Written by:  Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali
Directed by:  Bruce Seth Green
Transcribed by:  AleXander Thompson

Copyright  1998 Alexander Thompson

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I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to 
the television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". They were created by 
Joss Whedon and belong to him, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui 
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This is not a novelization or a script. It is a straightforward and dry 
transcript of the episode "Phases". It also includes descriptions of the 
settings, action scenes and camera movements where I felt they were 

I made every effort to accurately transcribe the dialogue from this 
episode. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please 
let me know and I will post an update.                     rev 98.09.15

This episode was originally broadcast on January 27, 1998.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against 
the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

Sunnydale High. Cut to the hall by the trophy case. Oz is hunched over 
inspecting Catherine Madison's cheerleading trophy. He stares at its 
eyes as he moves his head from one side to the other. Willow enters the 
hall from outside and comes up to him.

Willow:  (smiles) Hi.

Oz:  (straightens up) Oh, that's what I was gonna say.

Willow:  What cha looking at? (looks into the case)

Oz:  (points) This cheerleading trophy. (moves and watches) It's like 
its eyes follow you wherever you go. I like it.

He stands back up straight again and gives his attention back to Willow. 
They start down the hall together.

Willow:  So did you like the movie last night?

Oz:  I don't know. T-today's movies are kind of like popcorn. You know, 
you forget about them as soon as they're done. I do remember I liked the 
popcorn, though. (stops walking)

Willow:  (smiles) Yeah, it was good. And I had a really fun time with 
the rest. (gets a confused look from Oz) I mean, the part with you.

Oz:  Oh, that's great. Uh, my time was also of the good.

Willow:  Mine, too. (awkwardness sets in) Well, then...

Oz raises his eyebrows expectantly. Willow looks past him and sees Buffy 
down the hall.

Willow:  Oh, there. (points) I have my friend. So I will go to her. 

Oz:  I'll see you then. Uh, later. (smiles)

Larry and some other jocks come walking the other direction and stare at 
Willow and Buffy walking away. Larry bites his fist and comes over to 

Larry:  Man! Oz, I would love to get me some of that Buffy and Willow 
action, if you know what I mean. (laughs)

Oz:  (nods) That's great, Larry. You've really mastered the single 

Larry notices a pretty girl coming down the hall and ignores the insult 
to stare at her. As she goes by he taps her books, and they fall out of 
her hands.

Girl:  Hey!

Larry:  Oops!

She bends down to pick up her books, and Larry and the other jocks stare 
at her legs.

Larry:  Ohhh! Oh, thank you, Thighmaster! (laughs)

The girl gives them a dirty look and leaves.

Larry:  So, Oz, man, what's up with that? Dating a junior? Uh, let me 
guess. That little innocent schoolgirl thing is just, uh, just an act, 

Oz:  Yeah. Yeah, she's actually an evil mastermind. It's fun.

Larry:  I mean, she's gotta be putting out, or what's the point? What 
are you gonna do, talk? (laughs) Come on, fess up. How far have you 

Cut outside to Buffy and Willow walking along the colonnade.

Willow:  Nowhere. I mean, he said he was gonna wait until I was ready, 
but I'm ready. Honest. I'm good to go here.

Buffy:  Well, I think it's nice that he's not just being an animal.

Willow:  It is nice. He's great. We have a lot of fun. But I want 

Buffy:  Have you dropped any hints?

Willow:  I've dropped anvils.

Buffy:  Ah, he'll come around. What guy could resist your wily Willow 

Willow:  At last count, all of them. Maybe more.

Buffy:  Well, none of them know a thing. They all get an 'F' in Willow.

Willow:  But I want Oz to get an 'A', and, oh, one of those gold stars.

They sit on a bench.

Buffy:  He will.

Willow:  Well, he better hurry. I don't want to be the only girl in 
school without a real boyfriend.

Buffy looks down sadly. Willow realizes her insensitivity.

Willow:  Oh, I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't even be talking 
about... Do you want me to go away?

Buffy:  I wish you wouldn't.

Willow:  How are you holding up anyway?

Buffy:  I'm holding. I was going on two minutes there without thinking 
about Angel.

Willow:  (trying to be cheerful) Well, there you go.

Buffy:  But I would do a lot better if you and Xander and I could do 
that 'sharing our misery' thing tonight.

Willow:  Great. I'll give Xander a call. What's his number? Oh, yeah, 1-
800-I'm-Dating-A-Skanky-Ho. (rolls her eyes)

Buffy:  (surprised) Meow!

Willow:  (smiles) Really? Thanks. I've never gotten a 'meow' before.

Buffy:  Well-deserved.

Willow:  Darn tootin'. I'm just saying Xander and Cordelia? I mean, what 
does he see in her anyway?

Cut inside Cordelia's car in a secluded area of the park that night. She 
and Xander are making out. Suddenly Xander breaks off.

Xander:  But what could she possibly see in him?

Cordelia:  Excuse me? We didn't come here to talk about Willow. We came 
here to do things I can never tell my father about because he still 
thinks I'm a... good girl.

Xander:  I just don't trust Oz with her. I mean, he's a senior, he's 
attractive -- okay, maybe not to me, but -- and he's in a band. And we 
know what kind of element that attracts.

Cordelia:  I've dated lots of guys in bands.

Xander:  (nods) Thank you.

Cordelia:  Do you even wanna be here?

Xander:  I'm not running away.

Cordelia:  Because when you're not babbling about poor, defenseless 
Willow, you are *raving* about the all-powerful Buffy.

Xander:  I do not babble. I occasionally run-on, every now and then I 

Cordelia:  Xander?

Xander:  Yeah?

Cordelia:  Look around. We're in my daddy's car, it's just the two of 
us, there is a beautiful, big full moon outside tonight. It doesn't get 
more romantic than this. (insistent) So shut up!

They start making out again. Cut outside. The camera pulls away from the 
car into the bushes until a large, hairy beast watching them comes into 
view. It growls menacingly.

Opening credits roll. Buffy's theme plays.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

Inside Cordelia's father's car at the park. She and Xander are sucking 
face. Xander hears some rustling outside and breaks off.

Xander:  Did you hear that?

Cordelia:  What is it now?

Xander:  I thought I heard something.

Cordelia:  I-is Willow sending out some sorta distress signal that only 
*you* can hear?

Xander:  Huh.

He smiles at her sheepishly, and they go back to it. An instant later 
Xander hears more rustling, louder this time, and pulls back again.

