Angel Episode 39 "Disharmony" Summary

Cordy's high school friend, Harmony, comes for a visit. Cordy doesn't know Harmony's a vampire until she calls Willow. Still, she wants to be friends with Harmony, considering that Harmony is a reminder of the time when Cordy was a Queen to many people. Harmony wants to find a new direction for her afterlife, she hopes, by working with Angel & being an evilfighter. The group goes to take down a vampire cult, & sends Harmony in to scope out the place. Of course, susceptible Harmony falls under the cult's will & sells out Angel & company. Still, our guys win, & Cordy lets Harmony live under the condition that Harmony leaves L.A. Also in this episode, Wesley is deemed the boss of the group. & Angel has discomfort about not having the primary power role.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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