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"Rain Of Fire"

Episode 73 - "Rain Of Fire" Episode 73 - "Rain Of Fire" Episode 73 - "Rain Of Fire"

"Rain Of Fire"

Episode Number: 4.7
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Gunn picks up an axe. Angel is coming down the stairs, disagreeing with Lorne. Lorne wants Angel to ask Cordy about what she remembers, Angel wants to give her time to calm down. Lorne tries to get Gunn and Fred to help argue his case. Fred and Gunn say they've gotta go fix a haunted toilet or something like that. They leave. We hear screaming from a tv.

Cordy is at Connor's watching an old horror movie. Connor brings her food. Connor asks her what she's watching. She says it's an old movie she doesn't remember, not cause of amnesia, but cause she hasn't seen it since she was little. She eats a chocolate snack cake Connor gives her. Cordy thanks him, for the cake, and for being there for her. She doesn't know what she would have done without him. Connor tells her she should rest, she hasn't slept since she came back. Cordy says every time she closes her eyes she sees it. Deep down, clawing its way up. She can taste the blood of all the people it's going to kill. Nothing can stop it. She wants to tell Angel, but she can't. She doesn't know why she can't tell him. Cordy says it's real, it's almost here. Connor turns into the demon, it says "I know" Cordy screams, wakes up from a dream. Connor runs in, hugs her. Cordy cries.

Credits roll.

Lorne is talking on the phone, snakes came out of somewhere apparently contraversial. Lorne asks Angel if they fight snakes, Angel says only if they're the demony kind. He's polishing a sword, gets all excited, hoping that he has something to go kill.

Fred and Gunn go into the apartment that they got called to earlier. The woman says that there's a noise coming from the bathroom. The woman leaves, they go into the bathroom, it's the size of an apartment. They start to talk about how they'd like to move into a place like that some day. They hear a noise, it seems to be coming from everywhere. Gunn looks into the sink, he says he thinks it's stopped. The mirror breaks, there's rats in the medicine cabinet, rats come out of everywhere. They both start to scream, escape from the room. Tell the woman she might want to call an exterminator.

Wesley walks into his apartment to find Lilah dressed like Fred. She mocks Fred. Asks Wes if it turns him on. Lilah says she's not jealous, cause she knows who's bed he'll be crawling into at the end of the day. They kiss. Wes pulls away, says "You think you know me?" Lilah replies, "Better than she ever will" He pulls her in again, they kiss, they start to freak nasty, Lilah tries to take the glasses off, Wes makes her leave them on.

Fred and Gunn back at the hotel have a spat about not having a bath together, Fred says the tub is too small. Gunn is upset that something has come between them. They haven't really been close since Gunn killed the professor. Gunn says he couldn't let her kill him, it's not in her heart. Fred asks if it was in his, he says it is now. Fred walks away.

Lorne is on the phone taking another strange vermin call. Gunn comes downstairs, takes over the phone. Lorne goes over to consult with Angel at the weapons locker. Lorne tries to get Angel to talk to Cordy again. Angel ignores him. Connor walks in. Angel thanks him for not letting him hurt Cordy. Connor says Cordy probably would have staked him. She's pretty tough. Connor says Cordy is staying with him now, where she feels safe. Angel says that's good. Connor tells him that he should talk to her. Angel tries to weasel out of it. Connor says "Dad, please?"

Angel goes to Connor's flat. Cordy says she's gonna kill Connor for telling. Angel speaks to Cordy. Cordy asks him how he does that, how he makes everything feel like it's not spiraling apart. Angel asks if he's done something wrong. Cordy says that he hasn't, that she loves him, that she always will and always has. Angel asks if she doesn't suppose they could stop there. Cordy says she can't. She says when she got her memories back, it was just too much, she wanted to tell him about what she saw when she was a higher being, but she couldn't. She saw his past, when he was Angelus. Angel says he told her about it. Cordy says seeing and feeling it is different than knowing it. She felt the victims fear and pain and she felt Angel and how much he enjoyed making them fear and suffer. She tells him she loves him, but she can't be with him, it's too soon. She wants to give it a little time. She starts to breathe heavy an convulse, she falls backwards, her eyes turn white, she sees a demon. She says "It's coming, it's coming now."

Cordy has had a vision. But it was painful. She says it's coming, that it won't stop. Cordy says she thinks she knows more about it, knew more when she was a higher power, but she can't remember. Angel suggests Lorne reads her again. Cordy says she hopes he will, she needs to know more.

Lorne and Gunn are overworked with the phones. Lorne asks Gunn to get Fred, Gunn says Fred won't listen to him, maybe Lorne should try. Lorne puts the phone down, approaches Gunn to talk about what's going on with Fred. Lorne says the professor got what he deserved. A smack sounds from outside. Gunn looks, there's a sparrow laying on the ground. Lorne makes Gunn shut the door, a whole bunch of sparrows hit the door.