Xander:  Okay, now I *know* I heard something.

Cordelia:  Alright, that's it. You know, your mind hasn't been here all 
night. How about I just drop you off...

A hairy arm with a clawed hand punches through the convertible top. 
Cordelia screams and makes a grab for the keys.

Xander:  Get us outta here!

The creature on the roof of the car snarls as it reaches around for them 
inside. The keys aren't in the ignition, and Cordelia frantically 
searches for them on the floor.

Cordelia:  (screams) Where are the keys?

Xander:  We should be moving! Let's go!

Cordelia:  (finds the keys) Oh, I got 'em! Got 'em!

She fumbles with the keys, but manages to get them into the ignition and 
starts the car. She puts it into reverse and screams as she guns the car 
backward a ways and then slams on the brakes. The beast tumbles off of 
the back and into a tree. Cordelia gets the car in drive and speeds 
away. The camera shows the car from above with a gaping hole in the 
ragtop as it maneuvers back to the road and races off.

Xander:  Told ya I heard something.

Cut to the school parking lot the next day. Buffy inspects the hole in 
the roof.

Buffy:  And you're sure it was a werewolf? (gets off of the car)

Xander:  Well, let's see, um, six feet tall, claws, a big old snout in 
the middle of his face like a wolf. Um, yeah, I'm sticking with my first 

Oz:  Seems wise.

Xander:  Oh, oh, and then there was that little thing where it tried to 
bite us.

Cordelia:  It was so awful. (puts her head on Xander's shoulder)

Xander:  (puts his arm around her) I know.

Cordelia:  (tears herself away) Daddy just had this car detailed.

Giles comes up behind Buffy with a newspaper.

Buffy:  So what's the word?

Giles:  Well, it seems there were a, a number of other attacks by a wild 
dog around town. (hands the paper to Buffy) Several animal carcasses 
were found mutilated.

Willow:  You mean, like bunnies and stuff? (upset) No, don't tell me. 
(looks at Oz)

Oz:  (reassuringly) Oh, don't worry. I mean, they might not look it, but 
bunnies can really take care of themselves.

Willow:  (calmer and smiling) Yeah.

Oz:  Yeah.

Giles:  (takes the paper back) Yes, uh, um, fortunately, no people were 

Buffy:  That falls into the 'that's a switch' column.

Giles:  Well, for now. But my guess is that this werewolf will be back 
at next month's full moon.

Willow:  What about tonight's full moon?

Giles:  (confused) Pardon?

Willow:  Well, last night was the night before the full moon, 
traditionally known as... 'the night before the full moon.'

Giles:  Meaning the accepted legend that werewolves only prowl during a 
full moon might be erroneous.

Cordelia:  Or it could be a crock.

Xander:  Unless the werewolf was using last year's almanac.

Buffy:  Looks like Giles has some schooling to do.

Giles:  Yes, I must admit I, I am intrigued. Werewolves, it's... it's 
one of the classics. (start away) I, I'm sure my books and I are in for 
a fascinating afternoon. (leaves)

Buffy and Cordelia watch him go. Xander smirks at Giles' typical 

Buffy:  He needs to get a pet.

Cut to the gym. The class is seated on the bleachers listening to the 
female self-defense coach.

Coach:  Sunnydale is becoming more dangerous all the time. And a full 
moon like tonight tends to bring out the crazies, but with some simple 
basics of self-defense each of you can learn how to protect yourself.

Buffy:  (quietly to Willow) Here's a suggestion: move away from the 

Coach:  What you wanna do is gain advantage of the situation as quickly 
as possible.

Willow smiles at Buffy's suggestion. Behind her Oz reaches up and turns 
the tag sticking out of her sweatshirt back inside. She looks back at 
him curiously.

Oz:  Tag. (pats her on the back)

Willow smiles at Buffy. Cut to Xander and Cordelia.

Coach:  Your attacker may have the benefit of surprise.

Xander:  Would you look at that? He's all over her.

Cordelia looks over at Buffy, Oz and Willow.

Coach:  But if you plot ahead,...

Xander:  Psst! Hey, buddy, this is a public forum here.

Cordelia looks back at him, as do Buffy, Oz and Willow.

Coach:  ...then you can turn that advantage to yourself.

Cordelia:  I think you splashed on just a little too much 'Obsession For 

Coach:  By being prepared, you have the power. Okay, everyone get into 
your assigned groups.

The students all get up from the bleachers and go down to the floor. 
Larry takes off his sweat jacket and goes to the table in front of them 
to check which group he's in. Xander sees his arm all wrapped up in a 
bandage just above the elbow.

Xander:  What happened?

Larry:  Oh, last week some huge dog jumped out of the bushes and bit me. 
Thirty-nine stitches. They oughta shoot those strays.

Oz:  (next to Larry) I've been there, man. (holds up his finger) My 
cousin Jordy just got his grownup teeth in? Does not like to be tickled.

Xander laughs. Larry just shakes his head and then goes over to Theresa, 
who is doing stretching exercises.

Larry:  (into her ear) Theresa! (she straightens up) Be still my shorts. 
We're in the same group. (chuckles and nods) I may have to attack you.

Theresa:  No, a-a-actually, I think, uh, in our group there are a few of 

Buffy:  (joins Theresa) And I'm one of the few.

Willow comes up behind her quickly, takes her arm and pulls her aside. 
Buffy keeps her eye on Larry another moment, then looks at Willow as she 

Willow:  Don't forget, you're supposed to be a meek little girlie-girl 
like the rest of us. (walks off)

Buffy:  (looks at Larry) Spoil my fun.

Cut to a few minutes later. Everyone is lined up and paired off, girls 
in front, boys in back.

Coach:  Okay, everyone, listen up. I wanna show you what to do should 
you be attacked from behind. (looks at Buffy) In this situation, bend 
forward, using your back and shoulders (bends her over to demonstrate) 
to flip the assailant over to the ground.

The other girls all bend over, too. The boys follow Larry's lead and put 
their arms around the girls' necks. Buffy grabs Larry's arm and pretends 
at a few attempts to flip him over. Willow gives her a smile and nod.

Buffy:  Uhh! Uhh!

Larry:  Oh, Summers, you are turning me on.

He grabs her butt cheek hard with his other hand. Buffy isn't about to 
take that, and immediately flips him over hard onto the mats in front of 
them. Larry groans as he lies there. Willow shoots Buffy a look as she 
and Oz stand back up. The coach looks over at her also.

