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Episode 128 - "Him" Episode 128 - "Him" Episode 128 - "Him"


Episode Number: 7.6
Running Time: 42:55
Summary written by Leoff

Disclaimer: This summary is the intellectual property of someone who wakes in the wee hours to crank these suckers out and he takes pride in his work and doesn't wish to see others take credit for it. Please feel free to link to www.leoffonline.com OR copy and paste this summary, giving credit to Leoff Online and his unofficial sponsor, the Buffy Cross and Stake. Thanks for your support and respect of my work.

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Heh, can you believe this? I missed it. Bummer

Marching into his place, Xander lays out his house rules aloud as Buffy and Dawn walk in behind him. Xander turns towards the adressee: Spike, who stands at the door's threashold, a constant rolling of the eyes look on his face. Xander, in his own unique way, expresses his distaste for the situation, but dispite his voiced objections, Buffy asks "invitation?" Xander begrudgingly agrees: "Fine. I invite you in... nimrod."

Xander again wonders why Spike is suddenly Buffy's concern, to which Buffy defends back, saying that the school basement is making him crazy and they just can't leave him there. "Why not? Crazy basement guy is better than stalking Buffy guy." Xander argues, to which Dawn agrees and questions whether Buffy and Spike are back together? Buffy vehimently denies it, saying that things are different with Spike having a Soul now. Dawn wonders what Spike having a soul means exactly, to which Buffy has no answer. Spike then reaches to get Buffy's attention and she jumps, slightly uneasy, but then apologizes for her jitteryness. Spike sighs and says it's not going to work and he should go, but Buffy says it's already working, he's been out of the basement for half an hour and hasn't heard the voices (except for one episode in the car on the way over). Spike starts to argue that it's not worth it, but Buffy shuts him up and says he's staying.

"So what is it?" Dawn asks Buffy the next day. "What?" Buffy asks. "Last night you said you weren't helping Spike out of pity, so what is it?" "That's a good question" Buffy sighs. The two girls are sitting on bleachers at the school the next day in front of football practice. Buffy is confused on trying to explain what the situation is. Dawn asks if Buffy loves Spike. "No, I... I feel for him" she answers. Dawn asks what she means, but does not attack or accuse her sister, saying that she is also genuinely confused and wants to know. "First you say Spike disgusts you but secretly you two are doing it like bunnies, and then Spike says he'd die for you but then he tries to rape you." Buffy tells Dawn Spike now knows what he did was wrong and that's why he went away, but Dawn wonders if having a soul makes him a better man and compares that situation to Xander having a soul yet leaving Anya at the altar, but Xander stil loving her. Dawn continues her confusion rant as Buffy gets up, saying she has to get back to work. Dawn argues after Buffy that nothing makes sense, but then someone down on the field catches her eye. A hunky blonde teen boy who is just getting ready to leave practice. Old 50's style romantic music starts rising in the background as Dawn watches the football player with adoring eyes, seeing him douse his face with water (in slow motion, no less). Dawn is SO drawn to him, her mouth hanging wide open in awe, being pulled towards this boy... litterally losing her balance on the bleachers and falling with a quick yelp!

Opening credits: Nothing new.

Buffy swings the battle axe but misses as the really bumpy demon bats her back, forcing Buffy to re-group. Anya crawls on the floor nearby, trying to get clear, saying that maybe he has the wrong Anyanka and it's all a mistake. The battle takes place in Anya's apartment during the day, but it quickly ends with Buffy throwing the batttle axe into the demon's chest, killing it. "Good thing I stopped by when I heard screaming" Buffy says as she helps Anya up. "Seems as if D'hoffryn is trying to take you out, eh?" Anya agrees, saying he's not the head of vengence for nothing as she gets some ice and a towel from the freezer, prepping a cold pack. She tells Buffy that she can go now, she doesn't need anyone's help. Then looking around at the mess, she says she DOES need help, but she doesn't want it. Buffy sympathises and says "I don't want my friends out there alone right now, ok?" hinting at the greatt impending doom that is upon them. Anya gets choked up at Buffy's extended "we're still friends" speech and agrees that they can use her help, saying that Willow's tactical skills are bad, except when she's evil, and that Dawn is good for nothing.

