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"The Magic Bullet"

Episode 85 - "The Magic Bullet" Episode 85 - "The Magic Bullet" Episode 85 - "The Magic Bullet"

"The Magic Bullet"

Episode Number: 4.19
Running Time: ?
Summary written by stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Show opens with a song, shots of happy people running to an ice cream truck. A smiling driver lets a bunch of smiling pedestrians cross the street. Fred runs into the side of the car that's stopped for the pedestrians. She looks afraid. The shot widens to show Wes and Gunn chasing her across the street. Wes and Gunn loose her in the crowd, they spot Fred's red jacket. They run and grab her. It's not Fred. The woman says a woman gave her a jacket, it was a gift from Jasmine. Wes, Gunn and the woman smile over how great Jasmine is before Gunn and Wes take off to look for Fred again. The camera pans down. Fred is hiding in the sewers.

Credits Roll.

People are lined up to wait to talk to Lorne to get a room at the hotel. A man reaches the counter, Lorne says they're full up, the man offers him his house in exchange for a room. He saw her on tv and he has to be near her. Lorne agrees Jasmine is great, she makes his heart beat fast. Connor, Angel and Jasmine come down the stairs. Lorne tells the man to go get some of that goodness and love.

Jasmine reaches the bottom of the stairs, puts her hands on the stomach of a pregnant woman and tells her that her child will have a happy and healthy life. The woman falls to her knees in thanks. Jasmine moves through the crowd, to a man with a moustache, says encouraging words to him. Connor says he wishes he could see what she could see, Jasmine says to wait, he will. Gunn and Wes pull Angel aside into the office to tell him that Fred has eluded them again. They need to find Fred so Jasmine can fix her.

Outside the office, Jasmine has asked a man and a woman if they'd like to come with her. They excitedly agree and go with Jasmine.

Fred goes into a bookstore and asks the clerk about mass hypnosis. He says he remembers her from last week. He doesn't have many customers to his occult bookstore living in a utopian paradise. The man has a dark demeanor about him. Fred thinks that maybe he hasn't been touched by Jasmine yet. She asks him if he's happy. He says he is, he heard Jasmine on the radio last night. Fred asks him if he gave up on everything he used to believe in. He says he's still paranoid, he just doesn't worry about it anymore. Fred makes a comment about mind control. The man says he knows what she needs. He puts a gun on the counter, Fred backs up a little bit, then the man takes a book out called "Making Mind Control Work for You" and offers it to Fred.

Angel and Connor are in the sewers looking for Fred. Angel asks Connor why he's so good at tracking. Connor says Holtz once abandoned him for a week, tracking was something he learned to survive. Simultaneously they both lookup and say that Jasmine is calling them.

Jasmine is staring at what might be a computer or a portable DVD player. She says something about Hobbits. Lorne asks her if she likes movies. Jasmine says she loves movies. They ask her why she just doesn't introduce the whole world to what she knows about goodness and light. Jasmine says she's not ready, she still has a lot to learn. Angel and Connor walk in, they all join hands. Jasmine tells them to think about Fred.

Fred runs to a window, asks a woman for directions, the woman gives Fred a strange look, Jasmine is seeing Fred through the woman's eyes. Fred continues to run everywhere she runs Jasmine can see her through someone's eyes. She tries to cross the street, a car chases her. She dives to the curve, the car crashes. The driver gets out, on fire, pleading with him to not be afraid. Fred looks on in horror.

Connor pulls his hand from Jasmine's grip with a start. She's been burnt. They fuss over her, saying they need to help fix her hand. Jasmine says she just needs rest. There's some kinks to work out, but now she can see Fred with the eyes of people who love her. Jasmine explains to them that they're all becoming psychic now. Wes and Gunn say there's a leak on the third floor and a plumber in the lobby who can help them. They are happily surprised to discover she's right about the telepathy. Jasmine says they will find Fred and they will help her.

Fred is in a sparsely populated area. A car comes towards her, she dives/falls into a hole and lands on top of a green demon. Fred struggles with the demon, reaches for an axe, is about to kill him when he screams out that he's a vegetarian. Fred comments that he doesn't have the right teeth to be a vegetarian. He admits he eats fish and vermin too. Fred gets up off of the demon and they go to their separate corners. The demon tries to talk to her, but she tells him to be quiet, she's trying to think. The demon looks less than happy.

Back at the hotel, Wes shows a big picture of Fred and tells everyone she's a monster and they have to look out for her. Wes leaves the stage to applause. Lorne gets up and says it's open mic night everyone can get up and say whatever they want to about Jasmine. A bunch of people get up some sing, some recite poetry, a deaf girl expresses in sign language that she wants to kill Fred. Lorne sings. Angel and Connor get up and sing Mandy with Mandy's name replaced with Jasmine. Gunn says to Wes that they should have open mic night every night.

