Episode 89 "Triangle" Summary

Buffy is still recovering from Riley's departure & the end of her second long-term relationship. Giles visits the Watcher's Council in England, desperate for information about Glory- because after months of research, he can't find a thing about her or Dawn, The Key. While he's away, Anya & Willow catfight over the magic shop. Willow tries to do a spell & Anya's interruptions cause a troll to be released. Turns out the troll is the boyfriend Anya had that cheated on her when she was human- she made him a troll & got her demonic powers. Then he came up against some witches & was sealed in the "cauldron"-thing Willow was using for the spell & got released when Anya interrupted the energy-flow of the spell. Willow & Anya have to work together & work through their issues- Willow's that Anya will end up turning Xander into a troll or something & Anya's that Willow wants Xander. The troll shows up as Willow & Anya are reaching a truce. Xander comes in. The troll is impressed by Xander's fight so he tells Xander that he'll kill only one of his girls, but that Xander has to choose who will live. He won't choose between his girlfriend & his best friend. Luckily, he didn't have to. Buffy comes in & after the troll gets her really mad when he says that Anya & Xander's relationship won't last (she's upset about Riley so she's all sensitive about love criticism), she kicks his ass long enough for Willow to send him away- probably to the land of the trolls. Where there are lots of trolls... Finally, Giles comes home. The Council couldn't help him immediately- they don't know anything off-hand or on easy reference- but they are going to look into Glory & The Key. Joyce, Buffy, & Giles discuss this & the unsettling possibility of what the Council would do if they found out that Dawn was The Key- unaware that Dawn is listening in on their conversation from the next room- so Dawn now knows that her mother, her sister, & her sister's Watcher know something about her that she doesn't even know about herself & that someone may be after her.

Episode Summary from the now defunct Buffy and Angel Intersection

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