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Episode 133 - "Show Time" Episode 133 - "Show Time" Episode 133 - "Show Time"

"Show Time"

Episode Number: 7.11
Running Time: --
Summary written by Leoff

Disclaimer: This summary is the intellectual property of someone who wakes in the wee hours to crank these suckers out and he takes pride in his work and doesn't wish to see others take credit for it. Please feel free to link to OR copy and paste this summary, giving credit to Leoff Online and his unofficial sponsor, the Buffy Cross and Stake. Thanks for your support and respect of my work.

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike chained in the Summers' basement, Buffy saying she believes in him, Spike gets kidnapped by bringers, Spike's blood opens up the seal of Danzagnar (sp?), Introduction of Turok-Han, Willow goes possesso from First Evil, Giles arrives with SIT's, Giles explains the SIT's are coming, Giles describes the Turok-Han, Buffy's "Army" speech.

The bus's door opens and people get out, one of which is a young African-American girl who carries a backpack. She looks around at the deserted night-time bus-station, not seeing a soul. Immediately she heads to a payphone and starts looking through the phone book under "S." When she comes to the area where "Summers" would be, her hand comes across the remains of pages that were torn out. Just then a shadow crosses her face and she looks up to see a Bringer, who waves a knife in her face meanacingly. She turns, paniced, and off in the distance she sees two more Bringers standing inbetween two parked busses, also doing the threatening knife wave. The first Bringer bears down on her as she slumps down against the wall, too scared and shocked to do anything. Suddenly the two distant Bringers are thrown up by something, as if being punched. It's Buffy, coming up from behind and starting to punch and kick them. The first Bringer rushes to the attack as the other two fight with her inbetween the busses. She quickly dispatches them with punches, kicks, and then their own daggers, then turns her attention to the first Bringer, who turns and runs in panic. "Hey! Try picking on someone my own size!" Buffy yells after the fleeing figure as she takes one of the dead Bringers curved daggers and throws it, planting it square in the first Bringer's back. Dead.

"Rona, right? I just got word you were arriving" Buffy helps a stunned Rona to her feet. Still trying to catch her breath, Rona is still a little shaken as she tells Buffy she was told she'd be safe here. Buffy reassures her... sort of, saying she is safe, until she gets attacked again. The two start to walk off into the night as Rona questions the "again" part, which Buffy answers with "Welcome to the Hellmouth."

Opening credits: Nothing new.

Nighttime, and Willow is struggling in her room to try and sleep on the floor as Kennedy tells her she should be up there with her in her nice big warm bed. Willow tells her nervously that it's ok, she's comfortable on the floor. Kennedy notices the uneasyness, but Willow tells her it's because Buffy's out. Kennedy asks how many girls are arriving? Willow says just one, but more will be coming. Some more light hints at trying to convince Willow to get into the more comfortable bed, Kennedy then mentions that things will get ugly with all these girls and not enough bathrooms. Willow smiles and thinks that Kennedy grew up in a large family. Kennedy says no, only one half-sister, and they didn't have to share, "her bathroom was in a different wing of the house." Willow questions "Wing? Your house had wings?" Kennedy hints at her family being rich, mentioning a summer home in the hamptons, but she quickly changes the subject, asking Willow what her deal is with the new-agey magic. Willow says that it's kinda old-agey, and tries to change the subject away from magic talk, mentioning that she's tired. Kennedy says if she was tired, she'd be snoozing downstairs with the other girls.

