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"Conversations With Dead People"

Episode 129 - "Conversations With Dead People" Episode 129 - "Conversations With Dead People" Episode 129 - "Conversations With Dead People"

"Conversations With Dead People"

Episode Number: 7.7
Running Time: --
Summary written by Leoff

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Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Warren shoots Tara, Willow flays Warren, Anya warns Andrew and Johnathan that Willow is coming, Andrew and Johnathan plot to go to Mexico, Anya see's Spike's soul, Buffy learns of Spike having his soul, Cassie collapses at Buffy's feet, Spike gives the "From Beneath You, It Devours" speech to Buffy.

An unseen person prepares an electric guitar for playing, turning on the amp, etc., while the title "Conversations with Dead People" comes on the screen. it is followed by drums being tested and the caption "November 12th, 2002" and "8:01pm." Then a singer starts to sing a slow, dark tune at the Bronze as we have cutaways to Buffy walking alone in a dark cemetary. At the Bronze, Spike sits at the bar, a drink in front of him. Singer... Buffy... Spike... then Willow is seen, almost falling asleep, draped over a pile of books in the UC library. The singer continues as Dawn comes in the front door to an empty Summers home. She finds a note on the shelf "Will and I are out until late. Here's money for the store. NO PIZZA! Love you, Buffy." Dawn grabs the money paperclipped to the note. Buffy slowly kneels at a freshly layed grave as a hand slowly breaks the surface and the singer's tune ends. "Here we go..." mumbles Buffy.

Opening credits: Nothing new.

An El Camino drives down a dark street. Andrew asks why Johnathan why he's simply circling. Johnathan says it's to keep a low profile. Andrew says he's just scared and Johnathan admits he is. "Last time we were here 33.3% of us were flayed alive." Johnathan thinks they should have stayed in Mexico, but Andrew didn't like it there. "Everyone spoke Mexicoan." Andrew mentions not wanting anymore nightmares and Johnathan agrees, muttering someting in an unknown language (I believe Klingon). Andrew translates: "It eats you starting with your bottom." Then both say they're both gonna make it right....

Mid combat, Buffy is up against a talented Vampire. Punches and kicks are thrown, showing it's a TAD tougher than usual.

"Anchovies, Anchovies, yummy and delicious, i love you more than all the other fishes!" Dawn sings as she happily munches on a piece of pizza. She accidentally spills some pizza sauce on one of Buffy's shirts. "oh.... ah... she'll think it's blood.

Music plays in the background on a stereo as Dawn swings an axe, "playing" Slayer in the living room. "Taste my blood, spawn of evil!" she says as she plants it in a shelf.

Dawn picks up a crossbow, spins, and fires! The bolt lands in a wall and when Dawn tries to pull it out, she takes a chunk of the wall with the bolt. She craftily moves a large plant in front of the new hole.

Now Salsa music plays on a radio as Dawn goes into the kitchen, dancing happily. She grabs a bag, pulls out a marshmellow, pops it in the microwave, and watches it start to grow and expand. "Cool..." she say, but then is interrupted by a loud, echoing "thud" from somewhere in the house. She turns, startled.

Willow scribbles down some notes on a pad when she is startled by a familure voice behind books "So, this is the UC library, eh? It's so big..." Cassie comes walking from behind a shelf of books. Willow looks at her with confusion and recognition, then remembers seeing pictures. Willow remarks that it's weird because Cassie is dead, which Cassie agrees with. Willow wonders if she's dreaming, but Cassie assures her that she's not, she's really there, well, not really, but really, it's complicated. Cassie also finds it ironic that she wrote all those poems about death and everything ending and there she is, talking to Willow. Cassie then sits across from Willow "I knew that this would completely freak you out, it's just... she asked that I come talk to you, it's important." Willow asks what Cassie's talking about. Cassie says "She says she still sings." A scared look comes on Willow's face as she asks "what?" Cassie reminds Willow of the time on the bridge when "she" sang to her, and even thought Willow can't hear it, "she" still sings. Cassie smiles as Willow now understands "Tara..."

