Angel Episode 36 "The Thin Dead Line" Summary

A fed-up cop starts digging up cops that have died in the line of duty, reanimating them, & sending them back on the streets in the rough gang area of L.A. Gunn is made aware of this when an old friend of his, Anne (the same Anne who runs the shelter for teens) informs him that cops are unjustifiably beating on her kids. Gunn goes to investigate, Wesley follows him & gets shot by one of the Zombie Police. Gunn has to hold up with the wounded Wesley at Anne's shelter because the cops are after them. A hoard of Zombie Cops surround the shelter, and it looks bleak for Anne, Gunn, Cordy, the shelter kids, &, especially, Wesley. Luckily for them, Angel stopped stalking Lindsey & Lilah long enough this week to check in, in a very stalker capacity, on his old crew. When he heard about the Zombie Cop situation, he went to Kate. Kate & Angel tracked down the head cop responsible & destroyed the Zombie God used to control the zombies. Ironically, at the end, when Angel goes to check on Wesley's condition (he lives, by the way), Cordy sees him & reams him for walking away & not being there for them, when he actually just saved them. Then she tells him that her, Gunn, & Wes are getting along just fine without him & that he should just do what he does best: leave. This episode had a sort of tragic message. The Zombie Cops may have been a danger to the local people of that bad neighborhood, but they kept the crime rate down, and with killing them, the tradeoff was all those murders, rapes, & robberies that happen. Actually, the episode had several messages, but that was the big one.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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