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"Inside Out"

Episode 83 - "Inside Out" Episode 83 - "Inside Out" Episode 83 - "Inside Out"

"Inside Out"

Episode Number: 4.17
Running Time: ?
Summary written by stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Angel stands facing Cordy, he says "All this time, it was you." Cordy chides him for not being able to see it coming. She asks him what tipped it off. He says her tongue. A slip of it. She called the baby her sweet, the same word the beast's master used when it was in his head. Cordy says she still has some tricks. Angel says it's not the real Cordelia, the real Cordy would never hurt her friends. He grabs her by the throat, asks her where the real Cordelia is. She asks him what he really thinks is going on. Connor crashes through the skylight, shoots Angel with a tranquilizer. Connor whisks Cordy off, she turns and smiles as she walks away. The magic 8 ball tips, it says Try again later.


Gunn comes in from his electro date to find everyone all beat up. He asks what happened. They explain Cordy is evil. Gunn asks if mamma and pappa kicked their asses. They say no, just pappa, Cordy just made with the evil laugh. They explain that Cordy is the beastmaster. They figure out that the spell that Lorne did to Cordy woke up whatever Cordy brought back with her. That's what Wolfram and Hart sucked out of Lorne's head. They put back together the pieces of what Cordy did. When Cordy was trying to resoul Angel it was all misdirection, what she really did was put the whammy on Lorne. Angel figures out Cordy killed Lilah. They wonder what's baking in Cordy's oven. Evil and pregnant, they bet it's not cookies.

Connor takes Cordy somewhere safe. She asks him how careful he was. He says very careful. Connor asks Cordy why Angel is against them. Cordy says it's because Angel hates him. He can't stand that he'll never know the feel of her touch and the warmth of her lips. She kisses Connor, tells him he was right about Angel, he's an animal, he'll turn everyone against them. Connor says he won't let them hurt her. Cordy hugs him, calls him her sweet sweet boy.

Wes walks in on Angel staring at a sketch of Cordy. He says he just let it happen. He didn't see it. Wes says it played on his emotions. But at least he had a reason for not seeing it. Angel says that he and Lilah weren't exactly mortal enemies, as Wes stares into the darkness. Wes changes the subject. He deduces that whatever happened to Cordy happened after she ascended. He says maybe they should seek the powers for advice. Angel asks him if he thinks the powers couldn't see something pretending to be Cordelia and still return it. Angel says they need someone else. They need someone who is deeper into it.

Connor takes Cordy somewhere to hide.Connor tells Cordy he can't believe Angel tried to kill her. He thinks maybe they got tricked and Angel is still Angelus. Cordy tells him he's not still Angelus. They discuss good and evil. Connor can't believe the things the others are doing, being that they're supposed to be good. Cordy says good and evil are just words and they don't have to live by those rules because they're special. And their child will be extraordinary.

Fred explains that they're basically hooped as far as evidence on Cordy goes, her room was squeaky clean no clues. Fred and Gunn express that maybe Angel should try and find someone else to do what he's about to do, he says it's fine he's done it before.

Angel finds Skip. He startles Skip. Skip asks him if he ever knocks. Angel asks Skip when was the last time he saw Cordelia. Skip says last time he saw Cordy was her ascension. Angel says what about her welcome home party. Skip says no one returns from paradise, well except for that one slayer. Angel accuses Skip of lying, being in on it of being a dupe. A spike comes out of Skip's arm, he says he's not a dupe. He throws Angel across the room.

Skip tells Angel it's not like last time is it? Not like when Angel beat Skip up to take Billy. Skip proceeds to kick Angel's ass.

Cordy gets Connor to touch her stomach, to see what he's fighting for. It moves just as he touches her stomach. She tells him that's what babies do when they're happy. Connor asks how long she thinks they need to hide for. Cordy says a week, maybe two. Connor says he won't let Angel hurt her. Cordy says she doesn't want him to have to hurt Angel. Maybe they can speed up the birth. She asks him to go get her some stuff.

Angel and Skip fight. Angel wants to know what they did to Cordelia. Skip throws Angel to the ground, he says the beautiful thing is, he's going to die never knowing what happened to the woman he loves says you have to respect the classics. Angel gets up, attacks Skip. He knocks Skip out.

There's a bright flash of light. Angel appears back in the hotel. Says they have to bind Skip to this dimension, before he wakes up.

Connor saves a woman from a vampire. Then as she's thanking him, he knocks her out, brings her to Cordy.

Cordy says she's perfect. Cordy tells Connor that he has to understand his feelings over what he's done. She's one of them. She's just a normal person. They will give her life meaning. Her blood for their baby.