Instead of sleeping, we find Molly in the living room telling other Slayers-In-Training about Annabell, who always seemed the level-headed one before she paniced and got taken out by the Turok-Han. The three SIT's, all new and not seen before, listen to it as if it's a ghost story. They then all get worried looks on their faces as one of them mentiones that Buffy has been gone a long time. From a couch, Xander interrupts "Maybe potential slayers can go without sleep. Me, I'm no good unless I've had my usual 90 minutes." "I'm with him, keep the chatter down!... or speak up so I can hear you better. I'm bored, episode One bored..." pipes up Andrew, STILL tied to a chair and set apart from the rest of the group. In the front door walks Buffy and Rona and introductions are made with everyone saying "Hi Rona." "Um, why is that guy tied to a chair?" is Rona's first question. "The question you'll soon be asking is why isn't he gagged?" Xander answers. Giles and Anya walk in from the kitchen, Anya prepping another sleeping bag. Giles suggests Molly take Rona for something to eat and the two head towards the kitchen. Buffy mentions to the group that Rona had Bringers waiting and then says she needs a way to kill the First. Giles says after some research he did, they still have very little to go on. Anya says the same, saying she did the rounds in the demon community and came up with nothing. Buffy then asks for any info on the Turok-Han. "Any idea what can kill it... Sunlight? Fire? Germs?" Andrew interrupts, trying to insert himself into the conversation by asking how Buffy will get to Spike with the Turok-Han guarding him? Buffy wants to shut Andrew up, but says he's got a point. Eve (long blonde haired SIT) questions about Spike, asking if he's the vampire that was killing recently. Buffy starts to explain, but then gives up, saying it's complicated. The three new SIT's (I'm not gonna describe the other two until they're given names, so there. :P ) say that they've been talking and are wondering if there's any sort of plan. Buffy sighs and says simply that they're working on it. Giles interrupts, saying there is an avenue they haven't tried yet: Beljox's eye, a sort of oracle in a different dimension. Anya is somewhat disturbed by the suggestion, but Buffy says they have to know soon, as Spike is running short on time.

Hands raised and bound against a cavern wall, Spike is almost out of it, still cut up and bruised, eye all swollen, no shirt. A Bringer approaches with a knife and pulls back (apparently to just give Spike his daily slashing?), ready to swing. Spike suddenly comes to life, kicking up, blocking the knife with his leg, grabbing the Bringer inbetween his legs and cracks his neck! Alerted, another Bringer comes to attack with a flaming torch as Spike breaks his bonds from the wall and takes him out with one kick. Spike runs off down the cavern and rounding a corner he sees Buffy walk up. She looks at him and and smiles. He smiles back, almost laughing, then goes forward to greet her...

Spike is snapped back by the leather restraints. All a dream. The First-Buffy (in a different outfit) looks at him with a sneer, taunting him by seeing that he's thinking about "her" again. The First talks coldly, saying that Spike should just give it up because they can't win. She looks behind her at the Uber-Vamp, who snarls in agreement and heads off somewhere. The First starts to continue the disheartening talk when she notices Spike is muttering to himself. She pulls in closer to hear. "She... will come for me." He mutters in a half-aware state. "no, I won't" says the First-Buffy, smiling sarcastically.

Daytime in an alley and Anya and Giles confront Torg, a demon who is emptying garbage from a restaurant he works at. Torg is hurt by Anya, who apparently had an "evening" with her and was then rejected. Anya asks for help in frustraition, then tells Torg that she'll sleep with him if he'll give them the information they need. Torg is disgusted by the idea "Ugh... you're human! The way you look now, i wouldn't touch you for all the kittens in china." Having enough, Giles interrupts, saying that if Torg gives them the info, the Slayer won't come and destroy the restaurant and kill all the demons within. Torg thinks this over and then makes a move as if to threaten Giles with a big sharp barb that sticks out from the top of his hand. Torg then slashes his other hand across it and squeezes some ooze out of the new wound. He then throws his arm behind him, throwing the ooze into the air which, after saying some mystic summoning spell, causes the air to start to light up, a glowing white cloudy portal opening in front of them. Tork grabs his trash can "There's your stinking gateway, Anyanka. Don't let it hit you on the way out." Giles and Anya approach the glowing air tentatively and walk through...

... and they appear a dark dimension, barely lit, the only thing heard is whistling wind. Giles asks where Beljox's eye is? "Here" says an echoey voice. Giles and Anya both approach the oracle-demon (Picture a large veiny mass about the size of a beach ball, complete with veiny muscles coming from behind, and covered in small eyes. Oh, there's a cage-type restraint thing encircling it and chaned to unseen points by three places.)

