Episode 98 "Spiral" Summary

Buffy takes Dawn's hand & runs into the dorms. Willow thinks fast & does a spell to momentarily stop Glory. She juts Glory back & runs out with Tara. Buffy & Dawn run out of the dorms & out unto a road. Glory speed-runs (as in, the speed of light) to catch up with the girls. She asks Buffy if Buffy has any last words. Buffy replies: "just one: truck." A truck slams into Glory & she's thrown into another car. Then, she transforms into Ben. Buffy decides that Glory's too strong- she can't fight Glory, so they have to run away. The group- Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Spike, Willow, Tara, Giles, & Anya- head out in a van. Meanwhile, Ben talks to a minion (both not knowing that Glory knows who the Key is). What is gathered from this conversation is that if the Key's human form is killed, it will destroy the Key, & that if Ben or anyone kills it, he can have the body to himself. But, if the Key is used, Ben will disappear & Glory will take over the body completely. Ben says that Glory's taken away from him the only thing he ever loved- being a doctor. He says he wanted to be a doctor to be a part of humanity. The minion says that Ben exists only because of Glory. Ben says that this is his life now, however he came by it, it's his life to live. Also, a Knight who was brainsucked by Glory is taken out of the hospital by two other Knights. He, having seen Dawn & recognizing her as the Key because of his craziness, tells the other Knights that the Key's a girl. Knowing who is in Buffy's life, they gather that the monks made the Key human & put it in the form of the slayer's sister. They go to kill Dawn, catching up with the group on the run from Glory just as Buffy is complaining about how things just keep coming- first Glory, Riley, her mom, then Tara. The Knights invasion results in a car crash & a spear to Giles' chest. The group is forced to seek shelter in an abandoned gas station. Willow puts up a magical barrier to keep the Knights out, but not before Buffy captures their General. Observing honorable rules of war, the Knights allow someone to come in to help wounded Giles. Buffy calls Ben. At one point, Tara, all of the sudden goes berserk- along with all the other crazy people who keep saying "time". The crazy people in the hospital break their restraints, Tara wants to get out, & the crazy Knight wanting to go somewhere is killed by another Knight saying that the Beast took his mind, but that it will never know "the taste of your heart". Buffy feels bad about running from Glory, that it was an unslayerlike thing to do. Giles tells Buffy that it was doing what she needed to do to follow her heart- something that made him proud. While Ben is attending to Giles, Buffy talks to the General. He tells Buffy about Glory & Dawn. He thinks Dawn is an object, but Buffy insists that Dawn's her sister- that it's Dawn's life to live now, however she came by it, it's her life to live. The General insists that it must be destroyed, it's the only way to stop the chaos. He says that Glory was a God with two other Gods in a demon dimension, but that she became so powerful & evil that the other two Gods feared her. They thought she would get rid of them & alone reign, so they decided to strike first. They won just barely &, as punishment, threw her into our dimension- so that she would live & die trapped inside a human, a male created just as her prison. If someone were to kill the man, she would die. It's her only weakness. But the identity of the man is unknown. Dawn asks the General about the Key. He tells her that it opens the gates to dimensions. Glory wants it so she can get back to her dimension, but if the Key were used, all the gates of all dimensions would open. Dimensions would melt together & the universe would be thrust into chaos, "all dark, forever". (Of course, this is his side of the story). The monks, he says, tried to harness the Key's powers for the forces of light- that they failed & paid with their blood. Later, alone with Ben, the General- not knowing he's Glory- tells him that if he kills Dawn he will save many lives & that "the will of the Beast will fade" (that he'll get the body if he kills Dawn). Still, Ben can't do it. Just after he doesn't seize an a chance to do it, he starts to get that feeling. He yells for Willow to open up a door to the barrier so that he can get out. Before she can, he changes into Glory. She looks at Dawn & says that Ben finally did something right. The General looks at her & says "the Beast", she looks at him & says: "hey, it's Gregor", throws a tire cover at him, nearly cutting him in half, "now it's not." She throws Buffy into Willow who is trying to do a restraining spell, & grabs a hold of Dawn. Running outside, she encounters the magical barrier, breaking it with a fist. The Knights, seeing her, prepare for battle. Buffy runs out as Glory gets out of the barrier which closes up behind Glory. Buffy runs back in to tell Willow to get the barrier down, then runs out after Dawn. In those few seconds she was inside, Glory killed all of the Knights. Buffy looks out onto the field of dead Knights & collapses.

Episode Summary from the now defunct Buffy and Angel Intersection

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