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Episode 77 - "Soulless" Episode 77 - "Soulless" Episode 77 - "Soulless"


Episode Number: 4.11
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Connor is fighting in an alley. He fights off two vampires. A third joins in. Connor asks if they're out of towners. They say yeah, Tucson. Connor fights them off, dusts them. Says "Welcome to LA, tourists." The sun comes up.

Back at the hotel, Wes opens the safe, someone comments that it feels wrong taking it's soul. Wes says they're just borrowing it. Cordy hands Wes the jar with Angel's soul in it. Wes locks it in the safe. They begin to discuss Angelus. Cordy says she knows Angelus, he's evil, but they had to do this. Cordy says they're all Angel's link to humanity, that Angelus will hate them for it. Wes explains that he'll try to prey on their humanity, they all have to be on their toes around him, he'll exploit any opportunity to try to get himself free. The camera pans downstairs as Wesley talks. Angelus sits in his cage singing.

Wesley goes downstairs alone to talk to Angelus. Angelus asks him why the long face, asks why he's not happy to see him since he brought him here. Wes says it was Angel that brought him here, he had the final decision. Angelus says that Wes is the one with the brain. Angelus comments on the last time he appeared, he says that slayer was a pistol. Wesley starts to tell Angel about all that he's read about him. Angelus says he's flattered. Wesley asks him if he's playing a game. Angelus starts to elaborate on how he killed the gypsy girl that ended up getting him cursed. Angelus tells Wesley to shoot with the questions. Wesley asks him about the beast, why Angel couldn't remember. Angelus thinks that maybe Angel forgot all the fun things. He asks Wesley what was with all the Indiana Jones thing in his vision. Why Angel needed so many things to be perfect to lose his soul. Wesley asks if he killed the beast in his vision. Angelus says he did. Angel looks at Wes, tells him he knows he wants the girl. He wants to bend her over the counter and.... Wes stops him from finishing that comment.

Upstairs the gang watches on a monitor. Cordy comments that Angelus will use the truth to manipulate them.

Back downstairs, Angelus comments how Wes changed his clothes but he's still a loser. Says that they're looking in the wrong place for answers about the beast. Wesley demands answers, Angelus says Wes has no leverage. Wes threatens to kill him, Angelus doesn't balk. He says that Fred isn't interested in him. Wesley says that it must hurt Angelus to know that Angel fights evil. Angelus says that Wesley isn't so great himself, brings up that he failed Faith as a watcher, that he kidnapped Connor. Then Angel starts to talk about Cordellia. Says she's a nice package, but has a bad personality. He asks Wes what's worse, him kidnapping Connor or Cordy boinking him. Upstairs at the monitor Cordy backs away. Fred comments that Angel must be lying, cause Cordy sleeping with Connor would be like her (she's about to say boinking her son) she stops short when she turns and sees Cordy's face and realizes that Cordy did have sex with Connor. Connor walks in just then, covered with blood, says the vampires just kept coming and he couldn't stop them. Wesley comes upstairs, says Angelus wants blood.

Gunn and Fred come downstairs with Angelus' blood. Gunn holds a crossbow on Angelus while Fred pushes the blood towards him on a cart. Angel hits the cart, knocks Fred forward, grabs her by the throat and pulls her towards the cage, saying that he might get some blood now.

Wesley rushes in and shoots Angelus with a tranquilizer gun. Fred runs to Gunn for comfort. Wesley says they played right into his hands. They should never drop their weapons. Wesley heads upstairs.

Upstairs, Cordy gives Connor some of Angel's clothes to wear. Connor makes a move to leave, Cordy asks him not to leave. Connor says he has to because everyone's looking at him like he's connected to the beast. Cordy says that's not why, the weirdness is because they all know that she and Connor slept together. Connor is glad they know. Cordy isn't. Connor sits on the bed and does up his shirt, Cordy leaves the room.