The phone rings and Willow answers. It's the Coven and Willow is at first happy to hear from them, asking if they've gotten a certain spell to work. Her face turns serious as they relay some important information...

"Ow, that's my joystick hand!" Andrew complains as Xander unties him from the chair. Buffy walks up, arms folded, looking sternly at Andrew, giving him the lowdown: "We don't have time to babysit a hostage... so I'm here to tell you, if you try anything, try to run... you ever see the movie Misery?" Andrew says yes, 6 times, but he liked the book better, then the idea dawns on him of what Buffy's meaning is. Willow walks in and tells Buffy that another SIT arrived in Sunnydale two days ago, they're only learning about it now because the SIT's watcher was killed before he could inform them (one of the coven's more powerful seers detected her). Buffy sees that there's still a few hours of daylight left so she and Xander head out to retreve the SIT who is staying at the Sunspot hotel. Dawn passes them on the way out and questions Willow where they're going. Willow tells her about another SIT's arrival and that another one in the fold will be good. Dawn expresses concern, wondering how much help a bunch of scared SIT's will be.

In the basement, the SIT's are training: Molly is practicing flipping a stake (slowly), Kennedy holds a punching bag for one of the two yet to be named gals, the other is stretching. Eve asks what they're all doing there with a hint of sarcasm. "Called training. Didn't your Watcher ever teach you the word?" Nora says she never had a Watcher, just having found out what she is when the "crazy ass monks" started coming for her. Eve continues with the gloom and doom talk, wondering what they're going to do. She's never seen a real vampire, let alone slayed one. The SIT who was stretching (hereby known as "hat-wearing SIT" cause she's wearing a knitted rainbow beret) says she saw a vampire, then backtracks and says she saw a picture of a vampire... a blurry picture. Eve says not one of them is remotely ready should any of them be activated as the Slayer. Kennedy says she feels ready. Nora wants clarification by saying that to be activated the Slayer has to die, then one of them is activated. "I prefer called" says Molly. "I heard there's more than one..." says Hat-SIT. Molly says it doesn't make any sense, but Eve keeps up the slightly worried, negative talk, saying that Buffy can't live forever and one of them will be called. They start talking about how they're not prepared, too young (excpet for Kennedy, who thinks she might be too old and it might be too late) as Eve says all they can do is sit around and wait for each other to die.

At a roadside hotel, Buffy knocks on a door to a room "hello? it's ok, we're friendly... and we have eyes." Xander peers into the side window, then seeing something, tells Buffy to break the door down. Buffy kicks the door open and they enter to find a dead blonde girl laying face down. Buffy feels her and says she's cold, been dead for days. Buffy then turns her over and is startled to see that it's Eve.

The SIT's all sit in a circle... "Just my personal opinion, but I don't think the slayer can protect us from the First" says Eve-First...

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Andrew talks to Dawn, saying that Buffy wouldn't be as tough if there were a male ninja-slayer. Dawn defends her sister, saying Buffy could kick his ass. Andrew then questions why they're trying to save Spike when he's a killer. Dawn says that Spike was being controlled by the First, and he has a soul now, and they need his help. Andrew gets a little miffed, saying that he's an evil genius and he can be of use too. Dawn questions what he can do, which Andrew says he can breed demons, and plan and such. "Buffy says if you keep talking I have permission to kill you" Dawn says to Andrew, who doubts at first, then believes, then smiles "licence to kill... pretty cool." Andrew then goes into a diatribe about Timothy Dalton's Bond and Dawn just looks at him strangely, wondering what language he's speaking. Andrew gets frustraited and plops down on the couch. "I'm so alone." he says. "Then maybe you shouldn't have killed your only friend." Dawn counters. She looks at him as he says he's in the know, has his fingers on the pulse of the situation. Dawn rolls her eyes and walks out as Andrew calls after her "You wanna play Kevin Bacon?"

