Episode 95 "Forever" Summary

Buffy must make the decisions now that her mom is gone. But now, those decisions are funeral arrangements. Buffy is miffed and going through the motions, where Dawn is upset that Buffy is not more upset. Joyce's funeral occurs. Buffy stays by Joyce's grave til nightfall. Angel arrives. The couple instantly join hands, then spend the whole night talking. They kiss, both apologize, & then Angel leaves as sunrise is upon them. Everyone is upset over Joyce's death, but it seems no one as much as Dawn. She asks Tara & Willow to do a spell to bring Joyce back. They refuse, but Willow points Dawn to a book that talks about Resurrection spells. Dawn steals what she needs at the magic shop & goes to do the spell. There, she is interrupted by Spike, who instead of telling on Dawn, decides to help her. He takes her to a demon who looks like an old man, a creature named Doc, who tells Dawn that she needs an egg from a badass demon. Spike & Dawn steal an egg & Dawn does the spell. Meanwhile, Tara realizes that that book is missing & calls Buffy to tell her what Dawn might be doing. Buffy finds Dawn. The two have it out. Buffy tells Dawn she is upset, it's just that when she stops doing all these mom-like things, stops going through her own routine, that's when Joyce is really gone. The two cry as a shadow-figure of Joyce approaches the house. There is a knock on the door & Buffy goes to answer it saying 'mommy'. Dawn grabs the picture of Joyce used in the ritual and rips it, ending the spell. Buffy opens the door to no one. She cries. Dawn hugs her & cries. The two fall to the ground crying. Also in this episode, a minion asks Ben about the Key. Ben says that he'd never tell the minion about the Key, even if he knew who it was, he adds: "I'd never do that to an innocent-" The minion then infers that the Key is in human form. Ben stabs the minion, but it lives & tells Glory that the Key is in human form.

Episode Summary from the now defunct Buffy and Angel Intersection

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