-this 
whole entire story is probably gonna convince you that I'm loony-bin 
material, but... (shrugs) there's nobody else that I can talk to. 
(inhales nervously) Not Willow and... not Giles. Nobody. (starts to pace 
again) If they, if they found out, they'd freak on me or they'd do 
something, and... (stops and faces him) I need help. I just, I need to 
talk to someone. (takes a few breaths) I'm so scared. (sheds a tear) 
It's this guy. (steps up to the desk) H-h-he...

She notices his cigarette now. It's burned completely down to the 
filter, not once having had the ashes tapped off. She realizes that 
something is very wrong.

Buffy:  He's come back.

The camera pans over from her to Mr. Platt, sitting dead in his chair. 
His face and chest have been severely mauled.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

The supply room. Pete is seething with anger. He goes over to the empty 
bottle and picks it up.

Pete:  So the bottle just (faces Debbie) jumped out of the cabinet and 
spilled on its own.

Debbie:  (shakes her head) Of course not. I-I was trying to get rid of 

Pete:  You were trying to get rid of it?

Debbie:  To help you. You know how you get.

Pete:  (exhales) You think this has (clenches his fist) *anything* to do 
with how I get?

Debbie:  Well, when you drink it...

Pete:  When I drink it, nothing, Debbie. Nothing! (Debbie flinches) I 
don't need this anymore, okay? I am way, *way* past that now.

He slams the bottle back onto the shelf.

Pete:  You see?

He takes another bottle down and throws it to the floor, breaking it.

Pete:  You see?! (breaks another) No more. (breaks a third) You could 
pour out everything I made, and it wouldn't help. And you wanna know 

He grabs her by the arms. She whimpers in fright.

Pete:  You wanna know why?! Because all it takes now is you, Debbie. 
(grits his teeth) You and your STUPID, GRATING VOICE!

His neck muscles suddenly become tense, and he yells out in pain. He 
grunts as his head jerks back and forth, and the skin on his face and 
neck begins to thicken, and the veins bulge out. He screams as his head 
whips around violently. Debbie watches in terror. With a final scream 
his transformation to his alter ego is complete. His face is mottled and 
grotesquely misshapen. Debbie is too frightened to even breathe. Pete 
shakes her by the arms.

Pete:  (angrily) *You're* the reason I started the formulas in the first 
place: to be the man you wanted! And you pay me back how? (Debbie sobs 
in fear) By whoring around with other guys and taunting me!

Debbie:  No! I don't! I don't even look!

Pete backhand punches her in the face and shoves her to the floor. She 
gets to her hands and knees and crawls around to face him. Slowly she 
stands back up.

Pete:  Is that something your shrink taught you, Debbie? Huh? Huh? To 
share? (approaches her) To communicate? To piss me off?!

He swings another backhand punch at her, and she falls to the floor 
again. This time she stays down and cowers.

Pete:  Well, guess what? Even *he's* not going to listen to your 
pathetic ramblings anymore. (she looks up at him frightened) I'm all 
you've got now, Debbie! Do you hear me? (points at her) I AM ALL YOU'VE 

She looks up at him, very afraid, and pushes herself up against a crate. 
Pete suddenly realizes what he's doing, and calms down a bit. He looks 
down at his gnarled hands, then back at Debbie.

Pete:  Oh, my God.

He has calmed enough now that he changes back to his regular self. He 
sees her sobbing, and looks at her remorsefully. He quickly gets down 
and kneels by her.

Pete:  (whispering) Hey, Debbie. (she turns away) Hey, listen. (quietly) 
You know you shouldn't make me mad. Huh? You know what happens.

He takes her head in his hands and turns her to face him.

Pete:  Debbie, please. Are you all right?

He kisses her forehead. She responds and puts her arms around his head. 
She strokes his hair as they hold each other tightly.

Debbie:  It's okay.

She keeps petting him gently, her own breathing becoming calmer.

Debbie:  It's okay.

Cut to the library. Giles paces and talks while Buffy, Faith and Willow 

Giles:  This creature is especially brutal. I believe the phrase coined 
by the coroner when describing Mr. Platt was 'pureed'. But he did 
confirm that Platt was killed shortly before Buffy found him.

Faith:  Which means that he was killed during the day.

Willow:  (elated) Yes! (raises her fist)

They all give her looks.

Willow:  Sorry. I got... (lowers her hand) I've just been... it's 
horrible, horrible. (swallows)

Buffy:  It's okay, Will. We're all glad Oz is off the hook.

