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"Slouching Toward Bethlehem"

Episode 70 - "Slouching Toward Bethlehem" Episode 70 - "Slouching Toward Bethlehem" Episode 70 - "Slouching Toward Bethlehem"

"Slouching Toward Bethlehem"

Episode Number: 4.4
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

A man is trying to get his car to start, they're on a darkened street. His wife is cranking the engine, their son is complaining in the back seat. Connor approaches the window, asks the boy if he's okay. The father approaches, Connor tells him he's in trouble. The man thanks him, but says he's already called for help. A tow truck pulls out, two men approach, they turn into vampires and attack the family. Connor fights them off, stakes one of them. He douses the other one with gas then disappears. Gas soaked vampire attacks the father, Connor reappears, gets the vampire's attention, throws something at him. The vampire catches it, it's the cigarette lighter. The vamp goes up in flames. The father runs back to the car terrified.

Connor runs to the hotel, sneaks inside in time to see the gang returning to find Cordellia. He watches from the top of the stairs.

Angel asks if she's a hallucination, the others tell him no. Angel tells her how happy he is that she's back, tells her all the names of the gang thinking she's dazed. Cordy says, "So I know you people?" they tell her yes. She responds, "Oh, then who am I?"

Roll credits.

Angel asks Cordy what she remembers. She says she remembers animals and flossing but she doesn't remember herself or them. Angel tells her she's Cordellia Chase, that she's been gone for awhile. She's their friend she helps them. Cordy looks upwards towards where Connor is, asks if there's anyone else there. Angel tells her there isn't. Fred suggests that they take her to the hospital, Cordy balks. Angel sees Lorne outside, makes Gunn go out and keep him from coming inside and freaking Cordy out. Angel and Fred go into the office saying that maybe showing Cordy some of her things will help her remember. They leave Cordy out in the lobby. Angel says he wants Cordy to remember him before she remembers the creepy stuff. Outside Cordy comments that it's creepy.

Fred and Angel come out of the office, Cordy wants to know why she should trust them, the phone rings, the answering machine picks up, Cordy hears her own voice on the machine. She believes that she works there now. Fred rushes out to get Gunn to go on the demon call. Angel says he'll take care of Cordy. Cordy says she wants to go home, but she doesn't know where home is.

Angel takes her upstairs to a room where they put all her stuff from her apartment. He explains that they moved her after she disappeared. He tells her about her life, about them all working together, being close, Cordy says she wishes she could remember. She picks up a teddy bear. But she says she doesn't want to remember tonight. Angel leaves her.

Cordy changes her clothes, sits in front of a mirror introducing herself to herself. It doesn't sound right to her. She gets up, finds her highschool year book, discovers she was popular. Stars to read the autographs in the front. The comments are strange, one thanks her for the flaming arrow, another says something about the home room burning down. Cordellia finds a stack of pictures of herself, she starts to comment on her various hairstyles. (LOL people they've been at the boards), she finds a picture of her holding Connor standing with Angel, she pauses for a second. She leaves her room, goes down the hall, hears Lorne talking. She pauses at his door, Lorne approaches, Lorne hears her, Cordy flees down the hall before Lorne opens the door. He opens the door to find a man drooling in the hall.

Cordy gets to the bottom of the stairs. Angel is cleaning up. Cordy gets to the front desk just after Angel walks away, she finds blood, starts to freak out. Fred and Gunn walk in all bloody, they're talking about crushing tiny babies. Cordy hears the whole thing, sees a bloody axe and freaks out. She runs out the door, the others try to stop her. Cordy runs smack dab into the middle of two people from Wolfram and Hart. The others follow, Cordy instinctively kicks some ass. The others help. Cordy thinks she's a spy and the others have brainwashed her. Angel tries to get her to go inside where she's safe. He tells her she's among friends. She says she believes him.

Cordy is sitting on her bed. She says, "SO I'm not a spy?" Angel says no. Cordy says. "Am I a mom?" and shows Angel the picture of Connor. He tells her she's not his mother. Cordy looks sad, says "So we weren't a happy family." Angel says "No we weren't." Angel sits down beside her. Cordy asks if they were a couple, moves in closer, they nearly kiss. Cordy asks if she was a nun, if that's why they weren't a happy family. Angel looks perplexed. Cordy explains that she found these, takes out a handful of crosses, hands them to Angel, Angel goes vamp when the crosses touch his skin. Cordy bolts down the hall.

Cordy runs smack dab into Lorne. Screams, Angel catches up, keeps her from running. Tells her they'll stop protecting her and will tell her everything.