Oz:  (points) That works, too.

Cut to the library. Giles is demonstrating the phases of the moon using 
a large earth globe with a smaller moon globe attached by a bar.

Giles:  And, uh, while there's absolutely no scientific explanation for 
lunar effect on the human psyche, uh, the phases of the moon, uh, do 
seem to exert a great deal of psychological influence. And th-the full 
moon is, is, seems to bring out our darkest qualities.

Xander:  And yet, ironically, uh, led to the invention of the moon pie.

Giles:  (gets the joke) Oh... (chuckles) Yes, the moon pie. (laughs 
harder) (gets looks from Buffy and Willow) Y-you see, uh, the-the 
werewolf, uh, is such a, a potent e-e-extreme representation of our 
inborn animalistic traits that it e-emerges for three full consecutive 
nights: the full moon and, uh, the two nights surrounding it.

Xander:  Quite the party animal.

Giles:  Quite. And it, uh, acts on-on pure instinct. No conscience, uh, 
uh, predatory and, and aggressive.

Buffy:  In other words, your typical male.

Xander:  On behalf of my gender, hey.

Giles:  Yes, let's not jump to any conclusions.

Buffy:  I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.

Giles:  The point is that our wolfman could also be a-a-a wolfwoman, or-
or anyone who was bitten by a werewolf.

Xander:  So then I'm guessing your standard silver bullets are in order 

Giles:  No. No bullets. No matter who this werewolf is, i-it's still a 
human being, who may be completely unaware of his or her condition.

Buffy:  So tonight we bring 'em back alive.

Cut to that night in a secluded area of the park. The moon is full, and 
several cars are parked there with couples making out. Giles walks by 
some cars holding his flashlight out in front of him. Buffy meets up 
with him.

Giles:  (quietly) Anything yet?

Buffy:  (quietly) Yes. And you won't believe what I saw. Brittany Podell 
was making out with Owen Stadeel, but he goes with Barrett Williams. 
(gets a look from Giles) If she ever found... No, um, no, no sign of the 
werewolf. How about you?

Giles:  Uh, the same. (looks around) I thought we might, uh... I thought 
we might knock on a few windows, uh, ask if anyone has seen anything 

Buffy:  (gives him a look) Giles, no one's seen anything.

Giles:  Oh, yes. No, of-of-of course not, no. Yes.

He goes off to continue looking. She stares after him a moment, and then 
heads off into the bushes herself. Cut into the bushes. Buffy scans 
around with her flashlight as she walks into a small clearing. Suddenly 
she hears a noise like a latch releasing and yelps as she finds herself 
being pulled up in a net trap. Below her a hunter points his scoped, 
double-barreled flintlock up at her and pulls back the hammer.

Cain:  Gotcha!

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

The park at night. Cain takes a closer look at what he's caught.

Cain:  What the hell?

Buffy:  (yells) Giles! Giles!

Giles:  (comes running) Hey! (sees Cain with his gun) Whoa! (holds his 
arms up)

Cain:  Hands are good right about there.

Giles:  Who, who are you? What are you doing?

Cain:  The name's Cain. I'm the one with the gun, which means I'm the 
one who gets to do the interviewing.

Buffy:  Ahem. Hey, before we get all chummy here, how about we do 
something about me being in this net thing?

Cain exhales, lowers the flintlock and leans it against a boulder. He 
pulls out his buck-knife and cuts the rope holding up the net. It falls, 
and Buffy hits the ground fairly hard. Giles reaches down to untangle 
the net.

Giles:  You alright?

Buffy:  Yeah. (gets up)

Cain:  (sees Buffy clearly now) Gotta say, I'm impressed.

Giles:  Excuse me?

Buffy looks up at Giles, then back at Cain.

Cain:  Well, it's good to get the fruit while it's fresh.

Giles:  You'd be wise to take that back.

Cain:  Hey, what a man and a girl do in lovers' lane at night is 
nobody's busi...

Giles makes a move toward Cain, but Buffy holds him back.

Buffy:  Oh, okay, hey, enough, repulsive brain. It's not what you think. 
(looks at Giles) We're hunting werewolves.

Cain laughs.

Buffy:  Okay, it's funny if you don't believe in werewolves.

Cain:  No, it's funny thinking about you two catching one. I mean, this 
guy looks like he's auditioning to be a librarian, and, you, well, 
you're a girl.

Giles:  I assure you she's quite capable.

Cain:  Uh-huh. Lemme ask you something, sweetheart. Exactly how many of 
these animals have you taken out?

Buffy:  As of today?

Cain:  I tore a tooth from the mouth of every werewolf that I killed. 
(holds out his necklace) This next one will bring the total to an even 

Buffy:  So you're just gonna kill it?

Cain:  Well, see, that's the thing. Their pelts fetch a pretty penny in 
Sri Lanka, and it's a little hard to skin 'em when they're alive.

Giles:  Y-you hunt werewolves f-for sport?

Cain:  No, no, I'm in it purely for the money.

Buffy:  And it doesn't bother you that a werewolf is a person twenty-
eight days out of the month?

Cain:  That's why I only hunt 'em the other three. I'd really love to 
stay and chat, (crouches down to collect the net) but I'm on a tight 
schedule. Any idea where else the boys and girls like to get together 
around here?

Buffy:  You're looking for a party?

Cain:  No, but the werewolf is. They're suckers for that whole sexual 
heat thing. Sense it miles away. Since this little doggie ain't here, I 
guess he found another place. (stands up)

Buffy:  Sorry. Wish I could help you.

Cain:  But you don't know squat? (shakes his head) Gee, what a surprise. 

Buffy turns and heads back to the car.

Giles:  Where are we going?

Buffy:  I think I know where to look. We just have to make it there 
before mein furrier.

Cut to a street. Theresa is walking home. She passes a house with a 
fenced in front yard overgrown with weeds. She hears some rustling and 
stops to look around. Seeing nothing, she continues. Cut to a view of 
her from the other side of the fence. The camera follows behind her. She 
hears more rustling and stops to look again. Something lets out a low 
growl, and Theresa decides it's time to run. She looks back again and 
doesn't see Angelus in front of her. She slams into him and screams.

Angelus:  Everything okay? (twirls a daisy)

Theresa:  Yeah, I just, uh, I, I thought I heard something... behind me.

He walks around her to have a look, then turns back to her.

Angelus:  No one there.

Theresa:  Oh. I guess I was wrong. I could have sworn that...

