Episode 90 "Checkpoint" Summary

We always thought they were around to help, but those pesky fellas from the Watcher's Council have been nothing but badness of late. The limeys return to Sunnydale, demanding the Slayer pass an exhaustive review of her slaying skills. To make matters worse, they plan to withhold crucial information about that creature Glory as well as deport Giles back to England if Buffy does not play along. Speaking of Glory, guess who still wants that key? As Buffy tries to live up to the Council's demands, Glory pays a visit to the Summers household to have a chat about coming to a friendly agreement: give up the key and I won't kill everyone you love in front of your eyes. She's such a softy. The Council begins interrogating the Scooby Gang about the Slayer and Buffy takes Joyce and Dawn to the only safe places she can think of: Spike's. Late for a brain-probing date with those stuffy English guys, Buffy runs into some creepy knights, sent to destroy the Slayer and the key to prevent Glory from getting her manicured nails on it. But Buffy's nobody's Slayer to kick around anymore. She sends the knights on their merry way and confronts the Watcher's Council she has all the power, she has what everyone wants, they are there to assist her. Giles is restored to employed Watcher status and her friends are invaluable, period. One small glitch: The Council reveals Glory is worse than a demon, she's a god.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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