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Episode 76 - "Awakening" Episode 76 - "Awakening" Episode 76 - "Awakening"


Episode Number: 4.10
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

People stand and watch the sun become blacked out as a newsreport plays over top of the scene, describing how the sun is blocked out seemingly only in Los Angeles. Back at the hotel, Gunn turns off the tv, Fred is trying to figure out what's going on, she wishes Wesley was there. Connor says they're wasting their time, the answer is among us, he looks through the window to Lorne and Angel talking in the office. Cordy tells Connor the answer is Angelus. Connor says there's no difference, Cordy says there is, he's never seen Angelus. Cordy explains that to make Angel into Angelus he'd have to experience true happiness, and she says that right now that's in short supply.

Angel tells Lorne he doesn't remember the beast. Lorne says the information is in there, it's just buried deep inside Angelus. Angel comments that if it's buried inside Angelus, that's where it's going to stay.

A red robed man chants over a symbol. Another man is thrown through the window, lands on the symbol disturbing the ritual. Wesley walks in behind the man that was thrown in, rubbing his fists, tells the red robed man he needs his help, he needs a soul extractor.

Angel emerges from the office, Cordy asks if Lorne has helped him to remember what happened. Angel says no. Angel starts to talk out the problem of the beast. Connor breaks into the conversation, angry that Angel is acting like the leader when it's all his fault. It's Angel's fault Cordy doesn't want him, it's his fault his life sucks. Angel tells Connor to get over it. Wesley walks in with the red robed man, makes Fred go get him some tea. Fred takes the robed man to get him tea, asks him what kind he'd like.

Wesley and Angel go into the office. Angel is mad at Wesley for bringing a dark mystic into the office. Wesley says the mystic is needed, he can take away souls and he can restore them. Angel says he doesn't want to do it. He says he can't protect them from Angelus. Wesley says they'll take precautions. Angel says Wesley doesn't know Angelus, and he's not going to, he storms out, Wesley follows. In front of everyone Angel tells Wesley to get rid of the shaman. Angel walks out into the courtyard.

Cordellia follows Angel. Tells Angel it's all going to die. The plants, the wildlife. Cordy tells Angel she's on his side. She doesn't want to see Angelus on the loose either. She says she should know what she's talkikng about after all she's been through. Angel asks Cordy if she thinks he's being used by the beast. Cordy says no. Angel tells her she's lying, Cordy admits she is. She sort of says that Angelus is smarter than Angel. That evil jacks up the intelligence of the beast. Angel starts to get a very angry look on his face, storms back inside, orders everyone to build a giant steel cage, goes into his office. Gunn comments that a cage won't hold the beast, Wesley replies that the cage is for Angelus.

The gang assembles the cage, Angel comes in and inspects it. Approving the cage, he sends Connor to get the shaman. Angel tells Lorne to tell Fred and Cordy they don't have to watch. Angel stops Connor before he goes up the stairs and tells him that Angelus will be his enemy, but that Angelus is not his father. Whatever happens or happens, Angel is his father, and he loves him. Connor turns to go up the stairs. Angel tells him to take care of things while he's Angelus. If anything goes wrong, Connor is to kill Angelus. Connor agrees a little too quickly, goes up the stairs.

Angel is strapped to a table. The Shaman prepares a container to house Angel's soul, explains the details to Cordy. Angel tells Cordy he doesn't want her to watch, Cordy says tough. The shaman goes inside, closes the door, Cordy tells Angel he doesn't have to do this, Angel says now she tells him. The shaman begins the ritual. He chants, his eyes turn red. He bends over and tells him it's time to stay goodbye, then pulls out a knife and moves to stab Angel.

Angel fights back. The shaman asks why he would help Angel when he serves the beast. The gang opens the cage, they fight with the shaman. They corner the shaman, Angel tells him to spill his guts or they'll take him apart piece by piece. The shaman stabs himself. Wesley tells Gunn to see if there's anything on the shaman. Gunn grabs the man's hood and pulls it away to reveal that his body and face are covered with writing.

Wesley reads the writing. He deciphers that they need a tooth of light or something to kill the beast. They ask what that might be. Just then, Cordy's eyes turn white, she says she can see it, it's a sword, it's here under the city. It's pretty. Angel comments that they were wrong, it was simpler than bringing back Angelus.

Angel follows Wesley as he approaches the stairs, Wesley apologizes for almost getting Angel killed. Angel sort of alludes that maybe that was Wesley's plan. Wesley says that would make his pulling Angel out of the ocean a big waste of time. Connor comes up behind them and asks them if they're going to get the sword.

Cordy leads the way underground towards where the sword supposedly is. Connor startles Cordy, they spot a trap made out of wooden stakes just in time to save themselves. Angel comments to Cordy and Wes that it had to be made out of wood. Cordy almost set off the trap with her chest. She looks down at her boobs and says she knew the two of them would get her into trouble some day.