Dawn watches an old black and white movie as she talks on the phone with Kit and eats melty-gooey marshmellow. The sharp, echoey THUMP is heard again and Dawn says she heard the sound again. She mutes the TV and rises to go and check as the thumping continues a few more times. Still on the phone, Dawn walks near the front door and it blows open, strong winds blow her back. She struggles witht he door and eventually closes it. Just then the TV's sound pops on again. Dawn tries to mute, doesn't work. Tries to shut it off, it won't turn off! She unplugs it! it won't turn off!

The battle continues in the graveyard as Buffy fights the Vampire. He momentarily gets the upper hand, pinning her agains a headstone when suddenly he stops. "Buffy? Buffy Summers?" The vampire pulls back, smiling, then introduces himself when Buffy doesn't recognize him. "Webs... Holden Webster. We went to school together, European History." He questions whether she remembers him. Buffy tries to fake it, nodding "sure, sure..."

The living room stereo pops on, playing music, the TV continues to blare. Dawn picks up the axe she was playing with before and plants it right in the TV tube, then swings and destroys the stereo. She still hears the salsa music in the background, coming from the kitchen, and goes to investigate. She is scared, clutching the axe, as she sees the Microwave start to glow red, then bright red, then it explodes, sending glass showering across the floor. Dawn backs up over it into a corner, cutting her feet. The radio on the counter then goes static for a few seconds, then a voice is heard. "Dawn?" The music continues to play as Dawn recognized the voice on the radio. "Mom?"

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Holden continues reminicing about high school days, trying to spark Buffy's memory, but she still doesn't remember until he reminds her about the time he dropped a light board on her foot. Buffy remarks how much he's changed with the demon face and all and the two begin to "chat." Buffy asks what he's been up to. He says, besides dying, majoring in psych, doing an internship at Sunnydale mental hospital, then he asks if Buffy remembers "Crazy Jay." Buffy says yes. Holden says it turns out that he really was crazy, been there since high school ended. The two walk slowly, reminising, as Holden's face morphs to human form. "Did my face just change?" he asks. Buffy tells him he can do that, then he gets it: he's a vampire! Buffy then starts to apologize for him but he says it's ok, he's connected to evil. He asks her how things are with her. "Not so much connected." Holden questions what she's doing with the Stake and Cross. "I'm the Slayer... it's kind of a thing..." He wonders if she's a professional, but she says it's more a calling, been doing it since high school. Holden comments how in high school she was all mysterious, saying there were rumors she was dating an older guy and that someone she dated said she was gay. Turns out this guy was gay himself and said that about all the girls he dated.

Holden then goes on to say that she's a Slayer. Buffy corrects him, saying "The" Slayer. Holden then thinks and asks what she meant by her not being connected, saying it's a telling statement, but Buffy spots the "Psych 101 alert" and argues she doesn't want advice from the evil dead. Holden says he was simply using her own words, which Buffy backpeddals on saying she's connected to everything. The scene changes, focusing on Buffy's cell phone laying on the ground, ringing.

Dawn pleads into the phone for Buffy to pick up, not knowing what to do. She puts the phone down and finishes bandaging her foot in the living room, picking up the radio that is by her side and shaking it, saying 'Do it again, i heard you!" The THUMP is heard and Dawn looks slowly at the couch which lays bare (the couch that Joyce died on). Suddenly the room shakes and the lights glow then fade to black, then come back up to reveal things around the room VERY different. Chairs are balanced on top of tables, the weapons chest is overturned, and on the wall, scrawled in blood, is "Mother's milk is red today" just above a bloody handprint. Dawn looks around scared as the room shakes again, the lights grow dim, and then raise again to reveal... everything back to normal. No upended furnature, no blood on the wall. Then the pounding/thudding starts again as Dawn cries "Why are you doing this?!? I don't understand! Stop stop STOP!!!!" she cries as the thudding continues, then... stops ominously. Dawn rises, scared. "Hello?" THUD. Dawn says out loud "once for yes, twice for no." then after a moment, asks "Mom?" THUD. "It's you?" THUD. "Are you ok?" THUD THUD. "You're not alone. mom. Mommy? Are you alone?" THUD THUD. Just then, the room starts to shake again, pictures fall off the walls, lightbulbs explode in lamps, as Dawn yells "Why are you doing this?!?"

