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Episode 143 - "End Of Days" Episode 143 - "End Of Days"

"End Of Days"

Episode Number: 7.21
Summary written by Leoff

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Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith shows up, Buffy explains the SIT's to Faith, Caleb's introduction and subsiquent killing of SIT's and Xander's eye loss, Anya describing the First's morphing abilities, Buffy's "protecting something at the Vineyard" speech, the gang kicks Buffy out, Faith takes charge, Spike and Buffy's night together, Buffy spots the weapon stuck in stone, Faith leads the troops out, The bomb ticks down.

The bomb ticks down as Faith shouts "Get down!" to the others. SIT's dive for cover as a huge explosion rips through the place, sending a body here or there flying! Faith dives for cover in a nearby pool of water.

Buffy sees the unknown weapon with it's blade imbedded in the rock. She looks at it in awe, almost feeling power from it. As she approaches, she hears a noise behind her. Caleb starts climbing down into the lower cavern and he taunts Buffy: "So, you found it. Not impressed... So the question now, girly-girl, is can you pry it from solid rock before I can come over there and..." He is stopped short as Buffy calmly, easily grasps the handle of the weapon and pulls it from the stone. She looks at the weapon (from here on out called a "Scythe", yet it is clearly axe-like in it's design) and is clearly awestruck by it. The large axe blade is a glistening silver with a deep red inner blade color, the lower end of the blade ends in a pointed hook, and the opposite end of the scythe handle ends in a wooden stake. Caleb, wondering what to say, can only comment "darn."

Opening credits: Nothing new (I highly doubt there would be by this point).

Caleb tries to be tough, but he's obviously scared of the weapon in the Slayer's hands. He suggests that she give the scythe to him before she hurts herself, but Buffy simply shifts it confidently from hand to hand. He then says that she doesn't even know what she's got, but Buffy says "I know you're backing away." Caleb starts up again, but Buffy/The First appears at his side and tells him to let it go (it is unclear if Buffy can see the First or not in this scene, but it seems like it). The First tells Caleb to let her go, she's got other things to worry about, such as her friends (quipping "Faith go boom"). Caleb doesn't want to let her leave, but listens to the First and stands still as Buffy takes off up the hole to the cavern, the First saying that Buffy will be back and that they can take the scythe from her then.

A beam falls, sparks... um... "spark," and it's all dusty after the explosion. Amanda is the first to come to, reaching for a flashlight and calling out for others. Another no-name SIT answers, also grabbing a flashlight. Voices and coughing are now heard from here or there. Vi is found with a broken arm, but she calls herself lucking compared to the few dead bodies they soon come across. Kennedy is found and asks if anyone's seen Faith, ordering them to find her.

And they do find her, pulling her from a pool of water. Faith is unconcious. Just as they find her, they hear a growling. Vi thinks, or hopes, it's beams groaning, but Kennedy knows it's one of "them." All the girls (about 8 total) start to run, looking for a way out. They find the entrance that they used blocked by fallen beams and pipes! There is a way through a hole near the top and they start climbing over the debris. Just as the last one, Vi, is almost through, a snarl and slashing claw are seen. An ubervamp! All the girls back away and initially let out little shreaks, but Kennedy collects them, telling them to form a circle, trying to give them courage by saying it's all of them, one of him. The girls take defensive stances as the Ubervamp clears the barrier.

Andrew empties a sack of food on the dining room table as he describes how spooky it was seeing the entire supermarket empty and food there just for the taking (mentioning the produce was on it's way to funkytown, but everything else was ok). SIT's eagerly dig into the piled up food and Giles dives in too, grabbing "Jaffa Cakes" (that's what it sounded like) and hungrily popping one into his mouth.

The front door opens and Xander walks in with Willow, Anya, and Dawn. Giles asks if they found Buffy, but Xander says a disheartened "no." Andrew asks if they used the light locater spell. Willow says they did, but it didn't quite work, leading them to where Buffy WAS (the empty house), but not where she is. Giles says that he's worried about something else; Faith and the other girls have not returned yet. Andrew says he's trying to keep morale up as the others decide they have to find them.