Giles:  Indeed. (checks his watch) Shouldn't he be here by now? The sun 
sets at 5:30.

Cut to the quad. Oz looks around one last time and starts to head for 
the library. Just then Debbie comes running.

Debbie:  Sorry I'm late. (smiles) Did you bring the notes?

Oz:  (notices her black eye) Yeah. Um... You okay? (hands her the notes)

Debbie:  What? Oh, yeah! (laughs) I'm such a klutz! I, um, oh...

Oz:  Fell down? Hit your... eye?

Pete watches them from around a corner.

Debbie:  Doorknob. (laughs) Um... Thanks. (starts to go)

Oz:  (stops her with his hand) Hey, um... (concerned) If you wanna 

Debbie:  (shakes her head and smiles) Thanks again for the notes. 

Oz:  Yeah...

He looks up at the sky again and quickly heads for the library. Pete 
turns around and stalks off.

Cut to the library.

Giles:  Our task now is to determine what sort of killer we *are* 
dealing with. Clearly, we're looking for a depraved, sadistic animal.

Oz:  (comes in) Present.

Willow smiles, jumps up and goes over to him, pushing Giles aside in her 
eagerness to reach him.

Oz:  Hey, I may be a cold-blooded jelly doughnut, but my timing is 

Willow:  (touches him with both hands, smiling) But you aren't! I-i-
it's-it's a kill-in-the-day monster! A hundred percent for sure.

Oz:  (very relieved) Okay. (smiles)

Willow puts her arm around him and faces the group along with him, 

Giles:  Uh, I wish we had time to celebrate properly. However, we have 
two victims: Jeff Orkin and, uh, now Platt. Uh, maybe there's something 
they had in common.

Faith:  Missing internal organs.

Giles:  Besides that.

Oz:  Debbie. (Giles looks at him) Well, victim number one, Jeff. He was 
in jazz band with us. They used to horse around.

Faith:  They were screwing?

They all give her a look.

Oz:  I don't think so, but he hid her music comp book once.

Buffy:  And we know that Debbie knew Platt. I mean, she was seeing him 
and way vocal about not having love for the guy.

Oz:  Add this and stir. I just saw Debbie a minute ago sporting a nasty 
black eye.

Willow:  Okay, so pretend Debbie wanted Platt dead. Maybe he fought 

Buffy:  (shakes her head) No. Platt was dead in an instant. (exhales) He 
didn't even drop his cigarette. (has a thought) Now, what if boyfriend 
Pete's the one doling out the punishment?

Giles:  We should find them both immediately.

He and Buffy grab their coats.

Oz:  Well, Debbie was in the quad a minute ago.

Giles:  All right. We'll split up. Um, Faith, you and I team. Willow, 
stick with Buffy.

Willow gives Oz a saddened look and follows the others out.

Oz:  And I'll... go lock myself in the cage.

Cut to the girls' locker room. Debbie is trying to hide her black eye 
with makeup. The door opens behind her, and Buffy and Willow enter. 
Debbie just keeps on applying makeup.

Buffy:  It's tricky, covering a fresh shiner like that. You know what 

Debbie:  What? (puts away her makeup)

Buffy:  Don't get hit.

She walks up to Debbie at the mirror.

Buffy:  What's going on, Debbie? I'll bet the farm you know.

Debbie:  (shakes her head) You're wrong. I don't know anything.

Buffy:  Normally, I'd say, you wanna play 'I have a secret'? Fine. But 
people are dying here.

Debbie looks at her and Willow.

Debbie:  It... it's not his fault. I mean, he's not himself when he gets 
like this.

Buffy:  You mean Pete.

Debbie:  (upset) It's me. I make him crazy. He-he just does what he does 
because he loves me too much.

Willow:  But weren't Mr. Platt and Jeff murdered by an animal?

Buffy:  Pete's not like other guys, is he, Debbie?

Debbie realizes they know more than they are letting on.

Debbie:  I-I've gotta go.

She grabs her purse and starts to leave. Buffy takes her by the arm and 
stops her.

Buffy:  You have to talk to us. (Debbie shakes her head) We can't help 
you until you do.

Debbie:  I didn't ask for your help!

Willow:  Well, when are you going to? I mean, if Pete kills you, it'll 
pretty much be too late.

Buffy:  Debbie, we're running out of time.