In the high school's library, a black rope is lowered and a figure drops down. Johnathan, clad in black stealth gear releases the rope and looks around cautiously as we then hear "Aaaahhh THUD". Andrew falls hard onto the ground behind him.

In the high school's hallway, both boys look around in the dark, acting stealthy but nervous. Johnathan suggests lights, but Andrew says someone might see. They then hear a noise down the hall. Johnathan then suggests getting Buffy, to which Andrew says no. Johnathan wants to let her know about "The seal of Danzathar" (although on closed captioning it says "the evil Danzathar", they clearly say seal). Andrew says if they go to her empty handed they'll be in prison quick, they need proof to give to Buffy so that then they can save everyone in Sunnydale. "Then we join her gang and possibly hang out at her house" he smiles. Both continue to walkin the dark hallways, a ton of gear strapped to their backs. Andrew holds a map of the school and says they should look for the principals office. Johnathan says they should split up to look, but first suggests they check communications as they both pull out walkie talkies. They test them, saying 'Check" about 20 times, then satisfied, they part, walking to opposite ends of the hall. Not even out of sight or earshot, Johnathan calls on his Radio "Echo 2 to Echo 1." "This is Echo 1, go ahead' Andrew answers. "Do you really think they'll let us join their gang?" Johnathan asks. Andrew gives him a disgusted look as Johnathan continues around a corner, out of sight. "Nice Job" says a voice from down the hall. Andrew spins to see Warren walking up to him, grinning. Andrew is scared but Warren calms him down. "You keep leaving. I hate it when you keep leaving me. One time you died and I ended up a Mexican." Andrew says. Warren continues to calm him down, saying everything is ok, his death was part of the plan. "If you strike me down..." Warren muses, to which Andrew smiles and finishes "... I shall become more powerful than you ever imagined." Warren says that if "short round" can pull his thing off, they'll both become gods. "That boy is our last hope..." Andrew muses, turning towards Johnathan's direction. Warren continues the famous phrase "... No, there is another." "Really? who's our last hope?" Andrew asks, totally blowing the moment. "no, there isn't one. I was just going with it. It was a thing. He is our last hope." Warren says.

Willow and Cassie sit at the library table as Willow asks if Cassie is Tara? Cassie says that Tara can only hear her, she couldn't come. Willow wonders why Cassie could but not Tara, but Cassie says she just couldn't, because of what Willow did, the deaths she caused. Willow can't see her. Willow then asks for confirmation that Cassie can talk with her and that Tara can hear her. Cassie nods as Willow looks to the air, tears swelling up. "Tara... Tara I miss you..." Willow then notices a sad look come across Cassie's face and wonders what is happening, wonders if Tara went away. Cassie says that Tara is crying. "No, don't cry. Don't cry sweety, talk to me." Cassie says Tara misses her and wishes she could touch her. Willow says the same and smiles, saying that it's tough and she feels empty. Tara (Cassie) responds that Willow is strong, "strong like an amazon, remember?" Willow nods, smiling and crying.

Spike sits at the Bronze bar as a blonde comes up and places a pack of cigarrettes on the counter next to him. She pulls up a chair and looks at him with seductive eyes.