Dawn paces, dreamy-eyed, in the hallway of Sunnydale High. More "foolish love" type of music plays in the background as Dawn gets up the courage to approach "the Boy", who is standing nearby talking to other jacket-letter wearing football members and cheerleaders. "Hey RJ..." Dawn interrupts awkwardly and attempts to make small talk by mentioning teachers they both have. The other girls and boys look at Dawn awkwardly as she continues to try to fit in and as RJ, the boy of her affection, only casually adresses her. The football peeps talk about having to replace an injured cheerleader at tryouts the next day, then also talk about the upcoming game with RJ, now established as the team's quarterback, leading the way. "The Quaterback is the most important member of the team. He is like the rudder that guides the ship!" Dawn blurts out and the others look at her in amazed annoyance. They head off, leaving Dawn calling after them "we'll talk later!"

In a dark attic, Dawn sifts through boxes, looking for... something. She finds what she was looking for and smiles.

Cheerleader tryouts the next day and a girl just finishes her cheer as a line of tryout-ers stands ready. Dawn stands at the end in... Buffy's old cheerleading outfit, looking out of place next to the other girls who are dressed in simple workout clothes. RJ watches from the bleachers as Dawn is called up next and she tentatively approaches before the head cheerleader and jury and awkwardly starts her cheer (she's REALLY bad, gang): "Razorbacks, Razorbacks, we're gonna play, we've got a secret weapon and his name is RJ! So hear us cheer, hear us yell, listen what we say, Razorbacks, Razorbacks, Goooooo... RJ!" She lands sprawled out on the floor in a failed cartwheel as the audience and judges mumble and snicker slightly. "OK... next?" the head cheerleader says as Dawn sits, clearly humiliated and embarrassed.

Buffy stands at the bathroom door, trying to coax her out, saying it wasn't that bad, everything is ok. Dawn is sobbing behind the door then whips it open, saying RJ will never notice her now. "From what you said i'm sure he already noticed you..." Buffy tries to help but that was the wrong thing as Dawn slams the door in her face. Buffy continues to try and help as Xander appears, wondering if they're still on for movies and dinner. Buffy says probably not a good idea, but Xander says it's better than being with Spike and wonders if he should order a pizza "don't teens in a snit like pizza?" Dawn WHIPS open the door "It is NOT a snit!" she says, claiming that it's true love, she feels RJ's soul, and that she now blew it. Dawn storms away to her room as Buffy notices her old cheerleading outfit on the floor of the bathroom, ripped to shreds.

Dawn lays on her bed (more teen love lost music plays) as Buffy confronts Dawn about the outfit. Dawn offers to buy her another one but Buffy says it's not the point, she doesn't want another cheerleading outfit. "Now now, let's not be hasty" Xander says from behind her. Buffy sits on Dawn's bed, trying to console her sister yet again, but Dawn is totally lost in RJ. Xander says it's gotta be the jacket, the big letterman jacket that boys in high school wear, he saw it all the time before. Dawn says strongly that it isn't a crush, it's love. Buffy is still supportive but tries to talk her down, saying it's too soon, too fast, etc. "Maybe I don't want advice from the dysfunction queen" Dawn says coldly to Buffy, claiming that Buffy is making fun of her. Dawn tells her to go (a perfect "Get out get out get OUT!" scene but the line wasn't used thank goodness) as Xander backs out slowly.