Cut to the mansion. Angel struggles with the chain. He yanks at it with 
all of his weight. The bracket pulls free of the wall and crashes to the 
floor. Angel falls roughly onto his hands and knees. He quickly gets up, 
pulls the chain free of the bracket and runs out of the mansion.

Cut to the locker room.

Buffy:  Where can we find him?

Debbie: I-I don't know.

Buffy:  You're lying.

Debbie:  What if I am? What are you gonna do about it?

Willow:  Wrong question.

Buffy takes her by the arm again and pushes her up against the sink in 
front of the mirror.

Buffy:  Look at yourself. Why are you protecting him? Anybody who really 
loved you couldn't do this to you.

She takes a few steps away. Debbie turns around to face them.

Debbie:  Would they take him someplace?

Buffy:  Probably.

Debbie:  (shakes her head, sobbing) I could never do that to him. 
(Willow sighs) I'm his everything.

Buffy:  (disgusted) Great. So what, you two live out your Grimm fairy 
tale? Two people are dead.

Debbie just shakes her head and says nothing.

Buffy:  Who's gonna be next?

Cut to the library. Oz is alone in the cage, pacing, waiting to change. 
The door opens, and Pete comes in and goes right up to the cage.

Pete:  (angry) Since when do you touch my girl? (grabs the cage)

Oz:  Hey, Pete. This is kind of a bad time.

Pete:  Well, I guess you didn't think about that when you put the moves 
on Debbie! (rattles the door)

Oz glances up at the window to see if the sun has set yet.

Oz:  We talked, yeah, but it was move-free.

Pete rattles the cage hard.

Oz:  About this cage? When that sun sets...

Pete:  (whispers threateningly) You won't be alive to see it!

He rattles the cage again and steps back from it, seething with anger.

Oz:  I'm serious. Something's gonna happen that you... probably won't 

Pete screams as his head whips around and he transforms into his alter 
ego again. He looks at Oz with murder in his eyes when the change is 
complete. Oz is amazed, and takes a step backward.

Oz:  Or you might.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

The library. Pete lunges at the cage and grabs the door. He yanks at it 
a few times, and it suddenly breaks free. He throws it aside and roars 
at Oz. He runs into the cage, grabs Oz and throws him out the door and 
to the floor.

Cut to the girls' locker room. Debbie is sitting on a changing bench, 
hugging herself and looking off into space, chanting repeatedly.

Debbie:  He does love me. He does love me.

Buffy:  This is useless. (exhales) We have to go. I have to find Pete.

Debbie:  He does love me.

Willow tries to get Debbie to stand up and go with her.

Willow:  Come on.

Debbie:  (resists) He does love me.

Willow:  I think we broke her.

Debbie:  He does love me. He does love me.

Buffy:  (stops at the door) I think she was broken before this. (leaves)

Cut to the library. Pete heaves Oz up over his head and down onto the 
table. It smashes under the strain of the impact, and Pete falls on top 
of Oz because he didn't think to let go of him. He scrambles to his 
feet, pulls Oz up and punches him hard in the face. He grabs Oz by the 
shoulders and shakes him hard.

Pete:  (very angrily) Did you kiss that whore? Huh? Did she like it?

He heaves Oz overhead again and onto the stairs. Oz slides down them and 
turns around at the base. Pete attacks him, but Oz gets his leg up in 
time to stop him, and push kicks him off. Pete goes sliding across the 
floor. Oz looks through one of the arched windows at the sky as he gets 
up and sees that the sun has set. He looks over at Pete, who is just now 
recovering from his fall.

Oz:  Time's up. Rules change.

Oz morphs into a werewolf and growls, baring his teeth at Pete. He leaps 
onto Pete, and they start to wrestle on the floor. Oz tries to bite 
Pete, but can't, so he kicks him away. Pete scrambles to his feet and 
backhand punches Oz as he attacks again. Oz isn't fazed, and he leaps 
onto Pete again, and they crash into the stairs. This time Oz has Pete's 
arm, and he bites hard, making Pete scream out in agony.

Cut to the halls, Buffy, Debbie and Willow hear the scream and begin 
running to the library. Giles and Faith come running also from another 

Giles:  What was that?

Cut to the library. They all come barging in. Giles looks at the cage 
and sees it open. Then he sees the two of them fighting on the stairs. 
Oz has his jaw clamped hard on Pete's arm, and Pete repeatedly punches 
him in the gut.

Giles:  Get the dart gun!

Buffy reaches behind the counter and grabs the dart rifle.

Buffy:  Got it!

She cocks it and takes aim past Giles. Debbie shoves Buffy aside to 
protect her boyfriend.