"So, you meet someone and you form a bond..." Holden says. "... and it never lasts." finishes Buffy. She lays on a tomb as if it were a shrink's couch, with Holden sitting nearby 'analyzing' her. She comments how her parents split and that she is showing similar resoning by never finding the right guy. Holden comments that she's scared to commit, but she takes offense, saying she's committed, she's a committe! Holden then says sarcastically it's all the guys faults, which makes Buffy rise and says it's different. Holden then says that Buffy's too young to be settling down anyways, she's only 21. He says that just because he really loved his college girlfriend he's not gonna go and "vampify" her so they can live forever. "Sire" Buffy corrects him, saying that when a person is made into a vampire, it's called siring. Holden gets up and is full of wonder, saying he has so much to learn, then says it is odd that he couldnt' even talk to her in high school and now they're moral enemies. "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we became Nemisies?" he says. "Is THAT how you say the word?" Buffy asks. Holden then gets a bummed look on his face, realizing they're gonna have to fight to the death. Buffy says it's part of the plan, which Holden says is cool, he's got his blood lust pumping. He then thanks her for the chat and getting caught up. He then says he should stop by some of his old high school friends and catch up with them, which makes Buffy grow meloncoly. Holden sees this and backpeddals, wondering what's up, if she's sad because they're gonna fight. Buffy says it's because she's gonna win. Holden calls her on her cockyness, saying she's a little bit too self assured, especially with him knowng Ti-quan-do and such, and claims she has a superiority complex. She argues back but then out of nowhere Holden asks her who's fault she thinks her parent's divorce was? Buffy starts to walk away, thinking the topic "insane troll logic" but Holden presses and Buffy then grows meloncoly again. She admits she feels it's her Father's fault. Then Holden puts two and two together for her, asking her if she thinks that because of her Dad's failure, the reason she now has trouble connecting with Guys is because she thinks she's better than them.

Holden then confronts her by saying "How could anyone do this for 7 years and NOT feel superior?" Buffy says she's not... then she trails off, commenting on things she's done, things she's done to her best friends, things she did to the last guy she dated... how she both did cruel things to him and also let him control her. Holden listens to her as he walks up to a headstone that has a porceline Virgin Mary statue on top. "There's nothing wrong with you" he says as he lifts the statue and swings it, blindsiding Buffy and knocking her to the ground. He then jumps over her and grips her throat. Bearing his fangs, he says "everyone's got issues" and goes in for the bite...

Commercial Break: Todd's Virgin Mary statues. Now made of high-impact porceline, able to withstand a beating!

Buffy throws him aside and then starts to beat the crap out of Holden, calling him a son of a bitch for what he did. During the fight Holden apologizes, saying that the confession just made him want to bite her, he got carried away and didn't know how to handle all the mortal enemy stuff. Kicks and punches are thrown as the two eventually crash through the stained glass windows of a nearby mausoleum

Dawn looks around, scared but also angry. She can hear growling within the room. "Are you hurting my mother? Are you keeping her from coming back to me?" Dawn asks the growling. The room flashes, and a brief glimpse of Joyce, posessed look about her laying on the couch is seen. Dawn starts towards her then another flash is seen, and a humanoid "form' is seen crowching over Joyce. Dawn orders the "thing" off of her mother and then remembers the Axe. She scrambles on the ground, looking for it, but then looks up just in time to see it swinging for her. She screams and ducks, then gets up and runs for the front door. The wind whips up again and she hears a ghostly "GET OUT." as the door flies open. Dawn starts through, then regains her courage and closes the door. "She's my mother... I'm staying."

In the basement of the school, Andrew and Johnathan look at the map, confused by the labrynth of the place. Andrew's scared, thining it's like Hellraiser. Johnathan grabs the map from him and then wonders if they circled around. Andrew then shines his light on a far door which Warren stands in front of. It is Spike's old joint in the basement! Johnathan shines his flashlight on the same door, not seeing Warren's form. Johnathan looks at the map and says he might be right.

