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"Long Day's Journey"

Episode 75 - "Long Day's Journey" Episode 75 - "Long Day's Journey" Episode 75 - "Long Day's Journey"

"Long Day's Journey"

Episode Number: 4.09
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Nosferatu
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

It opens with Angel drawing a picture of the Demon. Lorne walks in with some blood for him. He wants to know why Angel is so down. Angel says he is researching and that he works better alone. Lorne tells Angel that he knows about Connor and Cordy. Angel gets pissed, tells him to leave. Lorne says you might not find perfect happiness with Cordy but there are other fish in the sea.

Cut to Gwen, talking to some dude about amulets. The Beast shows up and kills the dude, drills Gwen, and pulls something out of the dudeís chest, and then disappears.

Ok now back at Connorís place, Cordy is there, has been for a couple of days. Connor wants to go talk to Angel, Cordy says that he shouldnít. Cordy wanted to sleep in the bed, and asked why Connor didnít. He said that he couldnít unless she did. They were not sleeping together. Cordy tells Connor that Angel knows they slept together. Tells Connor Angel is mad that we hurt him. Then she has a vision, and needs to see Angel.

Back at the hotel Gunn is going on about how he thinks the little girl was talking about Connor, and he doesnít trust him. Wes found out the little girl was one of 5 powerful beings called totems. Lorne says some girl got killed; the find out it was another totem. The demon is killing these totems. Cordy walks in wants to talk to Angel. Angel tells her to go away. She barges in. Angel looks away. Angel is really pissed at her. Cordy tells him to get over it, which makes him even more mad. Cordy tells him people need him, so get over it. She tells Angel she had a vision, but had no details. Angel gives a motivational speech to the gang. Letís go get the Beast kinda thing. Then Gwen shows up, she wants to know if the world is going to end. Tells them about the demon killing the dude she was talking to. They find out that dude was 1 of the 5 totems, which makes 3 dead. They need to find and protest the other 2. Angel says heíll take Gwen. Cordy gets jealous. Gwen and Angel leave. They find the other 1 and it is dead. Some guy is there and he says he knows why the demon is killing these totems. Itís because he wants to turn out the sun. This guy is a guardian of the light. The beast is looking for a way to put an end to daylight. If the sun goes out the demons can take over. Eventually a global blackout. Angel wants to protect the guy.

Back at the HotelÖ Angel tells the gang about the beastís plan. Gwen says she knows a place. Cordy complains about the place. Gwenís place is huge, and really nice. She has a panic room 12Ē of steel. They split watch duty, Gwen gets Gunn. Gwen senses the tension between Gunn and Wes. Angel Cordy walk in their watch shift. Cordy wants to talk Angel doesnít. They fall a sleep. Gunn and Gwen wake them up. They go to the panic room. Blood everywhere, the dude is dead. Cordy suspects they were drugged. Gunn thinks it was Connor. Gwen says she has security cameras. They go look but there is nothing on them. Gwen thinks itís an inside job, and it was on Cordyís watch. Lorne finds out there are pieces inside the totems, and they need assembly. Wes thinks they can get rid of the beast through a portal. Gun is upset about the plan. Cordy has a vision of a lot of dead people. Cordy now thinks Connor is involved.

Back at Connorís place knocking at the door. Itís the Beast. He says hello Connor. Connor fights him, gets thrown out the window. The gang shows up, to work the portal mojo. Angel tells Cordy to keep Connor safe. Meanwhile the beast is starting the ritual. The gang breaks in. The beast fights them off. Wes opens the portal; Angel kicks the beast into it. The sun goes out, itís too late. Cordy is seeing visions. Itís Angelus that Cordy sees in her vision that the beast is talking to. The beast is asking Angelus to join him. Back to reality, the beast says they will meet again soon. Then leaves. Cordy says the beast knows Angelus, and that what she saw was a memory, not a vision. The gang turns against Angel, but Angel denies that he knows the beast, he says he would remember him. Wes says there is only one way to defeat the beast, ďWe need Angelus.Ē

The End

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