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Episode 71 - "Supersymmetry" Episode 71 - "Supersymmetry" Episode 71 - "Supersymmetry"


Episode Number: 4.5
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Fred is screaming, angle widens, Fred runs to hug Gunn. She gives him a magazine with an article inside that she wrote. Gunn tries to read it, Fred starts to kiss him, they fall back on the bed in each other's arms.

Angel brings Lorne some food. Lorne's in bed, asks Angel if he heard Fred scream, Angel says he thinks it's a Texas thing. Lorne brings up Connor and Cordy being roomies. Angel brings up Slouching Toward Bethlehem. Lorne says he refuses to read Cordy again. Angel goes to the door, he heard something. He goes into the hall, Lorne says "I got your back", Angel walks to investigate, he hears something in one of the rooms, walks in, it's Connor. He's getting some of Cordy's stuff. Angel tells him he doesn't have to sneak in. Angel asks him how Cordy is, if she's alone. Connor says she's safe, he can take care of Cordellia. Connor turns to walk out, Angel tells him to take Cordy's fuzzy slippers because her feet are always cold. Connor replies "I know, she's always stealing the covers." Turns and leaves. Angel has an extremely pissed off look on his face.


Angel comes downstairs, Gunn says he doesn't want to go in the office, Fred is unstoppable, she kept him up all night. Gunn looks exhausted. Fred comes out of the office excited that she's been asked to present her article at a conference. She asks Angel and Gunn if she can practice on them, she's worn Lorne out. They go in the office with Fred, Fred is very excited, feels like she's finally getting the attention that she always dreamed of. Gunn says everyone will be watching her now. Fred looks nervous. Asks if they'll come and watch, they say they will. Things get quiet, Lorne brings up that Connor came for a visit last night. Angel says Connor just came for some of Cordy's stuff. Fred says she's sure everything will be all right, Cordy just needs time.

Wesley answers his door to find Lilah with a gift. He asks her if it's a bribe, she tells him it's a gift. He opens it, it's a knights helmet. He comments that it must have cost a fortune, Lilah tells him he can work it off, she has the afternoon off. Wes says he has to go, he thanks her for the gift and leaves. Lilah picks up a magazine off the table, sees Fred's article.

Cordy hangs her pictures on Connor's wall. She asks Connor why there's no picture of Angel. He says he didn't see any. She says it's okay he got the important stuff, shows him she's wearing the slippers. She comments that she must be a nester because she's made the place look quite homey. She sits down, Connor asks her what's wrong, she says it feels like something's still missing. Connor hands Cordy an axe, asks her how it feels, she says woodsy. Connor says maybe she misses hunting demons, she'll remember once she gets back to it. He walks away, Cordy wonders what she should wear.

At Fred's lecture, she begins to panic because she's on between two very smart people. She starts to doubt what she knows. She runs into a professor she used to know. He comments that he hasn't seen her for years. He says he's introducing her at the lecture, tells her she has nothing to worry about. Fred introduces Gunn and Angel to the prof. Gunn says something dumb, not understanding the last thing the prof said to him, he looks embarrassed. The prof asks Fred to stop by his office the next day to discuss her theories. Angel and Gunn look sort of left out. Angel and Gunn go to sit down, Angel sees Wesley sit down across from him. Fred is talking with the prof, Gunn tells Angel he needs help understanding Fred. Angel says he doesn't understand her either. Gunn says good, if they both look dumb he won't feel so bad. The prof begins to introduce Fred. Camera pans, Lilah is in the room too. Fred begins to speak. Fred tries to make a joke. Fred begins to try and explain different dimensions. Lilah suddenly looks interested, gets on her cell phone. Above Fred it appears that a portal opens, the crowd notices. Snakelike tentacles come out of the portal, grab Fred, Gunn runs towards her.

Gunn and Angel rescue Fred. Fred lays on top of Gunn on the floor, he tells her it's over and she's fine.

In the parkade, Angel stops Lilah's car, rips the soft top in half. He accuses her of opening the portal. Lilah asks him if he thinks she'd attack Fred in front of a whole bunch of witnesses. Angel says she probably would, but that he doesn't think she did. He tells her they're going to have a discussion about Lorne. Lilah brushes him off, drives away.

Gunn wakes to the sound of Fred mumbling. She's writing out formulas on the wall. She is freaking out, she thinks that she's going to be pulled back into Pylea. Gunn tries to calm her down, tells her that she's not going back to that dimension. Gunn tells her it will be fine, she'll go to sleep and she'll get up tomorrow and go meet with her professor tomorrow. He gets her back into bed, says that he and Angel will protect her.