The two boys enter the room and see a wide open dirt floor. Johnathan says that if everything is correct, the seal should be right in front of them. Andrew takes a pick-axe to the spot and starts digging up the ground.

The fight in the tomb continues and Buffy eventually pins Holden, ready to stake him. "There, you're dead" she says. "OK, but are you going to kill me because I'm evil, or because you opened up to me?" Holden asks. Buffy gets off in disgust and barges a few steps away as Holden gets up and dusts himself off (but not before she kicks him hard because he's smiling). Holden says this is no worry for him, his only concern is whether Patricia showed up at his funeral, because she was hot! Buffy gets mad, wondering what the deal is with vampires talking about nothing but death and sex and love and pain. Holden says it's more a guy thing, but Buffy says no, it's different with vampires because... "believe me, i know." Light dawns on Holden's head as he gets the hint. He then challenges Buffy, knowing that they're still going to fight to the death, but he wants to ask her one question and if he's right, then he gets to talk to her about it, no defenses, no hiding, total openness. She agrees. Holden smirks "Your last relationship... was it with a vampire?"

Spike walks down a nighttime sunnydale street with the blonde he met at the bar. things look innocent, with him walking and talking, hands in pockets, seemingly enjoying himself.

Willow asks "Tara" (through Cassie) if she knew about the events after Warren shot her, then comments that she hurt so many people. Tara (cassie) understands that she was grieving. Cassie says it was the power that did it, and while Willow argues that the power was within her and is a part of her, Cassie says the power is bigger than she is, and she must stop using it. Cassie then says Willow must not use magic at all from now on, no amount. Willow brings up Giles' view on how the magic's a part of her and not evil, but Cassie is firm and tells her she cannot use magic or she will hurt others. "They" have seen Willow's path and says "you're not going to be ok and you're going to kill everybody." A horrified look comes on Willow's face.

Commercial Break: Windex makes it SHINE!

Johnathan and Andrew continue to dig at the floor, now a large wide hole is seen. Johnathan notes they almost have it uncovered then wonders if Buffy will know how to stop it, then he blurts out "36-19-27! That's it!" he recalls his locker combonation, which Andrew scoffs at, wondering why he's trying to remember high school. Johnathan begins a speech on how he misses his high school days. He misses his friends, his enemies, the people that knew him, the people that never existed. He is very reminicent and thoughtful about his past high school years. During his speech, Andrew notices Warren standing behind Johnathan, grinning evilly, which makes Andrew have a look of concern and uncertainty. Johnathan says he wants to talk to all those people and see how they're doing, he wonders about them. Andrew scoffs back, saying that all those people don't wanna talk to him. Not one of them cares about Johnathan. "Well, i still care about them, that's why i'm here."muses johnathan as he continues digging with a smile. From above them we now they are uncovering a large silvery seal about 10 feet in diameter, mystic symbols and ruins on it's surface.

Dawn says she knows the creature is there as she starts to cast her spell. She looks from a book as candles are lit before her and she grinds something in a pestle and motar. She comments that she has to get rid of the creature because her mother needs to talk to her. She reaches in and grabs some glitterdust, throwing it in the air and commands "i cast you from this place!" She is thrown, sliding across the floor into the far wall, but she continues to throw the dust and speak the spell, which gets the creature angry. It growls and the room comes alive. A slash appears on her face, windows break, the candles are snuffed, carnage!

Buffy sits next to Holden, talking about Spike, about how he does care for her in his own sick, weird way. She then says she wanted to be loved, but also to be punished because of all this power she had. She feels that she's worse than everyone else, that she's not worthy of their love because... even though they do love her their opinions don't matter. They haven't been though what she has, she's the Slayer. She feels like she's better than them, superior. Holden listens to her speech and then breaks it down, saying "You do have a superiority complex with an inferiority complex about it." Buffy says it doesn't make sense, but Holden says it makes every sort of sense. She feels alone, and everybody feels alone until they die. The understanding Holden then gets up and shadowboxes for a second, wondering if Buffy's ready for the big battle? Buffy rises and says yes, then thanks him for listening to her and understanding. He nods as he puts up his dukes. Buffy says "Listen, that stuff with Spike..." and Holden halts her for a moment. "Did you say Spike?"

