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Episode 67 - "Deep Down" Episode 67 - "Deep Down" Episode 67 - "Deep Down"

"Deep Down"
Episode Number: 4.1
Running Time: ?
Summary written by Stiney
From: http://demens.proboards6.com

The gang is passing food across the table, everyone is there and getting along. Cordy asks Angel if he's not hungry. Angel says he wants to freeze this happy moment, where they are safe happy and together, considering what they went through over the summer. Wesley makes a toast to the family. Cordy tells Angel that nothing will ever tear them apart, they move in to kiss, Connor makes a joke, stops the kiss. They start passing the food. Fred is stealing Gunn's food. Angel starts to look nervous, he's handed an empty platter, he knocks a wine glass over, suddenly there's water all around the table, Conner tells him to freeze the moment, that it will last forever. Angel opens his eyes in his underwater tomb.
Credits roll.

Fred and Gunn are running to Gunn's truck, Fred has a crossbow. They take off in the truck, a demon jumps on the roof. Gunn slams on the breaks, vampire flies off. A red car full of vamps squeals to a stop in front of them. They all get out and have a confrontation, they're looking for a girl that the vamps supposedly have. They fight, a vamp grabs Fred, Fred stakes the vamp, Gunn stakes two of the vamps he's fighting, another throws an axe at Fred, Connor steps in front of Fred and catches the axe, they dust the vampire. Connor starts to brag how cool catching the axe was.

Back at the hotel, Fred and Gunn are scolding Connor for acting the way he did. Connor gets them to admit the move was cool. Gunn makes Connor clean and polish the axe. Gunn goes into the office, asks Fred if they should tell Connor what is going on. They're going broke and Fred hasn't been able to find Cordy or Angel. They are looking for a woman named Marissa that may be able to help them find Angel.

Out on a cliff, Angel sees Cordy standing by his car. Cordy tells him that he knows her better than anybody. Cordy says it's beautiful there, Angel agrees that it's the way it should be. Angel says it's not right though, it's not the way it happened, that Connor changed it. Cordy tells Angel that she loves him, that she can't remember what it was like before him. They kiss. Angel says he needs her, he bites her, he says he's sorry, he awakes in his coffin underwater.

Connor is wanting to go with Fred and Gunn to talk with Marissa. Gunn doesn't want him to go, Fred agrees to let him tag along. They try to figure out how to find Angel, Fred suggests Wolfram and Hart, Gunn says no, Fred gets angry. Fred suggests Wesley, Gunn shoots her down again, Gunn storms out.

Wesley is making love to Lilah, seeming to have gotten over his shame. Lilah gets up and gets dressed. They start to talk about Angel. Lilah suggests he talk to Angel, Wesley says he doesn't know where Angel is and doesn't care. Lilah comments that his comment was cold, that he's making progress. Wesley says that part of his life is dead, asks Lilah if that concerns her, Lilah says it doesn't. They kiss, Lilah leaves. Wesley gets dressed, goes to a locked door, opens it, inside behind bars is Justine. Wesley says it's time to go for a boat ride.

Wesley and Justine exchange banter as they drag the bottom of the ocean for Angel. Justine asks if he thinks it'll make it all better if he finds Angel. Wesley asks if her sister would be proud of her, knowing what she's done, what she's become. Tries to appeal to her conscience, it doesn't work. Wesley knows that Justine killed Holtz. Justine picks up a wrench, threatens to hit Wesley. Wesley says he'll take away her bucket in the closet, Justine drops the wrench and storms out.

Fred and Gunn and Connor are at the house of the vamp they are searching for. She falls from the ceiling. They ask her if she used to feed at the bluffs where Angel disappeared, she says she did. She describes Angel, Connor backs off, saying that Angel is his father, he backs off enough that the vamp can escape. She jumps out the window, Connor goes after her. They meet on a building top, Connor asks her what she's said, the vamp turns back to a woman, tries to seduce him, Connor stakes her, and then gashes his arm to make it look like a struggle happened. Fred and Gunn catch up, Gunn scolds Connor, Connor jumps off the side of the building and escapes. Fred scolds Gunn for being too hard on him. Gunn tries to tell her that Connor is the destroyer, that he's not just a boy. Fred gets mad, tells him he's Angel's son and that's all that matters.