Angelus:  It's okay. It can get pretty scary out here, all alone at 

Theresa:  Yeah.

Angelus:  Hey, don't I know you from somewhere? Don't you go to school 
with Buffy?

Theresa:  Oh, you know Buffy? (smiles)

Angelus:  (chuckles) Yes, I do, very well.

Theresa:  (keeps smiling) Oh.

Angelus:  Come on, I'll get you home.

They walk off together, taking another quick look behind them.

Cut to the Bronze. Lotion is the band tonight. They're playing "Blind 
For Now" as the camera pans from the mirrors on the far wall of the 
Bronze and over to the band playing on the stage.

Lyrics:  And then sweep this town into a Monster Truck of shame / Carved 
out of soap and steel and clay and salty fame / You are the first to 
look away and against me / You shake the squirrel out your tree

Cut to Cordelia and Willow sitting on opposite sides of a couch by a low 

Cordelia:  I mean, with Xander it's always, 'Buffy did this', 'Willow 
said that'. Buffy, Buffy. Willow, Willow. It's like I don't even exist. 
(leans back and folds her arm)

Willow:  I sometimes feel like that. (looks over at Cordelia)

Cordelia:  And then when I call him on it, he acts all confused, like 
I'm the one with the problem.

Willow:  (nods) His 'do I smell something?' look.

Cordelia:  All a part of his little guy games. It's like he's there, but 
then he's not there, and he wants it, but then he doesn't want it.

Willow:  He's so busy looking around at everything he doesn't have, he 
doesn't even realize what he *does* have.

Cordelia:  Well, he should at least realize that you have Oz.

Willow:  (frowns and raises an eyebrow) Mm, I'm not sure I do. 
(confused) Oz and I are in some sort of holding pattern, except without 
the holding or... anything else.

Cordelia:  What's he waiting for? What's his problem? (rolls her eyes) 
Oh, that's right, he's a guy.

Willow:  (disgusted) Yeah, him and Xander. Guys.

Cordelia:  Who do they think they are?

Willow:  A couple of guys.

Suddenly the werewolf drops down from above onto the table in front of 
them. They both scream and run from the couch in opposite directions. 
Panic sets in around them, and the werewolf just stands there at a half 
crouch, confused by all the noise.

Cut outside to the alley. Giles and Buffy come rolling up in his 
decrepit car as patrons flee for their lives.

Giles:  Looks as though your hunch was right.

Buffy:  Who could resist Sunnydale's own house of hormones?

She opens the door and gets out. Willow sees her and stops.

Willow:  The werewolf, it's in there.

Buffy makes a dash for the door as it's about to be shut by the bouncer.

Buffy:  Coming through!

She rushes through the door. Cut inside. The door is closed on her and 
she looks back at it as it slams shut with a thud. She slowly steps into 
the main area and looks around. The place has been trashed by the 
panicked people. Tables and chairs are lying everywhere, spilled drinks 
are splattered on the floor. Buffy sees a shadow behind a bead curtain 
and makes for it. As she walks she takes off her backpack and pulls out 
a chain. Cut to the restroom and backstage area. Buffy sees the bead 
curtain that leads to the stage office swinging. She climbs the few 
steps and goes in. She goes through another door to the stage. The chain 
is wrapped around her forearm, ready to use against the werewolf. Slowly 
she steps out onto the stage. When she's passed the drums the werewolf 
comes out from behind the stage curtains, snarling. Buffy spins around 
to face it and drops her backpack. She quickly unravels a length of 
chain from her arms and gets ready. She throws the chain out, and it 
wraps itself perfectly around the werewolf's neck. It begins to struggle 
and yanks at the chain, pulling Buffy into and over the drums. The chain 
falls from the werewolf's neck, and it makes a dash for a window. Cut 
outside the window. The werewolf comes crashing through and out into the 
alley. It takes a quick look both ways and runs away.

Cut to later. The Bronze employees are back and begin to straighten 
things up. Buffy puts her chain back into her backpack as Cain watches.

Cain:  You let it get away.

Buffy:  I didn't let it do anything. I had the chain around its neck.

Cain:  Chain? What were you gonna do, take it for a walk?

Buffy:  I was going to lock it up.

Cain:  That's beautiful. (approaches her) This is what happens when a 
woman tries to do a man's job.

Buffy gets up and puts on the backpack as Giles comes up behind Cain.

Giles:  Now, you look here, Mr. Cain. This girl risked her life trying 
to capture a beast that you haven't as yet been able to find. (takes his 
bag off of his shoulder)

Cain:  Uh-huh. And Daddy's doing a great job carrying her bag of milk 

Giles throws down his bag, but restrains himself. Cain steps closer to 

Cain:  You know, sis, if that thing out there harms anyone, it's going 
to be on your pretty little head. I hope you can live with that.

Buffy:  (stares him down) I live with that every day.

Cain:  (shakes his head) First they tell me I can't hunt an elephant for 
its ivory... (turns and leaves) Now I've gotta deal with People for the 
Ethical Treatment of Werewolves.

Giles:  (under his breath) Pillock! Right, let's move out.

He grabs his bag and goes. Buffy follows right behind.

Cut to a loading dock area. The werewolf walks into the light next to a 
trailer and stops to sniff the air. It looks down and sees a large 
splotch of blood in the gutter. It continues along the side of the 
trailer. When it reaches the far end Theresa falls to the ground from 
behind the trailer with a vampire bite clearly visible on her neck. The 
werewolf looks down at her, but doesn't make a move to eat her. On the 
other side of her Angelus steps up in his game face and growls at the 
werewolf. The werewolf bares its fangs at Angelus and growls more 
loudly. Angelus returns the growl, baring his own fangs and staring the 
werewolf down, warning him away from Theresa's body. Angelus slowly 
backs away and leaves. The werewolf looks down at Theresa again and 
growls, but makes no move to touch her.

Cut to the park. Buffy comes walking up behind Giles' car.

Buffy:  Giles?

When she doesn't see anyone in it she runs up to it.

Buffy:  Giles!

She reaches the open window and looks in. Giles wakes and sits up.

Giles:  Uhh! (takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes)

Buffy:  I didn't see you there. I thought something had happened.

Giles:  Oh, no, I'm, uh...

Buffy opens the passenger door and gets into the car. A newscast is 
playing on the radio.

