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"Spin The Bottle"

Episode 72 - "Spin The Bottle" Episode 72 - "Spin The Bottle" Episode 72 - "Spin The Bottle"

"Spin The Bottle"

Episode Number: 4.6
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Lorne is singing "Memories" on a stage. People clap. Starts talking about love. He says it's a type of magic and it's unreliable.

He begins to tell a story about Connor, then he tells them that it's wrong, the story starts somewhere else, with Cordy's question from the last episode. Angel says he cares for her, that they were meeting the night she disappeared he thought she was gonna tell him that she loved him. Cordy said maybe she was meeting him to give him a restraining order. Angel tells her she was his dearest friend, and he wants that back. Cordy tells him that this is killing her, she remembers everything about the world except for the stuff about herself. Angel promises that he'll get her back. Lorne walks in, tells them that he's come across a memory spell.

Back at the club, Lorne finishes the first part of his tale by saying "SO I'm an idiot, what are you perfect?"

Credits roll.

Lorne says he had every reason to believe the spell would work, and it did, but what happened during and after, Lorne takes a drink, looks upset.

Lorne explains to Cordy and Angel how trustworthy he thinks the spell is. Angel is against using it, Cordy wants to try it. Lorne says as soon as they gather the six, they'll be good to go. Angel asks who the six are.

Wesley is trying out one of his new weapons with a teammate. His phone rings. It's Lorne, he tells Lorne of course he'll come help, they have to try if it might work. Wes asks if everything's all right with Fred.

Fred and Gunn are in bed, Angel comes and wakes them up.

They all come downstairs to join Lorne. Lorne says something to Fred in Pylean, Fred replies in Pylean. Wesley walks in, talks to Fred with concern.

At the club, Lorne tries to make a joke about Fred's Pylean. Fails miserably. He explains that he didn't know about anything that went on just that night, so things were bound to go wrong because of the things Fred, Wes and Gunn were into with the professor that day.

Angel goes into Cordy's room Cordy emerges from the shower explaining that she's dirty from staying at Connor's. Angel asks how Connor is, Cordy tells him that he's 18 and confused. Cordy comments on how strange it is that Angel is so comfortable walking into her room while she's only wearing a towel. Is cautious about what kind of relationship they have, comments that she'll find out what it was soon enough.

Gunn is having an argument with Wes, accuses him of helping Fred open the portal, and trying to woo Fred. Wes pulls a knife on Gunn. Gunn asks what happened to him, Wes says he had his throat cut and his friends abandoned him. Walks out of the room.

The gang sits in a circle, Lorne does his spell, lights flow into each of them, the stumble to their feet, rolling around like they're stoned. Angel goes out in the garden, Fred pukes in a potted plant, Gunn wanders around, Wes stares and giggles wonders if there will be any side effects. Cordy gets up, steps into the inside of the circle, turns into vicious 17 year old Cordy. Remembers her name. Gunn comes in, Cordy accuses him of kidnapping her, calls Gunn bald. Angel walks in, Cordy is um, smitten.

The gang all introduces themselves, all of them are 17. When it comes time for Angel to introduce himself he's confused, he regresses back to his 17 year old personality. Thinks everyone is strange. They ask Angel what his name is, he says his name is Liam. Angel is disturbed to discover he's lost his accent. Wesley says they need to gather information, Cordy wants to call the cops. Wes and Fred are against the cops, Fred thinks its a conspiracy. Cordy tells Fred to shut up. Gunn wants to start with the facts. Cordy notices her hair is short, starts to cry. Wes and Fred try to tell her that her hair looks fine. Angel says it's the devil, Cordy thinks the devil has cut her hair. Angel says his father told him he was a sinner and he thinks he's in hell. Wesley tries to give orders, Gunn backs him off. Wesley tries to put karate moves on Gunn, spring loaded knife pops out of his sleeve. Fred tries karate moves, is upset when a knife doesn't come out of her sleeve. They go to look for more weapons, Wes loses control of his knife, Fred and Gunn scream, they've discovered Lorne unconscious behind the counter. Angel thinks he's the devil.

Connor fights and stakes a vamp in an alley, saves a blonde woman. She thanks him, tries to seduce him as a reward, Connor says okay, she asks him if he's got fifty bucks, Connor says he doesn't, the woman says he doesn't ride for free.

Shot of Lorne narrating the story, then back to the hotel.