At the front door of the Blonde's home, Spike shows her to the door, acting a tad shy, standoffish, gentilemanly.

The wind still whips through the room as Dawn commands the creature to be gone. She is thrown against a wall again, hard, but she continues "i cast you out with the strength of those who love me!" She picks up the mortar/pestle and heaves it in the direction of the beast and it howls in pain. Blood spatters on the walls, all around, as the wind and room are still alive, but all slowly does down and becomes calm as Dawn collapses, tired, to the floor. Then, in front of her, a bright light starts to glow. She looks up to see a white clad form standing before her. "Mom?"

Willow's look is horrified as she questions Cassie about what she saw and what her path is? Cassie says she doesn't want to know, it's too horrendous. Cassie then says Willow can avoid it if she stops all magic use, which Willow willingly agrees to, but then questions because of what Giles said, wondering if she will be able to control herself and won't go off the wagon again? She says in a worried tone that she's not strong enough, she's not an Amazon. Cassie says there is one other choice, one thing Willow can do to save her friends. "And you could see her, you wouldn't have to talk through with me. So go, be with her..." Cassie's tone changes slightly, trying to convince Willow to take her life. Willow's expression changes to one of mistrust and caution. "who are you?" She asks.

Buffy asks Holden how he knows Spike. Holden says "Whaddya mean how? he was the guy who...what's the word?" "Sired?" Buffy asks. Holden nods "yeah... sired me."

Spike's face suddenly goes Vamp as he rears back, biting the blonde on her doorstep.

Dawn looks at the glowing white figure of her mother. "Things are coming, Dawn, things are on their way. Listen, I love you and i love Buffy, but she won't be there for you. When it's bad, Buffy won't choose you. She'll be against you." Joyce's image then slowly fades away with Dawn wondering what she means and pleading for her mother to stay. Dawn then collapses on the ground crying amidst the messy room.

Johnathan feels a hand on his shoulder as he turns and stands, seeing Andrew. Behind Andrew Johnathan sees Warren grinning. A split second of shock on his face, just before Andrew plunges a sword into Johnathan's stomach. Johnathan falls to the ground as Andrew looks down at him coldly.

Cassie starts to mock Willow and her feelings for Tara, saying that she seemed so ripe for suicide. She could picture the scene with candles and music and a picture of the dead girlfriend on her bloodly lap. Willow orders her to stop and asks who she is. Cassie continues to mock, mimicing Willow's earlier 'feeling empty' comments, saying it hurts. Then her look turns cold, serious. "You dont' know hurt. This last year is gonna seem like cake after what I put your friends through and i'm not a fan of easy death. Fact is the whole good vs. evil balancing the scales thing, i'm over it. i'm done with the mortal coil. But believe me, i'm going for a big finish."

"From beneath you it devours" Willow murmurs.

"Oh, not it... me." says Cassie as she grins, then smiles, then her mouth opens wider, and wider, and her lips fold back upon her face and head and body. She turns inside out, vanishing in a dissapearing glob in mid air.

Dawn sits amoung the former carnage of the room, sad, wondering what happened, as the song heard at the beginning of the show swells up in the background over the montage of re-caps:

Johnathan falls to the ground, laying face up, sprawled out on the large symbol they unearthed, a sword sticking out of his side. Andrew looks down in confusion, Warren stands behind him coldly.

Spike drops the blonde from his grasp, letting her crumple to the ground. He shakes his head, blood dripping from his mouth and fangs.

Buffy pulls the stake back from the Vampire dust cloud, dusting Holden. She stands as the the final chord of the song ends with the word "alone."


Grrr... Arrrg...

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