Angel comes up behind Connor, who is perched on the edge of a building. They speak briefly. Vampires approach from behind Angel, Connor and Angel fight the vampires together, Connor defends Angel from an attack, throws a vamp off the building. Angel walks up to Connor, says thanks, then snaps Connor's neck. Angel wakes up underwater screaming.

Fred gets a hold of Lorne by phone in Vegas. Lorne says he's busy, tells her he hasn't heard anything about Angel. Tells Fred to make sure Fluffy's getting enough love, Lorne hangs up. Fred and Gunn try to figure out who Fluffy is. They talk, Fred is determined to find Angel and Cordy.

At Wolfram and Hart, the lawyers are trying to figure out where Angel is. Gavin has apparently found some information about Angel's whereabouts, that information apparently is that Lilah is sleeping with Wesley. Holland wants Lilah to get information from Wesley. He says there's a staff meeting in an hour, gets into the elevator leaving Lilah standing in the hall.

Wesley finds something in the deep, Lilah says it's just junk. Justine in a divers suit spots the coffin, they raise it up out of the water, Justine and Wesely take the lid off, Wesley starts to cut the cables that bind Angel. Justine starts to taunt him. Hands free, Angel grabs Wesley by the throat.

Welsey easily pulls Angel's hand from his throat, gingerly lifts Angel out of the box, lays him down, feeds him some blood. Justine says that it won't work, they'll never forgive him.

Connor comes back to the hotel, tells Gunn and Fred not to yell at him. Gunn says they're not going to yell, they were just worried. Connor apologizes, Gunn says they're used to it, it's the way his father acts. Connor gets mad. Storms off. Fred says that Connor is testing him, they start kissing, she's proud of him, the phone starts to ring Gunn runs to answer it.

Angel is talking to Lorne, Lorne says that Connor should be killed, Lorne admits that he's a hallucination. Wesley is standing over Angel, Angel sees Connor in Wesley's place, tells him he should have killed him. Wesley says Angel needs more substantial nourishment, threatens Justine with a knife, then tells her her blood is too thin and feeds Angel from his won wrist.

At the Wolfram and hart staff meeting they are threatening to send Lilah to a third world office. Lilah asks why they haven't contained Connor and why they're not trying to find Angel. Lilah basically calls Holland a chicken, Lilah has talked to the senior partner. Holland is offended asks if she's gone over his head, Lilah pushes a button, Holland is decapitated. Lilah is now in charge, tells Gavin to get rid of the head.

Fred brings Connor a sandwich up in his room. Connor asks her if she's still mad, Fred says "what do you think?" Connor apologizes. Fred starts to talk about all the hurt Connor has been through, then tells him it's not nearly as much as he's gonna hurt for what he did to his father, she shocks him with a tazer, knocks him over backwards.

Fred and Gunn confront Connor with the knowledge of what he's done to Angel. Fred shocks him again, she is very mad.

Wesley loads Angel into his car, handcuffs Justine , tells her she has a choice, she can live or continue being a slave. He throws they keys to the cuffs at her and drives off. Justine tells Wesley that Angel will turn on him.

Fred and Gunn are scolding Connor, who is tied to a chair. Wesley drags Angel through the door. Wesley starts to leave, Fred gets mad at Wesley for not telling her where Angel was. Wesley thought it was safer that she not know. Wesley leaves, Connor escapes from the chair, Gunn and Fred go after him, Connor hits them both with the tazer. He turns to find Angel standing at the door, Angel orders him to sit down. Connor tells him he's too weak to take him, but Connor sits down anyway. Angel asks Connor how his summer was. Explains how he spent his summer starving and hallucinating. Tells Connor that Justine killed Holtz. Angel and Connor start to fight, Angel wants to know what he's done to Cordellia. Connor said he hasn't done anything. Fred and Gunn don't believe him, Angel does. Angel tells Connor what he did to him was unforgivable, and that's saying something being that Buffy sent him to a hell dimension once. Angel tells him that the world is harsh, but that's why he's there, that's why there are champions, to try and make the world as it should be. He tells Connor he's not a part of that yet, but he hopes that he will be. Angel approaches Connor, tells him that he loves him, then tells him to get out of his house. Connor storms out. Angel stumbles backwards, says all that talking really took it out of him. Fred and Gunn rush to him. Angel says he needs Cordy, wherever she's gone, whatever she's going through, he needs her back.

Beautiful lights appear, Cordellia materializes through them, speaks the last line of the episode, "God I am so bored."

The End

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