Episode 91 "Blood Ties" Summary

It was bound to happen eventually. Buffy tells the rest of the gang the truth about her little sister while Dawn figures out for herself — through a little late night breakin to the Magic Shop and Giles' notes — that she is "The Key." It couldn't come at a more unfortunate time. The bad luck Buffy birthdays continue. The gang gears up to celebrate the Slayer's big 2-0 and find they must once again break up the celebration, this time in order to find a very traumatized teen. Dawn is not taking the whole "Key" news very well, feeling she's not even real. The crazy, cutting-arm-with-kitchen-knife scene was not to be missed. Dawn wanted to see if her blood was real. She also feels the only reason the Slayer's looking after her is because she's part of the "job". So, after some bedroom tantrum time and a little book burning, Dawn takes off into the night in an attempt to find answers. It's going to be up to the Scoobies to find the runaway before Glorificus and her minions get their paws on her. While they search the town, Dawn ends up at the hospital. Seems all those people that Glory mind-melded into madness can see Dawn for what she really is… so why not find out what they know? She runs in to Ben and pours her heart out. When he finds out the truth he panics and tries to get her to leave. But, faster than you can say "evil god" Glory assumes Ben's place and tries to extract info out of Dawn. When Dawn realizes that Glory still doesn't know it's her, she tries to get some info on her own about The Key. Sidenote: Glory mentions something about Ben being in the "family." In time to save the day, the gang arrives to do battle with Glory. Willow and Tara manage to transport Glory elsewhere with a spell. A temporary solution, but next time might not be so easy.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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