Giles:  (yawns) I'm okay. I'm just, um, fine... uh, just, uh, I'm, 
uh.... Uh, any sign of the, uh, werewolf? (puts his glasses back on)

Buffy:  No. I'm guessing you didn't see anything either from that 
vantage point of having your eyes closed.

Giles:  It's, uh, it's, it's, uh, gonna be light soon, so we'd better...

Buffy:  Wait.

Radio newscaster:  Police say that the incident was apparently connected 
to the animal mutilation which occurred two nights ago. The coroner's 
office has identified the body as that of Sunnydale High School student 
Theresa Klusmeyer, age seventeen. The authorities ask that anyone with 
further information...

Giles:  Buffy, we're gonna get this thing. We have another whole night. 
(Buffy looks at him) There's nothing more we can do now. It's nearly 
sunrise. That werewolf won't be a werewolf much longer.

Buffy looks down sadly.

Cut to a view of Sunnydale from atop a hill. The sun is coming up in the 
distance. Cut to the werewolf asleep on the ground in the woods. The 
camera pans from its hind paws over to its head. When sunlight hits the 
werewolf it morphs back into its human form. Oz wakes up, opens his eyes 
and looks around confused. He sits up and stares around at the forest. 
He looks down at himself and realizes he's naked.

Oz:  (confused) Huh.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

The dining room at Oz's house. He's on the phone with his aunt.

Oz:  Aunt Maureen. Hey, it's me. Um, what? Oh! It's, uh... actually it's 
healing okay. That's pretty much the reason I called. Um, I wanted to 
ask you something. Is Jordy a werewolf? Uh-huh. And how long has that 
been going on? Uh-huh. What? No, no reason. Um... Thanks. Yeah, love to 
Uncle Ken.

He lowers the phone and turns it off. He stares off into space as the 
new knowledge that he is the werewolf sinks in.

Cut to the halls at Sunnydale High. Oz walks slowly among the other 
students as he makes his way to the library. He looks down and around at 
everyone, still trying to deal with this new revelation about himself. 
When he reaches the library he stares at the door for a long moment.

Cut inside the library. Buffy paces. Willow is sitting at the table with 
Giles behind her, and Xander is leaning against the counter.

Buffy:  I can't believe I let that thing get away. Cain was right. I 
shoulda killed it when I had the chance.

Oz comes in, and has overheard that last comment.

Oz:  Killed what?

Buffy:  Uh, the, uh, (ahem) the werewolf. It-it-it was out last night.

Oz:  Is everybody okay? Did anyone get bitten or, or scratched?

Willow:  No, we're fine.

Oz:  Gladness.

Buffy:  Yeah, but he got someone. Theresa.

Oz:  'Got', as in...

Buffy just looks at him and briefly raises her eyebrows.

Oz:  Oh, I'm sorry.

Buffy:  And I coulda stopped it. (sits)

Giles:  Well, we, we have one more night.

Oz:  Another night?

Buffy:  Oh, yeah. Believe me, I'm gonna give that wolfie something to 
howl about.

Oz:  Hmm.

Xander:  (comes over) But while we hang here doing nothing, there's a 
human werewolf walking around out there, probably making fun of us.

Willow:  (with a hint of sarcasm) The way werewolves always do.

Oz:  But there's really no way to tell who it is.

Xander:  Oh, sure there is. Giles knows stuff, and I'm practically an 
expert on the subject.

Willow:  On account of once you were a hyena?

Xander:  I know what it's like to crave the taste of freshly killed 
meat, to be taken over by those uncontrollable urges.

Buffy:  You said you didn't remember anything about that.

Xander:  (chuckles) I said I didn't remember anything about that. Look, 
the point is, is I have an affinity with this thing. I can get inside of 
its head. (closes his eyes and begins to *be* the werewolf) I'm a big, 
bad wolf. I'm on the prowl. (sniffs) I'm sniffing, I'm snarling, I'm a 
slobbering predator, I'm... (opens his eyes) Wait a second! It's right 
in front of us. (Oz's eye go wide with the fear of being recognized) 
It's obvious who I am. I'm Larry! (Oz breathes a sigh of relief) The 
guy's practically got wolf-boy stamped on his forehead. You got the dog 
bite, you got the aggression, not to mention the excessive back hair.

Buffy:  And he was awfully gleeful about tormenting Theresa.

Giles:  Still, that doesn't necessarily mean that...

Xander:  I'm gonna go talk to him. Gonna force a confession out of him. 

Giles:  Good. Go. Uh, in the meantime, we need to cover our bases. 
Willow, um, check the student files. See if anybody else fits the 
profile. Uh, Buffy?

Buffy:  Where are we going?

Giles:  I-if none of that works, I think I may have an alternative. 
(goes into his office)

Buffy:  Yeah, me and the werewolf alone in a cage for three minutes. 
That's all I ask. (gets up and follows Giles)

Willow:  (to Oz) Are you okay?

Oz:  (comes back to earth) What?

Willow:  You kind of knew Theresa.

Oz:  Oh, yeah, I, uh, I'm trying not to think about it. It's... it's a 

Willow:  It is. But we can do stuff to help. Sometimes it feels good to 

Oz:  Uh-huh.

Buffy comes back to the office door, but holds back, not wanting to 
interrupt Willow with Oz.

Willow:  Well, like... looking up stuff. I'm gonna be doing that most of 
the night. You could help me, help together?

Oz:  (unsure what to do) I can't. Um, uh, I'm busy.

Willow:  Oh. So...

Oz:  I... I gotta go.

He jogs out of the library. Willow watches him go, confused about his 
behavior. Buffy looks sadly at her friend from the office doorway.

Cut to the boys' locker room. The camera pans over to the sinks where 
Larry is splashing some water onto his face. He grabs a towel and dries 
off as he heads for his gym locker. Xander is there waiting for him and 
kicks his locker closed to get his attention. Larry takes the towel from 
his face and looks at Xander, startled.

Larry:  Harris. Sheesh. Next time wear a bell. (opens his locker)

Xander:  Why so jumpy, Larry?

Larry:  Geeks make me nervous.

Xander:  Is that really it or is there something you're hiding?

Larry:  (leans on his locker door) I could hide my fist in your face.

Xander:  I know your secret, big guy. I know what you've been doing at 

Larry:  You know, Harris, that nosey little nose of yours is going to 
get you into trouble someday... (grabs Xander by the shirt) Like today.

Xander:  Hurting me isn't gonna make this go away. People are still 
gonna find out.

Larry:  (lets go) Alright. What do you want? Hush money? Is that what 
you're after?

