Episode 97 "Tough Love" Summary

Buffy drops out of school to take care of Dawn who is in trouble at school for not going. The principle tells Buffy that if Buffy can't make Dawn go to school, the state will take Dawn away from Buffy. Elsewhere, Ben is fired for not showing up to work- Glory had his body for weeks. She is still on her search for the Key. Her minions go out & research Buffy's friends & decide that the Key is Tara- she's the new one to the group. Willow & Tara have a fight about Willow feeling out-of-the-club because of her never having lost her mother. It escalates to Tara questioning whether their relationship is just a phase for Willow. Then, she slips that Willow's magical power has grown so much that it frightens her. The two, upset about the other not trusting them, decide not to go to a fair together. Instead, Tara goes alone. Glory greets Tara there. Upon a taste of Tara's blood, Glory knows she's not the Key. When Tara refuses to tell Glory who the Key is, Glory brain-sucks her, leaving her crazy. As she rants about mice, cats, & mother, Willow decides to get even. She goes to Glory's place & uses black magic on the God. She puts up a good fight, but she can't hold it up. Just as Glory is about to kill Willow, Buffy comes in & drags Willow out. As Glory goes to approach them, Willow puts up a magical barrier. Glory, momentarily helpless, screams that this isn't over. Elsewhere, with Spike, Dawn reveals that she's scared of herself, what she is. She says she doesn't think she, the Key, can be good. Later, at the dorms, Willow tells Buffy she's going to take care of Tara because Tara's her girl. Buffy, with Dawn beside her, says that she understands. Willow says she knows Buffy does. It's a sweet comforting moment, then, a wall breaks in & Glory is standing before the girls, saying that she told them that the fight wasn't over. As the sun reaches Dawn, Tara looks up & says that Dawn's beautiful- a beautiful ball of green energy. Glory, looking at her Key, smiles.

Episode Summary from the now defunct Buffy and Angel Intersection

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