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The Children

The Children

The members of the group currently known as God’s Children have been performing together for many years, and have used several group names. First formed in 1990, the members at the time of their first album recording were Peter Vogt (vocals), Bruce Wojick (guitars, vocals), Peter Ajemian (guitars, vocals), Leo McDonald (bass), and Mark Pirolli (drums.)

At the time of their first CD, My Snake, the group was called The Children. The cover art for their first album, released in 1995, clearly reads The Children as the group name. Since “Count The Time” comes from this album, The Children is the name listed on this site. Every subsequent incarnation of the group claims My Snake as their first album without ever changing the cover art.

Renaming themselves God’s Children, they released a second album in 1997, Gum. The cover art for this CD reads “GOD’S children.” (The exact capitalization is kinda vague: GOD’S children, GOD’s Children, and God’s Children were each used in the text and graphics on the band’s site.)

In 1999, the group recorded a third album, Damp With Soul. But, before that could be released, they changed names again.

Humbucker (a type of electric guitar pickup) was the next name they used. Damp With Soul was now listed on the new Humbucker site as an up-coming album, soon to be released. And remained listed as “soon to be released” for many years. My Snake and Gum were shown as earlier Humbucker albums, but the same cover art was used, still showing the previous band names of The Children and God’s Children.

Reforming as God’s Children again, they removed Damp With Soul as a future release and currently list My Snake and Gum as their only albums. (Anybody else reminded of the Rock Notes skit by Monty Python? I keep expecting them to start calling themselves Dead Monkeys at any time.)

I wish I could be more specific about the dates when these changes happened, but the info given on the band’s sites (current and archived) is extremely limited. And “The Children,” “God’s Children,” and “Humbucker” each produce millions of unrelated hits in a search engine.

Adding to the confusion, some or all of the group’s music has been licensed to Master Source, a company that specializes in providing music for movies and television. Master Source is a popular source of music for soundtracks because it controls both the synchronization and master use rights of the songs in its catalog, therefore it is effectively both the publisher and the record company for all legal purposes, making it easy for studios to purchase broadcast rights. Fox is a long-time client of Master Source, which is why so many early tracks for “Buffy” got there from the Master Source Music Catalog.

Master Source routinely renames the songs before placing them in its catalog, so “Count The Time” from The Children’s My Snake album is listed as “All The Time” by God’s Children (Master Source Music Catalog, Volume 1, CD 2, Track 12.) It is almost certain that this is the recording used in the “Buffy” episode.

This is why this song has been listed on other “Buffy” tracklist pages as either “Count The Time” or “All The Time” and the group named either God’s Children or Humbucker. Due to the many name changes over the years and the license to Master Source, none of those listing are really wrong.

But, since they were The Children at the time they released “Count The Time,” those are the group and song names listed on this site.

Special thanks go to Google and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for what little information I was able to find.

Reviewed and approved by God’s Children’s members and management, 12 September 2007.

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