Next day at school Dawn sees RJ at his locker talking to another one of the football squad, the second string quarterback. Dawn listens in as she hears the second stringer break some bad news to RJ: RJ's not starting the next game. RJ is slightly pissed/bummed, chalking it up to his fumbling all the time, but the reserve quarterback guy says it's just someone else's turn. Reserve quarterback guy walks away from a dissapointed RJ as Dawn walks up and passes RJ with a glance. She storms lightly after reserve quarterback guy and stops him, saying it isn't fair to RJ, he worked too hard for his position. Reserve quarterback guy smiles and says he understands, but it's dog eat dog and that's the way it is. "But nobody's better than RJ." Dawn says as the two stand at the top of some stairs. "Well that's not really up to you now is it, hm?" reserve quarterback guy quips as he smiles and turns to go. Dawn's anger gets the better of her and she suddenly pushes him from behind, sending him falling down the stairs and landing in a pile at the bottom. She looks down at the boy, hints of both shock and satisfaction on her face.

Commercial break: Windex makes it SHINE!

"it all happened so fast. One moment he was walking, and the next he stumbled and fell down the stairs." Dawn sits facing Principal Wood in his office, Buffy stands nearby. Wood asks why reserve quarterback guy would lie and say Dawn pushed him, to which Dawn says maybe he's embarassed at his clumsyness. Wood says it's not the first time reserve quarterback guy's been caught in a lie and he'd have to break the news to the coach about losing the starting quarterback. Dawn says "well, at least you've got RJ to take over" innocently, but this sends a look of concern on Buffy's face. Dawn is sorry that it happens and she rises to leave.

In the hall RJ catches up with Dawn, saying he heard that Wood called her into his office. He says it sucks with the whole inquisition thing. "Yeah, no one expects the Spanish inquistion... god, it's like I have a disease or something." (a monty python reference from Dawn, but the second part of that line lost me). Dawn says they just talked about the accident and RJ says with a wink that it sucks when things like this happen out of nowhere. "Yeah... out of nowhere." Dawn says with understanding back. RJ asks Dawn if they wanna meet up after practice. With a big smile, Dawn says "yes!"

At the Bronze that evening, a group plays (I'm pretty sure it's the Breeders that i've heard mentioned, but don't quote me) as we see the standard mass of people dancing and Buffy, Xander, and Willow sitting at a table. Xander tells the girls that Spike doesnt' seem as nuts as he first was, but wonders if getting a soul back means you'd pick up the wet towels off the floor? "No, but maybe now he's feeling really bad about leaving them there." Willow quips and Buffy says "at leas he's showering." Xander and Buffy then notice RJ dancing out on the floor at the same time and comment that he's the boy that Dawn has the hots for. He's dancing with a quasi-slutty girl, who bumps and grinds with him, really moving it. Xander makes a slightly inappropriate Daddy comment and Buffy comments on her "painted on" shirt and starts to say she's glad to see Dawn isn't here to see her wanna-be boyfriend see the display, but just then quasi-slut girl turns around and, much to the scoobie's shock, it's Dawn! Buffy is shocked as Xander backpeddals on his Daddy comment, practically scratching his eyes out. "right there with ya" willow comments.

Moments later Dawn walks over to a table as Buffy gets her attention: "So you got plans later or you just gonna park down by the docks and wait for the fleet to come in?" Dawn is shocked but Buffy's pissed, grabbing her by the arm and laying it out for her. She doesn't like that she lied about going to the library, that she didn't tell Buffy she was going out on a date, and third: "Anna Nicole Smith thinks you look tacky." Dawn says RJ thinks she looks good. Buffy says she's going to have a word with him about that, but Dawn stops her, saying she's not going to embarass her, she can do what she wants. Buffy thinks not, and Dawn uses the infamous "What, so you think you're mom now?" line. "I am not, and I am glad she is not here to see you like this" Buffy says, which hurts both girls for a moment. Dawn starts in with her rant, saying that Buffy is jealous that someone finally likes her and not her Slayer-sister, and she doesn't care what Buffy thinks. Dawn starts to head back but Buffy grabs her by the waste and says "no no no, you are NOT going out on that dance floor." Dawn, in a huff, grabs her coat off a nearby chair after a momentary stare-down and leaves the Bronze.