Xander:  I don't *want* anything! I just wanna help!

Larry:  What, you think you have a cure?

Xander:  No, it's just... I know what you're going through because I've 
been there. That's why I know you should talk about it.

Larry:  Yeah, that's easy for *you* to say. I mean, you're nobody. I've 
got a reputation here.

Xander:  Larry, please, before someone else gets hurt.

Larry:  (points at Xander's chest) Look, if this gets out, it's over for 
me. (turns and takes a few paces away) I mean, forget about playing 
football. They'll run me outta this town. I mean, come on! How are 
people going to look at me (faces Xander) after they find out I'm gay.

Xander looks at him in astonishment. Larry looks like a heavy burden has 
just been lifted and smiles.

Larry:  Oh, wow. I said it. And it felt... okay. (whispers) I'm gay. 
(approaches Xander) I am gay.

Xander:  I heard you the first time.

Larry:  I can't believe it. It was almost easy. I never felt I could 
tell anyone. (gestures to Xander) And then you, you of all people, you 
bring it outta me.

Xander:  It probably would have slipped out even if I wasn't here.

Larry:  (leans on his locker door) No, no, because knowing you went 
through the same thing, made it easier for me to admit it.

Xander:  (wide-eyed) The same thing...

Larry:  (puts his arm around Xander) It's ironic. I mean, all those 
times I beat the crap out of you, it musta been because I recognized 
something in you that I didn't want to believe about myself.

Xander:  (laughs nervously) Larry, no, I am not...

Larry:  Of course, of course not. Don't worry. (pats Xander on the 
shoulder) I wouldn't do that to you. Your secret's safe with me.

He gives Xander a thumbs-up and smiles.

Larry:  (to himself) Wow.

He drapes the towel around his neck, closes his gym locker and walks 
off. Xander stares after him in disbelief.

Cut to the library. Willow is 'Net surfing on her laptop. Buffy comes 
out of Giles' office and goes over to her.

Buffy:  So what's the scuttlebutt? Anybody besides Larry fit our 
werewolf profile? (sits on the table)

Willow:  There is one name that keeps getting spit out. Aggressive 
behavior, run-ins with authorities, about a screenful of violent 

Buffy:  Okay, most of those were not my fault. Somebody else started 
'em. I was just standing up for myself.

Willow:  (looks up at Buffy) They say it's a good idea to count to ten 
when you're angry.

Buffy:  One... Two... Three...

Willow:  (looks back at her laptop) I'll keep looking. (goes back to 

Buffy:  I, um... noticed you were looking solo.

Willow:  Yeah. Oz wanted to be someplace that was (looks up at Buffy) 
away... from me.

Buffy:  I'm sorry.

Willow:  (leans back in her chair) I can't figure him out. I mean, he's 
so hot and cold. Or luke-warm and cold.

Buffy:  Welcome to the mystery that is men. I think it goes something 
like, they grow body hair, they lose all ability to tell you what they 
really want.

Willow:  It doesn't seem like a fair trade. (stands up and puts her 
laptop in its case)

Buffy:  Well, if you wanna up the speed quotient with Oz, maybe you need 
to do something daring. Maybe you need to make the first move.

She slides off of the table, and Willow follows her as she gets her 
stuff for class.

Willow:  Well, that won't make me a slut?

Buffy:  I think your reputation will remain intact.

Cut to the hall. Willow and Buffy come out of the library.

Willow:  It used to be so much easier to tell if a boy liked you. He'd 
punch you on the arm and then run back to his friends.

Buffy:  Those were the days.

Xander:  (comes up to them) Hey.

They stop. He taps Buffy on the arm. She looks up at him.

Willow:  I'll see you guys later. (Buffy looks at her) Cordelia asked me 
to look over her history homework before class. I think that means I 
might have to *do* it. (goes off)

Xander:  Wow, those two gals are hanging out a lot together. This would 
be a good time to panic.

Buffy lets out a laugh. They start down the hall.

Buffy:  So how'd it go with Larry?

Xander:  What's that supposed to mean?

Buffy:  I think it's supposed to mean, 'so how'd it go with Larry'?

She stops at her locker and reaches for the combination lock.

Xander:  He's not the werewolf. Can't we just leave it at that? Must you 
continue to *push* and *push*?

Buffy:  (opens her locker) I'm sorry. I was just wondering. (takes off 
her pack)

Xander:  Well, he's not.

Buffy:  Okay.

Xander:  Okay.

Buffy:  But there goes our lead suspect. (sticks her pack in her locker) 
Which then puts us right back at (closes the locker) square boned.

Xander:  You're not boned, you're Buffy. Eradicator of evil. Defender 
of, um... things that need defending.

Buffy:  Tell that to Theresa. She could have used my defending before 
she was ripped apart by that... (stops and considers)

Xander:  Werewolf.

Buffy:  Nowhere in any of the reports did it say anything about her 
being mauled. (looks up at Xander) I mean, they were linked to the 
animal attacks from the other night, so we just assumed werewolf.

Xander:  What else should we have assumed?

Cut to the funeral home. Theresa is laid out in her coffin with a scarf 
around her neck. Buffy pulls it back and sees the bite.

Buffy:  Vampire.

Xander:  So that's good, right? I mean in the sense of the werewolf 
didn't get her, and... (gets a look from Buffy) No. There is no good 

Buffy:  No good. Instead of not protecting Theresa from the werewolf, 
(goes over to the guest register) I was able to not protect her from 
something just as bad. (looks at all the signatures) She had a lot of 
friends. (takes the pen to add her own)

Xander:  Buffy, you can't blame yourself for every death that happens in 
Sunnydale. If it weren't for you people'd be lined up five deep waitin' 
to get themselves buried. Willow would be Robbie the Robot's love slave, 
I wouldn't even have a head, (looks at the coffin) and Theresa's a 

Theresa sits up, looks over at them and growls. Buffy turns around and 
sees her hop out of the coffin. She lunges at Theresa, grabs her and 
tries to wrestle her to the floor, but Theresa throws her down instead. 
She dives after Buffy and tries to pin her, but Buffy rolls her over and 
gets on top. She makes a quick grab for a wooden easel holding a flower 
wreath and breaks off a leg. She's about to thrust it into Theresa's 
chest when she speaks.

Theresa:  Angel sends his love.

