Episode 84 "Family" Summary

Just when we though it was safe for Willow to be happy again. It's Tara's birthday and the family unit pays a surprise visit to Sunnydale. Things go well until brother Donny reveals a shocking Tara secret that could endanger the lives of each and every Scooby. She's put a spell on them that prohibits them from seeing the "demon" in her. Unfortunately, the same spell creates trouble and the gang ends up fighting invisible demons until Tara releases them--allowing them to see her inner demon, which ends up being nonexistent. Yes, it's turns out to be just a family lie that dad told to keep the women subservient. Things go from bad to worse when Glory, the devil in the red dress, recruits a new minion who she expects will help her take down the Slayer. Obviously the evil broad still holds a grudge from back when Buff stole her holy man. Just watch out for those spiked heels. Meanwhile, Giles and Buffy hit the books and the streets in an attempt to learn about the evil that is haunting the new and improved Summers family.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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