Angel Episode 40 "Dead End" Summary

Wolfram & Hart decide that they are going to narrow down Lindsey & Lilah's joint position. At the same time, they give Lindsey a hand-replacement. Lindsey's riding high until that hand starts writing the words 'kill kill kill' unconsciously. Lindsey goes to find out what's up with the hand. Meanwhile, Cordy has a vision of a man stabbing his own eye. The vision is hard on her & it reveals more about the visions getting harder & harder to take. Angel & co. go to The Host to find information about the vision. There, they see Lindsey performing with a guitar. The Host reveals that Lindsey used to come there all the time before his hand got chopped off. The Host seems to like Lindsey & like what he sees when Lindsey sings. The Host tells Lindsey & Angel that they are working on the same case. Of course, both hate each other too much to work together, so they go about the case separately. They end up on the same lead & go to a place where Wolfram & Hart are keeping human surrogates for body-part replacements. The surrogates are alive & living in horrible pain. Lindsey sees his surrogate & recognizes the man as a guy Lindsey worked with in the mailroom at Wolfram & Hart. The guy stole money from the firm & when he got out of jail, this was his real punishment. The guy begs Lindsey to kill him. Lindsey does, cutting off his life support. Angel cuts off the life support of the surrogate of the guy from Cordy's vision & saves the other people being held- yet uncut. Then they torch the place. The next morning, Lindsey goes to work. The firm is about to announce who they chose. Lindsey stops them as Lilah is about to pull out a gun, knowing it's not her. He tells them that his crazy hand is making him do bad things. He takes the gun & shoots up the place. He tells him he's tired of this & that he's leaving. Lilah gets the position. At the end, Lindsey leaves in his old beaten truck. Angel sees him off. Lindsey tells him that the trick to Wolfram & Hart is to not play their game- to make them play Angel's. Lindsey drives off, revealing to the audience that Angel put a 'cops suck' sign on the back of his car.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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