Lilah is at Wolfram and Hart, on the phone, looking for Gavin, someone is muscling in on their apocalypse. Lilah opens her office door, Angel is inside. Lilah says that he won't get any information out of her. Angel says probably not, but he got enough out of Gavin. Lilah turns to see Gavin tied up and tortured on a chair. Angel says he knows what she's doing, getting people to try and decipher what they got from Lorne. Lilah says she won't tell him anything. Angel asks that maybe they can help each other. Lilah tells him to kiss his ass. Angel says she doesn't know what's coming, it caught her off guard too, it's in her best interest to work with him, stop what's coming, take back control, be a big hero with the Wolfram and Hart bigwigs. Angel says it's up to her.

Cordy is pacing at Connor's, she's about to walk out, Connor sneaks up on her and startles her. Cordy says she wants to go for a walk. She's getting a stronger vision, it's pulling at her. Connor says, so she was going to go after it all by herself. Cordy says that it's okay she can handle it, she was a higher being. Connor says that she was a higher being, she's not anymore. Cordy says she knows. She says she remembers wanting to come home. She remembers wanting to feel and touch and experience life again. But that she's back and she doesn't know why. Connor says something charming to her, she says he got more than his sneakiness from his father. Cordy says she has to go, has to find out why she's back, if she's here to stop what's coming. Connor says he'll go with her.

Cordy and Connor are walking in a dark alley. Cordy says she feels like she has a purpose now. Like before she was just waiting for her life to begin. Connor says something sweet again. Cordy comments on his being charming. They walk further into the alley. Cordy remembers that it's where Darla died, where Connor was born. The demon from Cordy's vision comes up out of the street.

Connor tries to fight the demon. He gets thrown off. The demon picks Cordy up by the throat, throws her. Cordy scrambles backwards on the ground. The creature approaches. Creature stops just short of her, jumps to the top of a building and disappears.

Lorne and Gunn are trying to find Fred. Wesley walks in. Asks if they can pool their data about what's going on. Gunn says he's going to look for Fred. Angel comes in, says that he isn't going anywhere, they have to stop what's coming.

Angel presents the info that Lilah gave him on what they got from Lorne. Lorne realizes that if they hadn't taken the information out of his head, it would have killed him. The phone rings, Lorne goes to answer.

Wes, Gunn and Angel sit and try to figure out what came from Lorne's head. Wes says it's so muddled, it doesn't make any sense. Gunn is standing behind Wes when he flips a certain page, Gunn spots a pattern in the pages. They move a table, lay out the pages like a puzzle. They end up with the Eye of Fire. Ancient symbol of fire and destruction. Lorne pipes up, he's managed to find the same pattern on the map of calls that they've taken all day.

Fred is at a coffee shop. The waitress wants to cut her off of coffee. The waitress tries to tell her to go talk to Gunn, she thinks they're cute together. Everything is okay, as long as they've got love. The earth starts to shake.

Cordy is patching Connor up. He's got some broken ribs. She's feeling guilty that he got hurt because of her, because she thought she had some higher purpose. Connor says all she knows is that that thing can hurt her, and if it tries again, he'll find a way to kill it.

Angel, Wes, Gunn and Lorne are looking at the map trying to find out where the bad thing is at. They decide they know where the shrine is that it's at. Lorne tries to slow them down. They ignore him. Angel passes out the weapons, they go to the shrine. They find the demon, in a room with a lot of dead people., Lorne decides he's going to need a bigger arrow.

They fight the demon. The demon fends them off as though they are nothing. Wesley pulls out two guns, shoots the demon in the chest multiple times. Runs out of bullets. Pulls out a shotgun, fires several rounds into the demon, getting closer, the demon looks like it's dying, then it reaches up and pulls the gun away from Wes, throws him. Angel gets up, tells the demon he's just getting started, fends off the demon. Is about to get the better of him, has a knife to the demon's eye, the demon overpowers him, stabs Angel in the throat with his won knife. Angels' face goes from vamp to human, he chokes, the demon asks Angel if he really thinks she's safe with him. The demon throws Angel. The demon punches the ground, the symbol appears on the ground in flames. Wes and Lorne struggle to their feet. Angel pulls the knife out of his throat in time to see fire raise into the sky, and fireballs fall.

Cordy and Connor stand and watch the firestorm. Connor thinks it's his fault, the creature came from the place where he was born. He was never supposed to happen, a child of two vampires. Cordy says it's not him. Connor says she doesn't know that. Cordy says she does. She says it's not him. Strokes his har. They begin to kiss. Cordy pulls back, Connor asks why she kissed him. Cordy says because it she doesn't think it really matters anymore. Cordy says that he's never had anything that's real, and that if this is the end, she wants him to have something that is. She kisses him again, they embrace.

Wesley holds Gunn back safely from the fire, Lorne watches fireballs fall. Fred watches the fire, Lilah watches from her window.

Cordy and Connor are in bed together, having sex while fire falls outside.

Angel stands outside and watches (Not sure if he's looking in Connor's window or not.)

The End

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