Angel Episode 41 "Belonging" Summary

Cordelia gets a role in a national commercial. The director is a jerk who treats her like a piece of meat. She comes back to work upset. Across town, a portal appears on the stage at Caritas & something scary comes through it. The Host recognizes it & goes to Angel to ask if he'll kill it. Cordy has a vision of a girl getting sucked into a portal at a library. Upon going to the library, the group talks to a woman who tells them that the girl they are describing sounds like Fred, a girl who disappeared 5 years ago. The group go to where the portal was & find the book the girl was reading from when it happened. Cordy reads from it & another portal appears. In comes a warrior who the Host recognizes. It turns out it's the Host's cousin, that the Host is from another dimension. The Host, who says his real name is Lourne, claims he was sucked in through a portal, but that he was happy about it. His world has no music, the "people" there don't talk about feelings. There, he was a freak. He doesn't want to go back which brings shame to his lifegiver (his mother). Anyway, when the cousin hears about the thing that went into this dimension, he vows to kill it, as it is dangerous & very hard to kill. The group help. Angel accomplishes the task, & then the group sends the cousin back to his dimension by reading from the book. Only, Cordy gets sucked into the dimension, too. Also in this episode, one of Gunn's old crew is killed & Gunn feels guilty.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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