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"The House Always Wins"

Episode 69 - "The House Always Wins" Episode 69 - "The House Always Wins" Episode 69 - "The House Always Wins"

"The House Always Wins"

Episode Number: 4.3
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Nosferatu
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Lots of Cordy talk in the previews before the show. Starts out in an alley, Connor is fighting a vampire, Angel is watching from a building, giving commentary. Cordy is watching too, telling Angel not to worry about him, and to worry about her instead. To get her out of there, “help me Angel”. Connor kills the vamp. Angel says I know you are watching me, Cordy says I so love you, but Angel is talking to Fred, and Gunn. The three decide to go on a retreat. Loren is singing in Vegas, cut to credits.

They drive to Vegas to see Loren, is it Loren or Lorne I think it is Lorne, well I’ll use Lorne, you know who I am talking about. Angel says he has been there before, a long time ago. Lorne is singing at the Tropicana. Major show girls like opening, Lorne singing. The crowd must think he is wearing makeup, like the Blue Man Group. The crowd loves him. Lorne eats it up. Then he kicks it up a notch, brings out the Lorn-ettes (again not the best speller). Fred freaks out with excitement. Lorne sings Lady Marmalade. He walks right by them, totally ignoring them, talks to some other girl. Gunn feels dissed. Angel talks about how he knew the Rat Pack. Feels Lorne was “overproduced.” Lorne comes out of his room, totally ignoring them again. Acts like he is Mr. Big shot, goes to his Suite.

Some guy, the main villain guy, comes in kisses up to him big time. Another guy punches him hard, Lorne gives the, (I’ll refer to him as the Villain) some info on the people he had sing with him earlier, during his number. The villain leaves locking Lorne in his room. Cut to Wesley talking to Leilah, again not sure how it is spelled. Starts talking sex stuff. Cut to Fred and Gunn, gambling. Angel is worried why Lorne hasn’t contacted them. The woman who sang with Lorne earlier gets a $1 million dollar spin to win chip, and is ushered to a special room. Cordy talking again, she wants Angel to help her yells, “Angel!” Back to Fred, she says Angel is lonely without Cordy. Gunn and Fred go to find Lorne. Cut to Angel getting beat down, by security, he takes them out. That woman again, she walks by in a daze, Angel saves her from an incoming car.

Fred and Gunn on the case, OMG Fred is dressed up like a Lornette, to get past security. She gets in, Lorne is excited to see her, says he is being held to ruin peoples lives. Cut to Angel talking to the villain. Angel wins, gets dazed, and walks out. Fred screams, she was attacked, Lorne, Gunn, Fred escape. Angel is still dazed, playing slots. Gunn, Fred, Lorne get lost. The main Villain guy is taking lives with the spin to win game, the ones that Lorne reads for him. The house always wins. The people lose their lives, and never leave; Angel is one of them now. Gunn blames Lorne for selling out Angel, Lorne says he didn’t. Gunn goes to find Angel, he does Angel is still dazed. They all get caught, minus Angel, who continues to play the slots. Cut to Cordy again, she is trying to think of a way for her to get Angel in to the room with the villain, and the gang, so he can help them. She says,” think bobble head”, funny. Angel is on his last coin loses, but then mysteriously wins the jackpot, Cordy did it. Angel is brought into the room with the gang, and the villain.

Angel snaps out of it when Fred is in danger, a fight ensues. Lorne sees a glowing orb, he destroys it, and it gives back the peoples lives. Angel is back to normal. They get back home, and Angel wonders how he won. When they walk in the door, there she is. Cordy is back! She says, “ Who are you people?”

The End

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