Buffy enters the front door in a hurry with Xander in tow, looking in on everyone without a word. Dawn and Willow in the living room see she's worried and follow. Buffy peeks in on Andrew (who's worried because he had his feet on the couch), then he follows her. Buffy goes down into the basement, demanding "Get away from them." The SIT's are all confused, wondering what's wrong? Looking straight at Eve, Buffy demands "Get away from them" again. All stand apart from First-Eve as Dawn questions what's wrong. Xander says it's not Eve, Eve's dead. First-Eve smiles and admits her cover's been blown, turning to the other shocked girls and saying it's been fun spending the nights with them and learning a lot. Buffy demands "shut up and get out!" First-Eve gives a parting warning, saying that she's sending over a friend later that evening. She then dissapears with a smart-aleky "goodbye."

In the dimension of the Beljox, the huge pulsing mass of eyes speaks in mystic words, saying that the First always was and will be and can't be destoyed, yada yada. Giles says there must be some way. "What, am I talking to myself here? There's no way!" Beljox's eye snaps back. Anya's eager to leave, a little freaked, but Giles presses, asking why the First has chosen now to appear. The Eye says conditions weren't right up until now and that a disruption in the life of the Chosen one has allowed the First to appear. Giles demands to know what has caused the disruption. The Eye answers "the Slayer."

Back in the Summer's home, all the SIT's along with Buffy, Xander, Dawn, and Willow sit at the dining room table, freaked out by the First's appearance as Eve amongst them. The SIT's are filled with doubt, wondering how they'll be able to fight the First. Buffy tries to counter, saying that they've got to stick together and that now is not the time to fall apart, they're stronger than that. They just have to wait for Giles and Anya for information and stick together. Andrew interrupts from the corner "She's right! Where would the Justice League be if they hadn't put aside their differences to stop the Imperium and his shapeshifting alien horde?" "Dont' help me" says Buffy, stairing daggers into Andrew. Xander mentions that the Ubervamp is on his way there so they need a plan. Buffy says she thinks the Ubervamp doesn't need an invite into the house and turns to Willow, asking her if she thinks she could use magic. Willow sighs, realizing they need a barrier. The scene starts to break down as we hear the different SIT's start to question everything, how to fight, what if the barrier doesn't hold, how to kill the Ubervamp when Buffy staked it. Buffy watches and looks at Willow, who looks concerned. Both get up and slowly exit the worry-filled room, passing by Xander who is startled by something and blurts out "What?" He exits after them and all three scoobies stand silently in the kitchen as the SIT's jabber in the background.

In the cavern, the First in Eve form smiles evilly and tells the Ubervamp that the time has come to take them all, except for Buffy. The Ubervamp snarls and heads out as First-Eve turns and instantly morphs into Buffy, who approaches a still bound Spike, saying she just loves having him all to herself.

Night time and outside of the Summers home, Bringers surround. The SIT's look outside at the Bringers who simply stand there, waiting. Buffy says they're not there to attack, but instead to keep them from getting out. Buffy grabs a sword out of the weapons chest and hands it to Rona, who is still disheartened and asks "What's the point?" Kennedy points at the sword's tip "It's this end right here, you stick it in the bad guys." Kennedy then grabs a crossbow out of the chest and is obviously proficient at it's use. Andrew then approaches and asks Buffy for a weapon, saying he has a right to defend himself. Buffy grabs a bottle and hands it to Andrew. The bottle's label reads "holy water." Andrew at first looks dissapointed, then clutchees the bottle as if it's life itself.

In another room, Willow is trying to face her fear of using magic by gently floating a candle above her palm. Kennedy interrupts, seeing the magic and saying "Wow!" The candle drops into Willow's hand from the distraction and says she's just testing. Kennedy tells that she heard Willow went all bad Voodoo once and in a flirtatious tone hints that's something she'd like to see. Willow cuts her off, saying the last time she used magic the First got inside her and it was bad "I felt it. In every fiber of my being. Pure, undiluted evil. I could taste it." "What does evil taste like?" Kennedy asks. "Kinda Chalky" Willow answers.

Dawn gets their attention as she looks out the window, saying something's happening. They all peer out and see the Bringers parting for the Ubervamp, who walks up to the front door menacingly.

