Episode 83 "No Place Like Home" Summary

We finally kind of find out what is behind that mysterious Dawn kid this week. An unseen evil pays a visit to Sunnydale and ends up helping Buffy discover more about her strange, secretive sibling. Seems Dawn is "The Key" to either great good or great evil, and certain forces out there wouldn't mind getting their paws on the kid in order to use her for their own naughtiness -- including Clare Kramer ("Bring It On"), who joins the cast as a saucy minion from hell, sent to destroy Dawn. Unfortunately, minions from hell are the least of the Summers family troubles. It looks like Joyce's health woes will continue, distressing the girls and totally confusing them when she falls ill again without any explanation, medical or supernatural. Has moms been taking her vitamins? Hopefully the strange, glowing ball of mystery will reveal the truth soon. Giles' Magic Shop opened to booming business, doing so well in fact that he's hired Anya to help out around the place. Finally--it seems that Spike's dreams of love for the Slayer have overflowed into reality. He's taken to hanging out in front of the Summers' house and dare we say, taken to staking out the Slayer.

Episode Summary from the now defunct The Slayer Show

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