Outside walking down a dark alley, slutty-Dawn hears a noise and calls out "RJ?" "I know what you're doing, Slut..." says a girl who emerges from the shadows, the head cheerleader and RJ's supposed girlfriend. The girlfriend tells Dawn to back off of RJ, but Dawn says "You know what's sad? A girl that doesn't know when she's been dumped." "HE DIDN'T DUMP ME!" The girl yells as the catfight begins, with hair pulling and rolling and slapping! After a few moments Buffy appears and separates the two girls, wondering if Dawn's next move is to get drunk and barf. "I'll never let you have him, bitch!" says the girl as she kicks Buffy in the shin to let her go, and then storms off. "Well, at least someone agrees that you shouldn't be dating this boy" Buffy quips to a disgusted Dawn.

"How about you try doing your own homework for a change?" Wood exits his office, letting RJ out of the door. RJ, carrying his lettterman jacket, got busted for having other girls do his homework for him. RJ turns to go but Buffy, who stands nearby at her cubicle, tells him to slow down. He rolls his eyes and stays as Buffy starts tells him to sit. RJ said he apologized to Wood about the homework, but Buffy says this is about what he's doing to girls in school, including Dawn, how he's using them and playing with them. RJ feigns ignorance, saying he just gets along real well with girls, and mentiones how hot Dawn looked. Buffy turns away and tries to shake the comment off as RJ casually puts on his letterman jacket. Buffy turns around to confront RJ. Suddenly her tone changes slightly, as does the looks she gives him. She is suddenly understanding, saying he's got to be under pressure from the responsibilities of leadership. She then asks if he does a lot of running. The shoulders pull in, the eyes become glazed, and Buffy becomes more and more flirtatious, saying she's not as old as she thinks, that they're practically the same age. A man entering the office startles Buffy back into reality momentarily and she says RJ bettter get off to class. He smiles and heads out as Buffy's hand caresses her neck. the Romantic dance music starts up in the background... Buffy's lost in RJ, seeing him exit in slo motion.

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Dawn enters the Summers home at night, but not two seconds in the door... "Dawn, you wanna come talk to me?" Buffy calls out. "Ambush" Dawn says, rolling her eyes and heading into the living room. Buffy has her sit and says that she had a talk with RJ and that he's ok. Dawn smiles and gets all giddy, wondering what RJ said about her. Buffy says RJ commented that she was funny and pretty, trailing off awkwardly. Dawn senses somethings up and pushes. Buffy says it's the tinyest thing, that Dawn may have come on too strong. "Oh my god... I'm the pushy queen of slut-town!" Dawn says. Buffy tells Dawn to take her time, play it cool, and let him come to her. Buffy says that Dawn will be ok, "with me looking out for you."

In class, a math teacher explains a problem (6+y=16. Yeah, like I'm gonna be able to solve that...) as Buffy interrupts class at the door, saying that RJ is needed in the councellor's office. Buffy is dressed differently, subltlly provocitively in a black blouse and catholic school-girl skirt. The teacher waves RJ out the door as RJ follows Buffy.

RJ enters a dark classroom with Buffy in tow, closing the door behind them. RJ says there's no one there. "Yeah there is... there's one of you... and there's one of me... you were the one in math class. You tell me what that adds up to." Buffy smiles, slinks, and is very flirtatious. RJ slowly seems to be getting the idea.

Dawn walks in the school hall, approaching RJ's math class. "I won't come on to strong if I just look at him" she says, peeking in the window and seeing his chair empty.

Buffy asks RJ about football and what it's like to be a leader. RJ says it's tough, sometimes stressful, which Buffy agrees with, comparing the situation to her old high school days, which weren't that long ago she adds. RJ says one thing that's tough is the way Principal Wood is on his back all the time and he sometimes wishes someone would get him off his back. "Yeah... that would be cool..." Buffy says in a dreamy, hypnotic state. She grabs him and kisses him HARD. He's into it, but then pulls away, saying she's "like a teacher." Buffy asks if it bothers him. "Not so much" he answers as they commence lip-lock.

