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Episode 88 - "Home" Episode 88 - "Home" Episode 88 - "Home"


Episode Number: 4.22
Summary written by stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Angel stands and confronts Lilah. Lilah asks what's wrong, he didn't think he was the only one who gets to come back from hell did he? She asks for some ice water. Wes tells them it's not her. Lilah tells him there's a signed dollar bill in his wallet that shows otherwise. Angel says it's her. Lilah says that she was prepared in case of her death. She reveals to them the scar where her head was cut off, she tells Wes not to feel bad. Her contract lasts beyond death, as soon as she's done giving them the message she was sent to deliver, it's straight back to hell for her. She says she's going to make them an offer of a lifetime, just not her lifetime.

Roll Credits.

They all stand in silence staring at Lilah. Fred squirms. Wes squirms, Angel sighs, Lilah picks lint off her shirt, Lorne has a sip of seabreeze. The camera moves from face to face, no one saying anything, lots of squirming. Finally Gunn asks Lilah to run that buy them one more time. Lilah asks what, Fred says how about the part where she offered them Wolfram and Hart. Lilah corrects they're just offering the LA office. Everything in it, stock and everything. They say there is no LA office anymore. Lilah says there is, it's back, bigger and better, fully re built and stocked with employees. They argue that W&H is evil. Lilah tells them so are they. What did they trade world peace for, Jasmine was only eating a few people a day in exchange for world peace. They argue that wasn't what the ended. Lilah tells them whatever, W&H will be waiting for them when they come to their senses. As she leaves, Fred says they ended a world domination scheme not world peace, right?

Connor walks through chaos on the street. He talks to a cop on a bridge who is panicking because what he loves is gone. Connor says he knows it is, but it'll feel better soon. The man is about to shoot himself in the head, Connor stops him. He tells him to go home. Asks him if he has a home. The man says he does, he puts the gun away, Connor walks with him. The man shows Connor a picture of his family. Connor gets mad at him for wanting to leave his family that way. Connor beats the man up.

Wes says that he suspects when they find Connor they'll find Cordelia. Gunn says maybe they could find her faster if they had a few more employees. He suggests maybe them taking over Wolfram and Hart might not be a bad idea. He asks Wes how long he's going to be content solving things with maps, dust and thumbtacks. Gunn apologizes, says it must have been hard on Wes seeing Lilah like that. Wes comments that when you decapitate your lover you don't really expect to see her again.

Lorne comes in, they ask if there's any sign of anything. Lorne says there's signs of a lot of things, except for Connor or Cordelia. Gunn again suggests that W&H might not be a bad idea. Angel tells him he'd be corrupted the moment he walked through the door. Angel decides to go out looking for Connor. The others decide to go to bed.

Fred sneaks down the stairs to an empty lobby. She goes outside, there's a limo waiting for her. Wes is standing outside, he thought he'd be the only one who came out to check out W&H. Gunn comes up behind them. Wes comments that it's surprising that they are the only corrupted people. Gunn says it can't hurt to take the tour. As they walk outside the gate, Angel joins them, agreeing with Gunn. They open the limo door, Lorne is already inside having a drink listening to tunes, commenting on it being an evil limo.

They arrive at W&H, the elevator doors open. Employees rush by, all of them saying "Good morning Mr. Angel."

Lilah appears with a personal tour guide for everyone. Angel says they don't want to be separated. Lilah says she understands that they don't trust her, she offers them all weapons in exchange for splitting them up. Fred takes a gun, says she's alright with that. Gunn asks if he gets to go with the more attractive of the tour guides. They split up, Lorne leaves with an agent who immediately impresses him. Gunn goes off with the purdy lady. Wes leaves with a bookish type man. Fred goes off with the head of the science department, Lilah takes Angel.

Gunn and his tour guide discuss what's going on. Gunn says it's a good tactic isolating Angel from the others, trying to cross him over to the dark side. He says that everyone has a use, he wonders what they would want him for, he stops in front of a security guard office, hurt. He says he understands what he could offer them. His tour guide says that's not what they want him for.

Fred asks the head of the science department how someone so young got to be head of the department. He says if she comes to W&H she'll be the head of the department. He shows her a lab, someone's having surgery in the lab, he's still awake. Her guide shows her some electronic gadgets, Fred says he's like the MacGuiver of W&H. He says he can build anything in his billion dollar lab.

Wes's guide shows him a stack of books. Wes comments that it's rather pathetic a collection. The guide says appearances can be deceiving. He opens a book to reveal that the book will give over whatever information he demands of it. Wesley says something about a watcher's library, he punches his guide in the face, he shoots a hook and rope into the ceiling and goes up.