They sit Cordy down and tell her the truth. The truth freaks her, understandably. She doesn't believe it. Angel tells her they can prove it, tells her to sing a song to Lorne. She doesn't know which song to sing. Angel tells her to pick anything. She starts to sing The Greatest Love of All, very off key. Lorne starts to look greener. He tells Cordy to stop. He backs up out of the room making excuses, takes off. Angel follows him, trying to lie to Cordy about why Lorne ran. Cordy gets mad, tries to leave. Gunn and Fred try to follow, Cordy says she's a higher being, threatens to turn them into rats. She leaves, they try to warn her against the danger, she doesn't believe it, she calls them sidekicks. They get offended.

Angel catches up to Lorne. Cordy's singing made him violently ill, he doesn't want to talk about it. Lorne asks if Slouching Toward Bethlehem means anything. Eventually what Angel gets out of Lorne is that evil's coming and it's planning on staying for a long time.

Wesley and Lilah are in bed together. Lilah tells Wes that Angel knows about them. Wes says he doesn't care. Wesley refers to what they have as a relationship. Lilah tells him he lost the bet, he said it first. Wes gets out money to give her. Lilah tells him that it's proof of this. He asks what, she kisses him.

Cordy is exploring the hotel. She starts calling for Angel. Cordy hears someone behind her, says she doesn't want cookies or juice. The man walks out of the shadows, turns into a demon. Cordy screams, Angel hears her. Cordy runs to the lobby, the demon jumps down after her. Connor appears, saves Cordy, tells her she's not safe there. Cordy asks him to take her out of there. She leaves with Connor.

The gang is standing around the dead demon wondering where it came from and who killed it. They think Cordy killed it. Lorne tells them that it was a client of his with a bad habit of eating humans. He tells them that reading Cordy was like many layers of hell.

Connor takes Cordy to his home. He's in some sort of place with a lot of stuffed dead animals. He tells her he came back to the hotel because he saw she was home. Cordy figures out that he's Connor. She asks why he isn't living at the hotel. He explains what he did to Angel. Cordy thanks him for telling her the truth.

Back at Wesley's, Lilah gets a phone call and learns that Cordellia's back. Wesley asks her if she has to go, she says she does. She leaves. The money he bet her falls to the floor.

Back at Connor's place, Connor is walking towards the door. Cordy asks him if he's leaving, he tells her he's locking the door so they'll be safe. Cordy says she wishes she could remember her life, her family. Says she feels lonely. Connor tells her she likes shoes and donuts, and that she's very good. He tells her she's brave. She asks him when she was brave. He tells her now, tonight. She's lost everything and she's still strong. Cordy tells him she can feel that something bad is coming, and she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know who to trust, but she feels like she can trust Connor. She doesn't know why, maybe cause he's lost everything too. Connor says he has nothing to lose, walks towards a window. Cordy asks him not to go far, he sits on the windowsill and looks at her.

Back at the hotel, they're scrambling to find Cordy, Wesley shows up. He says he knows where Cordy is, that Wolfram and Hart will come to extract her because of the time she's spent with TPTB. Wesley tells them she's with Connor, that Connor can't protect her.

Back at Connor's, Cordy and Connor are lying side by side on the bed, Cordy rolls over, Connor's hand ends up on her breast. She wakes with a start, Connor covers her mouth, tells her they're coming. A bad dude breaks in, Connor's snare catches him. Connor tells her they're coming for her, asks her if she remembers how to fight. Gives her a sword, she says she'll find out.

They fight. Cordy holds her own for awhile. Lilah is watching on a tv outside. The bad guys begin to win, outnumbering them. Cordy gets hit, loses her sword. Angel and the gang burst in and fight off the baddies. Lilah calls the troops out, sensing a losing battle. Angel tries to get Cordy to leave with them back to the hotel. Cordy says she's staying with Connor because she trusts him, he told her the truth. Angel looks dejected, tells her she's safe, they leave her with Connor.

Wesley sits on the edge of his bed, picks up the money Lilah dropped. Looks thoughtful.

Back at the hotel, Angel is unsure of whether they should tell her everything or just let her start from scratch. Gunn says they've done the right thing, they saved Cordy's life from Wolfram and Hart. Fred mentions Lorne. They notice his absence. They find him in the office, tied to the chair. Cordy was a decoy, the didn't want her, they sent a demon to suck the reading that Lorne took of Cordy out of his head. They know everything. Gunn wonders if Wesley was in on it since he gave them the Cordy tip. Angel says they don't know, but it doesn't matter because now Wolfram and Hart know everything about what Cordy knew.

Wesley shows up at Lilah's house and confronts her, realizing that he just helped her cause. She tells him that because of him, she did her job but went against the norm in that she left Lorne alive. He asks her if that's supposed to make him trust her. She says if she believed he could trust her she never would have played him like that.

Cordy lays asleep peacefully at Connor's.

Angel stands on his balcony and stares at his empty bed.

The End

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