Debbie:  Pete, watch out!

The gun goes off, and the dart hits Giles in the hip.

Giles:  Ow!

Pete finally manages to flip Oz over onto the floor and get free of his 
jaws. Buffy can't believe she shot Giles.

Buffy:  Oh! Sorry!

Giles:  Oh, right. Bloody priceless.

The drug takes effect quickly, and Giles staggers and falls to the 
floor, pushing a table into Oz as he tries to get away. Oz runs through 
the door to behind the counter, leaps over it and runs out of the 
library. Buffy tries to take aim but can't get a clear shot. Buffy 
tosses the rifle to Faith.

Buffy:  You get the wolf!

Faith:  Got it!

She runs out of the library with Willow close behind. Debbie turns and 
runs up the left-hand set of stairs to escape out through the stacks. 
Buffy runs toward Pete on the right-hand set of stairs. She stops 
halfway up to deliver a roundhouse kick to his head. He stumbles up the 
stairs and onto the upper lever floor. Buffy pursues him as he gets to 
his feet. She punches him with a right followed by a left. He staggers 
over to the side of a bookcase, grabs it and shoves it over onto her. It 
lands on top of her with a loud thud, dumping its contents all around 
her. Pete roars and runs from the library.

Cut to the halls. Pete comes running through a set of doors and clutches 
at his wounded arm. He looks back, expecting pursuers, then looks around 
frantically for an escape route. He runs around a corner just as Buffy 
comes running through the doors also. Cut to another part of the halls. 
Pete comes running around another corner and stops, again looking for a 
way out. He spots a high window above a bank of lockers down an adjacent 
hall, leaps on top of them, pushes the window open and crawls through, 
leaving streaks of blood from his wound on the wall. Buffy reaches the 
hall intersection and doesn't see him in any direction.

Cut to elsewhere in the halls. Werewolf Oz comes bounding around a 
corner and runs down the hall past the camera. Faith and Willow are 
right behind him in hot pursuit.

Cut to the supply room. Debbie is sitting on the floor leaning against a 
crate, waiting for Pete to show up. He comes in the door, and she jumps 
up and runs over to him.

Debbie:  Pete! You're all right! God, you're all right.

She throws her arms around him and hugs him close, but he doesn't hug 
her back.

Debbie:  She almost shot you. Did you see? I stopped her.

She lets go of her hug and looks at him.

Debbie:  You have to leave, get out of Sunnydale. She knows.

Pete:  How did she know, Debbie? Did you run your big mouth?

Debbie:  (frightened) No! She just knew. It seemed like she just knew.

Pete:  So you filled in the blanks!

He shoves her to the floor.

Debbie:  (screams) NO! (looks up at him) No!

Pete:  But what did I expect from a screw-up like you?

Debbie:  (Shakes her head) I-I didn't... Pete...

Pete:  You're nothing but a waste of space.

He moves to grab her.

Debbie:  No!

Cut to the halls. Buffy looks up and sees the blood streaks around the 
high window.

Cut to the stairs by the lounge. Oz comes leaping down and stops by the 
vending machine. Faith rushes down after him. He jumps on her, and she 
drops the gun as she's pulled down to the floor. Behind her Willow 

Cut outside. Buffy crawls out through the window onto a roof. She steps 
to the edge, looks down and jumps. She looks around, and behind her 
through another window notices a lamp swinging from the ceiling. She 
rushes over to the door and forces it open. Inside it seems quiet. She 
looks around and soon finds Debbie lying dead on the floor behind a 

Buffy:  Oh, God.

She bends down to check her pulse. Pete grunts and grabs her from 
behind. He throws her against some crates, and she hits the floor, 
dazed. Pete smiles as he comes for her.

Cut to the lounge. Faith struggles to keep Oz at bay and not get bitten. 
The rifle is under her legs, and she can't see it.

Faith:  Where's the gun? (screams) WHERE'S THE GUN?!

Willow gets behind Oz and yanks his tail.

Willow:  Get off her!

She starts to run down the hall. Oz releases Faith and starts to run 
after her.

Willow:  Get the gun! Get the gun!

Faith scrambles to her feet with the rifle.

Willow:  Hurry!

Faith takes aim and shoots, hitting Oz in the butt. He yelps and 
whimpers for a moment, then falls unconscious.

Cut to the supply room. Pete grabs Buffy by the arm and backhand punches 

Pete:  All the same! (punches again) You're all the same!

