Episode 87 "Listening To Fear" Summary

Extra-terrestrials take up residence in Sunnydale. As the entire Summers' family prepares for Joyce's brain surgery, a freakish interplanetary being becomes fixated on our patient-to-be. In fact, almost every mentally deranged person in Sunnydale is an easy target for the demon that has been summoned to discard of the mentally challenged. And speaking of the mentally challenged...it becomes apparent that folks who aren't working at full brain capacity can see Dawn's true self--which is nothing. Joyce confides in Buffy that she doesn't believe Dawn belongs to her--but realizes she is precious to the world. Buffy fesses up about the kid and lets her mom know she'll keep watch over Dawn. Turns out intern Ben (who's been so helpful in the past) is the culprit who summoned the demon to clean up after Glory. And apparently he's been cleaning up after the gal his whole life.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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