Angel Episode 35 "Happy Anniversary" Summary

The Host gets Angel out of bed because he's read into a guy who's going to end the world. A scientist working on an equation that will freeze time learns that his girlfriend is going to break up with him on their year anniversary. He's so distraught that he thinks that he can prevent it from happening by freezing the moment before she does it. This group of human-hating demons know about this guy & are aiding him in the equation, & also fight Angel & The Host while trying to prevent the end of time. Anyway, Angel stops time from ending. Also in this episode, Cordy, Gunn, & Wes find a place for the home office & they decide to call it Angel Investigations, but the Angel is only in figurative name and not an actual name. Virginia, Wes' girlfriend, gets them a gig & they solve the case- Clue-style. While on the mission to stop the world from ending, Angel opens up to The Host that his problem is that he can never find redemption & on top of that all these highly intelligent lawyers have dedicated their existence to troubling his. Then he says that the reason he fired Wes, Cor, & Gunn was because they can't handle what he's going to do about his problems. Kill Darla & burn Wolfram & Hart to the ground. The Host tells him that that's not a fun place to be & that vengeance is for lower-beings, & Angel's not one: he's a champion.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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