Angel asks Lilah if she came back from the dead to play evil let's make a deal. Lilah continues to offer W&H to him. Angel turns to leave, Lilah says she didn't show him the best part yet. She opens the curtains and Angel doesn't burst into flames. He's shocked by this. Lilah explains that the glass in the office is special, blocks out everything that could hurt Angel. Angel tells her to close the curtains. Lilah closes the curtains. She asks him if he knows how many people have died in the time he's been arguing with her. 6000 people have died, and if he took the reins of W&H, he'd have the power to stop that. Angel says he's not interested. Lilah offers him a file and an amulet, crucial to the final battle in Sunnydale. Angel takes the ammulet, says he's not interested in the intel, Buffy can handle herself. Lilah asks him if isn't it more fun when he handles her. Angel starts walking out. The phone rings. Lilah talks briefly. She tells Angel the senior partners would like him to have the full tour before he leaves. She asks him if he'd like to find out where Connor and Cordelia are. Angel turns. A screen comes out of the ceiling. It's a news report with chaos and Connor going all crazy.

Angel grabs Lilah by the throat and pins her against the wall. Lilah tells him to be careful, her head comes off easy. She tells him to consider the offer.

Gunn is in the elevator with his guide. The elevator goes up to the magic floor. Gunn says he doesn't want to meet with the evil little girl again. His guide tells her that's not who he's meeting. He steps out, a big black cat circles him. He's afraid, but the cat doesn't harm him. They circle, the cat roars.

A man and his daughter are wrapped with explosives. The daughter is crying. Connor comes up behind the man and yells at him to hold his daughter right. The man says he can't because he thinks Connor has broken his arm. Connor yells at him to hold her right. The man does, even though his arm is broken. Connor goes to check the battery connections of his explosives. He senses Angel is standing behind him. He says "You got in, good."

Wes is rifling through W&H files. Lilah comes in, says she expected to find him here. Every dirty little secret is in that file room. Wes says she expected to find him here. Lilah says she did. She knows him better than anyone. Wes says maybe she doesn't know him as well as she thinks. Wes takes her W&H contract out of the filing cabinet. He says he wants her to find peace. He lights the contract on fire. It burns, he tells her it's done, she's free. Lilah tells him to look in the file, he does, the contract is back. Lilah says fire doesn't consume anything forever. It's okay, she knows what he intended.

Angel walks into the room with the explosives. He steps on something that triggers a mannequin to explode. Connor tells him not to move. Everything is wired with explosives, even the people. He turns to reveal he is wired as well. He says he could explode, or it could be her, as he looks down to see that Cordy is wired with explosives too.

Angel tells Connor this is about Jasmine, this isn't about anything else. Connor says he really must he his son, he feels nothing, he's all numb. No one loves him, not even his dead mother. Angel says Darla loved him, she sacrificed herself for him. Connor says that Angel tried to love him. Angel tries to apologize, Connor tells him not to apologize. Connor looks down at Cordy, he says that she loved him, but what's happened to her now. Connor looks around at all the people in the room, he says that the only thing that changes anything is death, everything else is a lie. Angel says that's not true. Connor says he can't be saved by a lie, he moves to set off his explosives, Angel punches him. Knocks him across the room. He tells everyone else to leave. Connor and Angel fight. Angel stabs Connor in the leg. Angel grabs Connor by the shirt, tells him he really does love him. Connor asks him what he's going to do. Angel says he's going to prove it, he appears to slash Connor's throat.

Fade into Lorne singing. He's dancing with Fred, happily. Fred is in a good mood too. Wes appears and comments about how amazing the things are that he's seen. Gunn steps out of the elevator, Fred asks him if he's gotten taller. Gunn says he's taking the deal. Wes says he hates to admit it, but he thinks they could do a lot of good here. Angel walks in and says he already took the deal. Someone mentions Cordy. Lilah walks in and says she's getting the best of care, she's as comfortable as she can possibly be and if there's a way to wake her up, they'll find it. Lilah comments that the Angel crew is all grown up now. Angel tells her there's one more thing, a clause in his contract, he asks about Connor. Lilah hands him a file, tells him there's a limo waiting for him outside. Angel breezes by the rest of the gang. After he leaves, Fred asks who Connor is.

Limo drives Angel to a country house. Connor is inside with a real family discussing his college plans. They're all laughing and joking, he says something about going to school overseas to get away from them. Connor makes a toast, to family. Outside the window Angel smiles at the scene and then turns and walks away into the darkness.

The End.

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