Episode 96 "Intervention" Summary

Buffy tells Giles that she's worried that being a slayer means not loving- means not being human. Giles tells her to go on a spiritual journey out in the desert. While they're gone, Spike gets his Buffybot. Out, Spike & the Buffybot, encounter Xander & Anya, who later see the robot & the vampire having sex in the graveyard. Of course, they think it's Buffy & that she's acting out because of her mom. Xander goes to confront Spike when Glory's minions come & kidnap Spike. They take him to Glory, telling her that they think he is the Key because the Buffybot (who they think was Buffy) protected Spike during slaying. Glory takes one look at him & knows he's not the Key, saying that the Key is pure & that he's a vampire. She decides he does have a use, as he is close to Buffy(bot), & tortures him, in hopes that he'll tell her who the Key is. Meanwhile, Buffy's in the desert. Giles does a ritual to call upon a guide. A tiger guides Buffy to 'the scared place' deep in the desert. When Buffy gets there she recognizes it as the place in her dream where she met the First Slayer. There, the form of the First Slayer appears saying it is not the First Slayer, but the form her guide is choosing to talk to her. It tells Buffy that Buffy is full of love, but that if she rejects it, she'll lose it. Then it tells her by loving, she will find her Gift. Buffy asks what her gift is- & if she's getting or giving-, it tells Buffy that her Gift is Death. Buffy says Death is not a Gift. It tells her that her question is answered & disappears. Buffy goes home to find that Spike's been kidnapped & that there is a robot clone of her programmed to love Spike. Everyone goes to get Spike- Buffy to kill him so that he can't tell Glory who the Key is. In the fight, getting Spike out, the Buffybot is damaged & breaks. Later, Buffy, posing as the Buffybot, goes to Spike's crypt to find out if he told Glory about Dawn. Not knowing it's Buffy, he tells her that he'd never do that because it would hurt Buffy too much to lose Dawn & that he wouldn't be able to live with her in so much pain. Moved, Buffy kisses Spike's lips. He realizes it's her. She tells him that the robot is gone & that it was obscene, but that she won't forget what he did for her & then she leaves.

Episode Summary from the now defunct Buffy and Angel Intersection

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