Episode 93 "I Was Made to Love You" Summary

Buffy comforts a broken-hearted woman about the loss of love and it hits home for Buffy as she deals with her feelings about the Riley thing. It turns out the poor girl, April, is a crazy Franken-like creation who was manufactured to be the perfect girlfriend. She was also designed with destruction in mind. When Spike whispers an improper suggestion in her ear (in the hopes of making Buffy jealous because he saw her talking to Ben) April throws him through a double-plated glass window. The Scoobies realize they have another job on their hands. Seems that April is on a misson, with her creepy even-toned voice, to find her creator and "boyfriend" Warren. Warren — a former Sunnydale High student — couldn't find anyone to love him completely so he did the next best thing and built the perfect girl. He later learns that having someone love you no matter what you do is predictable and boring. Then Katrina, someone with opinions and a spirit (not to mention flesh and blood), comes along and Warren falls in love for real, leaving the robotic girl behind. Eventually, April's batteries wear down and Warren tries to apologize to Katrina. Dealing with her own issues, Buffy has a heart-to-heart with Xander and comes to the conclusion that she doesn't need to be with someone now…she needs some Buffy alone time. After that brave move, the Slayer returns home to find her mom sprawled on the couch with eyes open and unmoving. What happened to Joyce? Spike makes an attempt to ingratiate himself with the rest of the gang and Giles steps in with the fatherly rebuff. He tells Spike that they are not friends and should not be used as a way to Buffy — there is no way to Buffy. Later, Spike appears at Warren's house with all of his Buffy artifacts (wig included) and demands one of the mad scientist's creations.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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