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Episode Number: 4.14
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Nosferatu
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

It starts off with Wes and Faith back at Wesís place. She is bleeding, all beat up. Wes gives her a towel, and goes to get bandages. Faith says, donít bother, Iím good. Says that she could use a shower though. Wes asks her again, are you sure you are ok? She goes to the bathroom, and looks at her beaten up face in the mirror. She starts to undress, she has bruises, and cuts, and blood everywhere, like head to toe. She gets in the shower, and washes all the blood off. She gets mad, and starts punching the wall of the shower, she destroys the wall. Then she calms down, and finishes her shower. Cut to Angelus at that demon bar, he is drinking with some demons, talking about how The Beast beat up Faith really bad, and bragging about how he killed the Beast. Then some demon says that was a dumb move to bring back the sun. Angelus gets up, and threatens to kill that demon. All of a sudden a voice starts talking to Angelus, sounds like the Beast. It says hello Angelus, itís time we had that talkÖ Roll creditsÖ

Back to Angelus, he asks where are you? He is talking to the voice, everyone is looking at him funny. Angelus is really pissed. He wants a face to face. Cut to Cordy talking, she is the voice. Angelus says, it was you who took my soul. Cordy says that she has big plans for him. Angelus is really annoyed by her, he doesnít know itís Cordy, it sounds like the Beastís voice kind of. He tells it to kiss his ass. Back to Cordy at the hotel, Connor walks in with some tea. Cordy says she is still woozy because of the arrow, or it might be because of the baby. Cut to Angelus back at the bar, screaming at the voice. Then back to Connor, and Cordy. Lying in bed together. Cordy says that it was the right thing to bring Angelus back, Connor disagrees. She starts talking about their baby, and tells Connor not to tell anyone about it, because they wouldnít understand. Connor thinks she is ashamed of him, she says she isnít. She says it is growing fast, and soon everyone will know about it. Cut to Gunn, Lorne, and Fred they all have tranq gun, pistols, in case Angelus shows up. Connor comes downstairs, Gunn asks him how Cordy is. Connor tells them that she is tired, and wants some soup. He leaves, and Fred wonders if they are still a thing, Lorne says he canít read them. Gunn says he doesnít want to know, but itís good that it is keeping Connor busy. Then Fred starts talking about how hurt Faith got. Back to Wes and Faith, Wes is still concerned about how she is feeling, she says Iím 5x5 boss. Cut to the hotel, Fred is researching. Angelus shows up, he wants to know what they know about the beast. Fred tells him that he canít hurt her. He pulls out some charm, and says that he can. He punches the wall, and Fred gets scared, and believes him. She says she wonít tell him anything. And says that whatever he is up against will make him his bitch, just like the Beast. Then she sees ďmade in ChinaĒ on his charm. She hits him, and knocks him down, and runs off. Connor shows up, he runs at him, tries to hit him, but the spell kicks in, and he gets tossed over the balcony. Angelus tells Fred he is going to kill all of her friends.

Cut to Faith and Wes outside the Hotel. Angelus and Faith fight a little bit, and then he grabs Wes, and threatens to kill him. Faith tells him to let Wes go, that this is between you and me. Angelus tries to goat Faith into killing him, before he kills Wes. Then Gunn jumps in, and tries to shoot Angelus with the Tranq gun, he misses and Angelus gets away. Back to Connor and Cordy. Cordy is having morning sickness, Connor tells her that Angelus was there, and that he took all of their info they had on the Beast. Lilahís book, the stuff from Lorneís head etc. Cordy says, oh so the sanctuary spell worked, huh? Back to Fred, she is mad because she let Angelus get away with all of that info. Wes grabs a shotgun, and says itís time to change the game. He goes off with Faith. They start arguing, Wes is mad because Faith let Angelus get away. She said He would have killed you, but Wes says that doesnít matter. Back to Angelus reading through the stuff he took. Some guy is with him. Angelus is torturing him trying to get the guy to help him out. Then The Voice Yells out at Angelus, says that he is going to punish him. Angelus talks back to the voice, he wants nothing to do with it. The voice, which I will call The Master nowÖkeeps talking. Angelus says he is getting bored. The Master tells him that he has his soul, in his very corporeal hands. He threatens to put his soul back for good. Then Angelus says, ok what do you want me to do Master? Cut to Cordy holding that bottle with Angelís soul in it.

Back at the Hotel Fred and Gunn are arguing. Fred is still mad that she let Angelus get away. Gunn says itís not her fault. Fred starts talking about how they always turn away. She says she misses him, and wants to go back to the way it use to be. They kiss. Gunn then says that he should go do a sweep, and leaves. Back at that bar, Faith is pounding a demon, asking about Angelus. Demon mouths off, she pounds some more. Wes gets annoyed at the demon, shoots some other one. Faith pounds, eventually the demon tells them that he slipped back there. They go back to some room in the back, people, and demons lying around. Faith says, what the fuÖ Gets jumped. Wes kills a vamp. Cut back to Connor making faces in the mirror. Cordy walks in. She tells him about how she is part demon, after Connor says he isnít, and that he doesnít know what he is. Cordy says, I do, you are a daddy, and you need to take responsibility, all you have to do is keep the child safe. Then they kiss. She tells him to go down stairs, and see what is going on. She wants to know everything that is happening. Back to Wes and Faith. Faith is questioning a drugged up woman about Angelus. After a few questions she backs off, and says she doesnít know anything. Wes then stabs her, Faith gets mad, and Wes tells her to shut up. Wes grills the woman, he is really mean about it. He gets the info they wanted. Faith asks Wes if he has totally lost it, she is mad because Wes was torturing a human. Wes said he did it because she couldnít. Faith says I canít do that to a human anymore. Wes gets really mad, he starts talking down to her. He is trying to goat her into getting mad. Says things like she hasnít changed at all, that he remembers how she tortured him, stuff like that. She gets mad, and grabs him. Wes says thatís good, you need that edge to take down Angelus. She says no, there must be another way. Back at the hotel they are talking about the charm Angelus had/ Lorne knows where it came from. Back to Wes and Faith looking for Angelus, the find him, in some warehouse, I think thatís what it is.

Faith tries to shoot him with the tranq gun, but she misses. Then Wes tries to shoot him with the Shotgun, he misses several times. Angelus grabs the gun, and throws Wes through a wall, I think. Angelus starts shooting at Faith, she dodges all of the shots. She falls down some stairs. He catches up to her, and asks her if she still wants to die. She says no, quietly, Angelus keeps asking, and she keeps replying No, each time louder, NO NO NO! He then says, too bad because you are going to, all this time he is pointing the gun at her. But then he empties the gun, and says, but not like this. They start fighting. He pounds her down, pretty good. And tells her that Wes made her turn out like this. She says Wes told her that he was going to try to get into her head. She throws a knife into his gut, and then she jumps up and starts kicking his ass. They fight, and he gets in a punch, and runs off. He continues to talk down at her. She tells him to shut up. He says there is only one way to make the pain stop, to hurt someone else. Then they fight ala Matrix style kind of. Jumping really high on some sort of scaffolding stuff. Back on the ground, Angelus starts pounding her again, and then he tells her that she will never change. He says that she is a murderer, and an animal, just like him. That pisses her off, and she starts to pound the piss out of him. She beats him down to the ground. She stands over him and says, you are wrong, I am different now, I am not like you. He trips her, says you will be, and then he picks her up, and bites her on the neck.

The End

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