Episode 86 "Shadow" Summary

Ever ruthless...Glory conjures up a nasty, evil beast (think Snake-Mayor but not as big and icky) that can help her sniff out "The Key." Giles ends up inadvertently selling Glory the transmogrification artifacts. Hey-- sale's a sale. So it's up to Buffy to protect the little squirt. And protect she does. After the snake creature gets a whiff of the kid, Buffy and Giles hop in the Beemer and it's a high speed chase that ends with the Slayer riding the evil snake like a bucking bronco. Meanwhile, Joyce has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and the family stands by her side as they prepare for her surgery. Riley attempts to help out, but Buffy feels she needs to be strong. Unfortunately, after a conversation with a Slayer sweater-sniffing Spike, Riley is feeling a big emasculated and nearly allows himself to become vamped in order to gain love from Buffy like she felt from Angel.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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