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Episode 68 - "Ground State" Episode 68 - "Ground State" Episode 68 - "Ground State"

"Ground State"

Episode Number: 4.2
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

Gills Rock, Wisconsin, 1985.
A car pulls up at a country school. A little girl, Gwen and her parents get out of the car. They're leaving Gwen at this school, she apparently has special needs. The parents tell her they love her and they'll see her in June. She walks towards the school with the teacher, who tells her she'll learn the rules quickly. Gwen turns, wants to go back to her parents, the teacher tells her no. They go back towards the school. Gwen is sitting by herself in the playground eating, a boy comes running up to her, asks her if she's a freak. She says she doesn't know. The boy says she doesn't look like one. The bell rings, Gwen gets up to go to school. They boy holds something out to her, tells her she can hold on to it if she wants. Gwen touches his hand, the teacher screams, there's a burst of electricity. The boy drops, the teacher runs to him.

Roll credits.

The gang is at Cordy's apartment. Fred asks Angel if he smells anything. He says he smells Cordy and lemons. Fred says she went overboard on the furniture polish, trying to make the place look good for the next tenants. They paid the rent for a few months, but it got too expensive. She's been gone for three months. Angel asks if Dennis knows anything about where Cordy is. Fred says nope. They start to wonder if Lorne can help. Fred says Lorne is keeping his eyes peeled. Angel begins to go through the things that were on the table the night Cordy disappeared. He looks at pictures of him and Cordy. Decides something big had to have happened that night. They throw around the idea of Connor, Angel says Connor needs time. Fred sees some books on the mantle, freaks that they're not where they're supposed to be. Asks what happens when things aren't where they're supposed to be. Angel replies that you go look for them.

Wesley is chopping demons to bits with new helpers. Angel walks in, asks if he needs help. Wes kills the last of the demons, sends his helpers to find the man they kidnapped. Angel tries to apologize for what went on between him and Wes. Says as far as he's concerned, they're okay again. Wesley hands Angel a folder, it's full of information on Cordellia. Wesley says he doesn't think she's dead, but that she's in another dimension. He speaks of a demon that might tell them where Cordy is, but Wes can't approach her because only the dead can access her. Angel asks if he can give her a gift to make her tell the truth, Wes walks away without answering.

Angel enters the demon's lair through the sewers. The door to the lair closes behind him. The demon begins to taunt him. She asks him if he misses the sound of the waves. Angel looks at her, she knows who he is. She says she knows all that are lost. She says that Cordy is far from him and needs him no longer. Angel says that he needs Cordy. The demon threatens to keep Angel. Then she tells him that the information he seeks is inside the Axis. Angel asks why he should trust her, the demon replies because she'd love to keep him, but he has so much more to lose.

Gwen walks through a room full of men, dressed scantily. She sits at a table and accuses the man across from her of trying to cheat her out of the value of the Axis. They haggle over the price. He hands her the information she needs to pull off the theft of the Axis. He calls her unprofessional, she stands up with his watch in her hand, insulted at the price he's offered her. He says it's a twelve thousand dollar watch. She destroys it and walks away.

We see Cordellia, we see the city fade in through her eye. Fred is explaining what the Axis is and where it is. Angel hands Fred a drawing of the Axis, Fred is jealous of his drawing ability. Fred explains that the Axis is worth 32 million dollars, Gunn chokes on his coffee, Fred comments that if they get caught with it, they're going to jail. Gunn is less than enthused. Angel says they need it to find Cordy. Fred goes off to make an impossible plan. Angel says Fred has really stepped up, and she reminds him of Cordy. Gunn asks what they need for the heist, as Angel explains, we see Gwen suiting up in the gear that he's talking about. Gwen looks in the mirror, puts on lipstick, turns and leaves.

Lilah and Wesley are in the midst of a little rough foreplay, Lilah says she can't stay. Wes says maybe he won't let her go. Lilah says he will, he let his little slave girl Justine go. Lilah questions why Wesley saved Angel, Wesley says to fight people like her. Lilah and Wes tumble onto the floor, she says Wes may have done her a favor, Connor is out of the hotel now, and ripe for her to manipulate. Wes flips her over, tells her to shut up, Lilah tells him to make her. Wesley goes um, downstairs.

