Episode 88 "Into The Woods" Summary

Nothing like a pre-holiday buzz-kill. Buffy tries to take a small break after her mom's dramatic but successful operation. But lover-boy/nemesis Spike has other plans. It's time to expose Riley's freakish nighttime fetish. Spike leads the Slayer to Riley's nocturnal hang, revealing the strange suckfest, really throwing Buff for a loop. She goes all "Rambo" and torches the vamp nest and begins training with a ludicrous vigor that can mean nothing but anger. When Riley finally forces the Buff to discuss the matter they both realize the relationship meant more to him than to her--or at least that's what they thought. It's Xander who comes to Buffy's emotional rescue, shedding light on the fact that Buffy held her beau at a distance because she still harbored pain from her past relationship with Angel. Unfortunately, Riley had already given Buffy an ultimatum. Tell him to stay or he'll rejoin the GI fellas in a super covert operation far, far away. Realizing she made a mistake, Buffy sprints to stop her man--just missing him fly away into the night.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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