"Remember your training" Kennedy says, ready to kick the Ubervamp's ass. But from behind a second ubervamp grabs her, parting the girls and surprising Kennedy! she flips him over her easily and the girls back away as Amanda shouts "there's another one!" Kennedy backs all the girls in a corner away from the second ubervamp, but Amanda points out "not that one, THAT ONE" and shines her flashlight on a third ubervamp who has now appeared! The girls are in panic mode and one of them (generic unnamed SIT) is grabbed by an ubervamp and all three decend on her, ripping her to shreads! One of the SIT's notices weapons in the corner and Kennedy grabs a large axe, readying herself, but an approaching Ubervamp simply bats it out of her hand, grabs her by the throat, and lifts her off the ground! Kennedy struggles, but then...

Crash! Off down the tunnel, a piece of the ceiling falls in, and in a shaft of light, Buffy drops down, the scythe in her hand. The Ubervamp that holds Kennedy drops her and charges to the attack with another Ubervamp. And with an easy swing of the blade, as if she's used it all her life, Buffy swiftly chops the head off of her first attacker, then stakes the second ubervamp with the opposite end of the scythe! But then the third appears from behind her and makes her drop the weapon. She is thrown against a wall, but then quickly dive-rolls out from under the attacker, grabs the scythe again, and WHOOP! Beheads and dusts him. Buffy collects herself as Kennedy tries to get her bearings. "Get the wounded, we're leaving." Buffy says. "Are there more?" Kennedy asks. "There's always more..." Buffy answers.

Commercial break: You need a flashlight that can withstand dust, constant use, hell, even a bomb blast? Get the new Ever-shine wide-beam flashlight! It won't scare a vampire, but it sure as hell will let you see him attacking you.

Looking like a trauma center, Buffy tends to a wounded SIT in the living room of the Summers home, asking Willow to take care of the badly bleeding SIT by her. Willow rushes to her side as Buffy rushes to the front door. Giles and Xander carry a still-unconscous Faith in the front door and immediately up the stairs to a room that's been prepared. Buffy then rushes to get some medical supplies as Kennedy asks if Faith will be ok, knowing that Slayers heal fast. Buffy says she doesn't know. The other SIT's then notice Buffy pick up the scythe and ask about it. Buffy says she took it from Caleb and thinks it could be important. "Let's hope!" Vi says. "I think we got punished..." Amanda says, very downtrodden. The others agree, admitting to Buffy that they followed Faith and things didn't work out good. Buffy says it's not Faith's fault, it was a trap, something she could have fallen for. One of the SIT's asks if Buffy is "back." Buffy says she doesn't know, she's around for now, as she heads towards the stairs with the medical supplies. The SIT's ask if there's a plan. Buffy says "Yes, they're coming, so get ready."

Buffy enters the upstairs bedroom and finds Faith still unconscious, but breathing, with Giles and Xander at her side. Buffy says they've still got work to do.

In another bedroom Giles examines the scythe with Willow as Buffy tells them that all she knows is that it made Caleb back off quickly. "So it's true... scythe matters" Willow quips. Giles verbally ignores the quip. Giles takes the scythe in his hands and does some thrusting and slashing motions, noticing the weapon's elegance, as Willow remembers Buffy saying she felt "something"? Buffy says that when she held it she sensed it was powerful, and that it somehow just "belonged" to her. Willow suggests it's some sort of traditional Slayer weapon, which makes Giles wonder how something like that could exist and he not have ever heard anything about it? "The good guys are not traditionally known for their communication skills" Buffy says with a hint of emotion. Giles nods his head in agreement, then continues to ask about the weapon, wondering if it could be used for anything else other than killing. Buffy says she senses it's not just a tool, it's a weapon, and she wants to know all about it. Giles and Willow say they'll start researching right away and won't let her down. Buffy says that the scythe is the only thing they got going for them.

Andrew rips some sheets into strips, complaining that they look too "festive" for bandages, as Anya tends to the shoulder wound of an SIT. "They look like mortally wounded Easter Baskets" she quips, which makes the SIT question "what?" Anya picks up a before unseen bottle of booze and takes a swig. Andrew complains, saying that they're supposed to use that to sterilize the wounds, but Anya says "what does it matter?" "Good point" says Andrew as he takes the bottle and takes a swig himself. Andrew says that everything is horrible. "Yep, a slaughterhouse is what it is" Anya says while still bandaging the SIT, who again says "What?!?" "Awww, talking will just kill you sooner" Anya answers her.