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"Bang... Bang..." The ubervamp bashes into the door, trying to break it down, as Willow starts chanting "Sapeia, Sepia..." "Deflector Shields... Deflector Shields up!" says Andrew as the door suddenly bursts open (and may I just interject her that you really don't have to look hard at all to see the black wire/rope connected to the door that pulls it open. Very, very badly done). The ubervamp enters and turns towards the group, all huddled together in the living room, but Willow completes the spell and a light blue-ish barrier springs up in front of the Ubervamp, who starts punching and clawing at it! Willow's eyes are black and it is obvious that she's struggling to hold the barrier up. She says it's strong and she can't hold it long. The SIT's wonder what to do. Buffy says simply "Run! Everybody RUN!" They all take off out the back door as the Ubervamp continues to pummel the barrier!

Outside all the SIT's are met with a few Bringers who attack. The SIT's continue to run as Xander and Buffy attack the Bringers. One Bringer gets Xander in a defensive position, but Buffy knifes it in the back and all is good. They run off as the Ubervamp finally breaks through the barrier and goes in pursuit.

Appearing out of the dimentional void, Anya and Giles are winded and confused. Anya doesn't understand what the Beljox's eye meant. Giles explains that it's not because Buffy died that things are now in upheaval, but because she is living again. Anya starts to get a sullen look on her face, knowing the truth: The First is there because Willow and Xander and she brought Buffy back to life. Everything would be fine if Buffy had just stayed dead.

In the middle of a nighttime Sunnydale street the group pauses to catch their breath and re-group. They look behind but dont' see any imminent pursuit, but Buffy knows the Turok-Han is back there. Buffy says it's time for them to split up and orders Xander to take the others to a safe place. Dawn protests, but Buffy says she can take care of the Ubervamp and will lead it away from them. Buffy then grabs the vial of holy water out of Andrew's protesting hands and runs off, quickly finding the Ubervamp. Buffy runs up full speed and does a long running kick, which has no effect on Ubie. Ubie approaches Buffy who is grounded, but Buffy throws the vial of holy water at the vamp and it scars and burns it's face, turning around briefly in pain. Ubie then grabs Buffy and throws her into a car window, but then Buffy re-groups and takes off running. She looks back after running a distance and sees... nothing. Ubie is nowhere to be seen.

Approaching a construction area, Xander and crew climb down some metal scaffolds. The SIT's are still shaken and wondering what they're doing there. When asked where they are, Xander says "Future sight of the new Public Library, opening May 2003, if I ever get back to work." While the SIT's are confused, Willow seems to know what's happening and says that it's a good place and tells everyone to take positions. The area is wide open, surrounded by cement walls and scaffolds. Rona begins to question what's happening and is worried for Buffy and themselves, saying that for all they know the Ubervamp has killed Buffy and it's on it's way there. "Or it could just skip that part and come straight here" says Kennedy, looking at horror off in the distance. Yep, Ubie has arrived, and approaches the clearing all snarling...

Commercial Break: Tabula Rasa, where the banter is fast and confusing, but always entertaining... and a little bit naughty. But in a "Tender" way.

The Ubervamp looks around and growls, hitting a stack of pipes and sending the pipes scattering as a show of force. "oh no no no no no..." mutters one of the SIT's (the non-hat one who is now named Chloe I think). They all stand in a bunch, weapons drawn tentatively, not ready for what's to come, when suddenly the area is flooded with light! Huge worklights brighten up the entire area and the SIT's look around, finally noticing the imposing form of Buffy, standing on a ledge, sillouetted by light. Seeing that Ubie is distracted, Kennedy draws her crossbow up and is ready to fire, but Willow pushes it back down "Just watch... it's showtime..." They all back up and begin to climb the scaffolds to safety as Buffy looks on, throwing jibes at the Ubervamp. She jumps, doing a forward summersault and approaches the Ubervamp with confidence, saying that up until then, he's done his job, letting the SIT's just sit around and wait to be killed, but now it's her turn and she's gonna kick his ass, yada yada. (it's a nice speech, trust me, but too lengthy to put down now). "Welcome to Thunderdome" she ends with, as Andrew mumbles "Two men enter, one man leaves..."

