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Episode 79 - "Salvage" Episode 79 - "Salvage" Episode 79 - "Salvage"


Episode Number: 4.13
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Nosferatu
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

It starts off with Angelus walking up to Lilah, she is lying in the hallway. Angelus says well thatís no fun. The gang returns, Angelus is feeding off of Lilah. He says itís not what it looks like. Wes is shocked. The gang is bandaging up Cordy. Gunn says Angelus killed Lilah. Cordy is shocked. Then she looks away, and says itís started, with a smirk on her face. Credits roll.

Back to the Hotel. They cover up Lilah, everyone is sad. Connor is fuming, he wants to go kill Angelus. Wes says they need to stick together. Fred wants to do something. Lorne suggests the sanctuary spell. Connor says magic is junk, and that it never works. Then Fred asks why the spell that Cordy did, didnít work? Cordy says it was her fault for letting Angelus out. Connor suggests that they destroy Lilahís body, because she could have been turned. Gunn disagrees, but Wes says he will take care of it. Cut to Angelus in some Demon Bar. The whole bar welcomes him back. Some hoochie vamp comes up to him, and tries hitting on him, he dusts her. Angelus is there looking for the Beast. Back to Wes with Lilahís body. He picks up an axe. She opens her eyes, and asks why are you so gloom? This is what you really wanted. Wes says he didnít want this. She gets up and continues to talk. She tells him that he is free now, no more shame about their relationship. Wes snaps out of it, it was a daydream. She is still lying there. Wes yells you didnít love me, you couldnít. Back to day dreamy Lilah, she says now weíll never know. Back to Angelus on the streets looking for the beast. He is with a couple of vamps. Back at the Hotel, Lorne is researching the spell. They didnít have enough ingredients, but then find them. Connor wants to hurry up and go kill Angelus. Fred says that they need to find his soul. Connor says how many more people will die before they do that. Cordy says how many people will die without Angel. Connor storms off says he is going after Angelus. Cordy tries to stop him, and passes out. Lorne and Gunn are worried about keeping Connor in check. Cut to a prison guard, he calls off a number. FAITH walks out!!!

Back at the prison, Faith is doing some pull-ups. Some bitch walks up from behind her, and tries to stab her. Faith proceeds to beat the crap out of her. She beats the living shit out of her. She grabs a Barbell and slams her in the face with it. Finally the guards break it up. Faith says it was self-defense. Back to Wes and Lilah. Lilah says Wes couldnít save her from herself. She is talking about how Wes thought he could redeem her, but he couldnít. She wants him to get it over with. Wes chops her head off with the axe. Back to Angelus, he finds the Beast. The Beast says that his master requested Angelus. That this whole plan was his masterís. Angelus wants to meet the master, and the Beast says in good time. Angelus starts mocking the Beast, and calling him names like lackey, stuff like that. He goated the Beast in to a fight, but the Beast is to slow, Angelus jumps out of the way. Angelus then leaves, and Cordy walks out. She is the master. She tells the Beast that Angelus is crucial to her plan, and that he will come around when he sees what she has to offer him. Then she kisses the Beast. Back at the Hotel they do the sanctuary spell. It doesnít seem like it worked. Connor continues to complain about magic, and Lorne tries to hit him, well the spell worked, and he didnít get to hit Connor. Wes walks in, and tells the gang that they are going to bring Angelus in alive. He says we need to save Angel, and I know who we need to do it. Back at the prison, FAITH! Wes is talking to her, I kind of missed this because I got caught up watching it, sorry. Faith says you are lookingÖ good. Wes tells her that they really need her, and she says I am kind of unavailable, come back in a few decades when my parole is up. Wes tells her that Angelus is that back, and they need her help. Faith looks stunned, and tells Wes to move away from the glass. OMG she jumps through the glass, grabs Wes and jumps out the window. They fall a few stories. Faith asks Wes if he is ok, and Wes replies 5 X 5.

In the car Wes tells her about Connor, and stuff that has been going on. Faith tells Wes that she will not kill Angelus, because he is the only one who never gave up on her. Wes says I know, thatís why we need you. Wes wants to know if she is rusty, so he sets her up with some vamps. She kicks their asses right quick, and dusts them. They return to the hotel. Wes says, hello everybody, this is Faith, The Vampire Slayer. Cordy says to Faith, what the hell are you doing here? Faith says, nice to see you to Cordy. Cordy is all pissy. Faith tells her to chill until this is all over. Faith is all about business, she starts calling the shots. She tells them it is a salvage mission. Connor, disagrees with her, and says she isnít a part of this. Faith shuts him up quick. Back to the streets some girl is running down the street, being chased by some vamps. Angelus grabs her, and is about to feed when he hears the vamps say that the slayer is in town. Angelus calls Dawn, and asks if her sister is there, she is. Angelus says, itís the other one. Cut to Connor, Faith, Wes, and Gunn. Connor asks her why all slayers are girls, and she says must be because we are better. A vamp jumps out, Connor dusts him right away. Faith gets pissed at him. She wants him to go back to the Hotel. They start to fight, Faith gets the better of him, and pulls a crossbow on him. She asks him, are you a murderer? Because I am. She tells him that if it comes down to either him or Angelus, itís him that gets it. Faith goes off on her own to look for Angelus. She hears him talking, he is leading her to him. He says we have never really ever met. She asks, what are you waiting for, come out and give me a kiss. She continues to walk towards his voice. He says you are getting hotÖ. You are smoking hot, but you probably already knew that. They meet, but the Beast is there too. Angelus says lets eatÖ

The Beast asks what is this? Angelus tells him this is a slayer. Angelus tells him that she is here to mess up the Beasts plans. Faith starts fighting him. She says, lets get it on! Big fight ensues, the Beast throws her across the room. She is really getting beat up pretty good. Back to Wes fighting some vamps. Back to Faith, she is getting tossed around like a doll. Angelus says somebody should really break this up. Faith crawls out of the rubble. The Beast is mocking her power, says she is weak. That his masterís powers are beyond limits. Angelus picks up the knife, that was shown earlier, forgot to tell you about that. He stabs the Beast in the back. It kills him, and the sun returns. He is upset that the sun is back, and tells Faith he just wanted the Beast to soften her up. He says itís just you and me now Faithy. She breaks a window, sun pours in, and Angelus decides to leave, he says catch ya later, and leaves. Back at the Hotel they are all happy that the sun is back. Connor is all happy about Faith now, he thinks Faith killed the Beast. He wants to know where Cordy is. He goes up to her room to find her. Tells Cordy that Faith is amazing. Cordy tells him that there is something that she needs to tell him. She tells him that they are having a baby. She wants him to touch it, and puts his hand on her tummy. Connor if freaked out. She says itís ours, and kisses him. She says, you and me forever. They continue to kissÖ

The End

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