Buffy is caught off guard by that and hesitates a moment. Theresa kicks 
Buffy's arm and sends the stick flying away. She grabs Buffy by the 
shoulders, wrestles her onto her back and pins her. Buffy struggles to 
keep her at bay. Behind her Xander has grabbed the easel and jams one of 
its legs through Theresa's back. She bursts into ashes. Buffy stares up 
at Xander. He tosses the easel aside and looks down at her. Buffy looks 
aside sadly and then rolls over.

Buffy:  (to herself) Angel. (gets to her knees)

Xander:  (leans down to her) Are you okay?

Buffy:  (takes his hand) This isn't happening. (pulls herself up and 
hugs Xander) He's gonna keep coming after me.

Xander:  (hugs back gently) Don't let him get to you. He's not the same 
guy you knew.

She pulls back a bit and looks up at him. He looks back kindly. She lets 
go, picks up her backpack and goes out. Xander stares after her.

Xander:  Oh, no, my life's not too complicated.

He shakes his head and follows her out.

Cut to the woods. Cain's van is parked with the curtains drawn across 
the cab. Cut inside the van. It's set up like a small hunter's lodge, 
with hunting equipment and traps hanging from the walls and a lab bench 
full of reloading equipment. He reaches down, picks up a small iron pan 
and sets it on the bench. He has a Bunsen burner going. He takes a small 
long-handled melting cup and holds it over the flame. When the metal in 
the cup has become molten he brings it over to a mold that he's holding 
over the iron pan with his other hand and pours the silver into it. He 
sets the melting cup aside and breaks open the mold. Inside is a 
perfectly formed bullet. He holds it up to inspect it in the dim light.

Cut to a shot of the full moon rising.

Cut to Oz's dining room. He has a box full of shackles and locks and 
dumps them out. He looks at them and considers a moment, then with a 
strengthened resolve starts to put one on. He's about to put the lock on 
when there's a knocking at the door. He ignores it and looks at the 
lock. As he moves to put it on there's another knock on the door. He 
looks at it in frustration and sets the lock and shackles down. The 
knocking continues insistently as he goes over to the door. When he 
opens it he finds an irate Willow standing there, ready to knock even 

Oz:  Willow! What are you doing?

She pushes her way inside.

Willow:  I had this whole thing worked out. (goes toward the dining 
room) And I had it written down, uh, but then it didn't make any sense 
(turns to face him) when I was reading it back.

Oz:  Willow, this is not a very good time.

Willow:  I mean, what am I supposed to think? First, you buy me popcorn 
(paces away) and then you're all glad that I didn't get bit. (paces 
back) (softly) And you put the tag back in my shirt. (harshly) But I 
guess none of that means anything because instead of looking up names 
with me, here you are all alone in your house doing nothing by yourself.

Oz:  Willow, we'll talk about this tomorrow. I promise.

He tries to take hold of her to lead her out, but she shakes him off.

Willow:  No, damn it! We'll talk about this now! Buffy told me that 
sometimes what a girl makes has to be the first move and now that I'm 
saying this, I'm starting to think that the written version sounded 
pretty good, but you know what I mean.

Oz:  I know, I know, it's me. I'm, I'm goin' through some... changes.

Willow:  Well, welcome to the world! Things happen. Don't you think I'm 
going through a lot?

Oz:  Not like me.

Willow:  Oh, what, so now you're special? (paces away into the dining 
room) You're special boy... (sees the shackles) With chains and stuff. 
Why do you have chains and stuff?

Oz doubles over in pain and hugs his chest.

Oz:  Willow, please! (heads for the door) Get outta here!

She stares at him confused. He falls behind the couch out of her view. 
There he begins to rapidly grow hair and mutate into a werewolf.

Willow:  Oz? Oz, what is it?

She slowly approaches the couch. Oz's fingers grow longer and hairier.

Willow:  What's wrong?

She hears Oz moaning in pain. She looks carefully over the couch, and Oz 
the werewolf leaps to his feet and growls at her. She screams and jumps 
backward away from him.

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

Oz's living room. Willow screams and starts to run through the dining 
room. Oz the werewolf gives chase. She runs down the hall and out a back 

Cut to the streets. Willow runs. The werewolf comes around the corner 
chasing after her. She goes up to a wooden fence, hops up and tries to 
pull herself over. She's not quite fast enough and only has one leg over 
when the werewolf catches up. It makes a grab for her leg, but misses as 
she drops over the other side and manages to land in a crouch on her 
feet. She sees a couple of metal trashcans there, grabs one and smashes 
it into the werewolf's face as it tries to climb over after her.

Cut to the street. Cain's van rolls slowly along. He looks up and sees 
the werewolf trying to get over the fence.

Cain:  There you are.

He pulls the van over to the side.

Cut to the library. Giles opens a guncase, undoes the straps and pulls 
out the stock. He grabs the barrel and scope assembly and clicks them 
into place. Buffy comes walking up behind him.

Buffy:  Sorry I'm late. I had to do some unscheduled slayage in the form 
of Theresa.

He stops his assembling to look at her.

Giles:  She's a vampire?

Buffy:  Was. Angel sent her to me. A little token of his affection.

Giles:  Buffy, I'm so sorry.

Buffy:  (holds up her hand) Not now, Giles. We can all have ourselves a 
good cry after we bag us a werewolf.

He plugs in the laser sight and holds the tranquilizer gun up to check 
the scope.

Cut to the woods. Willow runs quickly through the trees with the 
werewolf not far behind. She hops over a log, but then trips and falls 
to the ground. She rolls to face the werewolf and looks at it in terror. 
It doesn't attack, but instead sniffs the air. It looks around for the 
direction of the scent and rushes off. Willow quickly gets to her feet 
and runs the other way.

Cut to the library. Giles checks the trigger mechanism of the gun.

Giles:  All set. (grabs a dart) Let's go find this thing. (starts out)

Buffy:  One question: how exactly do we find this thing?

Willow comes barging into the library.

Willow:  It's Oz! It's Oz!

Buffy:  Wh-what's Oz?

Willow:  The werewolf.

Giles:  Are you certain?

Willow:  (frantic) Can't you just trust me on this? He-he said he was 
going through all these changes. Then he went through all these... 

Buffy:  Where is he now?

Willow:  In the woods.

Giles:  Let's go. (starts out again)

Willow:  (grabs and stops him) Go where? You're not gonna kill Oz! Yeah, 
he's a werewolf, but he doesn't mean to be.

Buffy:  Don't worry, Willow. We're not going to hurt him.

They all start out of the library.

