Angel Episode 37 "Reprise" Summary

Darla is still on her quest for power. Being a little dehabilitated by Angel, but more for the reason of having access to information about Wolfram & Hart's going-abouts, Darla holds up with Lindsey, playing the act of being really dehabiliated, when she's actually healthy. It is going through Lindsey's things that she learns of Wolfram & Hart's 75-year review, where a senior partner comes to the firm to see how they're doing. Of course, this being a 75-year review, you get that the partner isn't human, but a demon. Angel learns about the review & looks to kill the senior partner upon his visit. He goes to the shop keeper from "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" who has aged a lot- well, duh. He tells Angel that there is this glove that he has that will instantly kill that kind of demon. Also, there is a ring the demon will have that will transport Angel to where the demon resides, which Angel thinks is something The Host told him the lawyers were thinking about, something called the 'home office'. Angel takes it to be 'hell'. Then, Angel gets this wacky plan. To kill the senior partner & use the ring to get to hell & kill all the Wolfram & Hart senior partners. It would be a suicide mission, but he'd get those Wolfram & Hart guys. As the shop keeper expresses confidence that Angel will be able to do what he plans, he is stabbed with a sword- by Darla who takes the glove & runs. Now I have to explain a little bit about Cordy, Gunn, & Wes. Last episode, a rich woman that Virginia knew came to the guys after her daughter was attacked by a demon & left with a third eye on the back of her head. They took care of it, but as the episode starts, the woman refuses to pay the group, saying that it must have been a hoax for their money. Wesley is in a wheelchair, recuperating from the gun shot. Virginia is miffed about the whole gun shot thing, the non-supernatural kinda evil, & breaks up with Wesley. While looking for material on the senior partner, Angel goes to Cordelia, Wesley, & Gunn's new office to get a book that they took with them. Cordelia refuses to let Angel have it. Wesley stands up in his wheelchair & tells Cordy to just let Angel have the book so he can get out of there. This causes Wesley's stitches to come out. Gunn is out & Wesley has to go to rest at home, so Cordy is left alone in the office. Meanwhile, Kate has to go to a hearing because the zombie cop man reported her for letting Angel into his office. They fire her. Back to Angel, he goes to the Wolfram & Hart review & finds where Darla is. He grabs the glove from her. The Wolfram & Hart guards go to stake an exposed Darla, but are stopped by Lindsey, unaffected by the fact that Darla has been deceiving him. Angel uses the glove & kills the demon while jumping out of a Wolfram & Hart window. Then, he picks up the ring left behind. An elevator on the Wolfram & Hart building chimes & a familiar face pecks his head out- Holland Manners. Angel directs Holland to take him to the home office. As Angel goes down in the elevator, Holland gives Angel the mind trip. Is fighting worth fighting? Is it a fight at all? No. Not for evil. They just are. It's not a fight; it's a job. It's a way of life. & they're not the only ones. All of humanity is evil. Hell isn't the home office, earth is. The ring offers a one way trip & Angel choose to go to the home office. Holland drops Angel off, right where he picked him up & Angel walks home, looking around at all the evil- all the people- around him. Elsewhere, Cordelia gets a phone call from Wesley. He tells her that things are going to get better. When she hangs up, she gets another call, from the woman with the daughter with the third eye. She tells Cordy she's ready to pay & for Cordy to come to her house. Cordy does, not knowing that the demon who was responsible for the third eye is there, looking for revenge. Kate, after being fired, goes back to her place & starts to drink, then takes some pills. She calls Angel as he gets back to the hotel, leaving a message on the machine that makes it very clear that she's killing herself. Angel does nothing & goes upstairs. Upstairs, Darla comes out from the shadows, looking for the ring. Angel says that what she really wants is him & proceeds to violently copulate with her. Asleep next to Darla, Angel wakes in a familiar style, crying out in pain as if his soul was being ripped out.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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