Angel Episode 34 "Blood Money" Summary

Angel's obsession with Lindsey & Lilah becomes apparent as he stalks Anne, a woman running a shelter for kids in trouble, who he'd seen with Lindsey. To make a short story no longer than it has to be, Lindsey set up this charity ball for the shelter. He plans to raise a couple million bucks & steal it, pocketing most of the money and giving a little to the shelter. Angel makes Lindsey & Lilah think he's going to expose them for their scam, but he doesn't. Instead, he & this other guy steal the money before Wolfram & Hart can take it, pocketing 90% of it. The guy has this old score to settle with Angel- he wants to fight it out with Angel to know who's the best fighter. They fight & get blood on the money. At the end, Angel returns all the money to Anne who doesn't care that it's blood money. Toward the end of the episode, Lindsey & Lilah are upset about Angel's new mission to take them down. Lindsey says he's ready to just have Angel killed, but one of the lawyers who is higher up then him tells him the reason why he can't, the reason Wolfram & Hart have been playing with Angel like they have: Angel plays a major role in the apocalypse, all the prophecies say, but what they don't is which side Angel's on. Therefore, the more they mess with Angel & tear him away from the Powers That Be, the more chance Angel will be on evil's side in the apocalypse. Also in this episode, Wes, Gunn, & Cor discuss their new agency, and debate over what they're going to call it.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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