Fred comes in and thanks Wes for saving her. Wes says that Angel mentioned something about a sword in his vision. Fred and Wes move closer and closer as they talk. They kiss. Just as they separate, Gunn comes into the room. Gunn demands to know what's going on. They move out of the room fighting. Gunn accosts Wesley for stealing Angel's kid, tells him what a dumb idea that was. Wes says something about Gunn not being able to take care of Fred. They get into a fist fight. Fred jumps in, tries to break it up, she gets knocked to the floor. This breaks up the fight, Cordy rushes to Fred's aid.

Connor goes downstairs to talk to Angelus. Angelus asks if that's his shirt. Connor says it is now. Angelus says that it looks good on him, Connor says so did Cordy. Angelus says Cordy looks good on everyone. Connor says that Angelus isn't his father, he doesn't have to listen to him. Angelus tells him how Darla staked herself because she couldn't stand the feeling of Connor squirming around inside of her. Angelus asks Connor if it creeps him out that Cordy changed his diapers. That he had sex with the closest thing he ever had to a mother. Angel says they should make a play out of it. Connor says that Holtz was his more like his real father, that he loved him. Angelus is actually his biological father, Angel was just a costume he was wearing. Cordy comes downstairs, breaks up the fight. Cordy tells Connor to go upstairs, Connor doesn't move. Angelus tells Connor to go upstairs, calls him a momma's boy. Connor goes. Cordy tells Angelus that he's done enough damage for the day. Angel tells her if she wants to know about the beast she has to have something to offer him. Angel says a car would be nice, a new mustang, a ride. Cordy says she'll offer something better. Angelus asks what's a better ride than that, Cordy replies "me."

Cordy offers herself for the information. Angel says that there are a lot of things he'd love to do to her, but he doesn't know if he can trust her or she can trust him. Cordy says she knows Angel and Angel knows her, they can look into each other's eyes and know when they're telling the truth. Angelus calls her the sacrificial lamb. Cordy says the world is going to hell and they don't have time to figure out any other way.

Upstairs, Wesley questions what Cordy offered. Cordy waves him off, like it doesn't matter, there's no other way.

Wesley goes downstairs, begins to question Angelus as the rest of them watch upstairs. Angelus explains about the beast. Angelus was supposed to work for the beast, to kill priestesses for him that the beast could not kill. The beast asked Angelus to join him, Angelus refused. The beast beat him down, knocked him out. After that, the beast was banished by the priestesses.

Upstairs the gang discusses what Angelus has told them. They find some information in a book. Cordy says it's what they're looking for. They need to find these Nordic Priestesses. Somehow they find information on where to find some of them locally.

They go off in search of the Priestesses. They find them dead.

Cordy comments that the beast is a few steps ahead of them. It's like he knows what's happening ahead of time, like he's psychic. Connor comments that the women have been dead for days. Wes says in all the chaos probably no one noticed them. They search around the house looking for something to help them. Wesley finds a partial incantation, the women were trying to banish the beast. Connor runs out of the house and throws up in the yard, Cordy follows. She says it should be daylight. They sit down. Cordy says it's different. Vampires turn into dust, but with people it's different. Connor says it isn't different. Cordy asks what, Connor replies, Family. Just then, vamps jump out and attack them. Connor fends them off. Wesley pulls up in his jeep. Connor and Cordy jump in and they speed off.

At the hotel, Gunn asks Lorne if he's getting a reading from Angelus' singing over the monitor. Lorne says he is, but they don't want to know what it is. Cordy, Wes and Connor walk in. Tell the rest of them that the priestesses are dead. They decide that they don't need Angelus anymore, he can't help them. It's time to bring Angel back. Connor goes upstairs alone.

Cordy goes downstairs to talk to Angelus. She tells him they found the priestess and the whole family dead. Angelus says he did his bit, he wants his prize. Cordy says the deal was they save the world with Angelus's information, and since they didn't save the world, he doesn't get his prize.

Upstairs, Wes opens the safe.

Cordy tells Angelus that they're giving him back his soul. Cordy tells him that he's a disease that Angel would like to get rid of. Angel threatens her, tells her he's going to start with the twins, he loves a woman with nice ripe thighs. Angelus approaches the bars, his hand darts out towards Cordy. She doesn't even flinch, he can't reach her. She tells him not even close. She turns and goes upstairs, the gang is standing flabbergasted around the safe. Angel's soul is gone.

The End

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