Giles:  I put enough Phenobarbital in this thing to sink a small 
elephant. It should be enough for a large werewolf.

He grabs his coat from the counter and holds the door open for the 

Cut to the woods. The werewolf has found what it's looking for. So has 
Cain, and he cocks his flintlock's hammer back and lifts it to his 
shoulder. The werewolf gets closer to the pile of meat Cain has left out 
for him.

Cain:  That's it. Let me see you. Come on, suppertime.

The werewolf is on top of the bait now, and Cain takes aim.

Cain:  Good, doggy. Now play dead.

He is about to pull he trigger when he gets kicked from the side. He 
falls to the ground, and his gun fires wild. The werewolf looks up from 
its meal at the commotion. Buffy grabs Cain's gun and wrestles him for 
it. She flips the rifle over and he follows, landing on his back and 
letting go of the gun in the process. As he tries to get up Buffy swings 
the butt of the rifle around and knocks him down and out. The werewolf 
comes at her, and she ducks his lunge. Giles and Willow arrive to see 
the werewolf grab Buffy and lift her off of her feet. She pushes him 
back using Cain's gun to keep from being bitten. Giles tries to get a 
clear shot, but the werewolf turns and holds Buffy up between them.

Willow:  Careful!

Giles:  (can't get a shot) Damn it!

He keeps looking for an opening, but is quickly getting frustrated. 
Buffy raises the rifle high and smashes it down on the werewolf's head. 
It drops her and falls back stunned. It quickly gets up and swipes at 
her, knocking the gun from her hands. Then the werewolf shoves Buffy 
away and right into Giles and Willow, bowling them over. It starts to 
come at them. Willow scrambles for the tranquilizer gun and brings it up 
to bear. The werewolf charges, and Willow pulls the trigger. The dart 
hits it in the chest, and it staggers backward a bit before falling over 

Willow:  (looks up at Giles) I shot Oz.

Giles:  You saved us.

He takes the gun from Willow. Buffy walks over to get Cain's gun. He 
gets to his feet and straightens his coat.

Cain:  No wonder this town's overrun with monsters. No one here's man 
enough to kill 'em.

Buffy:  Oh, I wouldn't be too sure of that.

Cain turns to see her with his flintlock. She grabs the end of the 
barrel and bends it into a nice arc right in front of him and then 
thrusts it at him. He looks at her in astonishment.

Buffy:  How about you let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of 

Cain makes a move to go but stops to give her another look. She stares 
back at him, and then he leaves. She looks down at Willow crouched next 
to Oz the werewolf and gets down with her.

Willow:  You think it'll be okay?

They both look up at Giles.

Giles:  He'll be a little sore in the morning, but... he'll be Oz.

Cut to Sunnydale High the next day. Cut to the halls. Xander and Buffy 
walk past the trophy case and into the lounge.

Xander:  This is all so weird. I mean, how are we supposed to act when 
we see him?

Buffy:  Well, it's gotta be weird for him, too. Now that we know so 

Xander:  All I know is I'll never be able to look at him the same again.

Buffy:  He's still a human being. Most of the time.

They stop at the vending machine.

Xander:  Who are we talking about?

Buffy:  Oz. Who are you talking about?

Xander:  No one.

He sees Larry's jock friends by the stairs knocking a girl's books out 
of her hands and laughing. Larry comes down the stairs behind her and 
quickly reaches down to help her pick up her books.

Larry:  Hey, let me get those.

Girl:  Thanks.

His friends give him a surprised look. So does Buffy. Larry comes over 
to them.

Larry:  Hey! Xander. Look, about what you did. I, I owe you.

Buffy:  What'd you do?

Xander:  It's really nothing we should be talking about. (to Larry) 

Larry:  I know, I know. It's just, well, (pats him on the arm) thanks. 
(walks off)

Buffy:  That was weird.

They go to a table and sit.

Xander:  What, it's not okay for one guy to like another guy just 
because he happened to be in the locker room with him when absolutely 
nothing happened and I thought I told you not to push.

Buffy:  All I meant is that he didn't try to look up my skirt.

Xander:  (fidgets with is hands) Oh, oh, yeah, that's, that's the 
weirdness. (smiles nervously)

Buffy:  Weirdness abounds lately. Maybe it's the moon. That does stuff 
to people.

Xander:  I've heard that.

Buffy:  (sees Willow walk by) Certainly gonna put a strain on Willow and 
Oz's relationship.

Xander:  What relationship? I mean, what life could they possibly have 
together? (counts off on his fingers) We're talking obedience school, 
paper training, Oz is always in back burying their things, and that kind 
of breed can turn on its owner.

Buffy:  I don't know. I kinda see Oz as the loyal type.

Xander:  All I'm saying is she's not safe with him. If it were up to 

Buffy:  (interrupts) Xander...

Cut outside to Willow walking over to Oz sitting on a table.

Buffy:  It's not up to you.

Willow:  Hey.

Oz:  Hey.

Willow:  Did you want to go first?

Oz:  I spoke to Giles. He said I'll be okay. I just have to lock myself 
up around the full moon. Only he used more words than that. And a globe.

Willow:  I'm sorry about how all this ended up. With me shooting you and 

Oz:  It's okay. I'm, I'm sorry I almost ate you.

Willow:  It's okay. I kind of thought you would have told me.

Oz:  I didn't know what to say. I mean, it's not everyday you find out 
you're a werewolf. That's fairly freaksome. It may take a couple days 
getting used to.

Willow:  Yeah. It's a complication.

Oz:  So... (hops off of the table and they walk) Maybe it'd be best if I 
just... sorta...

Willow:  What?

Oz:  Well, you know, like, stayed out of your way for awhile.

Willow:  I don't know. I'm kind of okay with you being *in* my way.

Oz:  (stops and faces her) You mean, you'd still...

Willow:  Well, I like you. You're nice and you're funny. And you don't 
smoke. Yeah, okay, werewolf, but that's not all the time. I mean, three 
days out of the month I'm not much fun to be around either.

Oz:  You are quite the human.

Willow:  (smiles) So, I'd still if you'd still.

Oz:  I'd still. I'd *very* still.

Willow:  (smiles widely) Okay. (more seriously) No biting, though.

Oz:  Agreed.

Willow walks off with a smile on her face. Oz turns around and watches 
her go. He smiles. Then he looks surprised to see her rushing back. She 
looks at him for an instant and then plants a kiss right on his lips. He 
watches her with a smile as she goes off again.

Oz:  A werewolf in love.

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