Wes and Gunn tape Lorne to a chair. Angel and Fred find the weapons chest, Fred asks Angel if he's got any weed. Wesley is about to confess that there are vampires and demons but Gunn beats him to the punch. Wesley tries to explain how to kill Lorne, doesn't sound like he knows what he's doing. Wes and Gunn fight, Cordy asks if Angel is going to break them up, Angel says he isn't. Cordy breaks Wes and Gunn up, lets Wesley explain. Wes explains that there's a test where they lock you up with a vampire and you have to kill the vamp to pass the test. He thinks this is a sort of test and they have to kill Lorne. Gunn refuses to take orders from Wes. Cordy wants to know why they aren't leaving. Angel says they probably can't leave. Fred thinks that they've been pushed forward a few years because none of them look 17. Cordy checks her boobs, thinks that's why she's so well developed. Fred decides she's never gonna develop. Angel comments that he feels cold inside. They break off and go to look for the demon. Fred and Wes go together, Fred wants to score some weed.

Angel and Cordy approach a radio. Angel is amazed by the minstrels. Cordy turns the radio off, Angel is further baffled. Angel apologizes for being womanish. Cordy says he's not womanish, starts to say how danger makes her blood boil, she looks away, when she does, Angel looks at her neck, turns vamp. Cordy looks back, Angel unvamps. He freaks out, runs into the bathroom, has no reflection thinks he's invisible. Slams the door, vamps and unvamps a bunch of times. Cordy asks him what's wrong. Angel says to himself "I'm a vampire, they're gonna kill me."

Lorne continues to narrate.

Cordy and Angel are walking through the hotel together.

Wes, Fred and Gunn are searching together. Fred explains to Wesley how she thinks maybe they were abducted and she was naked and prodded, Wes gets a little overexcited, his knife pops out of his sleeve. Gunn says he doesn't think there's anything in the hotel. That it's a waste of time.

Wes is inspecting Lorne when everyone runs down the stairs. Angel says there's no vamps, Cordy is too lazy to search all the floors of the hotel. Angel runs out the door, Cordy is miffed that a guy walked away from her.

Angel walks out onto the street, is horrified by the cars. Runs back in, says there's demons outside. Wes asks what they look like, Angel says they're shiny.

Wesley says they have to keep looking for the vampire, he thinks it may be one of them. Wesley pulls out a cross, pushes it towards Gunn, Gunn punches Wes in the face. Wes says they all have to try the cross. Cordy takes it from Wes moves it all around. Throws it to Fred, Fred does the same. Passes it to Angel, Angel holds it for a minute, smoke starts to come from his hand, he distracts them by telling them Lorne is awake, throws the cross away. Lorne says the spell went wrong. Wesley asks him if there are vampires here, Lorne says there aren't, except for Angel. Angel hits Lorne. The gang turns on Angel. Wes accidentally fires his knife into Angel, Gunn tries to hit Angel with an axe, Angel fights him off. Angel decides that he's gonna eat them all, starting with the girls. He doesn't know which one to chose. Cordy is offended that he has to think about it, then tries to get him to pick Fred. Wes tries to defend the girls, fails miserably.

Cordy is hiding in part of the hotel, Angel catches up to her. She says she has superpowers. Angel wants to know what they are, Cordy screams, Angel comments that it is inhuman. Wesley comes in down the stairs, Connor breaks through the window in the nick of time, fights off Angel. Cordy grabs Connor, tells him he's getting a big reward for killing Angel. Connor is excited by the prospect.

Connor and Angel fight.

Fred checks on an unconscious Gunn. Lorne tries to convince Fred to help him get loose and put a stop to this. Fred is hesitant. Lorne asks her to look into her heart to see if he's evil or not.

Angel and Connor fight. Angel doesn't understand why they want to kill him. They exchange horror stories about their fathers. Angel says he doesn't want to fight, he'd rather satisfy his sinful urges with Cordellia. Connor tells him to stay away from Cordy, lunges at him.

Lorne puts some potion on Fred's tongue. She closes her eyes and grimaces. When she opens them, Gunn is about to knock Lorne out, Fred yells for him to wait.

Angel gains the upper hand over Connor. Knocks him to the ground. Says he didn't ask for any of this. Connor gets up and is about to go back after Angel, Fred pops her head out the window and stops them all from killing each other.

Everyone comes inside, gets a dose of the potion. We see Cordy getting a dose of the potion. Cordy runs away afraid.

Lorne narrates, he said the sequence of events was a little bit different.

Shows Cordy getting the potion again, she closes her eyes, sees a demon and then runs away.

Lorne tells his audience to go home and stay away from the magic.

Angel follows Cordy down the hall. Cordy says she's sorry but she can't. She remembers all of it. She has to be alone. She can't talk about it, it's too....

Angel asks "Cordy, were we in love?"
Cordy replies "We were." runs away.

We see Lorne walking out of the club where he was performing.

The End

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