Andrew starts thinking, saying that the girls need proper bandages and things to stitch them up, and he reasons the hospital should probably be abandoned like the grocery store. He then makes a decision... "I'm going in" he says in a manly voice, then takes another swig of the bottle. Anya is a little impressed, then Andrew says that she's coming with him. Anya is more impressed. Andrew says that Anya should drive because the Scotch made him a little dizzy. Anya smiles and nods eagerly, excited with the plan, saying she'll get Kennedy to watch the girls... "she's tough. Imminent death won't bother her." "what?" says the wounded SIT.

In the kitchen, Buffy and Xander talk privately. They talk about some "plan" that has Xander taken out of the fight, out of harm's way. Buffy says she needs him to do this and she knows she can count on him. Xander is dissapointed because he always thought he would be there with her, by her side, at the end. "Hey!" Buffy says. "Not that this is the end" Xander corrects himself, but Buffy knew what he meant. Xander just wanted to be at her side, but Buffy says he will be, he is her strength and the reason she's gotten that far. That's why she needs him to do "this" for her. Xander finally agrees. Buffy adds that she doesn't want him around weapons cause he's a clutz.

Later that evening, Willow and Giles are still doing research on the blade. Willow has a website up with a few famous historical weapons displayed, but they still can't find a single thing about it. They talk about how the Vineyard used to be a Monistary, but Giles says it's older than that, pre-Christian. Willow says it might have been an earlier Pagan temple. Giles says he has discriptions of other famous weapons, but he is obviously frustraited by not finding anything and fears they're running out of time. Willow curiously goes over and picks the weapon up and concentraits a little on it. Giles asks if she senses anything like the power Buffy spoke of, but she doesn't. Giles then suggests that magic might help out with this sort of thing. Willow says it would, but reasons if Caleb was scared of the Scythe, it's gotta be powerful, and she doesn't want to risk going "Dark Willow" again. Giles says that she could do it without risk, but Willow says she can't try it. "I can hardly do a locator spell without getting dark roots." Willow goes back to the laptop as Giles concedes and says they'll keep looking. Willow is frustraited that all the weapons on the webpage "History of the Axe" don't match, and some she can't even read. She points out an example of a weapon named "m?" Giles says that the ? isn't a question mark, but is an international symbol for a gluttelstof (sp?), a sort of gulpy noise in phonetics. He then starts remembering things about hyroglyphs and mentions that the gluttelstof is often thought to represent a sickle or a scythe, a symbol that is seen throughout many carvings and such. Willow suggests it might be found on the pagan temple. Giles then says that the scythe is a symbol of death, "so lets see where these pagans buried their dead.

"Xander, I told you, I don't leave crossbows around willy-nilly... not since that time with Ms. Kitty Fantastico." Dawn says as she searches the back seat of Xander's car. Xander searches the front seat while making loss-of eye jokes (he can't make fun of the "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."). The two make more light of the one-eye'd jokes before Dawn starts to turn serious, saying that everyone is still on guard around him. Suddenly Xander clamps something over her mouth! Dawn falls unconscious and Xander lays her in the front seat, then, not looking too happy with what he did, goes around, plops in the driver's seat, and takes off into the Sunnydale night.

Caleb is pissed. He picks up a large wine barrel and tosses it at a wall in anger. He questions Buffy/The First about why he let Buffy go. The First tells Caleb to calm down, they'll get her. The First says that Caleb is getting weak, which only gets Caleb more upset. The First says it's expected because it's been some time since they've "merged." Caleb says that she's right and says "Let's do it." and prepares himself for... something. The First jokes with him about not even getting any foreplay, no evening dinner. Caleb doesn't want to joke about it and Buffy/The First says for him not to worry, that soon with their armys he'll be able to enter every single living being on the planet. "Are you trying to make me jealous?" Caleb asks? "I'm trying to make you a god." Answers the First. Both stretch out their hands in supplication, facing each other, as the First's form glows, then turns into the huge, demonic ghostly form that was last seen during Willow's spell earlier in the season. That form then enters Caleb, who mutters "I am your humble servant." and then grunts and shakes in pain, then his eyes turn black and in a much deeper voice, says "and I'm ready to serve thee."

