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"Peace Out"

Episode 87 - "Peace Out" Episode 87 - "Peace Out" Episode 87 - "Peace Out"

"Peace Out"

Episode Number: 4.21
Running Time: ?
Summary written by stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Camera pans over LA, which is strangely quiet. Under the ground, the gang fight off Jasmine's army. Wes gets knocked flying across the room by Connor. As he lands, he looks up, Connor says Angel's name.

In the other dimension, the demons approach Angel. He raises the blue orb key high overhead and the demons scatter away from it. Angel turns, sees a temple, walks towards it.

Credits Roll.

Jasmine's soldiers hold everyone at gunpoint. Connor asks them if they thought they could poison the whole city with their hate and their tricks. Now he has to kill them. Wes tries to interrupt the speech. Connor says someone has done what they couldn't do, Jasmine has made the world a better place, and the rest of them are all bitter that it wasn't them who did it. Gunn tells Connor that Jasmine isn't what he thinks. Wesley says Jasmine is a lie. Connor says Jasmine is his. He raises his sword and is about to kill Wes when one of the soldiers says in Jasmine's voice that she wants them in tact.

Angel climbs a very tall mountain.

Jasmine speaks to her followers, telling them how their devotion and sacrifice have made a difference. Jasmine sends the followers to the banquet room and Lorne, Fred, Gunn and Wes are led into the room. Jasmine apologizes for the pain. They say the pain she caused. And she says no, they pain they are feeling because they are no longer with her. Connor hits Wes, Jasmine scolds him for it. She asks where Angel is. Wes asks if she's so omnipotent why doesn't she know, wasn't the creature in the sewer under her control. She says it was. She said it came from a world where she spread her peace and love before. She says it was a trial run. Wes asks her how it worked out, Jasmine says it was a trial run it worked as best as could be expected. Someone walks in, tells Jasmine that everything is ready for the satellite feed. The gang try to tell Connor they have to stop her. That the blood rite they did with Cordelia's blood was supposed to make him see Jasmine as she truly is. Connor says he does see her, she's beautiful, they show Jasmine's face as Connor sees it, covered with maggots. Jasmine orders the others taken away. Connor asks where Angel is, Jasmine says he's seeking something unattainable.

Angel reaches the temple at the top of the mountain. A priest greets him, they talk about Jasmine. The priest says she will return to their world when she's done with theirs. Angel tries to trick the priest into telling him Jasmine's name. The creature doesn't fall for the trick. Angel grabs the priest by the throat and threatens him. The priest tells him he can take her power away, but he's already lost everything.

Connor goes down to the basement cage, to talk to the gang. They ask him if he truly saw her face, why does he follow her. He says something along the lines of appearance not being everything. Fred asks Connor if he cares for Cordy, Cordy needs medical attention. Connor says Cordy's fine, she's been taken away. Wes asks what Jasmine eats. Connor says she eats people. They ask Connor how he knows Jasmine hasn't eaten Cordy. Connor looks uncertain.

Angel threatens the priest. The priest says he is the keeper of the word, not of the name. The keeper of the name is over kneeling in the corner. Angel goes to attack him. He turns, he's very toothy and it almost appears his mouth is sewn shut.

Jasmine is preparing to eat a group of followers as Connor comes into the room. Connor asks where Cordy is. Jasmine says she ate her. Connor looks shocked. Jasmine smiles and says she doesn't blame him, but wonders who put that idea into his head. She could never harm him or Cordy, they're her parents, her bond to the world. She tells him that Cordy has been taken to a secure location. She's still comatose but is being guarded. Connor asks who took her there, Jasmine asks what does it matter, tells him to leave the room. Connor goes, Jasmine continues with her feeding ritual.

Angel fights the priest, trying to get information. Angel says he's fighting to save his world. The priest tells him the world couldn't care less what happened to him, that he's fighting for something else. He's fighting for the woman, who he's already lost, and he's fighting for the boy and he will lose the boy too.

Connor walks through the gathered followers. Two of them discuss the satellite uplink. Connor smells Cordy on one woman. The woman says she read what her favorite perfume was. A reporter tries to interview Connor, he blows her off, goes outside where two men stand holding cuttings of Jasmine. Connor says they moved Cordy, wants to know where. They won't say, Connor starts to try to beat the information out of them.

Angel and the priest continue to fight. The priest asks why he bothers fighting, Angel says he can tell that the priest has no kids.

The gang talk in their cage. They wonder over being left unguarded by Connor. They start to talk about Cordy. They wonder why Jasmine hasn't killed Cordy. Wes thinks that maybe Jasmine can't hurt Cordelia. From there he wonders if maybe if Jasmine can't hurt Cordy without hurting herself, maybe Cordy can hurt Jasmine, that is if they can wake her up. Fred says "Wake her up, we have to find her first."

