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Episode 86 - "Sacrifice" Episode 86 - "Sacrifice" Episode 86 - "Sacrifice"


Episode Number: 4.20
Running Time: ?
Summary written by stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Angel tries to talk Connor into listening to him. Connor tells him he's wrong this time, it doesn't matter what he says, they're going to tear him apart. Jasmine's followers start down the hall. Angel slams the door, holds it shut and tells the others to get out. Wes, Fred, Gunn and Lorne sneak down the fire escape. Jasmine's followers break through the door. Angel fights them off. The gang pulls up in the car outside the fire escape. They try to think of a way to get Angel out. Just then, Connor's unconscious form lands on the hood of Angel's car. Angel lands right behind. Throws Connor to the street and gets into the car. Fred comments that they can't just leave him there, he's Angel's son. Angel says he knows what he is, and to drive. Jasmine begins to approach from down the street, the car turns and they speed off.


The gang listens to the radio as they flee. The Catholic church is replacing all their statues with images of Jasmine. They turn off the radio as Lorne decides media buzz is moot. They say they should have taken Connor and what if he doesn't wake up. Angel says what if they had taken him and he had woken up.

Connor is out cold on a chair. Jasmine orders four people to disrobe. There's a glowing green light and the people disappear. Connor wakes up, says that was incredible. Jasmine runs her hand over Connor and heals his wounds. Connor tells her what the gang did to him. They cut him and rubbed blood into the wound. Jasmine says the unfaithful always have a few tricks. She tells him not to worry, her followers are her, she can see and act through them.

Angel and the gang pull up at a gas station. They wonder what they can do, if they should just keep running. Lorne says he hears Belize is nice. They get out of the car, Gunn beats a man away from the gas pump. Everyone else is out of the car, trying to get to the gas pumps I think. A man starts talking with Jasmine's voice, telling them they are a disease in the body that is Jasmine. They fight the man off, Jasmine's voice comes from someone else's mouth. As they continue fighting people off, the voice moves, until it is in the voice of a little girl, who tells them that her love is everywhere. They jump in the car and take off, the police are in pursuit. Back at the hotel Jasmine laughs as they flee.

The gang hides in the sewer. They wonder what to do. They can't hide here forever. Fred comments that in all the scuffle, she'd almost forgot about Cordelia. Angel tells her to forget Cordelia. The minute to grieve is up, they don't have time for this. He leads them off down a sewer tunnel.

Connor sits at Cordy's bedside. He's discovered the cut on her wrist. Jasmine walks in. He says "Look what they've done to her." Jasmine says they cut into her while she was peacefully sleeping. The unfaithful will always resort to magic tricks in desperation. Jasmine tells him to leave the room, she wants to spend some time with her mother. Connor leaves, Jasmine goes to Cordy's bedside.

In the sewers Lorne asks Fred what's wrong, if she's thinking of Cordy. Fred nods. He says lately Angel hasn't been thinking with his heart. Angel overhears and says that thinking with their hearts will get them killed. It's what Jasmine is using against them, they have to become cold to it. As they walk they talk about what Jasmine meant to them. Lorne comments that maybe she should have had another name. As they walk, the floor collapses, (it's either Gunn or Wes, I looked away) falls into a pit, just grasping the edge. A man stands holding a spear on him, the gang freezes.

The gang discovers that the group of people holding weapons on them are other people who see Jasmine's true face. One of them Gunn recognizes as someone who stole his car. They are hiding underneath the city from the beast. They realize that they're on the same side. The guy that stole Gunn's car says that they'd better get moving, they're coming.

Connor walks to Cordy's door, says he's sorry but he just can't stay away. He's shocked to find that Cordy is gone. He asks Jasmine where she is. Jasmine says that Cordy was a danger to them, her blood could cause people to hate. Cordy is where Jasmine wants her to be. Connor smiles.

The gang is lead to a room that the underground unfaithful have been using as a stronghold. They question whether or not it's safe. A boy asks Angel if these people are his crew. Angel asks the boy if there's some water as he looks down and sees blood on his hands. The boy asks where the blood came from, as Angel washes it off, he says it was from someone he cared about. He flashes to punching Connor and knocking him out. Fred comments to someone that it's strange that they should all hook up, being that they are professional monster hunters. The leader of the group says something about Tommy having already died fighting for the cause. Angel picks up a sword, the leader tries to stop him, telling him the sword belonged to Tommy. Angel says now it belongs to him, Angel walks off with a purpose.