Commercial Break: Windex makes it SHINE!

The scythe is held as we hear Buffy's voice "you feel it too, don't you?" "Damn, that's something..." Faith says as she holds the scythe in both hands. She sits up in her bed and comments how the weapon feels like power and how it belongs to her. Then she hands the weapon to Buffy and says "I guess that means it's yours." Buffy says it belongs to the Slayer. Faith corrects her and says the Slayer in charge. The two girls talk and Faith says she's not looking for forgiveness, she screwed up and some of the girls died. Buffy says she didn't screw up, this is war, and war is about death. People will die, it's not her fault. Faith then says that the funny part is that all her life she's been a loner, never having any ties (except for the time with Robin she says, which prompts a short "sex with the principal" talk), and that she was jealous of everything that Buffy had with friends and such. Then suddenly she has the power and people to lead and she never felt more alone. Faith realizes that that's what Buffy goes through every day. Buffy says that she loves her friends, but that's the price of being a Slayer, always being alone. Faith wonders if that's why they can never get along, because there's only supposed to be one Slayer. "Also you went evil and started killing people" Buffy quips. "Good point, also a factor." Faith acknowleges. They both agree that being a Slayer is something others just won't understand. "Thank god we're hot chicks with superpowers" Faith says. "Takes the edge off" Buffy responds. "Comforting." Faith says.

Buffy comes down the stairs just as Spike enters the front door. She holds the weapon as he notes: "you did it! you fufilled your mission. You found the holy grail or the... holy hand grenade or whatever..." Spike admires the weapon and says "I can see why a girl would ditch a fella for one of these." Buffy apologizes as they walk into the kitchen.

Spike wants to clear up last night and says to Buffy that he's not looking for discussion or anything, it's over and done with. Buffy agrees and says they have work to do. She says that she now knows that it has something to do with a nearby tomb on unconsecrated ground and she's gonna follow up on it. Spike says she's gotta do what she's gotta do and starts to walk away.

Buffy comes up behind him "you're a dope. You're a dope, and a bonehead..." Spike doesn't know what she's talking about. Buffy explains that the scythe is probably the key to everything and the only reason she found it is because of the strength that Spike gave her last night. Buffy says that she doesn't want mixed signals (she's got Faith for that), and doesn't know how Spike felt about last night, but... "Terrified" Spike admits. Putting his heart on his sleeve, Spike admits that that night was the best night of his life. He's lived forever, done everything, but he's never been close to anyone, even her, until last night. So yes, he's terrified. "You don't have to be." Buffy says. "Were you there with me last night?" He asks. "I was." she answers. "What does that mean?" he asks. "I dunno... does it have to mean something?" she wonders."No, not right now" Spike says, then he slowly drops the subject, walking out the back door, ready for them all to be heroes.

Andrew walks into a dark, deserted hospital room "Oooh! This one has oxygen tanks!" Anya says they'd only be good to blow something big up, like Roy Schieder did in Jaws. "You are the perfect woman" Andrew says, in awe of Anya's movie knowledge. The two start filling sacks full of gaze and other medical supplies while they talk about how bad things are gonna get. Andrew asks why Anya is still sticking around, she could leave very easily. Anya says she could, and there was an earlier apocolypse where she did take off, but she says now she's gotten used to being around humans so long that she just realized how amazingly screwed up they are. She goes off on all the weird, mixed up things they do to cheat and cause death, yet when it really matters, humans WILL fight. "They're morons for fighting, but they do. They never quit." Andrew says that was a beautiful speech, then teases Anya about loving humans, which makes her get defensive and threatens him if he tells anyone. Andrew then says he won't get a chance to tell anyways. He's pretty much reserved himself to enevitable death. "I think I'd like to finish out as one of those lame humans that's trying to do what's right." Anya nods in understanding, then Andrew adds "So... Wheelchair fight?"

"Yaeyaeyaeyaeyae!" Andrew lets out a Xena-like yell as he and Anya smash two wheelchairs into each other demolition derby style.

Buffy walks through a graveyard, but one that looks a bit older than the classic Sunnydale graveyard. It's night as she walks over to a tomb that looks almost egyptian in style.