Connor goes to a church. He finds a boarded up door. Two cops are guarding it. They tell him that they can't let him in. Connor throws the cops through the wall to the boarded up room. He knocks them out. He looks down the aisle to the altar, Cordy is on the altar, wrapped in a blue gauze. Connor says he found her, walks towards her.

Brightly glowing room. The glow dissipates, Jasmine is alone in the room. She says "There, time for my closeup."

Connor talks to unconscious Cordy. He tells her it's started, what she wanted. He questions if this is what she wanted. That she made Jasmine be, so she could make the world the way Cordy wants it. He questions why Angel fights against this. He smashes a piece of furniture in rage as he talks about Angel. He comes back to Cordy's side, he tells her he's tired of fighting, he just wants to rest. He says he's sorry, he wanted to believe, he tried. Jasmine is bringing peace to the whole world, but not to him. He says he knows she's a lie. He says his whole life has been built on lies. He says he guesses he just thought this lie was better than the rest of them.

Reporters from all over the world report from the hotel, preparing for Jasmine's press conference.

A woman tries to stop one of the men Connor beat up from approaching Jasmine. Jasmine comes out of her room, asks the man, Jeremy what's wrong. He apologizes, he says Connor beat him into giving up Cordy's location. Jasmine thanks Jeremy for the information, she continues to the balcony. She begins to speak to the crowd, and to the cameras. She does her whole shiny happy speech, people applaud.

Gunn is beating the cage. He stops as they hear the clapping from upstairs. They figure it's too late, Jasmine's thrall has reached everyone.

Jasmine opens the floor to questions. She says a woman's name, the woman is shocked that Jasmine knows her name, forgets the question. Another reporter asks her what she wants. Jasmine says just love. And a temple. A massive one. Where violence does not exist. As she's speaking, Angel emerges through the portal with the head of the guardian of the name in hand. Jasmine tells the crowd to grab him. Angel cuts the stitches from the mouth of the guardian and it makes sounds. Jasmine begins to glow. The crowd sees her true face. They scatter. Jasmine tries to restore her appearance, only half succeeding, looking sort of rotten but not maggoty.

Gunn succeeds in breaking out of the cage. As they escape, he says they can thank him later.

Jasmine runs out onto the street, everyone runs from her, she says she's the same person.

In the church, a guard calls out to Connor, it tells him that Jasmine needs him.

Angel follows Jasmine down the street, he tells her that it's over. She tells him he doesn't get it. It doesn't work the way he thinks it works. The Powers aren't what he thinks they are. Angel says he did it to save the world, to save humanity, people's right to make their own choices. Jasmine says he isn't human. Angel says he's working on it. Jasmine asks why he hates her so much. Angel names off the things that she's done, topping off with the eating of people. Jasmine says that he's eaten people. Angel says it doesn't matter, what she's doing is wrong. Jasmine says she could have made world peace, ended disease and hunger. Angel says it's not too late for her to make a difference, even if she has lost her powers. Jasmine says not all of them, and throws Angel off the overpass and onto a car below.

Angel tells the girl in the car he landed on to run. Jasmine throws a car off of the overpass above. Angel dodges the car. Jasmine jumps down off the overpass. She and Angel fight. Jasmine tells him he doesn't understand, she's not like the other Powers. She came down to be with him, to change things with him at her side. They never knew if Angel would be on the side of good or evil when this all happened. Angel grabs a cable and shoots Jasmine full of electricity, she flies across the street. She gets back to her feet, and asks him if he thinks a little electricity would really stop her. Angel said it didn't hurt to try. She approaches him and they fight. Jasmine grabs Angel by the throat, she tells him that this little Power That Was has just enough strength to wipe out his whole species. Angel tells her to go to hell, Jasmine says "I'll see you there." she pulls Angel to her and kisses him. Connor walks up he says every time he gets a girl Angel has to take her from him. Jasmine runs to Connor and asks him if he's still on her side. Connor acts like he is. Jasmine turns back to Angel, Connor sticks his fist through the back of her head, she falls to the ground apparently dead. Connor runs off.

Angel goes back to the hotel, is shocked to find the gang still alive. He tells them what happened. He tells them that Connor's eyes looked empty, like he'd lost everything, and it scared him. Angel says what Jasmine had tried to start was over. A female voice cuts through the room telling him that he's done it, he's ended world peace. The camera pans over to reveal Lilah standing in the doorway to the office.

The End.

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