Angel Episode 38 "Epiphany" Summary

Angel wakes in pain, but not from his soul leaving his body, but the pain from a sudden epiphany. Angel has what the Host calls "a moment of clarity" & he realizes the wrongness in how he's been thinking & acting. Darla is upset by this, she wasn't happiness to Angel afterall. Angel apologizes to Darla. She saved him from the moral coil, & he couldn't save her. Now she's saved him again & he can do nothing for her. All he can do is tell her to leave. His conscience, not his mental state, won't let him kill her, but if he sees her again, he will do so. Then, Angel remembers Kate. He goes to her apartment, getting to her just in time, & waking her up in the shower. Once she's up & awake she tells Angel 'thank you, now get out.' He does. He goes to the Host. The Host is happy Angel finally hit rock bottom, & also revels that if Angel hopes to patch things up with Cordy, Wes, & Gunn, he'd better act fast before they're all dead. He goes to Cordy's place, she's not there. He goes to Wesley's & gets there just in time to fend off the Shilosh demon- those adult three-eyed creatures. They go to the office, Gunn shows up, & they figure out where Cordy's gone. Meanwhile, Cordy gets to the Sharp's house, the people who hired & didn't pay for the third-eye thing. The Shilosh are waiting. When they learn that more of their people have died, they decide to make Cordelia have one of their spawns. She sprouts third-eye. Gunn, Wesley, & Angel drive to the Sharp's. They are attacked by some Shilosh. Angel decides to take on the ones there & for Gunn & Wes to go on ahead. Intimidated by Angel's valor, the Shilosh run off & head to the house, but Angel doesn't have time to give chase. He's suddenly attacked by a beat-down vehicle- whose driver is Lindsey. See, Darla came back to their place after Angel told her to get out. She was more or less speechless & in shock, letting thoughts settle, but Lindsey notices she has the ring of the senior partner so he knows where she's been. He drives Angel down a few times & then beats him further with a weapon. As he's about to stake Angel, Angel regains his vitality & has to knock Lindsey around a bit, where he apologizes to Lindsey for Darla never loving him & for not taking him more seriously when he came for help before he made junior partner. Meanwhile, Gunn & a disabled Wesley go into the Sharp's to save Cordelia. They get caught. The Shilosh decide to impregnate them too. Just as they are about to do it, in comes Angel, crashing in with Lindsey's beat up car. He kills the Shilosh as Wesley deocculates Cordelia's third eye. Afterwards, Lindsey goes back to his place to find all of Darla's stuff gone. Kate shows up to talk to Angel. Angel talks about his new philosophy. That if there's not going to be this great reward, & nothing any of us does really matters, then the most profound thing in the world is a simple act of kindness toward another person. So he's going back to the fight. The fight not geared against evil, but the fight to save the lost. Kate again thanks Angel for saving her life & tells him she's greatful, & that she'll get by not being a cop. She's not in danger of trying to kill herself again, now she believes in something- because she never invited Angel in her apartment. Angel then goes to the new Angel Investigations offices. Wesley, Gunn, & Cordelia tell Angel that they've decided that they don't want to come work for Angel yet. Angel says that that's okay, because he wants to work for them. So he can help people. They accept the terms.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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