Dawn looks in room after room as the schoolbell rings, looking for RJ. The hallway slowly fills with students as she turns a corner and looks in another door's window. The look on her face suddenly turns to shock and hurt.

Dawn busts out of the school's doors, running outside to a stone garden bench, crying. Just sitting down, Xander walks up, asking what's wrong, asking if this is about "the guy in the Jacket." Dawn yells for Xander not to say his name. Xander says "i just called him the guy in the jacket." "That's what I used to call him before I knew his real name!" Xander tries to comfort her and suggests getting Buffy. Dawn says NO, that she never wants to see her again. Xander says he thought it was about the... guy in the "thing." "it's about both of them."says Dawn inbetween sobs.

Xander enters the dark classroom, starting on a "Buffy I think we need to..." rant, but then trails off when he sees Buffy straddling RJ on a desk, her shirt half off. Buffy smiles, says hi, and introduces RJ, both of them panting. RJ smiles, and says "hey guy, it's called knocking..." Xander is surprised and disgusted, yelling at them that it's a classroom, then says "now get off the boy, Buffy, we're going home."

In the Summer's living room, Dawn sits crying on the couch, Buffy comforting her, Anya, Willow, and Xander standing nearby. Xander says it's a love spell, it has to be. Buffy agrees, saying slightly degrading things like "there there, Dawny, it's a love spell." Anya says soon they'll both be over the boy, which both Buffy and Dawn argue back that they don't understand and he is not a boy. Willow tells them both that they have to believe that it isn't real. "Did you hear that?" Buffy tells Dawn condoningly, "It isn't real." Dawn argues back that she trusted Buffy but then Buffy betrayed her. "I betrayed you? You're the one who constructed this elaborate fantasy about you and my lover..." Buffy says. Dawn is upset, saying that Buffy lied to her about RJ's feelings for her and tells Buffy not to do this. Buffy still tries to be understanding, telling Dawn that she tried to tell her to back off sympathetically, then wonders if Dawn thinks she's too old for RJ. Dawn is hurt, storming off saying that she's upset because Buffy is the one she trusted.

Willow looks up some info on RJ on her laptop as Xander and Anya sit nearby. "Love spells.. .people forget how dangerous they can be..." Willow says. "Hey, been there." Xander responds and then goes into flashback mode, with scenes of the attacking girls from "Bewitched Betrothed and Bewildered" for a few seconds in his mind. He smiles "ah... good times." Buffy walks in, saying that Dawn has locked her door and that the spell has her all loopy and stuff. Willow says she found some info on RJ, which gets Buffy giddy, asking if there's a picture. Xander reads the laptop, seeing that RJ's brother, a guy who used to pick on Xander in high school, still lives in the area, and even though the relattionship is "complex at best", he thinks it might be a way to RJ to see what's up.

That night Xander and Spike walk up to RJ's Brother's front door as Xander "warns" Spike about this guys apparent aura, saying not to be fooled by the brother's coolness and tough attitude. Spike listens silently. They ring the doorbell and the door opens to the BROTHER: a dirty, overweight geek in a pizza delivery man uniform. "yeah?"

Inside the brother's home, Xander sits across from him as he wonders how things are going since high school, then upon mentioning RJ, the brother says that RJ is doing good and he's a real nice guy. He then reminices about how popular he was. As the brother talks about how popular yet 'caring' RJ is, Spike listens, walking nearby (Spike notices some porceline angel statue-ettes on a shelf nearby and slowly turns a few of them to face away from him). The brother comments how one year RJ just seemed to "Blossom" into a popular guy. Xander asks if he knows how this happened, but then Spike interrupts, seeing a picture of RJ and another of his Brother, both wearing the same letterman Jacket. "Lance" (finally, i caught the brother's name!) says that the jacket was his fathers, and his father handed it down to him, and he gave it to his brother, yada yada. He also hints that his Father used to be quite popular with the ladies as well. Xander and Spike glance at each other, knowing it's something to do with the jacket, and even though Lance invites them both down to hang with him in his rec room downstairs, the pair excuse themselves.