Gwen opens a panel, shorts out a building serviellance system, gains access to the building. Outside, Angel, Fred and Gunn jump the gate at the same building. Angel rips out a panel, shorts out the lighting. Fred uses a computerized machine to unlock the doors. They get in, Fred lays out the plan to gain access to the vault. Gunn comments that she's so hot right now. Angel and Gunn go the wrong way, Fred stops them and corrects them. Gwen, in the ventilation shaft sees the three of them through the camera, comments that it's not good. Fred gains access to the mainframe where the security systems are controlled. Gunn knocks a guard out. Angel gets inside the vault, sets off on of the security features, a cage falls between him and Gwen, who is inside the cage hanging upside down. Gwen comments on how easy it is for her to bypass the high tech stuff with her abilities. She explains that she's a freak. Angel tries to get into the cage to get the Axis, Gunn shows up. Gwen emerges from the vault with the Axis, Angel begs her to give it to him, tells her that he needs it to find someone very important. Gwen says sure he does, she asks him if he loves her, Angel says yes, then Gwen asks him how stupid he thinks she is. Moves to escape, Fred manages to raise the cage, Gunn rushes in and grabs Gwen, Gunn drops dead.

Fred rushes in weeping. Gwen steps in, restarts Gunn's heart. Stands watching as Fred says they need to get him to a hospital.

Angel catches Lilah spying on Connor. Asks her if she's still raising hell at Wolfram and Hart. Connor is making himself a bed outside. Lilah asks him if he's just gonna watch Connor from a distance till he comes to his senses. Angel says actually he came looking for her, he wants to know which one of her clients was trying to purchase the Axis. Lilah asks why she should help him. Angel says cause if she does, he'll forget just this one time that she's within 50 feet of Connor. Lilah comments on how poetic it is that he's asking her for help. Angel comments that it's not as strange as the fact that he can smell Wesley all over her.

Gunn is laying in bed, commenting on how hard he is to kill. Fred is freaking out over how badly things could have gone. Gunn tries to calm her. Fred goes into a breakdown, unhappy at all her new responsibilities since Cordellia disappeared. Gunn says she doesn't have to take all the responsibility for everything. Fred asks who else is going to do it when he leave her all alone. Begins to cry that he died and left her all alone. Gunn gets up and embraces her.

Angel finds Gwen trying to get on an elevator, she is curious as to how he found her. They start to fight. Gwen knocks Angel to the ground. Takes her gloves off, touches him, sparks fly, his heart begins to beat. Angel sits up and kisses her on the lips.

They push away, Gwen comments that he's alive. Angel says he felt his heart beating, says Cordellia's name and that he has to get out of there. They wonder what's going on. The man that hired her speaks to her from the other side of an elevator wall. Calls her a freak, has put her in a cage. Tells her he's going to gas her. They are sealed in, gas begins to come out of the ceiling. Angel begins to tell her to get low and not to breathe. Angel starts beating on the wall, trying to get them out. Gwen comments that she's going to die. Angel says she isn't. He gets through the wall to an electrical panel, touches Gwen's arm, shorts the panel out, he carries her out of the elevator. The man that hired Gwen, Elliot orders his lackies to get rid of Angel and Gwen. Angel beats up the lackies. Gwen gets up, approaches Elliot, scolds him for calling her a freak. Angel says boo hoo to her, knocks Elliot out so Gwen doesn't kill him. Gwen leaves the Axis for Angel, saying something along the lines that it'll be nice to see someone do something for love.

Fred and Gunn wait outside Angel's door. Angel emerges. Fred asks Gunn if he thinks he found her. Gunn says he does. Downstairs Fred says, "So she was beautiful." Angel said there was light all around her pure joy. Angel says it makes it easier knowing that she's doing good up there, knowing that she's still on his side, but it doesn't make him miss her any less. He says all the months underwater all he wanted was to get back to Cordellia. And then when he got home all he wanted was to find her. And now that he's found her, he realizes she's already at home where she belongs.

Cut to glowy Cordy, looking on in disgust. "What are you deficient? Get me out of here!"

The End

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