Angel Episode 42 "Over the Rainbow" Summary

Over in the Host's dimension, Cordy is captured & sold as a slave. On her slave duty, she has a vision. The "people" there then perform tests on her to confirm that she is "cursed" with the sight. Over in our dimension, Wesley & Angel try to find out how to save Cordelia by going into the Host's dimension. Gunn doesn't want to go because he's upset about his crew that he's been neglecting, & the Host doesn't want to go back. A psychic friend of the Host tells him that he has to in order to save Cordy & to resolve his issues, so he goes. Gunn comes at the last minute. There, Angel finds he can go in the suns & is happy until the group gets captured- the Host for abandoning his lifegiver & the rest for looking like humans & fighting the townspeople. Just as the group is about to go before the royal highness of the land to be sentenced to death, the group try to escape. Only that was a mood point- her royal highness is Cordelia.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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