He backhand punches a third time, and she falls from his grip. As he 
advances on her, she push kicks him off and away from her into a stack 
of crates. Behind her the door opens, and she looks back to see Angel 
standing there in his game face. He roars deeply and attacks Pete. Pete 
comes to meet him. Angel swings his chains at him and gets him in the 
face. He swings the chains the other way and gets Pete in the face 
again. Pete lunges at Angel and bends him backward over a crate with his 
hands around Angel's throat. Buffy stands up and steps back, watching 
them fight. Pete pulls Angel up from the crate and throws him to the 
floor. Then he turns his attention back on Buffy and starts to advance 
on her. Behind him Angel gets up and comes at him, wrapping the chains 
around his neck. He lifts Pete over his back and slams him down on the 
floor. Angel pulls at the chain, choking Pete. Buffy winces when she 
sees. Angel gives Pete's neck a twist and breaks it. He lets go, and 
Pete falls dead to the floor. Angel looks down at his kill, and begins 
to calm down. Pete has changed back to his normal state. Angel breathes 
heavily as he looks up and over at Buffy. They just stare at each other 
for a moment while Angel catches his breath. He slowly starts to go to 
her, and changes to his human face. He stops in front of her. She looks 
up at him, not knowing what to expect. After a long and intense look he 
finally speaks.

Angel:  Buffy?

He falls to his knees and holds her tightly. Buffy is surprised by this 
turn of events and isn't sure what to do. Angel just keeps holding her 
even tighter and starts to sob into her jacket.

Angel:  Buffy...

She finally seems to accept that he's back and sheds a few tears. Her 
head and heart are too heavy with thoughts and emotions for her to 
speak. The camera cuts to a shot of them from a distance, with Pete 
lying to one side and Debbie in the foreground.

Cut to the quad the next day. The group comes walking along the 
colonnade. Willow and Oz hold hands as do Xander and Cordelia.

Willow:  It's all over school, what happened with Debbie and Pete. 
Except for the Pete-was-a-monster part.

Oz:  Yeah. A freshman told me that Pete had eight iced cafe' mochas and 
just lost it.

Buffy:  That's better than the estrogen theory. I heard he took all of 
his mother's birth control pills.

Cordelia:  He didn't? (to Xander) Pete was a monster? (Xander nods) 
Where have I been?

Xander:  In your special place, Cor, which is why I adore you.

Cordelia:  So, what's the true story? What happened?

Willow:  Well, we got ahold of, uh, Pete's lab books and stuff, and Mr. 
Science was doing a Jekyll/Hyde deal. He was afraid Debbie was gonna 
leave him, so he mixed this potion to become super mas macho.

Buffy:  The only thing was, after a while, he didn't need the potion to 
turn into a bad guy. He did it just fine on his own.

Cordelia:  So it was like a real killing. He wasn't under the influence 
of anything?

Buffy:  Just himself.

She sees Scott sitting by himself.

Buffy:  Uh... (to the group) I'll see you guys later. (walks off)

Cordelia:  Great. Now I'm gonna be stuck with serious thoughts all day.

Xander raises his eyebrows at Willow, and follows Cordelia. Willow and 
Oz stay to see how it goes between Buffy and Scott. Cut to Scott. Buffy 
walks up and sits down next to him.

Buffy:  I don't know what to say that's (inhales) not gonna sound stupid 
or obvious.

Scott:  I've been friends with them both since before we started school.

Buffy:  Is there anything I can do?

He looks at her for a long moment.

Scott:  Thanks. I'm gonna be okay. It's just that you never really know 
what's going on inside somebody. Do you? I mean, you think... if you 
care about them... But you never really do.

Cut to the woods at night. The camera moves among the trees and bushes, 
low to the ground in slow motion. Buffy narrates again from 'Call of the 

Buffy:  'Night came on, and a full moon rose high over the trees...'

Cut to the mansion. Buffy watches as Angel lies asleep on the floor.

Buffy:  ' the land till it lay bathed in ghostly day. And the 
strain of the primitive remained alive and active.'

Cut to her. The camera closes in on her.

Buffy:  'Faithfulness and devotion, things born of fire and roof were 

Cut to Angel. He moves slightly, and his face contorts in anguish and 
pain as he dreams.

Buffy:  '...yet he retained his wildness and wiliness.'

Cut to Buffy. She is sitting on the floor leaning against the wall, 
watching him sleep and contemplating her life.

Buffy:  'And from the depths of the forest, a call still sounded.'

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