Fred and the demon argue. He wants to start a fire because it's cold with the hole Fred knocked in his roof. He's also unhappy that she won't let him pee. He suggests they go to bed and attack Jasmine in the morning. He goes to get under his blanket and he accidentally uncovers his stash of human hands. First he tries a cover story, then he just admits he does eat people. He takes a bite of a finger and offers Fred finger food. Then he attacks Fred. He bites her on the shoulder, she grabs the axe, plants it in the demon's head.

Fred stands outside the occult bookstore, a crowd is gathered in front of her. She tells them to come get her. She enters the bookstore. The clerk tells Fred he's not allowed to hurt her. Fred wanders around, Jasmine and Angel and Connor enter the store. Jasmine rewards the clerk for his loyalty by telling him that the day Kennedy was shot, Oswald acted alone. Jasmine approaches Fred who has moved behind the counter. Fred says she's sorry. Jasmine says she loves Fred and forgives her. Fred says she's talking to Angel. Fred pulls the gun out from behind the counter, shoots Jasmine in the shoulder, the bullet carries through into Angel. Angel vamps and jumps over the counter to Fred. He pins her to the floor.

Angel is attacking Fred. Fred tells Angel to look at Jasmine. Angel looks, and sees the rotting thing Fred sees instead of Jasmine. He unvamps, gets off of Fred and backs away. Jasmine says he's been infected, tells Connor to stay away from him. Angel is lost to them now. Fred takes the gun, fills Jasmine full of bullets. Connor attacks Fred. Angel picks her unconscious form up off of the floor and runs her out of the building. Connor tries to follow, Jasmine tells him she needs him. He tries to help her, Jasmine backs away, she won't allow anyone to touch her blood. She says they need to clean it up. Connor offers to clean it up. Jasmine won't let him. She orders the store clerk to burn the store to the ground. He lights the store on fire and just stands there.

Jasmine and Connor return to the hotel. They go into the office, followed by Wes and Gunn and Lorne. They ask where Angel is. Jasmine says on their quest to find Fred, they lost Angel. Jasmine leaves the office. She chooses people from the crowd to accompany her upstairs. Wes Gunn and Lorne stand and watch her go, commenting that if Jasmine says Angel has to die, then Angel will die.

Fred wakes up in a darkened room. Angel is sitting looking sad. He feels incredible loss over Jasmine. Fred says she feels the same way. Angel asks if maybe they should just pretend that they didn't see her true face, it would feel better than fearing Jasmine. He wants to know how this happened. Fred says Jasmine's blood mixed with her own and when Fred shot Jasmine and the bullet went into Angel, the blood mixed again. Fred says they need lots of Jasmine's blood. Angel questions how they will do that. They comment that there is one way, but that it's too horrible. Fred says she can't handle this, she's not a champion like Angel is. Angel says she sure looks like she is. They hear people approaching. They pull together and start kissing to try to fool the onlookers into thinking they're someone else. Fred pulls away and asks if he thinks they bought it. Angel says he bought it. They turn, they are being watched.

Jasmine takes the people she's selected upstairs, Connor following behind. She turns to face them, tells them to disrobe. Jasmine's wounds begin to heal.

Two worshippers pay homage to Cordy, then they leave the room. Angel and Fred come through the window. Angel asks if he thinks Cordy can feel it. Fred comments that Cordy is pretty much brain dead. Angel kisses Cordy on the forehead and tells her he's sorry. He's about to cut her with a knife when Cordy's hand shoots up and catches his.

Angel stops, tears in his eyes. He thinks Cordy is awake. There is no other reaction from Cordy. Fred explains that people in comas sometimes react like that. Angel says he was looking for a miracle. Angel cuts Cordy's hand, collects the blood.

Connor stands outside Jasmine's door, smiling. A green light emanates from within.

Lorne walks in to worship Cordy just as Fred asks Angel if they've taken enough blood. They quickly place Cordy's hand back on her chest. Lorne notices the blood. Angel and Fred get to Lorne, apparently about to force Cordy's blood onto Lorne.

Jasmine emerges from her room. Connor asks what she's done to those people, Jasmine says she ate them. Connor says that's cool.

Lorne goes downstairs, leads Wes and Gunn upstairs. They ask where he got the cut on his wrist from. Lorne says he'll explain, then he takes after them with a baseball bat as they enter one of the hotel rooms. A while later they sit and discuss what's happened. Fred says Angel figured it out. Jasmine and Cordy might share a bloodtype as well as a mystic connection. They decide they need to go and get Connor and fix him too. Wesley says he'll go get him. They all give him funny looks. Wes says he's kidnaped him before.

Wes leads Connor to the room. They grab him, cut his chest, rub Cordy's blood into the wound. Connor looks hostile, then his expression changes. They let go of him. They tell him its normal to feel this way. Connor backs towards the door, opens it, and screams "They're here!" out the door.

The End

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