The next day, Gunn comes downstairs to find that Angel has arranged chairs all over the hotel lobby. He makes Gunn sit down in relatively the same place he was in the auditorium the day before. Angel sees the scene from the day before in his head. Realizes that Lilah was stalking Wesley and not there to see Fred. Angel decides that Wes was waiting for something. Angel sets his eyes on a guy in the crowd, one that had a camera.

Angel and Gunn go after the guy, they threaten him. He says he wanted to see if it was true, wanted to see her with his own eyes.

Fred goes to see the prof. He gives her the last test she took before she disappeared. Fred is discouraged that she only got an A-. The prof says he'd like to take another crack at teaching her. Fred says she has another life now, is not interested. The prof tells her she's very talented, she deserves to live in the world she was meant for.

The guy Angel and Gunn had gone after is explaining how and what he knew about Fred. He said that Angel has whole boards and chat rooms about him, he tells them also that more people like Fred, scientifically smart students have disappeared into portals. Angel looks happy that he has "Chattie rooms" about him.

Fred is left alone in the prof's office. She looks in some of his books, finds a picture of the creature that attacked her the day before. The prof comes in, she just manages to keep him from discovering that she saw the book.

Angel and Gunn are investigating the prof. He's connected to all the disappeared students. Fred walks in, tells them that the prof was the one that sent her to Pylea. They say they're gonna stop him, Fred says he's not going to pay, he's going to die.

Fred goes to the weapons cabinet, says that the prof will die and there will be lots of pain. Gunn and Angel try to tell her that what she wants to do is wrong. Fred argues that the prof deserves it. After a little convincing, they get Fred to hand over the axe she's chosen. Gunn says they have to get to the prof before Fred does. They have to get to her before she takes vengeance.

At Wesley's house, Fred is discussing vengeance with him. Wesley comments on Fred's theories. Fred says that Wesley's been watching her. Wesley says he has. Wesley tells Fred vengeance comes with a price, once you've acted you have to pay for your actions forever. Fred says the prof is a serial killer. Wesley says all right then, he's sure he can find something fitting. He ginds a book and some sort of torture. Fred's phone rings, weird stuff appears on the phone screen, a portal opens, Wesley manages to pull her away from it.

Cordy is laying on top of Connor. She's fallen on him, they're fighting a vamp. Cordy asks if she can do it. She fights and stakes the vamp. She hugs Connor, he starts to kiss her, she kisses back, then pulls away, confused.

Angel and Gunn take off in search of the prof and Fred.

Fred and Wesley are in the car on the way to take care of their vengeance. Wes comments that he's surprised Gunn isn't there. Fred says Gunn doesn't believe in what she's doing. Fred tells Wes to pull over, she gets out, tells him she wouldn't ask him to tag along.

Angel bursts into the prof's office, Angel threatens him, the prof opens a portal, a monster emerges. The prof runs, gets knocked to the ground by Fred, who is brandishing a cross bow. She says, "Know what they say about payback? Well, I'm the bitch."

Cordy is putting her clothes away, Connor grabs her from behind, asks if they should train some more. Cordy pulls his hands away, tells him they have to talk. Cordy tells him she shouldn't have kissed him. She tells him she doesn't know who she is, she has a lot to figure out. She begins to say what she's going to do, Connor says "So you're going back to him?" Cordy says she just needs some time to think. She leaves.

In the prof's office, Angel is fighting the monster.

In another room, Fred is pointing the crossbow at the prof. Prof says he knows Fred, she's not capable of hurting anyone. Fred says he doesn't know her, five years in a hell dimension can make a girl capable of a lot of things.

Angel is holding the monster's severed head, the monster grows a new head, gets back up, comes after Angel.

Fred tells the prof that he was afraid of the competition, sending people smarter than him away. Fred chants a spell that Wes gave her and a portal in the floor opens, trying to suck the prof in. Gunn walks in, tells her she can't do this, if she does he'll lose her forever. Gunn runs, grabs the prof, looks like he's saving him. Fred tells him not to save him. Gunn snaps the prof's neck, throws him into the portal, the portal closes. Angel walks in, they tell him that the prof was sucked into his own portal.

They get back to the hotel, Gunn and Fred go upstairs with not so many words. Angel looks confused. Cordy appears at the top of the stairs. Cordy asks him if they can talk. They go outside, she fusses over his wounds. Cordy tells him that she knows they were friends, she knows from more than just the pictures. She knows that Angel lied to her to protect her. She tells Angel she staked a vamp today. She says she realizes that whoever she was, she still is, and she doesn't need protecting. Angel says he won't protect her anymore. Cordy says good, there's something she needs to ask, then she asks him "Were we in love?"

The End

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