Kicking the metal door in, she walks in looks around the toarchlit room, then after a while she hears a voice "I've forgotten how young you would be" an older woman appears from behind a curtain as Buffy stands at the ready, the scythe in her hands. The woman sees that Buffy has found the weapon and is pleased. Buffy asks who she is. "One of many. Well, now I'm alone." Buffy asks if she's a ghost, but the woman says she's very real, she's just... "well, let's put it this way: i look GOOD for my age." The woman holds out her hands and says she's been waiting. Buffy cautiously hands the woman the weapon as the the woman tells that while Buffy pulled it from the rock, she was one of those who put it there. Buffy asks what it is. "A weapon... a scythe. Forged in secrecy for one like you who... I'm sorry, what was your name?" the woman asks. "Buffy." the Slayer answers. "No, really..." the woman says, which makes Buffy shrug. The woman says they kept it hidden from the Shadow men, which Buffy relates to, saying she didn't like them much.

The woman says that the Shadowmen became the Watchers, and the Watchers watched the Slayers, but that "they" were watching them. They are Guardians, women who want to help and protect the Slayer. The weapon was forged to defeat the last pure demon who walked the earth long ago, then time passed until now. Buffy says she doesn't understand how this was not known until now. The woman says they also remained hidden, they're the "last surprise." Buffy asks if that means that she can win. The Woman says that is up to Buffy. "This is a powerful weapon, but you already have weapons." the woman tells Buffy. The woman says that Buffy should use the weapon to drive back the coming evil... "One way or another, it can only mean an end, is truly near..."

Suddenly CRUNCH! The old woman's head lurches to one side. Hands have grabbed it from behind and broken her neck. She falls dead to reveal Caleb behind her. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch tthat last part on count of her neck snapping and all, did she say the end is near, or here?"

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Nighttime, deserted road, Xander drives with Dawn slowly coming to. She asks what happened (actually she meant to say what the HELL happened) when Xander says it was chloriform (sp?). He asks if she's still loopy? "Sorry bout that, someone knocked me out with CHLORIFORM!" Dawn then starts the barrage of questions (where are we, where are we going, etc.) and Xander simply says "no way." and hands her an envelope from Buffy. Dawn opens it and begins to read:

"Dearest Dawn, Don't be angry with Xander, he's only doing what I told him to. This isn't the place for either of you..." Buffy's voiceover is heard as the beginning of the letter is read. I say beginning because right as it starts getting mushy, suddenly CRRRAAZZZZZKKKK, Dawn zaps Xander with a tazer gun, not finishing the letter. The car lurches to a stop, then after a moment, turns around on the road and heads off back towards Sunnydale.

Caleb grabs the scythe by the handle but Buffy wrestles it away from him. The battle starts with Buffy and Caleb exchanging blows, and Buffy swings the weapon which almost sings through the air with a resounding tone. Caleb says that this is the final fight, she's not slipping out of this one. For a while Caleb gets the upper hand, making Buffy lose the scythe and throwing her back into the walls and pillars. He picks up the scythe and now it's his turn to take a swing. He raises the blade high above his head, ready to level the fallen Buffy, when... "Hey!" Caleb spins around and is punched by a familiar voice. Caleb goes flying into a wall as Angel grins at Buffy. Angel helps her up and Buffy is almost in shock at the sight of him. "I never was one for preachers" he quips. He says that he came to help but silently Buffy lets him know this is her fight. We see Caleb getting up slowly, ready to do battle, as Angel backs up casually, leaning against a post to watch the fight. "You are so gonna lose" Angel tells Caleb. Buffy picks up the scythe and they start to fight again. Buffy once again loses the scythe, but Caleb charges her with it and it sticks in the wall. "God I miss watching this" Angel mumbles. She grabs it back from him and after a few kicks, takes the scythe in hand, spins, and slashes Caleb across the mid section. Caleb laughs maniacally before he starts to stagger, then falls back to the ground.

"See? Under control." Buffy smiles. Angel walks over to her "Well, at least you can tell me you're glad to see me" and the two embrase and start the big, dramatic smooch!

And off in the shadows, Spike watches from behind a column with a pained expression of loathing on his face. "That Bitch" mumbles Buffy/the First next to him.

Grrr... Arrrg...

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