The gang tries to interrogate Skip. Fred threatens him with a sphere of some kind. Skip says he'll co operate, he asks for a cigarette. Angel asks where Cordy is. Skip says that evil Cordelia is the real Cordelia, but someone else is driving. Angel asks if something else is controlling her. Skip says it's something else. It's part of her ascension. Wes asks if this was something done to her on the higher plain. Skip sarcastically says no, Cordelia chose to ascend because she was such a pure radiant being. Then says Puh leeze.

Cordelia incants a spell. The girl Connor knocked out weeps to Connor, begs for freedom. Connor hears a voice. Aks who's there. The voice replies "I'm here, close to your heart." Darla appears, she says "Isn't that where a mother belongs."

Connor is shocked. Darla says the Powers sent her to speak to him. Connor says she's not Darla. Darla says she has all Darla's memories, that's what makes a person what they are. Darla says she's felt like he's feeling a thousand times, nurturing a victim before killing them. Darla said she shared his soul once. She says she gave her life for his. She tells him that he's the one good thing she ever did. She'd die every day for an eternity for him, and this is how he repays her? Connor says the woman's blood will save his baby. Darla asks him if he honestly thinks that something good will come from spilling the blood of an innocent. He says he thinks it will. Darla tells him not to let her death be for nothing.

Back at the hotel, they interrogate Skip. Skip links pretty much every event that's happened to them to the Powers That Be. Everything from Cordy getting the visions, to Wes sleeping with Lilah, to Connor being born. Connor's purpose was to make the child inside of Cordy. It's a vessel for a being that desired to come into the world. Angel asks how to stop it. Skip says he has to find Cordy and cut her head off. They ask if there's another way, what will happen to Cordy during the birth. Skip says giving birth will kill Cordy anyway. He says the only way for Angel to stop it is to kill the woman he loves. Angel asks how to find Cordy. Skip tells them they need some strange ingredient. Lorne says he has it. Skip backtracks, pretends he told them the wrong thing. Everyone scrambles to set events in motion.

Darla explains to Connor why she sacrificed herself for Connor. She felt his warmth and his goodness. Her sacrifice was a worthy one. She tries to talk him into letting the girl go. Connor says she's been gone for a long time, what would she know. Darla says they shared a soul for awhile. She feels his pain. She knows he wants to be good. Deep down she feels that he knows what's the right thing to do.

Fred asks Gunn what he thinks Angel will do. Gunn says whatever Angel has to do. Fred comments that they're like pieces on a game board. Gunn says they may be, but in the end, the final act, might not always play out the way it's planned. Fred asks him if he's been practicing that speech. Lorne comes in, tells them to hug their neighbors, they've located Cordy. Skip calls them puppets, they tell Skip to shut up. Gunn comments about getting ready to go. Angel says he's going alone. He has to kill the woman he loves, and he doesn't want anyone else to carry that. Angel leaves.

Cordy orders Connor to bring the woman in the other room. Connor says he won't. Something about their child needing to be anointed with blood. Cordy suspects that Connor's being manipulated. Darla tells Connor not to trust her. Cordy says she can see Darla. It's something Angel is making to confuse him. Darla pleads with Connor not to go with Cordy. Cordy tells him it's a vision from Angel, manipulating him to kill their baby. Connor yells to Darla "You are not my mother." drags the woman off. Cordelia follows. Connor drops the woman. Darla begs him not to do it. Connor drops the woman. Cordelia kills her with a meat cleaver saying "There, that wasn't so hard was it?" In a ring of candles, Cordy writhes in obvious pain. Connor is standing staring at the dead woman. Cordy says they have to do this while it's fresh. Connor stoops to the body. Cordy chants a spell, rubbing her stomach as she does. Connor approaches. Cordy tells him to do it now. Connor makes a bloody handprint on Cordy's stomach. The handprint disappears. Cordy screams, the world begins to shake.

Back at the hotel they ask what's going on. Skip says the end of the world. He steps out of the circle that supposedly bound him. He attacks Fred and Gunn and Wesley.

Connor asks what's happening. Cordy says the birth of a new world. She begins to giggle. Angel comes in. Connor moves to attack him. Angel says that's not Cordy. They fight.

Skip fights off the gang, beat them up, tells them there's no way they can defeat him. Wesley grabs a gun, shoots Skip in the head, killing him.

Angel knocks out Connor, asks him if he thinks he wants to do this, Angel says he doesn't have a choice. Angel approaches Cordy with a sword. He says he's so sorry. Cordy screams. Light bursts from her stomach, Jasmine appears within the glowing light. Cordy's head bobs side to side on the floor (as she appears to fall unconscious). Angel and Connor fall to their knees as the light fades and they see Jasmine. Angel says "Oh my god, you're beautiful." Jasmine says "Angel."

The End

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