Episode 85 "Fool For Love" Summary

When Buffy wants to learn more about Slayers of the past and their final battles she heads to the expert. William the Bloody (a.k.a. Spike) has "offed" two Slayers over the years and Buffy wants to know how. Do we really expect Spike to dish the real dirt? Given his latest fantasies and dreams, not to mention the fact that he likes to brag a bit, of course, he does. And class begins for Professor Spike and his Slayer student. Spike's flashbacks reveal the goods. We witness his first meeting with his true love Drusilla and how Angel and Darla ended up joining them to become the gruesome foursome. We see how he killed the two Slayers--who he declares had simply lost the will to live, which is why he was able to overcome them. We also get a look into the man Spike was before he became the vamp he is today. Yes, he was a poet. And a "bloody" bad one at that.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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