Connor leads the way through a passageway, Cordy is behind him, she nearly triggers a trap, Wesley spots it, stops her from setting it off. He and Angel follow behind the trap goes off, just misses Angel. They think they're trapped in a dead end. Wesley discovers some writing. Finds a secret button. He pushes it, the wall lifts a bit then crashes back down. Wes says there's a pattern to it. Pushes the button he thinks is next, ends up with a bloody hand. Wesley rethinks the pattern, tells Angel which button to push next. The wall lifts up again. Then Wesley picks another, wanting to second guess, Cordy says that she doesn't have enough shirt to bandage them both. Angel pushes the button, the wall comes up high enough for Angel and Connor to grab it and hold it up. They all sneak through.

On the other side of the wall, they're going to split up. Connor wants to go with Cordy, but Cordy says no, she wants to be with Angel. They split up.

As Cordy and Angel walk, Cordy says she really screwed things up with Connor, she wishes she could take things back. Before she finishes her sentence, she sees a glowing light, they go towards it. There is an orb in the middle of the room. Angel sticks his arm inside, pulls out the sword. Smiles with the easiness. Then the orb turns red and there's fire and shaking and Cordellia is almost struck by a falling rock pillar. She screams that she wants to get out of there.

Angel dives and gets Cordy. They fall to the ground in a cave outside of the room where the fire and the chaos is going on, Cordy thinks he's fallen on the sword. She's worried about him, laying on top of him. He says the pointy end didn't get him. They sit up. Cordy tells him she thought they were going to die, and she never got to say she was sorry for what she did with Connor. She thought the world was ending, and she wanted to be with him and she did the wrong thing. She says she saw everything he did as Angelus and none of it matters to her anymore. She just wants to be with him. Angel says he doesn't care what she did either. They kiss. Connor and Wesley walk in on them. Cordy cries out to Connor as he storms off, Angel follows him.

They enter a room, a stake comes flying out of the wall, hits Angel in the shoulder. Angel says that hurt. He and Connor have their usual fight, over Cordellia this time. Angel tells Connor not to move. They struggle, a stake almost hits Angel from out of the wall. Angel asks him if he thinks he's the only child who ever wished his father dead. Connor says Cordellia was his as he knocks Angel across the room. Cordy walks in and tells Connor she was never his. Connor runs off.

Angel and Wes and Cordy arrive back at the hotel with the sword. Gun takes the sword, inadvertently splits a desk in half with it. Fred's found out how to kill the beast. You have to pierce (one of his body parts, missed which) with the sword. Fred says there's a catch, she doesn't think even Angel will be strong enough to do this. Angel tells them it'll be alright, he can handle it. They can do this because they believe in each other. They're all champions together. Angel moves towards the door. Cordy follows. She tells him he can't do this, he can't go and potentially die when they're just starting out. Angel touches foreheads with her, tells her it'll be okay, he'll be back with her, but first he has to kill the beast.

As the words leave Angel's mouth, the beast crashes through the door.

The beast recognizes the sword. Approaches Angel. The gang runs for weapons, Angel tells them to leave. Cordy refuses, Wesley pulls her out of the room. The beast struggles with Angel, asking him why he won't join him. Angel pulls free, the beast grabs the sword and shatters it, is about to kill Angel when Connor comes in and strikes him with an axe. The beast fights with the beast. The beast says he's so much like his father. Angel gets up, pierces a shard of the sword through the beast's skull. The beast dies, the sun reappears.

Connor helps Angel up. Tells him that Cordy is the only thing that makes life bearable. He says that he understands that, but that Cordy really loves Angel, Connor saw it in her eyes. Besides he says she's too old for him anyway. The gang rushes in to find the beast is a pile of dust on the floor. Cordy runs into Angel's arms. He looks around at the gang and asks if one of them would sweep that up.

People outside marvel at the sun, Angel watches through a window. Cordy approaches from behind him. She says that it must be hard. He restored the sunlight and he can't even go out into it. Angel turns to her, he says there's no place he'd rather be than right here with her. He kisses her passionately. He pulls away saying her name. Cordy says no, whatever the reason he's pulled away, whatever excuse he has, they're here now, everything is as it's supposed to be, she asks "Haven't we waited long enough?" they begin to kiss again. She undoes his shirt, he undoes her blouse. He lowers her onto the bed, they kiss, they make love, Angel suddenly looks stricken. He gasps, his eyes roll back a bit, he says "Buffy! No!" rolls over onto his back, gasps for breath. His eyes open, he's wearing a black shirt. The shaman says "It is done." From outside the bars Cordy says "Angelus." Angelus laughs evilly, staring at the glowing orb that contains his soul.

The End

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