"Damn love spell. I have tried every anti-love spell-spell I can find." Willow says, typing on her laptop. "Even if you found the right one the Guy would probably just do an anti-anti love spell-spell... spell... spell." Anya answers, confusing Willow. The doorbell rings and Willow goes to find RJ at the door! He asks for Buffy... er, Ms. Summers. (Yep, he's wearing the jacket.). "No Buffy for you!" Anya says and the two women say she isn't available. He smiles and says to tell Buffy to call him, and he turns to go. Willow and Anya watch him walk away as the same old romance dance music swells up again, both women becoming silent, glassy-eyed, watching him walk away in slo-motion.

"But you don't even know him!" Willow argues with Anya in the living room. Anya says she does, she saw his soul. Willow says that the only way she could see his soul was if it was in his ass. Yep, both are under the spell now, arguing that RJ is their true love. Buffy and Dawn walk downstairs in the middle of the argument and join in when Anya says that Willow is in love with HER boyfriend. "Willow, you can't do this... " Dawn says.

"You're a gay woman" Buffy chimes in "... and he ISN'T."

"This isn't about his physical presence... it's about his heart." willow says.

"His physical presence has a PENIS" Anya says.

"I can work around that." the Wiccan quips.

Buffy calms everyone down and then says it's easy to understand, that Willow and Anya have fallen under the love spell. Dawn argues that she's in love, but Buffy tells her to not interrupt and ignores her pleas. Dawn backs away, hurt, as Willow says that she loves RJ the most because she's willing to look past the orientation thing. "I'd kill for him!" Anya blurts out, but Willow answers "you'd kill for a chocolate bar." Buffy smiles at this and says she's the slayer, slayer's kill... she'll kill the principal! Anya says that's gonna be hard to top, but Willow says she can prove her love for RJ with magic. "Yeah, right. Whaddya gonna do? Use Magic to turn him into a girl?" Then, upon realizing she just gave Willow the idea, "Damn." The four girls split up abruptly, each going to do their task in the name of love. Willow heads upstairs, Anya out the door with a "I know what I can do!", Buffy grabs her coat and goes to head out, stopping to comfort a distraught Dawn: "Sorry, Dawnie... you're never gonna get him." Dawn is crushed.

We hear "Shaft" type music start as the first scene shows Willow sitting cross-legged in her room, candles lit nearby, crystals in a bowl before her. The picture shrinks to a fourth the size, scene one of 4 in the upper left.

Music continues as we see Buffy pull into the school parking lot at night in her Jeep cherokee, screeching to a hault. the scene shrinks to the upper right hand corner.

Scene three has Anya standing outside of a Sunnydale bank, dressed in a black cat-burglar's outfit. She pulls a black ski-mask over her head as the image shrinks to the lower left.

The music continues as we see Dawn slowly, mesmerized, depressed, walk on some train tracks. A train's horn is heard off in the disttance as she lays down on the tracks. The image shrinks to the lower right to show:

1) Willow casting the spell.
2) Buffy getting a Bazooka out of her jeep's trunk
3) Anya prepping a sack to head into the bank
4) Dawn laying, eyes shut, on the train tracks.

Commercial Break: Who's the man with the plan, who aint' gonna help those four little lambs? SHAFT! What? Shut yo mouth...

Willow's spell starts it's invocation, with the crystals in the bowl starting to rise and swirl around her and the candles at her front. "oh Hecate, I call on you. I humbly ask your will be done. Hear my request, a simple change, create a daughter from a s..." CRASH! The crystals in mid air all fall to the ground as a hand clamps over Willow's mouth. "Aw, man, now I've gotta start all over! Hecate hates that." Xander asks what she's doing as Spike stands in the background. Willow says she's trying to prove that she loves RJ the most. Xander points out the fact that RJ's a guy, to which Willow points out the reason for the spell, to change him into a woman. Willow wants the crystals back quickly. Xander asks why. Willow says so she can prove she loves RJ the most before Buffy, Dawn, and Anya do. Xander asks what they're gonna do. Willow starts off with Buffy going to kill principal Wood, which has Xander shut her up.