Connor and Jasmine talk. Jasmine says it's happening. She will free all the people from the loneliness. She tells Connor they will be a family, they will be together. She moves closer to him and hugs him. He doesn't exactly embrace her. Jasmine asks him what's wrong. He says he doesn't know. Jasmine tells him that he feels this way because he wants to belong. She tells him she can feel his pain. She wants it. She takes his hand and digs her fingernails into his palm. Connor looks at her strangely. She calls him father. Connor tells her to take his pain. Jasmine says okay and raises her hand to show that the fingernail marks are now in her palm. The marks disappear.

The underground crew stalks through the sewer tunnels. They are attacked by a demon. They scatter. The boy reaches the surface. Wes disappears.

Wes is with the demon, he tells Wesley he loved her first.

The underground crew turns their weapons on what's left of Angel's gang, afraid after being attacked by the demon.

Wes tries to get information out of the demon. He asks it if it's talking about Jasmine. The creature looks confused. It says it has prepared for her arrival for a long time. He is insulted that the humans decided to name her. Wes looks down at something bloody on the floor. The creature says it has to go, there's work to be done. Wes asks the creature how it defines it's love for Jasmine. The creature says same as anyone, through (something) and sacrifice.

Fred and Gunn are wandering together, looking for the boy. Fred says something about rats. Gunn gets all freaked out. Fred says good, he should feel something, they're all going to become heartless shells. They argue over whether or not it's good to feel. Fred says she'd rather feel the pain than become a shell. She tells him they have a scared little boy to find and they should stop fighting and look for him.

The underground crew have Lorne and Angel cornered. They're calling them monsters. Lorne says that Angel only drinks pigs blood. Angel tells him he's not helping the cause. He tells the guy to stake him, to go ahead, but then they'll be without his help. They appear to relent.

Fred and Gunn emerge onto the street. They're almost spotted by a child, they hide.

Wes follows the demon to question him further. The demon is cutting apart a man. Wes asks why he doesn't tie him up. The demon says it's good at catching furries. Go ahead and run, use his key if he likes. Wes says fair enough, and stands and continues to question the creature. He asks him where he's from. The demon says he's from a very old world. Older than old. Wes asks the creature about Jasmine. The creature says Jasmine has no use for words, only one. Wes questions which one. The creature won't answer. The man the creature is cutting up wakes up and starts talking. He's a vampire, he tells him to stop the serial killer crap and stake him already. The demon is confused as to why the meat is talking. Wes tells him the meat is a vampire. The creature does something to the vampire's mouth to keep him from talking. He asks Wes if the man is like the other man in the tunnel with the steel that bites. The demon in asking questions lets it slip that the word Jasmine cares about is her name. Wesley says that it's her name outloud, the beast freaks out.

Up on the street, Gunn and Fred find the boy. The boy tries to run, Gunn catches him. The boy starts to scream for help. Gunn punches the kid in the face, knocking him out, Fred looks on horrified.

The creature has cornered Wes. It says there is a keeper of Jasmine's name. It says that it will kill Wes because it is one who truly loves Jasmine. As it says this, Angel appears behind it with a sword.

Lorne tries to explain why they use words like beastie. He tries to tell the underground crew what they do and why they're not evil. Fred and Gunn walk in with the boy. The boy wakes up, tells them in Jasmine's voice that they beat him repeatedly. Her influence overtakes the underground crew and they turn on Lorne, Gunn and Fred. Lorne Gunn and Fred run. They run right into Connor and a bunch of soldiers. Connor speaks in Jasmine's voice and says "I believe you've met my father." They turn to run.

The creature stabs Angel right through with it's arms. Angel manages to inflict a fatal wound on the creature. As it dies it says, this meat I give to thee.

Fred, Gunn and Lorne run as Connor and his army chase.

Wes says to Angel that something's up as they stand and look at an orb that belonged to the creature. Wes comments that the universe just gave them their first break.

They all meet up and try to barricade a door. Wes looks at the orb, it is how the creature got here from his older world. He wonders how to power it. Decides to try blood. He puts his blood on the orb and it glows brighter. A portal opens. Angel walks into it as the rest of them try to hold the door shut.

The door breaks down, Connor and his army come through. They fight. As they fight we see Jasmine becoming wounded and then healing instantly. She laughs as they fight in her name and die.

Angel emerges into the old world. It's populated with monsters the same as the one he just killed. Angel's not really happy to have made this discovery. Camera pans out and the episode ends with Angel standing facing the creatures with an "Oh f**k" look on his face.

The End.

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