From the safety of an upper scaffold the SIT's, Dawn, Xander, and Willow all watch as the fight begins. Buffy innitially gets in a few good licks but Ubie strikes back hard. From the scaffold, Dawn looks at Willow and realizes that they planned this all, everything was set up to go like this... Willow watches silently.

Back in the Summer's home, all the SIT's along with Buffy, Xander, Dawn, and Willow sit at the dining room table, freaked out by the First's appearance as Eve amongst them. The SIT's are filled with doubt, wondering how they'll be able to fight the First. Buffy tries to counter, saying that they've got to stick together and that now is not the time to fall apart, they're stronger than that. The scene starts to break down as we hear the different SIT's start to question everything, how to fight, what if the barrier doesn't hold, how to kill the Ubervamp when Buffy staked it. Buffy watches and looks at Willow, who asks Willow, using telepathy, if she can hear her. Willow says yes (in her mind, duh). Buffy says silently that they're losing them and then suddenly gets an idea. Buffy mentally tells Willow to get Xander's attention. Both get up and slowly exit the worry-filled room, passing by Xander who is startled by something and blurts out "What?", answering to Willow's mental talk. He exits after them and all three scoobies stand silently in the kitchen as they discuss plans using telepathy. Buffy says she has to kill the ubervamp to get spike out of the cave, but she needs the girls to see her kill Ubie to get confidence. Xander nods and says he knows just the place...

Back to the battle, and unfortunately Buffy is losing. After some punches and kicks, she is slammed into the scaffold, which causes Kennedy to lose her crossbow, which falls in front of Buffy. Buffy grabs it, takes aim, and fires into the approaching Ubervamp, who still continues forward, ignoring the bolt that sticks out of his chest. Rising up, Buffy grabs a pipe and starts to whack away at Ubie (and she does this neat poll vault thing with it too, using the pipe to get an axe that lays nearby), but of course, Ubie gets the advantage again and dodges the axe swings, grabs Buffy, and throws her into a construction trailer's side. More punches, more dodges, Buffy is badly losing, laying on the ground and being kicked. Ubie then grabs her and throws her UP through some scaffolding boards, where she lands on the scaffold a level up. Ubie is there, approaching to attack yet again. Dazed, Buffy doesnt' have time to struggle as Ubie grips her around the throat and raises her in that classic stance. The SIT's want to help, saying they have to do something, but Willow tells them to wait and watch. Buffy struggles in Ubie's grasp, but then gets an idea. She grabs the crossbow bolt from Ubie's chest and breaks the end off, then Jams it in his right eye! He screams in pain and she is dropped. Then it's fists and feel of fury as Buffy is supremely pissed and starts to beat the crap out of Ubie, slowly beating him down into a dazed state. He then is punched and spins around, which gives Buffy enough time to grab a thick wire that was nearby and wrap it around ubie's throat. She starts choaking the vampire with all her strength until, like a blade, the wire cuts his head clean off and sure enough, PAF, Ubie turns to dust!

Buffy cleans her hands and looks at the SIT's who watch from above "See? Dust, just like the rest of em... I don't' know what's coming next. But I do know it's all gonna come down just like this. Hard. Painful. But in the end It's gonna be us. If we all do our part, Believe it, We'll be the ones left standing. Here endeth the lesson." The SIT's start to climb down, all smiling, having a renewed sense of power and belief. All of them walk out with Buffy from the construction area as FirstEve looks down from the Scaffolding where they stood before.

Spike, still bound against the wall, beaten to a pulp, looks up to find Buffy standing in front of him, holding one of the Bringer's Daggers. "A...knife, now, is it? ...What...What'll that--? Y-you can't...hurt me. You're just...just a bloody figment, you are. Just a..." He mumbles, not knowing what is happening. Buffy walks up calmly and cuts one of the leather bonds, letting Spike's hand fall to her shoulder. He realizes he's touching her and the realization sets in. "Oh..." he says as she cuts the other bond and takes him around the waist, helping him silently out of the cavern.

Grrr... Arrrg...

The End

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