Principal Wood sits in his office at night, listening to muzak and writing a report or something. In the background through a window, we see a slightly out of focus Buffy walk into view. She pauses a distance away and then raises the bazooka to her shoulder, taking aim directly at Wood. A muffled "Erraaaaaarrr" is heard as we see Spike dive and slam into Buffy, knocking her to the ground, out of shot. They struggle past the window briefly, then Spike runs by again with the bazooka, with Buffy in hot pursuit. They dissapear just as Wood turns momentarily, thinking he heard something.

Outside Buffy chases Spike who has the bazooka. Spike runs up to Xander's car as Xander stands, watching Willow sit cross legged on the ground, a map of sunnydale before her. Buffy asks what they're doing. "Locator Spell, human variety." Willow says. "Who are we looking for?" Buffy asks.

Dawn lays on the train tracks, silently sobbing, as the train horn blows, signifying it's getting closer. Xander's car pulls up a distance away as Buffy gets out and points out that Anya is probably seducing RJ as they speak. "My god, you think so?" Says a paniced Willow. The two girls start to argue again as Xander notices Dawn on the train tracks a distance away. Buffy takes off, catching up to a train that is running parallel to her, headed in Dawn's direction on a different track. She grabs onto one of the cars and climbs up on top, riding it towards Dawn, who lays on the track, scared and sobbing. Buffy dives off her train, hits the ground hard, then rushes towards Dawn, who's train is fast approaching on the track that she lays on. Buff runs over and grabs Dawn off the tracks JUST in the train is about to whap them. Buffy yells at Dawn, wondering if that's how she's gonna get RJ's attention, by getting Tri-cected?!? Dawn says she has nothing to compete with. She's not as experienced or sexy or hotter or stronger than Buffy, so the only thing she has to offer is her life, thinking that their love would be true forever. Buffy is upset, and her reason and love for her sister temporarily over-rides the spell, saying that no boy is worth that and that Dawn is scaring her. Dawn thought that Buffy wanted RJ for herself, which Buffy says no... well... yes. "God that boy is hot..." she says, then admits she might be under the spell.

Around a dark street corner, Xander and Spike peek, spying RJ walking with the injured cheerleader. Xander asks Spike if he's sure he understands the plan. Spike understands. Both make it seem like it's full of details. "Now!" Xander says and both take off, running up to RJ, wrestling the Jacket off of him easily, and take off down the street running with RJ wondering what happened.

A radio plays music in the background, a fireplace is seen and then the Jacket is thrown on top of the burning logs. The Scoobies all watch it burn as Buffy asks Xander if he though about putting the jacket on and working it's magic. Xander says no, he tried it and it doesn't fit. Anya mentions that they'll never find out where they got the jacket from, just another day on the Hellmouth. Willow says she can't believe she almost... Buffy says she can't believe SHE almost... Anya says that they were all under a spell and it's understandable that they'd all act a little helpless, and they're not responsible for anything they did thatt was immoral or unethical. "True, you fell for a mystical ancient curse... who hasn't made that mistake 7, 8 times?" Xander says.

Buffy approaches Dawn who still sobs on the couch. Dawn feels badly for the way she treated Buffy, the things she said. She feels stupid all because of a spell. "Get ready to feel stupider when it's not." Buffy says, smiling at her sister.

"Hey, Anya, you never told us what you... can't believe you almost..." Willow says. Anya tries to act dumb, but Willow doesnt' buy that she's the only one that didn't go overboard. Anya says she wrote an poem, and epic poem, but she says this as breaking news of a bank heist comes over the radio. She cuts the announcer short by shutting it off "Ok, everyone, Ice cream, my treat?"

Grrr... Arrrg...

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